Dragonling: The Gathering Storm [a HTTYD 3 rewrite]

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Chapter 7 - From the Outside

Chapter 7 - From the Outside


I slipped into the Great Hall, which was now crammed chock-full of Vikings. Hiccup had already started talking. I came in to hear him say, "I know this seems like a bad idea-"

He got no further before a Viking near the back interrupted. "We've been here fer siven gen'rations, s'rvived dragon raids and ice-spittin' giant sea munsters, fer Thor's sake, and now you tell us we're aboot to leave, fer sume island in 'e middle o' nowhere 'at may or may not exist... all becuse of a crezy lunatic? 'At dousn't sound bad... 'at sounds terrible!" The crowd of Vikings roared in agreement, all of them yelling their objections at once. Hiccup tried shouting over them, but it was a futile effort.

WHAM!! Astrid slammed her axe into the table, yelling "Be quiet!" The Vikings immediately settled down and she continued in an only slightly quieter tone, "Your Chief is trying to tell you something."

"Thanks, Astrid," Hiccup mumbled as she sat down, then continued. "My father was convinced that the Hidden World did indeed exist, far away from anything... and anyone. That would mean, far away from Grimmel." He paused for a second, gathering his thoughts. When he spoke again, his voice was filled with emotion. "My father, before he died, told me to look after Berk. But Berk isn't just this island. I say that we are Berkians, and that Berk is wherever we are!" His voice rose to a shout and he pounded his fist on the table.

Dead silence followed.

Then a Viking in the second row jumped up, Tuffnut Thorston of all people. "I'm with him! Who else!" He looked around wildly, as if expecting Vikings to get up and start packing right then. He looked mildly disappointed when they didn't, although a low rumble of conversation began soon after.

Nobody noticed me as I slipped out into the night.

I'm not a Berkian. I'm not a part of this place. I'm an outsider. So where does that leave me? I walked the streets of Berk, letting the quiet sounds of a moonlit night soothe my troubled thoughts. I wasn't watching where I was going, and accidentally bumped into a blond-haired Viking. I looked up, a bit startled, and realized it was Kaydon.

"Oh, sorry," I said, backing away. Then I noticed what he was carrying.

A dragon saddle.

"What's that for?" I asked, curious but also a touch suspicious. He looked guilty for a second, then glanced down.

"It's... a saddle. It was my dragon's. I... wanted to bring it with. For memories."

Oh. Right. I reached out to touch him on the shoulder. "I'm... really sorry."

He shrugged me off, a hint of anger in his tone. "You wouldn't understand. You haven't been here as long as we have. This probably sounds like an adventure to you. But to us? We're uprooting our entire lives to go somewhere none of us have ever been." His voice grew quieter, so that I could barely hear him. "And some of us never will be." He turned around, walking to what might be the only house on Berk without a carved dragon head above the door. "My father built this house for my mom when they came here, during the fights with the dragons. It's been my home for about sixteen years. And now I'm leaving it, probably for good. You've been here how long? A few weeks at most? You can't understand. You're an outsider here. You don't belong with us."

He turned and walked into his house. I just stood there for a second, stunned. Then I slowly started walking, then running, towards my house.

Whenever I'm stressed, or mad, or confused, I find running is the best way to clear my mind. I reached that path that led to my house, then turned around and went back to circle the island. Despite having been here for only two weeks, I knew almost the entire island inside and out.

As I ran, I finally had a chance to think about the events of the past day or two. Something wasn't quite lining up, but I couldn't put my finger on it. Maybe It was something about the Light Fury...

My thoughts circled back to Kaydon. He was right; I wasn't a part of Berk. I never had been, and might never be. When I went ahead to scout, no one would even notice I was gone. It was for the better though. This way, I didn't have to pretend to be dragonless the entire flight and Spirit would have a chance to stretch her wings. That's what I told myself, at least. It still hurt, though.

The Berkians were filing out of the Great Hall at the point,scattering to their homes. A low buzz of excitement ran through the air. It was contagious. I couldn't help but think to myself that everything was going to be alright, that we were finally going to be safe.

But then there was Grimmel.

Something told me he wouldn't give up the hunt, just because his prey had fled. There were dragons out there that could track things, people and other dragons included. I knew that if he had one of those, he could find us no matter where we went.

My path took me by Flame's house, and I slowed instinctively as I saw her struggling to tie a package of items to a wooden plank. "Do you want me to help you with that?" I asked.

She looked up, appearing surprised to see me there. "Oh, no, it's alright. I just tried to cram too much stuff in there." She pulled a final knot tight, then stood up and looked at the bundle. "That'll hold, I think." She turned to me, about to say something, then appeared to change her mind. We stood in silence for a few moments, then she quietly asked, "Are you alright? Did something happen?"

I started slightly. "Nothing, really, it's just... this reminds me so much of my old home and... what happened to it... that it's hard to separate what happened then and now... the difference is that now, I'm an outsider. My voice wavered and I closed my eyes, trying not to cry.

Flame gently put her hand on my arm. "You're not an outsider, you know. You're part of Berk now."

"Am I, really?" When she didn't respond, I continued. "Everyone here has been here their whole life, or at least a good portion of it. I came here little more than two weeks ago. They think I don't know what it's like, losing my home. Sure, they might not say it out loud, but I think they resent me, for coming and pretending I know what they're going through." I paused, blinking away tears.

Flame looked at me, somehow seeming both sympathetic and outraged. "I don't think that, you know."

I smiled softly. "I know. It's just... ever since I left my old village, I've never felt like I belonged anywhere. Except for here. And now..." I trailed off. "I just don't know."

Flame hesitated a moment before slowly admitting, "I haven't been here long, either. I came from an island North of Freezing to Death. My parents were killed in a shipwreck, leaving me stranded on an ice island. Popsicle found me, and we lived there for a few years before the Riders found us. It wasn't all that long ago, either-" she broke off, staring straight ahead, then collapsed.

I lunged forward, barely managing to grab her before she hit the ground, then lowered her to rest gently on the plank path, making sure she didn't hit herself on anything. I spent the next few moments pacing back and forth, wondering what to do, if this was something that normally happened, what the other Vikings would think if they saw this. Footsteps nearby made me look up, and I saw Kaydon standing a few yards away.

He gestured to Flame. "Is she alright?" he asked, coming a bit closer.

I nodded, then added, "I'm not entirely sure, but she's not bleeding, and she doesn't look to be hurt."

Kaydon looked to the side. "Listen, I'm sorry... about... earlier, I-"

I cut him off. "It's alright, you don't have to apologize... you were right, I'm not a part of Berk, at least not yet. I'm not going to hold anything you said against you."

He smiled faintly, then by unspoken agreement we both sat down on either side of Flame to wait for her to wake up.




Standing on the shore of the ocean, cold wind threatening to blow me into the water, I stood on tiptoes, watching the flight of dragons wheel and soar overhead, one or more occasionally darting down into the village. My mother hurried up beside me, turning me around and bundling me back towards our home.

"Flame, what are you doing? You know better than to be outside during a raid."

"I know, mom. But couldn't I have stayed just a little longer?"

"No. Come on, we need to get to safety, quickly."

She hurried me quickly through our village, but not quickly enough. A dragon slipped silently towards us. Both of us froze, and I heard my mother inhale sharply.

"Fury. Stay behind me, Flame," my mother ordered in a whisper

None of us moved, each scared of the other. I looked closer at the pale gray Fury, trying to memorize every detail; this could be the closest I'd ever get to one. A few heartbeats passed. Then another Fury roared, and the spell was broken. The Fury in front of us gave an answering roar and started to charge a blast. My mother shoved me backwards, drawing her weapon and dropping into a low fighting stance. I stumbled, almost missing the moment the Fury leapt into the sky. In an instant, it was gone.

My mother slowly straightened, releasing a breath. "This is why, Flame. Never come out during a raid again. You hear?"

I nodded, too scared to speak. I was shivering, I realized, tears rolling down my face.

Mother noticed and hugged me, holding me close. "Let's go home."




I sat up, my head spinning slightly. The first thing I noticed was that I didn't have a headache. Normally, after a flashback, my head hurt from hitting the ground. The second thing I noticed was Rowen shaking my shoulders, excitedly jabbering something about how she was glad I was alive and how worried she was. I pushed her back, then sat up. "You know, you don't have to shake so hard," I grumbled good-naturedly. That's when I noticed Kaydon. "Hey, when did he get here?" I asked.

Kaydon looked to Rowen, like he was expecting her to answer, and I glanced at her too. "He came over when he saw you'd collapsed," Rowen said, then paused for a second as if to gather her thoughts. I knew what was coming next and I sighed mentally. "So, um... would you mind telling us what that was?"

I stood up briskly, startling my friends, who immediately jumped up as well. "It's nothing you need to worry about."

Rowen wasn't done, though. "Nothing we need to worry about? Does it happen often? What is it, anyway?"

"Well, it's this thing called a flashback. I get them when something reminds me of my past. I'm all right, really, now can we please just get on with it? I still have a lot to pack."

Rowen backed down, although I could tell she wasn't entirely satisfied with my answer. "I suppose I'd better get packing, too, then." She turned to Kaydon. "What about you?"

The blond-haired Viking shrugged. "I don't know. I might not go with everyone else. I mean, not everyone's going to go anyway, right? I can't imagine our entire village would leave just like that. But, I should pack anyway, just in case. I'll also have to reserve some space in one of the flying boats."

"Flying boats?"

"Yeah, they're these odd-looking contraptions Chief Hiccup rigged up. He's getting all our ships rigged to dragons, for our sheep and yaks, as well as some space for Vikings and their belongings, in case of any Vikings who don't have enough space or a rideable dragon," Kaydon explained.

"Oh, uh, well then, I guess I'll just... you know..." I mumbled, adding some incomprehensible excuse at the end about packing as I turned to re-enter my house. My friends did the same and soon I was alone again, except for the steady stream of Vikings heading to their homes. I sighed. Back to work. I hesitated a moment before going in, though, seeing again my mounds of belongings, then turned around and jogged through the stream to find the place to reserve some space in the flying boats. I was going to need it.

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Never fear, for Blobby's here!

Cool chapter!  It does seem hard to believe that Berk would pack up and go, just like that.  That's very interesting about Flame, that she has those flashbacks.  Was that a storm-fury in her flashback?

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Light Fury flew off with my subject

I highly suspect it was! Great chapter!

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-no subject-

Thanks! :D  That was the main thing that really annoyed me about the movie; it just felt like they kind of... 'gave up', I guess, on Berk. Meaning, I rewrote that bit in the next chapter to better fit Berkian character. And yes, that was a Storm Fury. Not sure if you'll even read this, but a very small hint to something later: most Furies still alive at the time are from Northern islands , such as Flame's home island.

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AMAZING job with the

AMAZING job with the flashback! And with Flame in genral! 

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I'm thinking about Kayden....

I'm thinking about Kayden.... and the spy..... gulpy...

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-no subject-

Hmm, an interesting theory! There's still more chapters to come, though...

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Chapter 8 - Dragonridge Island

Chapter 8 - Dragonridge Island


        We were leaving.

        It almost looked as though the whole village had been packed up and bundled onto the backs of the dragons. Just about the only things that weren’t being brought, it seemed, were the houses themselves, and that was likely only because they were too heavy for the dragons to carry; if it weren’t for that, I was sure the Berkians would’ve tried to bring them along, too.

        Not everyone was leaving, however. More than half the Vikings had refused to go, on the grounds that Berk had been their home their entire lives, and they weren’t about to give that up now. Kaydon was a part of that group, as he had mentioned last night. Hiccup had helped those who were staying behind to figure out an escape route, in case Grimmel attacked again, and they would keep their dragons with them, for if they had to follow us later.

        I had gotten up far earlier than everyone else that morning to go over the plan one more time with Hiccup and Flame. It was fairly straightforward: Flame and I would leave an hour ahead on Misty, and Spirit would meet us when we were out of sight of Berk. From then, we would scout out defensible islands on the path we chose. We would leave a marker on the first one we found and continue on until it would be close to dusk in the time it would take us to get back. Then Flame would head back to report to Hiccup, and I could continue searching as long as I found necessary. For Spirit’s sake, however, Hiccup advised me not to keep going if it would be past midnight when we returned. He said he would keep the Berkians from taking off each morning until we had had time to get a fair distance ahead, but he was sure that even without his help we’d be just fine; there were only two of us, while Hiccup had to manage two hundred or so Vikings and make sure everyone was ready before they could take off.

        I smiled into the bright blue morning sky, then set off for Flame’s house. I found her ready and waiting, already on Misty.

        “What took you so long? I’ve been waiting for-” she interrupted herself to yawn, “-hours. You all set?”

        I swung up beside her. “All set.” All my belongings, except my flightsuit and the clothes I had on, were being carried by Flame’s other dragons, Popsicle and Pickle - a Prickleboggle -, to make sure there was nothing weighing down Misty or Spirit.

        “Then let’s go!” Misty leapt into the air, wings flapping smoothly as we rose over Berk. “One last flyover?” Flame asked. I nodded, and she sent Misty in a final wide circle over the slowly waking village. Then we shot off towards the distant sea stacks.

        When we drew close enough, I stood up, double-checked the fastenings on my flightsuit, and jumped off. An updraft caught me almost immediately, sending me spinning up towards the clouds. After my attempt last night, however, Spirit had given me some tips and I was able to correct my flight path to land on the designated stack.

        Spirit bounded out from behind a tumble of rocks, rumbling her happiness to see me. I mounted her and we took off, flying back up to Flame and Misty.

        “Which way are we going?” Flame called.

        I squinted, trying to find the right direction through the sun bouncing off the water. “I think… that way.” I pointed off to the distant horizon.

        Nothing but water as far as the eye could see.

        Flame seemed doubtful. “You sure that’s the right way?”

        I shrugged. “You asked me. I’m pretty sure it’s the right way, and besides, any direction is a good direction if you don’t know where you’re going.”

        Flame had to admit the logic in this, and so, leaving a marker for Hiccup so he’d know which way we’d gone, we set off. About an hour later, we heard faint wingbeats behind us. We turned to look, and saw a hint of a massive horde of… something, coming over the horizon. It took me a moment to realize it was the Berkians and their dragons. “Grimmel would be able to find us if he was anywhere within a mile of here,” Spirit remarked to me. I had to agree. But, it’s hard to be stealthy when you’re trying to mobilize a virtual army of Vikings.

        Two hours later, a sliver of land appeared on the horizon. “Land censored!” cheered Flame. Berk was long gone behind us, and the dragon horde was nowhere to be seen.

        Spirit’s ear fin twitched. “What is it, girl?” I asked, leaning over her.

        She rumbled quickly, “It’s nothing. Nothing you need to worry about, anyway.” A purple flash appeared on the rapidly approaching island ahead, disappearing as quickly as it had come.

        I frowned. There was something Spirit was hiding from me, I knew that for certain. A gust of wind brushed by on our left, and Spirit stiffened, flicking a glance toward it before looking ahead again.

        “Okay, Spirit, I know something’s up. You don’t have to pretend it’s nothing. You know you can just tell me... " I coaxed.

        She hesitated. “Fine. But I need to rest for now.” She nodded her head towards the island. “When we stop there, I’ll tell you the whole story.” I signaled to Flame and pointed out the island, then both dragons adjusted their flight paths for the island.

        We made good time and were on the island within fifteen minutes. It was a fairly large island, with mountains around the edge and waterfalls cascading between them on the side we were approaching from. It would be impossible to get up here on foot, I realized, and the mountains would provide a bit of cover from the air. I signaled to Flame again, and we dove down to land on the island.

        Flame looked around. “This seems like a good spot. It’s not too far of a flight, and it wouldn’t be hard to defend.”

        I nodded. “My thoughts exactly.” We set to work on creating the signal, using brightly colored cloth to set patterns around the island. The dragons helped where they could, and we were soon finished. We ended up near the base of an island rock formation that formed a small beach. I dismounted and dug in Spirit’s saddlebag for some food. When I found it, I held some up for Flame to take. She accepted, and we sat down for a quick lunch, our backs to the sea stack. Our dragons flew off to fish and soon came back with a mouthful each.

After eating in silence for a few minutes, I turned to Spirit. “So, what’s going on?”

Flame looked at me questioningly. “What’s going on is that we’re scouting out new islands, what did you think was going on?”

“Oh, sorry, I was asking Spirit,” I tried to clarify. “She’s been acting a little strange lately.”

Flame nodded understanding. She looked at Spirit, who in turn looked at me. I looked between the both of them, then asked in Dragonese, “So, are you going to tell me, Spirit?”

She rumbled. “Yes, give me a moment to piece my thoughts together.”

I translated for Flame, who now seemed deep in thought as she studied Spirit. It was probably the first time she’d gotten a close look at a Storm Fury, I realized. Spirit rumbled quietly to signal she was ready, and began to speak.

"When I was much younger, I lived with a flight of Furies on a Northern island. We stayed there until I was about 7 years old, then some of the villagers decided they'd had enough, and tried to drive us off the island." She paused a moment. "Sadly, the oldest members of my flight weren't very merciful. They killed those who tried to attack us, then led our flight on raids into the village, for no other reason than to make them live in fear."

Flame had been listening intently, but now she was staring straight ahead, past Spirit and I.

"You alright?" I asked, watching warily for signs of a flashback.

She nodded once, slowly, then collapsed on the beach.

I lunged forward, catching her just before she hit the ground, then carefully laid her down. Once I was sure she was still breathing, I turned to Spirit again. "Well, she seems to be alright."

"Maybe I could tell you the next part now? I don't want to lose my line of thought," Spirit rumbled.

I nodded, leaning back again. "Sure, go ahead."

Spirit continued, "A few months after that, more humans started arriving. This alarmed the elders of my flight, and they decided that we'd become a roaming flight. Every year we'd follow a path through a series of islands that would provide us with food and shelter. We stayed on the move constantly, to keep away from humans as much as possible. A few years passed like this, then, one day, I woke up in the middle of the night to find my entire flight gone. They didn't leave a trace behind, not even a single scent. I searched for them for days, then accidentally set off a dragon trap on my foot. That was when I met you," she nodded her head at me, "and I decided not to search any longer. Now, though, I keep sensing Furies from my old flight." She looked down, away from me. "I don't remember who they are, though."

I let out a breath I hadn't known I was holding. Whole flocks of Furies, just disappearing? The only explanation that jumped to mind was that they'd seen humans and were startled off, accidentally leaving Spirit behind. Either that, or Grimmel's reach was farther than we thought and she'd just gotten lucky. Then I noticed Flame was sitting up again. “You alright?” I asked.

Shrugging off the question, Flame stood up shakily. “I’m… going for a walk. I need some time.” With that, she ran off, leaving me, Spirit, and Misty staring after her. Misty growled, “She’ll be fine, she goes off randomly without explanation all the time,” and took off to find a high point on the island so he could track Flame’s path across the island. Spirit leaned her head onto my lap, huffing quietly as she closed her eyes. I gently scratched the scales beside her ears, thinking over the story she’d told, and slowly dozed off against the sea stack.




As I wandered the forest, following animal paths through the undergrowth, I noticed an unnatural stillness in the air. I stopped walking.

Not a sound broke the absolute silence that had settled over the island.

Strange, I thought. I would've expected birds, or insects, or something. A horrifying thought struck me. What if it's some kind of monster that lurks here, like a Red Death, or maybe a pack of wild Speed Stingers? I subconsciously reached for my bow, the forest suddenly seeming much darker than it had a few seconds ago. Then I paused. Come on, I told myself, get a grip. I tried to convince myself that there was a perfectly normal reason, like maybe the birds only came out at night.

Yeah right.

I was about to start off again, albeit with more caution, when I noticed something out of the corner of my eye; a tall figure, dressed in black with a crossbow slung over one shoulder, was standing in a clearing, leaning over a wooden table covered in vials of shimmery purple liquid. A cage with a purple Terrible Terror in it stood at one end.


An armored black-and-red dragon stood alongside him, rumbling quietly. I froze, hoping neither of them had noticed me. My mind was whirling. Why is he here? Has he followed us? Or did he guess we'd come this way? Never mind, it doesn’t matter anyway, the best thing to do is take him out now. 

Having made up my mind, I raised my bow and levelled it at him, being careful not to make any sound. I knew I'd have one chance. The longer I hesitated, the more likely he would just turn around and - wait a minute. What’s he doing?

Grimmel slid one of the vials into a dart just like the one Hiccup had found back in Berk, then carefully jabbed the Terrible Terror with it. The Terror squeaked, its eyes turning to slits.

Whatever he's doing, this could be my last chance. I raised my bow again, careful not to make any sudden movements, then aimed it straight at Grimmel. I hesitated, the tip of my bow wavering ever so slightly, then changed my point of aim, moving my bow a few inches to the side. I held my breath, waited for my hands to steady, then shot.

The arrow hit the Deathgripper’s scales and snapped, sending the head and shaft flying in different directions. I froze as the Deathgripper's head swung my direction. It growled menacingly, and Grimmel pivoted around towards me, pulling out his crossbow and pointing it at me.

I have to move. Now!! I dropped as the bolt shot towards me, then rolled to my feet and sprinted to where I'd left Rowen, Spirit, and Misty.

Crashing sounds behind me told me that the Deathgripper was close behind, and possibly Grimmel with him. I risked a glance, and saw Grimmel standing on the Deathgripper’s back, his loaded crossbow pointed right at me. I stumbled, barely dodging the second bolt, then looked ahead to see the edge of the trees ahead. Spirit and Rowen were there, but they hadn’t noticed us yet.

“Hey, HEY! Move out of the way! GRIMMEL’S HERE!” I yelled to them.

Rowen looked up with a start, then quickly mounted Spirit. In an instant they were out of sight. “Oh great,” I muttered as I ran from the earth near the forests edge to the sand by the water. Nowhere to run now. I turned to face Grimmel… and was caught completely by surprise as I flew into the air.

The ground fell away quickly, and before I knew it I was dangling far above Grimmel and out of range of his crossbow. The hunter stood where he was a few moments before turning his Deathgripper and taking off, flying back to where he'd come from. I breathed a sigh of relief, then remembered I was now about as high up as the highest point on the island and I was being carried by who-knows-what that might want to eat me. I looked up and saw gray scales and darker swirls.


She looked down at me, smiled, then roared, sending out a sonic burst. I saw Misty flapping towards us from one of the far peaks, and in a few moments she was flying directly under us. Spirit let go of me and I dropped onto Misty, then led her up so we were flying side by side.

Rowen grinned at my expression. “You didn’t think we were seriously going to let you get eaten by that Deathgripper, did you?”

I just rolled my eyes, then called over, “I think I just found out something that may or may not be able to help us defeat Grimmel.”

Serious now, Rowen considered this for about half a second before replying, “I saw a chain of seastacks earlier, as we were flying here. It's about a mile away. We should go there, so Grimmel won't find us as easily.” I nodded and nudged Misty to fly to the island Rowen had indicated.

Once we'd reached the first seastack, we both dismounted. I started talking and the whole story spilled out in a matter of minutes. “I think he had Deathgripper venom. I’m not certain as to its effects, but maybe if we figure out what it does, we can get a better idea of his plans,” I finished.

There was silence for a few moments as Rowen and Spirit thought over the new information. Spirit rumbled, and Rowen looked at her curiously, then asked her something in a language that sounded partway between Norse and Dragon. Must be Dragonese, I thought, still wishing I could speak it. Spirit growled back, her tail swishing excitedly.

“What’s she saying? I don't speak Dragonese, you know,” I reminded, a bit annoyed at being left out.

Rowen looked at me, seeming a bit embarrassed. “Right. Sorry. What Spirit was saying is that though she doesn’t personally know the effects of the venom, she knows where to find the information.” She paused, possibly for dramatic effect, then finished, “The Book of Dragons.”

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Coolio!  And yes, the Book of Dragons knows all XD

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Haha, yes it does xD  Thanks for commenting! :D

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Diagonally Parked in a Parallel Universe

Just caught up. Nice work, dear. I anticipate Gale's arrival 

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Chapter 9 - Guardians

Chapter 9 - Guardians


Flame didn't look too impressed by my revelation.

"Well, that's all great, I guess I'll go grab the Book of Dragons that I always carry around with me so I can check it out... Oh wait, that's right, I don't have one," she said sarcastically. "Where do ya think we're supposed to find one, anyway? It's not like they're everywhere. The only copy I've ever seen is back on Berk. In fact, I don't think Deathgrippers are even in the Book of Dragons, anyway." She started pacing. "And there's probably nowhere we could find out if they aren't, because I for one don't want to ask Grimmel, or his Deathgrippers. And I've never heard of them before, and I've been far more places than just about anyone on Berk, so there's no way any of the other Berkians would-"

I decided to interrupt her there. "You bring up some good points," I admitted, standing up as well. "But I wasn't talking about Berk's Book of Dragons. Actually, I didn't think you had one. I was talking about mine. When I left my island after the dragon attack, I took with me anything I could salvage that might be helpful. I found the Book hidden in a secret compartment under the floor of the house of one of our elders. It was still mostly intact, and I thought it would be useful in finding out dragon's weaknesses. Then I found Spirit, and she taught me most of what I know about dragons. I kept the book anyway, just in case."

Flame had stopped pacing and was listening intently, but now she interjected. "You still haven't told me how you know the Deathgrippers would even be in your Book."

I smiled. "Right. Well, I'm not certain they're in there, but I do remember that, when I was little, people from my village would tell me stories about Furies... and red-and-black scorpion dragons."

Flame caught on to where I was going. "Scorpion dragon sounds like a pretty good description of a Deathgripper," she noted, and I nodded confirmation.

"The Book might not have all the information we'll need, but it's the best I've got. Unless, like you mentioned, you'd rather ask a Deathgripper themself," I teased, walking back to Spirit to check her saddlebags. I reached in and instantly grew worried. "It's not here." I checked the other one. Still nope. I was on the verge of a panic attack when I remembered and groaned.

"What is it?" Flame asked.

"I put the Book with the rest of my stuff. It's with everyone else, probably a few miles back the way we came." I sighed. "Oh well, there's still one thing we can do while we wait for it to get here."

Flame looked at me curiously. "And what's that?"

I mounted Spirit again. "Scouting. We still have a few hours of daylight left, so we should use them."

Flame followed my lead and in a few minutes we were on our way again, flying towards a blank horizon.

An hour later, there was still no land in sight. What was in sight, however, was a cloudbank climbing in our view. Gray and threatening, it loomed over the dark water. A harsh wind had gusted out of nowhere and seemed to be getting stronger the closer we got. Our dragons were fighting it with every wingbeat. I turned to Flame and yelled to be heard over the wind, “We should head back, before our dragons get too tired.” She nodded, and I sent Spirit in a wide bank, Flame and Misty following our lead. The wind caught under Spirit’s wings, and we darted forward, far faster than before, parallel to the edge of the storm

 “Hey!” Flame hollered. “Come back! I just saw-” The wind gusted again, breaking off the rest of her shout.

“Mind slowing down a bit?!” I said to Spirit, leaning close to make myself heard.

She growled. “I would, but I can’t. The wind’s too strong.”

An updraft caught and we were sent soaring higher and higher, until I could almost see the top of the cloudbank. Flame and Misty shot by far below, too far away to hear if I shouted. They made it out of the threatening shadow of the cloud and onto calmer winds, probably flying back to the island, or maybe going to tell Hiccup. I turned my attention back to helping Spirit steer, but after a few attempts she rumbled that I was a terrible pilot and to let her fly on her own. I did, sitting back as much as I could. The rebellious winds below had settled into quieter, calmer currents up here, and Spirit was able to glide more easily. She stiffened, ears twitching, and banked hard to the right, into the clouds.

“Where are we going?” I asked, a bit worried. We were now pointed the wrong way, in the opposite direction of the island we’d found. She ignored me, instead darting straight into the cloudbank. I watched uneasily as the clouds swirled and tumbled, resembling a stormy sea. Spirit remained oblivious, instead flying right into the thick of the clouds, the only deviation from her course being tiny adjustments to her flight path every few seconds. I gave up trying to get her to listen and instead started thinking about the Book of Dragons. I remembered seeing it once, when I was little, but the image in my head was vague and blurry and I hadn't ever actually read it since I found Spirit. I wondered if the Book had information on species of Furies other than Night Furies, like something on the ‘Light Fury’ Toothless had found, or maybe something on if it were possible to teach someone Dragonese.

Spirit rumbled, making me start. “Keep a close watch. We’re almost there.”

“Almost where?” I asked, but she was ignoring me again. I sighed and did as she’d asked, keeping a lookout for… I didn’t know what, but anything unusual. The storm was getting calmer, and a sound like rushing water started to filter through. A shadow loomed in the storm, and I nudged Spirit. She stopped, hovering in midair.

A fierce, excited-looking yellow-and-black Triple Strike emerged and barked a challenge. “Who goes there? Be-est thou friend or foe?”

Next to him flew out a grumpy blue Thunderdrum. “Seriously, Bumble? Be-est thou friend or foe? Speak modern Dragonese, please, no one understands when you talk like that,” it grumbled, then noticed me. “And what’s this? A hooman? I’m sorry, hoomans aren’t allowed. You’ll have to leave it here before entering."

“Entering where?” I asked, and the Thunderdrum missed a wingbeat in surprise, dropping a few feet in the air.

“It speaks Dragonese? How did you teach it?” the round dragon asked Spirit, slowly flying back up and eyeing me cautiously.

She rumbled a laugh before replying, “I didn’t teach her. And she can speak for herself.”

The Thunderdrum turned to me and, clearing trying to help me understand, asked in a loud, slow voice, “Hello… hooman. I… will… not… eat… you. What… is… your… name?”

I rolled my eyes. “I can understand you perfectly fine even if you’re not speaking slowly. My name’s Rowen, and I’m a human, not a ‘hooman’.”

The Thunderdrum was clearly a bit surprised by my response and hesitated a moment before replying, “Well then… ah, my name’s Tsunami, and this is Bumblebee. We’re Guardians of the-”

Bumblebee hissed a warning, cutting Tsunami off, then attempted to smile at me. “I’m sorry, but hoom- I mean, humans, are not allowed beyond this point, so… uh… if you wouldn’t mind staying here?”

Spirit cocked her head at them. “You do realize a human wouldn’t be able to survive if they were left here? And besides, she’s with me. May we pass now?”

The Triple Strike looked shocked that she would suggest such a thing. “Of course not! Humans are not allowed, no exceptions. Ever.” The guardians moved to block our path. “You may not pass.”

Spirit rumbled frustration. “Fine then. Goodbye.” She turned around and quickly found an updraft, sending us through the swirling clouds. When we reached the edge of them, the night sky was lit up with a brilliant full moon. Spirit glided for a few minutes in silence, then snorted, “Guardians, those two? They must be more desperate than I thought.” I glanced back reflexively, only to see that the dragons were out of sight in the thick cloudbank.

“How long do you think it’ll take to get back to Berk?” I asked Spirit, more out of an attempt to make conversation than out of genuine curiosity.

She huffed. “An hour. If we’re lucky.” She fell silent and I gazed up at the stars, wondering how many there were, and if I could count them all before we got back.



        “The Berkians are gone, except for the most stubborn. I don’t know much more because you told me to hide out all day. I could’ve learned more, like where they went, or maybe even who the other Fury rider is.”

        “Don’t bother trying to figure out the other rider. I already know who it is.”

        “... you do? Who is he? What does he look like?”

        “Yes. She is of average height and has brown hair. She also has a friend with her, a redhead who rides a Flightmare.”

        “A… Titan, Flightmare?”

        “Yes, do you know her?”

        “Better yet, I think I know both of them. Where did you see them?”
        “They went ahead of the rest of the Berkians, probably scouting. I saw them on Dragonridge Island.”

        “Why didn’t you get rid of them then?”

        “Foolish boy, finding them was only the first part of my plan. The second part is yet to come. If I am to k.ill that Night Fury, I must take down all who stand in my way. And the best way to do that is take them all in one fell swoop.”

        “I see. So what do I do now?”

        “Follow Berk, but do not show yourself to the Riders, or to any of the Berkians. Unless you see a Deathgripper in danger,  in which case you must protect it at all cost. Deathgrippers are very costly and hard to come by. If you don’t follow my instructions, then… well, you know what will happen”

        “... I know.”

        “Good. Do not let me down.”

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Never fear, for Blobby's here!

*Applauds*  Yay!  New awesome stuff to read :D  I wonder how long the hoomans will be safe from Grimmel...  0-o XD

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Won't be for much longer... 0.0 xD

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  Tracking ~



                                                               By Hiddenn/Em   


                                         More coming soon. Currently going under a revamp.



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Welcome to the thread! :D

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Chapter 10 - The Book of Dragons

Chapter 10 - The Book of Dragons


We arrived at the island at almost midnight. Despite the late hour, Flame was wide awake and waiting for us. She ran over the second we landed, bursting with questions. “Are you alright? What happened? Why did it take you so long to get back? Did you get hurt? Were you struck by lightning?”

        I held up a hand to stop the stream of questions. “Whoa, slow down. We’re all right, and no, we didn’t get struck by lightning… I mean, I’m still alive, aren’t I? What happened is a bit of a long story, but I’ll tell you later. Right now Spirit and I just need some sleep.”

        Flame looked a bit sheepish. “Right. Sorry. Follow me, I got us set up over here.” She led the way through a maze of tents and sleeping dragons to a spot close enough to a waterfall to hear the water, but not close enough to get wet. I found my bundle of stuff and unpacked my tent and a few blankets. It was set up in minutes, and Spirit and I said goodnight to Flame and Misty as we got ready for a few hours of sleep.

        The first thing I noticed when I woke up is that it wasn’t quite daylight. The second thing was that Spirit was gone. I peeked out of our tent to see her pacing around, her ears twitching and a low growl rumbling in her throat. Again? I thought. The last time she’d done this was when we’d found the Light Fury. “Where to this time?” I asked, crossing my arms.

        Spirit started, then turned to me. “I’ve found her again. She’s here.”

        “Wait, what? Why? Where? You know what, nevermind, let’s go.” I quickly mounted Spirit and she ran a few steps before taking off towards the forest. A purple flash lit up the night for half a second. “That was her, right?” I asked. Spirit nodded agreement and darted in the direction of the flash.

In a few minutes we’d come upon a short beach, surrounded by boulders. The Light Fury was there, as Spirit had expected, as was Toothless. The Night Fury was trying to talk to her, constantly making curious noises, but she looked almost scared, often sending glances to the cliff top. I followed her gaze and saw Hiccup gesturing wildly to Toothless, probably trying to help but really only making things worse. The Light Fury glanced up again, apparently deciding that the human meant no harm, and flapped to a dead branch overhanging the beach, wrapping her wings around herself. Toothless crept up from the top of the branch and tried to shake her off, rumbling loudly as he bounced up and down, but only succeeded in breaking the part of the branch he was on. He turned towards the water, pointedly ignoring Hiccup’s further attempts to help.

Spirit rumbled, catching me a bit by surprise. “He needs to just stop, and listen.”

“What?” I asked curiously. “You know what they’re saying?”

“Of course.” she huffed. “Furies can understand other Furies, even if they’re not speaking Dragonese.” Spirit trailed off, muttering what sounded like curses under her breath.

At this point the sun was just barely peeking over the horizon, spilling light onto the world. Toothless looked towards the rising sun and seemed to gain inspiration. He grabbed a fallen branch in his mouth and put one end to the ground, then started dancing around, keeping the tip on the ground. The Light Fury appeared curious, slowly unfurling her wings and stepping down from her perch. Toothless checked his drawing, then stood back to let the Light Fury see. I just caught a glimpse of the picture before the Fury stepped in the way, walking towards Toothless. A loud snap echoed at that moment from the top of the cliff, and I looked over to see that Hiccup had stepped out of his hiding place. As I watched, he lost his footing and tumbled down the steep bank. I groaned. Why, Hiccup? The Light Fury turned, hissing a warning and charging a blast. Toothless roared, jumping in front of her to block the shot. She ran away, flapping into the air and calling a summons to Toothless. The Night Fury looked to Hiccup, then attempted to chase after her, but only ended up flailing in the water.

I nudged Spirit. “We should go now.” She seemed strangely reluctant to leave, but let me mount her nonetheless. She took off, and a few minutes later we landed back at our tent. Spirit continued pacing outside and I crawled into bed to censored a little more sleep.

It seemed like I’d only just closed my eyes when I was shaken awake by Flame. “Wha-?” I muttered. “It’s too early… Wait, what time is it?”

Flame glanced outside. “About eight. Come on, we need to report to Hiccup.”

More awake now, something about that statement caught my attention. “Report to Hiccup? You mean, you didn’t last night?”

She hesitated a moment. “Well, um… no, I didn’t. I figured if you weren’t back by midnight then it would be something to worry about, because for all I knew, you could’ve been doing exactly what you were supposed to. I was about to set off when you came back.”

I nodded. “Then now would be a great time. Do you know where he is?”

“He’s working with the forge, concocting some new invention. Follow me!” Flame led the way through the maze of tents to a central clearing. Like she’d said, there was a forge, as well as some structures that looked suspiciously like building frameworks.

“Do the other Berkians know this is only temporary?” I asked Flame, gesturing to the skeletons of the buildings.

Flame seemed a bit surprised to see them as well, but replied with “I think so. I only caught the last bit of the argument, but it sounds like the other Berkians are getting worried about whether or not there actually is a Hidden World and they want to stay here instead. Hiccup agreed to let them stay here while he sends scouts to find out if the Hidden World actually exists.”

“So we’re the scouts. Perfect.” We walked over to where Hiccup and Astrid were standing. Toothless jumped in next to them, nearly knocking Flame and me over in excited anticipation. “What’s that?” I asked. The project appeared to be a replacement tailfin for Toothless, except a lot more intricate than his current one. Hiccup finished applying a layer of black paint to the tailfin, then held it up for Toothless to blast.

“This, is my bud’s new tailfin. It’s more durable than his former one, as well as being fireproof and almost completely waterproof. Plus, if he has it, he’ll be able to fly on his own again.” Though his tone was light, I detected a tinge of sadness.

Quickly changing the subject, Flame said, “So! Um… Sorry we didn’t report last night, but a lot of stuff happened and Rowen kind of got lost so I wanted to search for her but then she came back and then it was too late to say anything, so-”

I cut Flame off here by saying, “What she’s trying to say is, we do have some stuff to report. First off, in the direction we were scouting, there appear to be no islands large enough to house Berk. You made the right call letting everyone set up camp. Second… I don’t think it’s a good idea to keep exploring that direction, the winds are too unpredictable and I don’t think it’s safe.” I wasn’t sure why, but I didn’t want to tell anyone yet about the ‘guardians’ Spirit and I had met. Flame looked at me curiously, but I continued, “And third, Grimmel was here yesterday with one of his Deathgrippers and we might have found out something very important.”

Hiccup leaned forward excitedly. “Is it some weakness of the Deathgrippers? Like a certain vulnerability, or an allergy or something?”

“No, it's…” I trailed off. “I’m not sure what it is. But Grimmel used the Deathgripper venom on himself, and I think I have some information somewhere about what it does.”

Hiccup slumped. “Well, tell me when you have some good news,” he said, turning back to his work.

Flame and I walked slowly back to our tents. Something’s wrong, I thought. Normally, Hiccup would’ve been more optimistic about it, maybe saying something about how we’d figure out a solution eventually. Now, he just seemed a bit… sad.

Astrid came running up beside us. “Hey, uh, how’s it going? Listen, Hiccup’s having a hard time right now, what with Toothless getting a new tailfin and all, and he’s a little bit grumpy today. I wanted to ask, though, what did you find out about Grimmel and the Deathgripper venom?”

So, on the way back, Flame and I told Astrid about what had happened yesterday, Flame telling most of the story while I added a few details. We had just finished when we arrived at our camp.

“I think he uses the venom to control the Deathgrippers, maybe through tele-whatever-its-called. Rowen has a Book of Dragons that might have some more information, and that’s what we’re going to get right now,” Flame finished.

I jogged over to the pack of my belongings and started trying to untangle the knots. “Hey, Flame, could you give me a hand?” She came over and pulled a loose end of the rope. The entire bundle fell open. “Oh. Thanks.”

She nodded and stood back while I sorted through the items until I found what I was looking for, a leatherbound book with a stylized dragon imprinted on the front. “Here it is,” I said, opening the book and skimming the pages three or four at a time. “Which class would Deathgrippers be in?”

“I’d say Strike Class is most likely, but Fear would be a possibility of it's not,” Astrid suggested.

Flame and Astrid looked over my shoulders as I read the headings, “Boulder Class… Gronckle… Grapple Grounder… ooh, Whispering Death… Sharp Class… Stormcutter… all cool dragons, but not what we’re looking for...” I flipped to three-quarters through the book, “Fear Class… Zippleback… Flightmare…” a few more pages, “Ah! Here we go, Strike Class.” I paged past the first few dragons. Each of the Strike Class seemed to have several pages dedicated to each. The first page of each was pictures and carefully printed information, while the next few were covered in scrawled notes. I glanced at a few of them, then found what I was looking for. “Scorpion dragons. Let’s see… Well armored, with retractable tusks and barbed tail, these ferocious dragons are not to be messed with. Their scales are impenetrable and they spit acid which sets itself on fire upon contact with the air. Highly dangerous. NEVER attempt to engage these dragons.”

We sat in silence for a few moments, the challenge of what we were up against finally sinking in. Astrid broke the silence by stating, “That’s all well and good, but we need to find out about the effects of their venom.”

I scanned the page to find where I’d left off. “Right. Let’s see. Impenetrable armor, vice-like jaw strength, powerful shots and pinpoint accuracy, highly intelligent, they have deadly poison, insanely fast… sounds pretty much like the Fury description, plus venom and armor. These guys are going to be hard to take down,” I noted. I turned the page to see a bunch of nearly incomprehensible scribbled notes. It was so messy I had to squint to make out any words at all, let alone entire entries. The first full entry I could read was about halfway down the page: “Saw pack of wild scorpion dragons attacking a Fury. They seem to be natural enemies. The scorpions appear to have the edge as they travel in packs, rather than alone.” Another soon after: “Sighted one attacking a smaller dragon. They appear to use their stingers to stun the prey.” I turned the page. “Scorpion dragon found dead on the shore. Stinger was collected and preserved.” Farther down, “Errick stabbed himself in the hand with the stinger earlier preserved and is now acting quite strangely, seeming dazed and confused. Has slight memory loss. His blood and skin now have a green tinge, and the venom seems to be traveling to his brain.” A little later, “The venom must have reached his brain; he is now obeying every command he hears, even if it’s not to him. Still seems to be spreading.” Farther still, “Errick was found dead this morning. He appears to have had a seizure, possibly as an effect of the venom.” The last page was almost blank, except for one note, which I read to myself: ‘Stinger was stolen last night. The pack of Deathgrippers has moved on, and there have been no more sightings since a flight of Furies passed by weeks ago.’

Flame got up and ran over to her pack, bringing back a notebook. “I’ll write the effects down,” she offered. I gave her the book and she immediately started jotting down the information.

“Well,” Astrid noted, “If Deathgrippers really are natural enemies of Furies, it would make sense that Grimmel sought them out for his quest.”

I nodded. “It makes me wonder, though, if Deathgrippers are that strong and intelligent, then how would Grimmel have trained them, in the first place?”

Astrid frowned, thinking over the question. “I don’t know.”

Flame, having overheard our conversation, glanced up at us. “What about… oh, nevermind, that doesn’t make sense.”

“What about what?” I asked.

“Oh, just a random theory… what if Grimmel is secretly a Deathgripper himself, but not just an average Gripper, he’s an Alpha Gripper that can transform into a human?” Flame laughed at the expressions on our faces. “It would be literally impossible, but that’s all I can think of now.” She turned back to writing.

I tried to pick up my train of thought but failed, only managing to get a picture of Deathgripper Grimmel stuck in my head. “Thank you for mentioning that, now I can’t think of any more theories.”

Astrid laughed. “Well, if there’s nothing you need me for, I’m going to go help Hiccup. I’ll tell him about your discovery when he’s in a better mood. Also, you don’t have to scout again today since we’re staying here for a while anyway. Unless you want to, of course. Oh, and there’s food in our temporary Great Hall; it’s a little ways away from the forge in the direction of the falls.” She jogged off the way we’d come.

Flame finished writing and stood up. “I don’t know about you, but I’m hungry. Should we get something in the ‘Great Hall’?”

“Sure,” I agreed, and we started walking towards the temporary Hall.

“And don’t forget, you still haven’t told me what happened last night,” Flame hinted.

“Right,” I said, remembering. “I’ll tell you when we get there.”

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Never fear, for Blobby's here!

No, Grimmel's a Dragonblood Bewilderbeast, not a Dragonblood Deathgripper XD  Great chapter!  But will Toothie really run off with the Light-Fury?  D':

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Ah yes, that's right xD  And I guess you'll just have to wait for the next chapter... hehehe

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Chapter 11 - Missing!

Chapter 11 - Missing!


The Great Hall was every bit as much a Hall of Doom here as on Berk, if not more so. Dragons were everywhere, Vikings were holding shouting matches and the food had just as high a chance of going airborne. Flame and I arrived from the side of the clearing closest to the falls, so we managed to avoid most of the chaos. Gobber wasn’t serving the stew today; instead there was a taller, cheerful Viking who introduced himself as Bucket. True to his name, he wore a bucket instead of the traditional horned Viking helmets. He offered a ladleful of stew to us each. Flame accepted eagerly, but I held back, suspecting something was off about it. Sure enough, Flame took one bite of the stew and gagged.

        “Ugh, what’s in this stuff?” she complained.

        Bucket looked worried. “Et’s the normel recipe,” he said. “Maybe yer just nowt used to et yet?”

        Flame spat out most of the stew, then stealthily spilled the rest of it on the ground while Bucket wasn’t looking. “Y-y-eah, I’m sure that’s it,” she said, nodding agreement. “I guess I haven’t quite built up an immunity to this… stuff, yet.”

        “Thank you for being our first test subject. How would you rate the taste of this unidentifiable substance?” I teased, and Flame glared at me.

        “Gee, thanks soooo much for not warning me. Let’s go get some fish.” Flame walked off in the direction of the falls. I followed her after quickly assuring Bucket that she was alright and the stew hadn’t poisoned her.

        We had just reached the lake when Flame exclaimed, “Oh great, I forgot my fishing rod. How about we catch some game instead? Do you have any good hunting weapons?”

        I shook my head. “The only weapon I ever had, besides my sword, was a hunting knife, but it broke when I... um... got kind of frustrated and slammed it into a rock. So, no, I don’t have any hunting weapons.”

        “Seriously? Well, what about snares, then? Do you know how to set a snare?” Flame asked. I shook my head again.

        “Nope. I know almost nothing about hunting in general. Spirit usually helped me find food. Hey, where is Spirit?” I added, looking around. It occurred to me that I hadn’t seen her since this morning. Flame shrugged.

        “She’s probably sleeping, or playing with Misty,” Flame said dismissively. “But either way, I’m going to teach you how to set a snare. Ready?”

        I nodded. “Sure, why not.”

        The next hour was filled with Flame attempting to teach me and me failing at whatever it was she had me trying. Eventually I tossed down the stick I was trying to attach to my snare. It hit Flame’s perfectly built trap, which sprang, sending the bait flying into the trees. “You know what, I’m still hungry and neither of us are getting anywhere with this, so why don’t we just go get our fishing rods?”

        Flame agreed readily - I think she was also getting bored with my constant failing - and we set back off for the camp. We arrived to find our tents and belongings overturned and the ground covered in gray Fury scales and long gouges in the earth.

        “Um… what happened here?” Flame broke the silence that had settled.

        I stood frozen. Spirit’s gone. Where is she? Who took her? The scratches and shed scales she’d left indicated that she hadn’t left willingly. Flame looked at me, a worried expression on her face. “Are you alright?”

        It took me a moment to register the question. “I- I don’t know.” I sat down shakily. A glint of silver caught the corner of my eye, and I glanced towards it. A dart, containing the residue of a purplish liquid. Grimmel. So he was after Storm Furies as well. I picked up the dart.

Flame leaned over. “Hey, that’s the same kind of dart Hiccup and Tuffnut found near the Light Fury.”

I nodded. “I think I know now what the purple stuff is. It’s Deathgripper venom.”

Flame examined the dart, then said, “I know someone who can help. You wait here, I’ll go get them.” So saying, she ran off.

I sat back and let my mind wander. I couldn’t remember the last time I hadn’t known where Spirit was. She’d been a constant companion for the past… year? Two years? I was surprised to think how long it had been. A tear trickled down my cheek. And now she’s gone, and in the hands of a madman. And what could I do about it? If I didn’t know which direction they’d gone, I could search the archipelago for decades and it wouldn’t do any good. Even if I knew the direction, I didn’t have a dragon, and my flightsuit wouldn’t help very much over long distances. Unless… what about the Riders?

My thought was interrupted by running footsteps coming towards me. I looked up to see Flame crash back into the clearing, followed by another Viking who was panting heavily. “Why… did you have… to run… so fast?” he gasped.

Flame smiled cheerfully. “Because it’d do you good to get some exercise once in a while. Rowen, meet Myrior. Myrior, Rowen. Myr’s a tracker, and he’s going to help us find Spirit”

I stood up cautiously. “Nice to meet you, Myrior.”

The boy grinned, his breathing almost settled. “Nice to meet you too. What kind of dragon is- whoa, what are these?” He picked up one of Spirit’s scales.

“Those are Fury scales. Storm Fury, to be specific,” Flame answered for me. Seeing a question in his eyes, she continued, “And before you ask what Storm Furies are, they’re Furies. And that’s about all I know.”

Myrior nodded. “Well then, I’ll get to work finding your Storm Fury,” he told me, then started walking around the clearing, marking certain gouges and tracing them to others in a seemingly random pattern, occasionally muttering incomprehensible comments to himself.

I nudged Flame. “Is he actually… you know, tracking her? Or just scribbling in the dirt?”

“I can hear you, you know,” the teen called. “And yes, I am tracking her. Although,” he paused, “I suppose it does look like a bunch of scribbles. I would explain what I’m doing, but it would take a while, and I’m not sure how much I can teach, exactly. Anyway, as far as I can tell,” he continued, “The tracks point that way.” He pointed out to sea, in a direction a ways north of the route we’d taken to get here.

I walked over in the direction he was pointing, looking out over the sea. I tried to find any sign of something out there, but the sun kept glinting off the waves, making it impossible to focus. “Is there any way I could find her?” I asked, more thinking out loud than expecting anyone to answer.

Myrior frowned, looking thoughtful, then perked up. “Hey, I have an idea!” he exclaimed. “Wait here, I’ll be right back.” He ran away, heading up towards the main camp.

What is it with people having ideas and running off today? I thought briefly, then turned my attention back to worrying about Spirit. A few moments later, a loud thump marked the arrival of a dragon. I looked up to see Myrior dismounting a green and brown Nadder.

“This is Runic,” he said proudly, the Nadder rawking in agreement. “Nadders are Tracker Class, so he’ll be able to help us find Spirit. We can leave whenever you’re ready.”

“Hold up,” Flame interjected. “You mean you’re leaving, now? Without telling anyone? You don’t know where she went, she could be at Grimmel’s camp right now! You’d be flying straight into his grasp without any sort of a plan! Couldn't you at least tell the Riders? Or maybe, think up an actual plan?!”

I hesitated, realizing she was right. “We need a plan, you say? Well, how’s this,” I suggested, “The plan is, we don’t get captured and we don’t die. And, of course, that we rescue Spirit. And maybe also scout out Grimmel’s hideout while we’re at it. And we can tell the Riders we’re going scouting, so they won’t be worried.”

Flame groaned in frustration. “No, I meant an actual plan, as in- rrgh, nevermind. Besides, you can’t tell the Riders you’re just going scouting, you have to tell them the full story, because if you don’t come back, they wouldn’t know to go looking for you!”

“Unless…” an idea was forming in my mind, “You stayed here, and if we didn’t come back by tomorrow night, then you could tell the Riders the full story.”

“WHAT!?” Flame was practically shouting now. “NO, you will NOT leave me behind, because YOU ARE NOT GOING! Ok? If you even think again about going, I will personally tell Misty to freeze you for the next three days, or until you admit that it’s a terrible idea!”

“Well… fine. I’ll think about it, and only go if I have a good plan. Does that sound good enough?” I said, knowing what I’d do next and trying desperately to think of anything else.

Flame still seemed suspicious, but let me off, saying, “I’ll go find the stuff we’re going to need, if we end up going to Grimmel’s base,” then walking off.

I waited until she was out of earshot, then immediately started grabbing stuff from my bundle and putting it in my pack. Food, water, a cloak, and my flint and steel went in, along with some specialized weapons I had gotten from my old village.

Myrior seemed vaguely interested in my sudden whirl of activity. “I thought Flame said you weren’t going?”

I stood up, having packed everything I thought I might need. “Sort of. I said I’d think about it, and only go if I had a plan. I’ve thought about it, even if for only a few seconds, and the plan is to find Spirit and not get caught. So, technically, I’ve fulfilled her requirements.”

Myrior frowned. “Pretty sure that's not what she meant… and how would she know where to go if we didn’t come back?”

“Uhh…” I hadn’t thought through that part. “I’ll leave a note. She saw the direction you pointed out, that should be a good indication. And Astrid rides a Nadder, so she’d be able to track us.” I pulled a notebook out of my pack, tore out a page and scribbled a quick note on it. I then placed it on a stone beside the cliff’s edge and weighted it down with a smaller rock. “There. Ok, I think we’re good.”

I looked to Myrior, who shrugged resignedly. “I suppose that would about cover it… we should get started now, so as to not be flying at night as much as possible.”

We both mounted Runic. Myrior let him sniff a handful of Spirit’s scales, and he rawked and took off, heading towards the sun as it lowered into the sea.

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Why do people say 'oh noes'? XD It's such a funny word (phrase?) lol

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Chapter 12 - A 'Harmless Prank'

Chapter 12 - A 'Harmless Prank'


I’m sorry I tricked you, but I have to find Spirit. Please don’t tell anyone unless we haven’t come back by tomorrow. I promise I’ll try not to die. -Rowen

      Reading the note, my hand tightened, crumpling the edge of the paper. She promised she wouldn’t go! I threw the note down in frustration. A stray wind caught it, quickly blowing the paper into the water below, where it quickly became waterlogged, sinking below the surface. “Well, nothing I can do about it now,” I muttered aloud. “She’ll be miles away by now, and if I try to follow her, that would only make it worse.”


I stared out on the ocean for a moment before hearing a low murmur of voices and crunching footsteps nearby. Glancing around, I stepped from the clearing to the dirt path that now ran across the island. No one there. I took a step forward and two tall, lanky creatures with mangled faces jumped from the edge of the path, shouting “RAAUGH!”

I shrieked, and the creatures stopped shouting and started laughing.

“Wow, that was a good one!” the first chuckled. “Very nice scream. That’s gotta be one off our best yet!”

“Yeah. But I totally thought she’d run away, or maybe faint,” the other said. “Kinda disappointed there. You’ll have to work on that.”

My nerves were jangling, but I recognized those voices. “Ruffnut? Tuffnut?”

“Loki’d!” the twins chorused, laughing maniacally. “You should’ve seen the look on your face,” Ruffnut said when they’d calmed down. “It was hilarious.”

“Ha, ha,” I grumbled. “Very funny. Hey, how about you go prank someone else?”

Tuffnut grinned. “Been there, done that. Heh, it’ll be the prank of the year, once he finds out.”

“Who finds out?” I asked, feeling a bit suspicious.

“Hiccup, of course. I mean, it looks so real, it seems like it might have actually happened,” Ruffnut boasted.

“What did you do?” Warnings were going off in my head; any time the twins were happy about something, trouble was sure to be close behind.

“Not much…” - Tuffnut seemed far too excited for this to be anything good - “We just managed to make an entire Fury disappear.”

“You WHAT!?” I shrieked, not caring how loud I was being. “Are you INSANE?”

“Is that a trick question?” Ruffnut asked, but I ignored her.

“Do you know exactly what you just did? Now there’s going to be a full-on raid on Grimmel’s base, all over nothing and all because of you!” I was infuriated. Why don’t the twins take this seriously, for once?!

The twins seemed a bit confused. “Wait, Grimmel?” Tuffnut questioned. “That’s the dude who rides those cool stinger dragons, right?”

I groaned. “Yes, he’s that dude. And his life goal is to kill Furies. You do realize what this would look like?”

“Relax, he’s going to be fine,” Tuffnut said calmly, then paused. “I think so, at least.”

Wait, he? I thought. Is he meaning… Toothless? “Hold on,” I questioned, “You mean you made it look like Toothless disappeared?”

“Uh, yeah,” Ruffnut interjected. “Like we said, we made a Fury disappear. Not like there are any other Furies around. Except for the Light Fury, but we couldn’t find her.”

Tuffnut seemed a bit distracted, looking over my shoulder. “Hey, you stole our idea. Not cool! Wrong color of scales, though.”

So they must not know about Spirit… that’s kind of a relief, but all it really does is show that it was Grimmel that took her, after all. Not good. And, of course, Toothless is missing... oh no. “Right, I forgot,” I said, half sarcastically. “Well, I’m going to go... somewhere. Could both of you please not Loki me again, though?”

The twins looked offended. “Of course not, we wouldn’t Loki you if you were expecting it. That spoils the surprise,” Tuffnut said, then they both faded back into the trees, likely preparing to scare the next unwary passerby.

I paused a moment longer, wondering at the twins’ obliviousness, then jogged towards the Great Hall to find Hiccup and Astrid.


        “So, what all do you know about Storm Furies?”

        It was about half an hour after we’d set off. The sun was nearing the ocean, painting the sky orange, and we were far out of sight of New Berk.

        “Well,” I began, “I… don’t actually know much, other than they’re gray Furies that shoot golden plasma. Oh, and they’re really smart. Why d’you want to know?”

        Myrior shrugged. “It’s easier to track something if I know a bit about the thing, first. Is there anything else at all you can think of?”
        I searched my memory for anything special Spirit did that was different from other dragons. It occurred to me that, despite so much time with her, I really didn’t know much at all. I felt a sharp corner of something digging into my spine, so I shifted my pack, then realized it was my Book of Dragons. “Hold on a minute, I need to grab something,” I told Myrior, swinging my pack off my shoulders and rifling through until I found the Book. I flipped to Strike Class, almost instantly finding the Night Fury description. That won’t help too much right now, I thought, flipping through the pages of Night Fury notes. The next section was on Snow Furies. What’re Snow Furies? I quickly skimmed the description, then glanced at the picture. The image showed a white Fury that looked almost exactly like the Light Fury.

        “What’re you looking at?” Myrior asked, turning sideways in the saddle. “Hey, that’s a cool drawing.”

        I glanced up for a second, then turned my attention back to the book. “Apparently Light Furies were originally called Snow Furies. Doesn’t help right now, though.” I flipped through the rest of the Snow Fury notes. The next page was nearly completely blank, except for the picture, the description, one or two notes, and a heading, which read 'Storm Furies'. The first thing I noticed was a section of the description: ‘Very rare and reclusive dragons… only two or three different of this Fury species have been sighted.’ Then a note, scrawled along a margin: ‘Fury pack has settled on the north half of the island. One Storm Fury has been sighted, the rest being Night or Snow.’ A third scribble was placed directly underneath it, ‘Only hunts at dawn, dusk, and during thunderstorms, or at any time the light is poor. Be more careful when going outside at these times.’ The rest of the page was empty, the note pages after them being the same. Nothing too helpful, then. I sighed, closing the Book and putting it back in my pack. “Well, it appears I know almost nothing new about Storm Furies, except that they’re rarer than both Night and Light Furies and have different colors,” I grumbled.

        Runic squawked at Myrior, then changed his flight path to almost due North. I could feel the excitement of rider and dragon as they closed in on the trail. “It’s close now. No sign of land yet though, unless… yes, there.” Myrior nudged Runic, who drifted a few degrees over.

A small gray dot darkened the horizon, growing slowly and seeming to fade in and out in the uncertain light. The sun was slowly lowering into the sea by now, sending sunlight skidding across the waves.

Runic rumbled, softly, and Myrior bent over him. “What is it?” The Nadder said nothing else, only keeping up a steady growl.

I wondered why I couldn’t understand Runic. Dragonese was the common language of the dragons; shouldn’t I be able to hear what he was saying? “Why can’t I understand you?” I asked in Dragonese, half thinking the dragon wouldn’t reply.

I could feel the Nadder start in surprise, then he rumbled, “You can speak Dragonese? I didn’t think humans could.”

Myrior looked at me curiously, but I continued, “Most can’t. Why were you growling?”

“There’s more than one dragon’s scent on this path,” Runic told me. “I can’t tell what the other dragons are, or how many there are, but that there are two distinct scents, one being Fury and the other being the unknown dragons.”

“So we’re on the right track then.” This I said in Norse, for Myrior’s benefit. “The other dragons must be Deathgrippers. Grimmel’s fortress is probably right ahead.” The gray dot had grown larger as I’d talked to Runic, and now was vaguely recognizable as a spire of rock, still only barely jutting over the horizon.

Myrior squinted over to the island. “If we keep up this speed, I believe we should make it there in about an hour. Get ready.”

A little more than an hour later, Runic touched down on a deserted cove, just far enough from the tower to not be seen. “So, do you have any actual plan?” Myrior questioned, sliding off Runic.

I shrugged, dismounting as well. “Other than, scout out the place, find Spirit, and try not to die? Not really. The best thing to start with, though, would probably be the scouting. Chances are we can narrow down where Spirit could be by doing that.”

Runic rawked. “I can’t find the Fury scent - there’s too many others crowding it out.”

I patted the Nadder’s shoulder. “Well, thanks for trying, anyway. You should probably stay here, your scales would stand out too much.” His green scales reflected the fading light, practically shining against the dark rocks.

Runic didn’t argue, sinking into hiding in a crevice between two large rocks. Myrior and I set off, heading for the top of the ridge surrounding the beach. I quickly scrambled up the rocks, making as little noise as possible. Myrior seemed to be having a bit more difficulty, slipping every few feet and sending little cascades of pebbles skittering down the rock. I peeked carefully over the top of the ridge, hoping no one was within earshot. The island appeared to be deserted, the only sign of life seeming to be a red-orange glow from the top of the tower. Something’s off, I thought. There should be more here. Deathgrippers, at the very least, if not others who work for Grimmel.

Myrior pulled himself up beside me, gasping for breath. “You couldn’t’ve slowed down?” he complained quietly, then flattened himself against the ridge. “So, scouting. First thing is to see how many people are here. Compare numbers.” He glanced around quickly, seeming to come to the same conclusion I had. “Well, looks like it’s just Grimmel right now, plus his Deathgrippers. Unless there’s other people we just can’t see. That’s probably the most likely option, seeing as there’s almost certainly a patrol somewhere.”

I nodded. “Estimating numbers based on that, I’d say there’s less than fifty people here, Grimmel included. He wouldn’t want too many people here, because the more people, the higher the chance of his base being discovered. Patrols would be two to four people per shift, and counting for two-hour shifts, two shifts a group, that would be twelve to twenty-four on patrol, plus dragon trainers and all that.”

“Right. Not a lot, but they outnumber us at least fifteen to one. Because you didn’t want to bring any backup.” Myrior glared at me.

I shrugged. “We both know anyone else would’ve said to just stay put, plan endlessly, move too cautiously. It’s better this way. What should we do next?”

He sighed, then turned his attention back to the base. “The next thing to do would probably be… to get inside that fortress somehow, preferably without being detected.”

“Yes, that would generally be preferred,” I quipped sarcastically.

Myrior glanced at me, then continued, “Shouldn’t be too hard to get in, though. Because, you know, there’s almost no one here, and any patrols are on the other side of the island.”

“Something’s not right, though,” I muttered. “Grimmel’s supposed to be really smart, right? It doesn’t seem like he’s the kind of person to have light security. There’s got to be some hidden trap somewhere, or maybe he has Deathgrippers hidden everywhere. It’s not like it would be hard to hide them on this island, especially at night. Although, maybe he just wasn’t expecting anyone to be able to find this place, anyway.” He would probably plan for everything, though, no matter how small… I pushed the thought away. Too late now.

“Doesn’t matter if he set any traps; we’re here, now, so we’d better get this over with,” Myrior said firmly, echoing my thoughts. He pulled himself over the ridge, rolling into a crouch and standing ready for a phantom attacker to appear. When none did, he signaled to me to follow and slowly crept forward, into the shadowed maze of rock.

I hesitated a moment longer, unwilling to leave the relative safety of the ridge. But I had to find Spirit. It’s time to make a choice, I told myself. Either take a risk, or abandon Spirit. Or wait until later, but who knows what’ll have happened by then. I took a deep breath, then climbed over the rocks as Myrior had done.

I can only hope I’m doing the right thing.

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I sense a trap...

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*whistles innocently* >:)

And what would make you think that? :3 I wish I could say what happens next, but...

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Everything! 0.o

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I can't trust Myrior. We hardly know him!

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True, but you also know hardly anyone else, considering most of them are OCs of various people... ;)

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Chapter 13 - Exploration

Chapter 13 - Exploration


I arrived at the ‘Great Hall’ to find it in a state of chaos. A few dozen Vikings were running amok, overturning tables and looking under rocks. I sighed, then started scanning the small crowd for Hiccup and Astrid. I finally spotted them by the forge, talking to Gobber. All three appeared worried, which confirmed my suspicions about the cause of the chaos. I slipped around the outskirts of the clearing, reaching the forge in time to nearly get knocked over by Gobber as he left.

“What’s going on?” I questioned the Riders.

“Toothless is missing. I finished his new tailfin and gave it to him to test out. I was going to go with him, just in case, but now he’s disappeared. The only signs I’ve found are a few scattered scales,” Hiccup replied, looking around as though expecting to see the Fury appear out of nowhere.

“So, about that…” I began. “I may know where he is.”

“You do?” Hiccup immediately brightened. “Where?”

“Well, apparently the twins were trying to pull a prank on you and decided to make it look like Toothless had disappeared. I know, stupid idea,” I said, talking over an interjection by Astrid, “but they did it. And also-” I cut myself off, reminding myself that I wasn’t going to tell them until tomorrow night at the earliest. “Nevermind.”

“What were you going to say?” Astrid pressed.

“I said, nevermind,” I repeated. “As in, it doesn’t… really… matter.” 

Astrid raised an eyebrow in disbelief, crossing her arms. “Ok, I know something’s up. Wait, is someone else missing? Where’s Fishlegs and Snotlout?”

“You’re not worried about the twins?” I asked, hoping to change the subject.

“Yeah, no,” Astrid said. “They were here to pull the prank, and it wasn’t all that long ago. They’re probably fine. But seriously though, what was it?”

I hesitated. “Well…”

“It’s alright if she doesn’t want to say, Astrid,” Hiccup cut in, although he looked just as curious as she did.

“Fine,” Astrid said dismissively. “As long as it’s actually not important. What matters now is that we need to find Toothless. You said you know where he is?”

“Not… exactly. The twins are the ones that know where he is, I just know that the twins know.”

“He’s probably just off searching for the Light Fury, he seemed really impatient earlier,” Hiccup said, trying to sound cheerful and only barely succeeding.

I hope so, I thought. If not, there’s only one place he could be…




Ralek whistled cheerfully as he walked into the Great Hall, his Monstrous Nightmare close behind. The Hall seemed less chaotic than usual, but that was expected, as almost a  third of Berk had left with Hiccup. Despite knowing, it was still kind of sad to see all the empty tables. Ralek walked over to the back of the Hall, where the stew from yesterday still sat, along with some yak meat for those who didn’t want food poisoning. He sniffed the stew dubiously, then dumped a heaping ladleful onto his plate, grabbing a piece of meat as well. 

Looking around the Hall, he saw a group of Vikings at one table, talking quietly amongst themselves. One of them looked up, and waved him over. Ralek strode over to the table, thumping down at one end. “Mornin’!” he greeted, recognizing almost all of the Vikings as having participated in previous Best Viking Stories competitions. “Are y’ all gowin ta be in tha Vikin’ Stories competition ag’in?”

One of the Vikings, Quince if he remembered right, answered slowly. “Not sure there’ll even be a competition this year. Y’know, with th’ threat o’ Grimmel and a third of the competitors being gone. I’m almost startin’ to wish I had gone wit’, just cos I knew ‘most everyone that left. Woulda been better, maybe. Nowt like I don’ like talkin’ to ye all,” he added hastily, “but I just don’ get why it was such a good idea to split up in the first place.”

“Aye,” another Viking added. “Ef Grimmel’s owt there, you’d think tha best thing ta do would be stick together. Y’ know, so he ‘as more to deal wit’. Th’ more we split up, th’ easier it’d be ta pick us off, one by one.”

There was a general murmur of agreement from the table. Ralek shifted uneasily. “Wal, whut if we jus’ meet up wit’ em again? Wouldn’a be too hard, would et? Nadders can track, and Rumble’orns too. We’ve gowt both, hain’t we?”

Quince nodded. “Right, but we’ve got ta think it through. Ef we go after ‘em now, they be far ahead o’ us, and likely gowin farther ev’ry day. We couldn’a catch up to ‘em if we tried. And then we’re owt in tha middle o’ nowhere an’ owr dragons are tired. If Grimmel came after os, we’d be sittin’ ducks.”

“I heard someone went out already,” a third Viking interjected. “Rode out on a Nadder, and hasn’t come back. Either he found the other Berkians-”

“Or Grimmel found him,” Quince finished gravely.

“D’you know who i’ was yet?” Ralek answered, breaking the silence that had settled.

The other Viking looked to each other, then started shaking their heads, except for one farther back at the table. “I know! Et was tha’ boy from down by th’ river, th’ one who dosn’t have a dragon.”

"Kaydon?" Quince suggested.

"Aye, that's the one. 'E's a little crazy, ef ye ask me, but ah well. 'E's still a youngster, got lot's a time to learn."

Ralek nodded. Part of him wanted to follow the other Vikings, as well, but Gothi had strictly charged him not to ride any dragon for at least four weeks, as a precaution. Oh well. He cheerfully continued talking with his friends.




The half-hour or so that followed was one of the most nerve-wracking of my life. There are far too many loose stones on this island, I reflected as I carefully picked my way across the sharp rocks. Each one that was accidentally bumped or nudged out of the way sounded like a landslide. My heart pounded in my ears each time, and I was sure if anyone was on the island, they would hear us. Each time I froze, but no one came. Myrior seemed to be just as on edge, if not more so. Once I saw a Deathgripper swooping far above the island, but it didn’t appear to see us and was gone the next second.

My sense of foreboding was not lessened in any way when we finally arrived at the tower. It was made of a cold, hard material that looked like metal but felt like rock. The material itself was entirely black, except for a section near a window; that was glowing reddish-orange, with a shade of green, likely being the same window we’d noticed before. The tower seemed to have a fairly open design, with a large base and very few solid walls, although most of the gaps were too small for a human. I noticed three or four gray scales scattered on the ground outside the tower. At least we knew Spirit had been here at some point.

A fire near the far side of the tower revealed the silhouettes of three or four hunters deep in a low conversation. We slipped through one of the bigger gaps in the walls, being careful to not make any noise. The inside of the tower was just as dark and forbidding as the outside. Dragon cages and traps were scattered around with no seeming pattern, and somewhat of a spiral staircase started in the middle, growing more and more precarious-looking the higher it got. I looked at Myrior, who shrugged, then crept closer to the staircase. Despite its shaky appearance, the only sound the boards made was a low creak, barely audible.

The second ‘floor’ was fairly empty, as was the third. The warm glow of a fire came from the fourth floor, along with clacking, hissing, and a low murmur of conversation.

Grimmel? I mouthed to Myrior, who nodded then raised a finger to his lips, quiet. We continued on the ‘staircase’, stopping just short of the fourth ‘floor’. The floors were made mostly of a chain netting, in a similar style to the building itself, with metal plates making up the actual floorspace, creating the effect that the platforms were supported by the chain, although they were also firmly attached to the sides of the tower. The voices grew louder, covering up the small sounds of the rocking ‘staircase’. I leaned up and caught a few snippets of conversation.

“You want how many Deathgrippers? You do realize how hard it is to train them, right? You’ll have to pay me at least double of what you’re paying now.” This was an unfamiliar voice. Probably the person who supplied Grimmel with his Deathgrippers, based on the statements.

“I’m already paying far more than they’re worth,” Grimmel snapped. “And besides, I don’t need the new ones, I have a sufficient number already. It doesn’t take hundreds of Deathgrippers to subdue a few Furies, you know. Only fifteen or so would do the job. The others are a security, to make sure their owners don’t fight back.”

A few scuffed steps, then the first voice spoke again. “Then why would you need me?”

“Because I don’t want to not have the extra security the other Deathgrippers would provide. But I won’t pay you any more than you’re already getting.”

“Fine.” More scuffing sounds, then, “And when should I expect my payment?”

“When that Night Fury is in my clutches.” I heard footsteps stomping in the direction of the red glow, then some shuffling, as if the logs were being rearranged. The fire flared for a brief second, then died down. The footsteps moved back to their original place.

A dead silence fell over the island.

I looked at Myrior, who nodded back. Time to go. Before we could, however, we heard a clanking of weapons, then running steps from below. The guards were on the move, likely alerted by the brief flash of fire.

I quickly weighed our options. If we went up, we’d be caught by Grimmel. But if we went down, we’d be facing off against four or five armed guards. I bolted up, reaching the top in seconds with Myrior close behind.

Oddly enough, Grimmel didn’t seem surprised. Of course. He’d probably seen us when we landed, just to trap us now. The other person in the room, a tall male with red-and-black dragon armor, jet-black hair, and acid green eyes, did look surprised, but that quickly faded when he realized what Grimmel had done. A red-eyed Titan Deathgripper stood growling in the corner beside the cages of five or six others.

I stood frozen for a moment and only came back into reality when Myrior crashed into me, a crossbow bolt clanging against the metal bars where we had been. I rolled away, ending up on my feet with my sword in hand, although I was forced to duck again to avoid a knife thrown by the Deathgripper trainer. I saw Myrior throw a quick glance out the window, then one down the stairs, then he pulled out a knife and threw it, followed by two more. I heard a cry of pain, then something that sounded remarkably like bodies thumping down a spiral staircase. I refocused my attention on the two figures ahead of us, then noticed the cage doors swinging open, the dragons inside stalking out, stingers held high. Myrior took one look and turned around, diving headfirst out of a larger gap in the metal bars.

“Oh shoot,” I muttered to myself. Welp, might be better that way than a slow death by poison. More footsteps on the stairs warned of the hunters returning, and both hunters in front of me had weapons in hand. I took one last breath… and jumped out the window.

The few seconds it took to fall felt almost like an eternity. The metal bars of the fortress flashed by, revealing small fragments of color from the armor of the hunters and the dragon cages. Then I felt a jolt, and something digging into my shoulder, and I was flying. I glanced up to see Runic looking down at me, then back at the tower in the hope of even one glimpse of Spirit. Dark gray scales flashed in between the bars, then a flock of Deathgrippers obscured my view, growling menacingly. 

“Rowen, I’m going to let you go here,” Runic rawked to me. I turned to see a dropoff ahead. The Nadder flew lower until he was almost touching the ground, then released his grip on my shoulder, dropping almost immediately and hovering just below the edge. I launched myself on and we shot off, mere yards in front of the incoming Deathgrippers.

The edge of the island lay just ahead, the dark stone nearly blending with the dark water. We had just barely cleared that line when a sharp whistle cut through the night. Immediately, the Deathgrippers halted as one, then turned, flapping slowly back to the island. Runic flew on, not stopping until the island was far out of sight. I broke the silence that had settled.

“What was all that about? And what do we do now?”




As soon as the riders had left, a cloaked person stepped out from behind the Deathgrippers, face cast in shadow and voice filled with skepticism. “What were you thinking? Letting them come here and hear your plans, and then letting them get away? Are you insane?!”

“Silence!” the trainer barked. “Don’t forget who you’re talking to.”

“It’s a valid question…” the dark figure muttered.

“Let the boy talk, Skulorc. It’s the best way to learn.” Grimmel stood up, walking leisurely to the side of the tower and gazing into the dark night. “No, I am not insane, though some might say so. I prefer to call myself… a visionary, doing what others think is impossible. In this case, ridding the world of Furies.”

“So? Why would you let them hear your plan if they’re trying to stop you from doing so?”

“Because, that was only a part of my plan,” Grimmel snapped, turning to face them, “and not a very necessary part, at that. All I need is to get the Alpha. Then, all the Furies will follow him, making them easy targets.”

“And you need my Deathgrippers to make that happen.” The Deathgripper trainer folded his arms. “Which is why I ask, why should I even be helping you with this hare-brained scheme? And when will I receive my payment for helping you?”

“In time, Skulorc,” Grimmel said smoothly. “Once I have that Night Fury in my clutches.”

“And when will that be?” the trainer pressed. “How am I to be sure that I will get my reward?” His hand lightly touched the knife on his belt.

Rather than fear, or concern, Grimmel seemed unworried about the thinly veiled threat. “It will be in time. All good things come in time. No use hurrying them. And of course, you must allow me a while to savor this. I have dearly missed it.”

“Your plans are falling apart,” Skulorc observed pointedly. “Your Snow Fury has escaped you, as has that other Fury rider… again. How do you expect me to believe you?”

“To put it simply, I don’t. But I will tell you this; the Fury rider is of no significance, and dragons almost always have more than one weakness. For the Alpha, he has his rider, his mate, and the entirety of Berk to look after. Threaten any one of those, and he’ll do anything to protect them.”

The trainer nodded grudgingly, moving his hand away from his knife. “I see. But no matter what, I expect my reward.”

“Oh, you’ll get it,” Grimmel muttered, then, louder, “Don’t worry. But I am not paying you anything above what we agreed.”

“Noted,” the trainer grumbled. “And when should I have your new Deathgrippers?”

“The sooner, the better.”

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Chapter 14 - Captured

Chapter 14 - Captured


“Well, the first thing to do is tell the Riders,” Myrior stated. “Then they can handle all of this. Only problem is, we can’t exactly go back or else Grimmel would be able to track us.”

        “Or not,” I interjected. “I mean, it’s not like Grimmel doesn’t already know where New Berk is; he was on the island when Flame and I first landed there. He doesn’t need to bother tracking us. And if we don’t get back, Berk doesn’t get the inside information and Grimmel will be able to attack without resistance. Or, as much resistance. And then all this was for nothing.”

        “True,” Myrior conceded. “In that case, we’ll go back to New Berk.”

        We flew in silence until the tops of New Berk’s mountains were in view. A blue-ish dot was racing towards us, a dragon and rider. I squinted, trying to make out who it could be. Whoever it was, they were coming at us fast. In only a few more moments they were almost on top of us, and I finally realized who it was when the dragon’s rider stood up and yelled, “OH MY GODS ROWEN WHAT ON EARTH WERE YOU THINKING YOU COULD’VE GOTTEN YOURSELF KILLED WHY DIDN’T YOU TELL ME I WAS SO WORRIED AAAAAA!!!”

        “It’s nice to see you too, Flame!” I shouted back. “But would ya mind giving us a chance to land before giving me the lecture?”

        “Fine, but don’t think you can get out of it, because you can’t. Now hurry up before I forget what I was going to say!” With that, she turned Misty back to the island, matching Runic wingbeat for wingbeat. I smiled. It was good to be back.


        I was able to stall for about five minutes after we got back, claiming that time for unpacking. Immediately afterwards, however, Flame started ranting again, something about how dangerous it was, and why hadn’t I let her come with, and why on earth had I ever even thought about thinking it was a good idea, and finally ending with “But, since you didn’t pay any attention to my advice, what happened?”

        I had been tuning out her talking and stared at her blankly for a moment while I tried to figure out what the question was, finally saying, “Y-y-yess? I mean, no? Uh, what was the question?”

        Flame sighed dramatically. “I asked, what happened? You can’t expect me not to be curious. You’d better have learned a lot of information to have made the trip worth the risk.”

        “Well, um… we found Grimmel’s base and learned part of his plan.”

        “And did you find Spirit?” Flame pressed.

        “Ah, well, not exactly. I think I saw her down by the dragon cages, but I can’t be certain it wasn’t just a trick of the light or something, like a mirage or whatever,” I said.

        Flame groaned. “All that, and you didn’t even find-

        I cut her off. “I know, I know. But at least we know something’s there, and we have to find out what it was. Can you help me find the Riders?”

        “What for?” Flame asked, caught off guard by the sudden change in subject.

        “Spirit’s still there,” I reminded her. “I have to try and find her.”

        “Fine. I’ll help you find the Riders, but only if you promise not to leave me behind again, unless you absolutely have to,” Flame stated firmly.

        “Alright,” I agreed. “So do you know where they are?”

        Flame shrugged. “Not exactly. But they’re on this island somewhere. They’re trying to find Toothless, he disappeared this morning.” She must’ve noticed the surprised expression on my face, because she added, “I’ll tell you on the way. C’mon, I gotta find Misty,” and sprinted away.


        We eventually found Hiccup and Astrid searching the shore at the base of the island.

        “Hi Flame, Rowen. Haven’t seen either of you in a while,” Hiccup greeted absentmindedly, still looking over the rocky shore.

        “Ah, yeah. So about that-” I began.

        Astrid interrupted, “Have either of you seen Toothless recently? Like, within the past few hours?”

        I hesitated a moment, thrown off my train of thought by the question. “No, I don’t think anyone has. Listen-”

        “Ohh, no,” she muttered, completely ignoring me. “If he’s not here, and no one’s seen them, then that means he must be-”

        If Toothless is missing and hasn't been seen on New Berk, and Grimmel is out there… I guessed with Astrid would be thinking. “At Grimmel’s base.” I interrupted Astrid this time. “And I know exactly where that is.”

        “You do?” Hiccup looked up, seeming full of energy all of a sudden. “Where?”

        “Yes, I do,”  I confirmed. “But we have another problem as well. I don’t know for sure if Toothless is there, and I think Grimmel would’ve started holding that over us by now. But I do know that at least one Fury is there, and I overheard Grimmel planning an attack on New Berk.”

        “Hold up,” Astrid interjected.  "When did you hear all this if you were here on New Berk the whole time?”

        I looked to Flame, who raised her hands in defense. “Hey, you told me not to say anything,” she reminded me.

        “Right.” I took a deep breath, then explained my impromptu mission as best I could. Hiccup and Astrid listened silently the entire time, seeming a bit stunned.

        “So, you mean to say…” Astrid began, only to get talked over by Hiccup.

        “Grimmel’s planning an attack? When? Where? What part does Spirit have in this? Nevermind, doesn’t matter. We need to get out there right away and get Toothless back! And, of course, stop Grimmel. You ready to go?”

        The last part was directed to me. I blinked a few times. “What? Go where?”

        “Well, to stop Grimmel.” Hiccup started pacing. “You can lead Astrid and I to Grimmel’s base, then we prevent him from getting to his Deathgrippers, in any way possible.”

        “How, by locking their cages and throwing away the key? That’s not going to work, Hiccup,” Astrid teased. “I think we need a real plan here.”

        “Well, actually, it’s not a terrible idea,” Flame put in. We all looked at her as she continued, “Not the ‘lock-up-and-throw-the-key’ idea, the ‘get-to-the-root-of-the-problem’ idea. The real problem here is Grimmel, obviously. Without his control, the Deathgrippers would just go back to living their lives, doing… whatever it is Deathgrippers do. But we don’t know enough about what’s happening yet. And the best way to find out what’s happening, is to scout out his base. Then we can figure out an actual plan of attack from there.”

        Hiccup nodded decisively. “Sounds like a plan. We’ll start whenever you’re ready, Rowen.”

        “I’ll get ready too,” Flame said, jogging over to Misty.

        Hiccup held up a hand to stop her. “Ah, sorry Flame, but you’re not coming this time.”

        “What? Why not?” Flame protested.

        “You know what my mom would say if I put you in danger again. And also, I think you’d be more help here, as someone we can rely on to lead Berk if we don’t come back,” Hiccup explained. “I don’t want a lot of people to know we’re gone, so if you could cover for us, that would be great. If we’re not back by, say, a few hours after midnight tomorrow, then you can let someone know where we are. After that, you can choose to stay here or continue to search for the Hidden World, but your main responsibility is to help protect Berk. Can I trust you?”

        Flame nodded solemnly. “Yes, you can. I won’t let you down.”

        “Good.” Hiccup turned to Astrid. “Do you think we should tell Gobber?”

        Astrid shrugged. “He will figure it out eventually.”

        “So it’s settled, then?” Hiccup asked, looking to us. We all nodded agreement. “Good. We’ll go when you’re ready, Rowen.”

        “Give me about half an hour,” I promised, already thinking through everything I’d need to bring. Backpack, obviously, food, water, my sword, maybe I should tell them to bring some supplies as well… I then realized Astrid had asked me a question. “Wait, what were you saying?” I asked, adding sheepishly, “Sorry, I wasn’t listening.”

        Astrid sighed loudly, then muttered something about ‘kids these days’. Then, to me, “I was asking, about how long do you think it’ll take to get there?”

        I did some quick calculations, then answered, “It took about an hour to get there, and less to get back, but only because there were Deathgrippers chasing us. And that’s while riding a Nadder.”

        Astrid nodded. “So we should be back before tomorrow, depending on how long we stay… but I don’t think we’re going to want to stay too long.”

        “Right,” I agreed. “Can you take me back up, Flame?”

        “No, you won’t let me come with you,” she said sarcastically. “Unless, of course, you promise you won’t do anything too exciting without me.”

        I laughed. “I can’t promise that, but we’ll try.”

        Flame pretended to be reluctant, but let me mount Misty beside her. “I’ll drop Rowen off here in about half an hour.”


        Almost exactly half an hour later, I was in the air, riding Popsicle. Flame had lent him to me for the trip, provided I kept him out of any direct danger. I had decided to send the Groncicle back to New Berk as soon as we got to the island; if all went well, I’d have Spirit to ride back. Astrid and Hiccup were leading the way, both on Stormfly, as she was a Tracker dragon and Popsicle wasn’t. The scent was old, however, and I occasionally had to figure out which way to go, using my innate sense of direction - along with, of course, my very helpful compass.

        We flew in relative silence the whole way, broken only by our dragons’ wingbeats. The sun was just dipping below the horizon again as we landed at Grimmel’s base. I dismounted, the Riders following my lead. Astrid led Stormfly into hiding and I leaned over Popsicle. “Go back to Flame,” I ordered in Dragonese. The ice dragon nodded, turning around and flying back out to sea. Then I turned to the Riders. “Follow me.”




        Not five minutes after Hiccup, Astrid, and Rowen had left, I ran into a huge problem: the curiosity of Vikings. No less than twelve Vikings asked me where the Chief was, and at least five inquired about the search for Toothless. I managed to make it to the ‘Great Hall’ without saying anything about it other than making noncommittal sounds and shrugging. Then I ran into another big problem, although this one I had anticipated: Gobber.

        “Eyy, lassie, have yiu seen the Chief letely?” he asked cheerfully. “Ei’ve been treiying ta find him sence Grump set fire to the forge. He needs ta help rebuild et.”

        I froze, scrambling to find a valid excuse. “Uhh, I think I… might have seen him, a little bit ago? He was, ah... about… to… set off for… uh, something, I don’t remember exactly... oh, uh, scouting! That was it! Haha, yeah... Uh, if you’ll excuse me, I’ve gotta… go… do… stuff. Bye.” I shot off as fast as I could for my campsite, barely catching Gobber’s last comment of, “What’s gotten into ‘er? Kids these days...”
        I crashed through the last bit of greenery leading to my campsite and immediately jumped back. “Gaahhhh!!” A flock of little purple dragons had just about overrun my camp, gnawing on whatever food I had… as well as just about everything that 
wasn’t food. “Shoo, shoo!” I yelled to startle them and make them fly away. They didn’t seem startled, more oblivious than anything else, but they did take flight, moving almost in unison towards the mountains. I frowned. Strange, I’ve never seen dragons do that before. Might as well check it out, it’s not like I have anything better to do. “Hey, Misty,” I called. He came bounding over, and I mounted him. “Can you follow those… whatever they’re called… the little purple dragons?” He growled what I hoped was a yes, and immediately jumped into the air after them.

        They weren’t too hard to track, and we followed them quite easily, until all of a sudden, the entire group dove below the tree cover. Misty plummeted after them, skidding on the leaves as we landed. Not a single purple scale was anywhere to be seen. Stranger and stranger, I thought. And why is it so warm here? Dismounting Misty, I wandered around, searching for any sign of the round purple dragons. I felt my foot slip on the leaves and the next thing I knew I was sliding down a tunnel into almost pitch darkness, screaming at the top of my lungs. I heard Misty roar, then skittering stones cascaded onto me. I turned around to see him scrabbling for a grip on the smooth stone. I stopped screaming as something occurred to me. This is actually kind of fun! I faced downwards again, feet first, in case of a collision at the bottom, and waited for the ride to end.

        It ended sooner than I’d expected… with me flying out of the tunnel and into the air of a cave. I only managed a glimpse of softly glowing crystals and a surprisingly unsurprised flock of purple dragons before Misty caught me, swinging me around, back towards the tunnel we had just come out of. Hey, that looks like a Whispering Death tunnel! I thought before we were plunged back into the darkness.

        It only took a few moments to get back into the open air. Misty flew above the tree cover, arriving a few minutes later at our campsite. He rumbled at me, saying something like, ‘never ever ever do that again’, then stalked off. I shivered. It wasn’t like it was cold here, exactly, but it had been surprisingly warm in the underground cave. I found myself wondering why the purple dragons had gone there, and where there was, in the first place. Oh well, I thought, trying not to think about it any longer. I can worry about that later. For now, I've got to clean up this mess!




Something was off here. I just knew it. I could see the other Fury, in a green-tinted dragon proof cage, but he wasn’t moving, lying limply in the bottom of the cage. The guards around him shifted restlessly, looking bored. It was frustrating, being so close, but there was no way I could get both of us out safely. I should’ve brought Rowen, maybe she could’ve helped me. Now someone else had come. I didn’t know who they were, but they could only be bad news. Hunters, maybe, or the warlords’ henchmen. Who knows, it could even be the warlords themselves! Time to disappear.




        Having been on the island before didn’t make the trek to Grimmel’s base any easier, or any less nerve-wracking. What made this time more disturbing, however, was the complete lack of any sound. The last time, there had been a low murmur of life on the island. Not loud, but enough to let us know the island wasn’t deserted. Now, there was nothing. We were about half-way across the island when a dark shadow fell over us, accompanied by wingbeats. I froze, looking up. Grimmel was hovering directly over us in his four-winged air machine, a small smile playing at his lips.

        “Well, well, what do we have here?” He laughed harshly. “Don’t bother running, you’ll never make it. Besides,” the smile fell from his face and his voice lowered dangerously. “I have your Fury. Would you risk its' life, too?”

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Chapter 15 - Stormy Skies

Chapter 15 - Stormy Skies


I raised my hands above my head, showing they were empty. Hiccup and Astrid did the same.

“Very good.” Grimmel snapped his fingers and guards appeared from hiding spots behind the rocks, carrying ropes. They quickly bound our hands in front of us. Grimmel landed before us, dismounting from his airship. “Well, now, to what do I owe the pleasure of this visit?” He smiled sardonically.

“Where is Toothless?” Hiccup spat. “And what have you done to him?”

A shadow passed over Grimmel’s face. “Unfortunately, I do not have him yet.”

“Aaagh!” Hiccup lunged forward, but the guards pulled him back.

“Oh, come now,” Grimmel said, slowly pacing around us. “Such a temper. I do have a Fury here, just not your Alpha.” He gestured to one of his guards, who went around a rock. He came back dragging a cage with a Storm Fury in it, wearing a strange collar. It had dark scales with lighter swirls, and a line of black under its eyes, just like Spirit. Its pupils were slits and it seemed unresponsive.

But it wasn’t Spirit.

I was both relieved and worried to realize she wasn't there, but those quickly gave way to wonder and excitement. There were more Storm Furies than Spirit? I’d thought she was one-of-a-kind, the last of her species, like Toothless.

Now wasn’t the time to be thinking about that, though. I needed a plan, and fast. When I saw a gray shadow moving out of the corner of my eye, one started to take shape. I pulled away from the guards, running towards the cage. “No, Spirit! What’d they do to you?” I pretended to be frantic, secretly searching for whatever was making the Fury act like this. It still didn’t react, only raising its head slightly.

The guards grabbed me, pulling me back to Hiccup and Astrid. Grimmel looked satisfied, but also... he seemed a little suspicious of my act. Astrid raised an eyebrow at me - she knew as well as I did that this wasn’t Spirit. I nodded slightly, then held my hands out in front of me, counting on my fingers.

Three… two… one…

I slid my sword part way out of its sheath, catching the rope on my hands on the blade. At the same time, the dark shadow - Spirit - shot out from behind the rocks, flattening half a dozen guards and springing towards Grimmel. As soon as my hands were free, I cut Hiccup and Astrid’s bonds off as well. "Come on, we've got to go!"

The two sprang into action, knocking away their guards in seconds. Astrid whistled sharply for Stormfly while Hiccup ran straight for Grimmel, Dragon Blade ablaze.

Grimmel didn't seem surprised by any of this. He calmly unslung his crossbow, leveling it at the caged Storm Fury. Spirit skidded to a halt, claws digging into the rock. She growled menacingly but didn't come closer. Hiccup slowed as well, still glaring at Grimmel. "Yes, that's right," he taunted. "No surprises."

Nobody moved for a moment, each waiting to see what the others would do. The guards were sprawled on the ground, which meant only Grimmel and his Deathgrippers were left. But... even on his own, Grimmel was a formidable foe, and his Deathgrippers were just about indestructible. It wouldn't be an easy fight. I heard wingbeats nearby; Astrid must have called Stormfly earlier.

Finally, Grimmel broke the tension - by firing his crossbow. Spirit was the first to react and seemed to have expected this, shooting the bolt out of the air almost as soon as it was fired. Grimmel started reloading quickly, but Spirit pounced on him first, roaring in his face.

The Deathgrippers, seeing Grimmel in danger, spat acid at Spirit. She dodged, leaving Grimmel the space to roll to his feet. He scrambled into his flying machine, calling out as he took off, "Very good, Hiccup. But you'll have to do better next time." Then, in Dragonese, "Attack them!"

 Grimmel can speak Dragonese?! Wait, who's he talking to? I spun around as the caged Storm Fury fired a blast, narrowly missing Hiccup as he jumped out of the way. 

"I think we'd better be gone," he called. Stormfly landed, dodging another blast, to allow the two to scramble onto her back.

Spirit bounded over to me. "Rowen, I've got to tell you something."

"Could it wait?" I asked impatiently. "Kind of don't have the time right now." The other Fury shot a third blast, emphasizing my point.

 "Fine," Spirit rumbled. I slid on to her back and we shot off, following the Riders. “Take  them back to Berk,” she growled to Stormfly before I could say anything. Stormfly rawked in response, turning back the way we’d come. Spirit, however, pivoted around, towards the open sea.

“Um, Spirit? Shouldn’t we be going with them?” I asked cautiously.

“Not if I’m going to show you this.”

After about five minutes, I noticed Spirit had been angling her wings, sending us in a wide circle around Grimmel’s fortress. “Spirit? Why are we still here?”

"Because I needed to make sure Grimmel was absolutely gone," she replied, straightening out and flying towards the island again. "I have to get Destyon out of there."

"And who’s that?" Spirit ignored me, flying on in silence until we reached Grimmel’s fortress again. She landed on a pile of rocks, scanning the island. "What’re you looking for?"

"I told you, I’m looking for Destyon." She jumped down from the rocks, sniffing the air. I hadn’t seen her act this worried in a long time. Swiftly, she bounded over to where the dragon cage stood.

It was empty. The strange harness lay on the ground, revealing sharp needles poking through the leather. I gasped. "Those look like the dart we found in the forest, near where the Snow Fury was!"

Spirit nodded. "Exactly. That means he’s safe for now..." She looked around worriedly. "We should go. We still have a long way to fly."

"Where are we going?" I asked as I climbed onto her back.

"You’ll see. And no, you’re never going to guess, either."

"What makes you so sure?"

Spirit rumbled a laugh. "Because you didn’t guess last time."

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Chapter 16 - A Whole New World

Chapter 16 - A Whole New World


Now that my campsite didn’t look quite so much like a hurricane had blown through, I had no idea what to do next. I leaned back against Misty. If I went out to the ‘Great Hall’, I’d have to deal with questions from Gobber and the other Vikings. On the other hand, staying put here was really boring. But I couldn’t leave, because then no one would know where Hiccup and Astrid had gone. 

I watched Terrible Terrors playing in the air, bumping into each other occasionally and squeaking excitedly. A few of the purple dragons waddled back into my campsite, and I got up to shoo them away. As I did so, my mind wandered to the strange tunnel I’d followed the purple dragons to earlier. If it really was a Whispering Death tunnel, I’d have to let Hiccup or Gobber know about it. 

“Misty?” The Flightmare only barely opened his eyes, narrowing them at me as if to say ‘you’d better have a very good reason for waking me up’. “You want to go check out that tunnel again?”

Misty snorted harshly, eyes widening. He blew a cloud of mist at me, growling.

“Okay, okay, so you don’t want to go. Are you scared of the Whispering Deaths or something?” Misty was extremely haughty, which I often used to convince him to do things he might not do otherwise. “Because if you are, I could just take Pickle instead…” I turned away from Misty, acting like I was going to leave. He huffed, then stood up, walking over to me and bumping my arm. I smiled. He knew as well as I did that I wouldn’t have brought Pickle if he hadn’t come, but he was too prideful to have refused my challenge.

We reached the tunnel in a few minutes. I dismounted, scanning the area around the burrow for anything that seemed out of the ordinary. Misty was more on edge than usual - he kept pacing, glaring at anything that moved, which was often me. He seemed especially nervous whenever I got too close to the tunnel, jumping in front of me and knocking me over when I got within a few feet… which was kind of a problem, considering that to be sure this was a Whispering Death tunnel, I’d need to examine the tunnel itself, as well as the cavern it opened into. 

I waited until Misty turned to growl at another of the small purple dragons - gah, those little guys were everywhere! - then I slid into the tunnel. I heard Misty roar seconds after I was plunged into darkness, and I couldn’t help laughing. The ride was a lot more fun this time than it was the first time. 

At the end of the tunnel, instead of being surprised by the sudden drop, I was able to quickly locate a tall rock pillar nearby, grabbing onto it as I flew past. My arm felt like it was about to be pulled out its socket, but at least I wasn’t falling. I slid down the damp rock, landing on the uneven floor of the cavern. 

Misty came roaring in a half second later. His glow reflected off tiny crystals on the walls, sending bits of light tumbling everywhere. By the light, I noticed another tunnel branching off the cavern we were in, leading the opposite direction of the way we’d come in. I clambered over the rocky floor, careful not to twist my ankle on the uneven footing. 

Misty flew into me, knocking me over as I was reaching for the edge of the tunnel. I fell, scraping my shoulder as I did. “Hey! What was that for?” I yelled. My voice echoed back faintly, and I yelled again. “Echo!” “Echo! Echo!” the cavern echoed back. Misty looked confused, tilting his head at me. I shrugged. “Yeah, I don’t know why I did that, either. But why’d you jump on me? Is it something about the tunnel?”

Misty hissed vehemently, spraying a fine mist that settled on the floor, adding to the spinning lights on the walls.

“O-okay then,” I said. “Why don’t you want me to go in?”

Misty growled again, and I could’ve sworn I heard him say, “Because it’s forbidden.” I was probably just imagining it, though.

“Please, Misty?” I begged. “Just this once? I want to know what’s in there. If it’s a Whispering Death tunnel, you know we need to let the other Berkians know. And if it’s not, I promise I won’t tell a soul about whatever’s in there. Could you please just let me see?”

Misty hesitated for a moment, then slowly took his talons from my shoulders. He huffed, as if in annoyance, but I could see he was worried. I slid onto his back, hoping to get in before he changed his mind and flew us both out of there. He checked to make sure I was on, then leaped up and glided into the tunnel.




After about two hours of flying, I saw a giant cloud bank on the horizon. It seemed to be the one Flame and I had gotten caught in yesterday. “Um, Spirit?” I asked. “Are you sure this is a good idea?”

“No,” Spirit rumbled, continuing to fly straight ahead.

“Then… why are we here?”
“Because we need to be. Now shush and let me fly.”

I did as she asked, although I was still a little worried. The Guardians of whatever from last time appeared to take their job very seriously. Or, well, somewhat seriously. I still had no idea what they were guarding, but it had to be something important, and they clearly weren’t going to let me in. I debated reminding Spirit about that, but decided it would be safer to keep my mouth shut.

We reached the calm place much sooner than last time, probably because Spirit knew where she was going. Spirit hovered in midair. I waited for Bumblebee and Tsunami to appear again, but after a minute, they still hadn’t come. Despite her grumbling last time, Spirit seemed worried about this. She flew slowly forward, turning her head to scan the ocean.

A roar echoed from somewhere within the clouds, and I froze. That’s Toothless!

Spirit instantly shot towards the noise. All of a sudden, a dark shadow loomed out of the clouds, and Tsunami tore through, nearly knocking me out of my saddle. I ducked just in time. 

The Thunderdrum swung around in the air and roared, “Stay back! No humans allowed!” Then she noticed who we were. “You again?!”

Spirit pivoted, growling “Yes, us again. Now let us through, the Alpha’s in danger!”

Tsunami only growled back, “Doesn’t matter. Bumblebee and I have it under control.” 

As she said this, a bright green flash illuminated the clouds. The Triple Stryke tumbled from the clouds above, flapping furiously to right himself. He barely managed to do so before hitting the water. Then he flew up beside Tsunami, panting heavily. “Can’t… do anything… armor’s too thick.”

Tsunami hissed in frustration. “Well, there’s got to be something else. You used your tail this time, right?”

Bumblebee nodded. “Slid right off. And before you ask again, no, blasting them did not work, and neither did clawing.”

“What kind of dragon are you talking about?” I interrupted.

Both dragons looked startled, possibly having forgotten I could speak Dragonese. “Deathgrippers,” Bumblebee replied. “Their armor is impenetrable, and there’s at least five of them attacking the Alpha. He doesn’t stand a chance on his own. But…” He turned to Tsunami, who immediately shook her head. 

“No, no, no. Absolutely not! You know we can’t let humans in.”

“But Tsunami, it’s an emergency!”

“I don’t care! We can deal with it on our own, and rules are rules.”

Bumblebee ignored Tsunami’s protests, nodding towards the clouds. “The Alpha is over there. With another Fury, you might be able to protect him long enough to drive away the Deathgrippers.”

Spirit rumbled acknowledgement and shot ahead, following the roars of dragons. All at once, the cloudbank dropped away, revealing that we were now in the middle of a giant storm. Around us, the wind swept up the clouds into a shield, kind of shaped like a bowl. At the center of the ring was an island. Or, well, kind of an island. The whole inside of the earth was carved out, leaving a smaller ring around what appeared to be nothingness. Smaller being a relative term, of course, seeing as the ring looked easily big enough to fit a Bewilderbeast.

I didn’t notice any of that at first glance, however. Toothless and the Snow Fury were flying around the rim of the cloud bowl. Close behind were half a dozen Deathgrippers. At the head of the pack was a Titan Deathgripper. I couldn’t see much from where Spirit and I were, but it was much bigger than its companions and had more vibrant coloring. All of them seemed pretty evenly matched in speed. 

As I watched, Toothless turned his head and blasted the Titan Deathgripper. The Titan fell back, momentarily stunned, but swiftly resumed the chase. A Deathgripper’s armor was clearly strong enough to withstand heavy damage, which meant that they’d win when the Furys grew tired, or when they were hit with an acid blast… whereas the Furys could only win by getting six lucky shots. Unless Spirit and I come in and even up the odds, I thought. That must be why Bumblebee let us in. “Come on, Spirit!” We shot into the fray.




After an hour of flying, I was beginning to get nervous. This was taking a lot longer than I’d expected. I almost wanted to turn back, but I knew Misty would never let me hear the end of it. Instead, we flew on in silence. The tunnel had widened out significantly the farther in we went, so that now Misty’s glow wasn’t reflecting. It felt like we were flying in a void.

As I was about to ask Misty to turn around so we could go back, I noticed a faint glow coming from somewhere ahead. Misty rumbled softly and flew faster towards the light.

Within five minutes, I realized that the glow was coming from a large, shining stone. It had a mostly flat top, with faceted sides stretching down to the floor. Its sides had large craters in them, and I could almost see through it in some places. Light was streaming down on it, reflecting off its facets and illuminating a large cavern. Dark dots were scattered across its interior, probably obsidian or a similar material. I heard the muted sound of waves crashing above me. We must be near the sea, then, I thought.

Misty glided over to the crystalline rock, landing on the top. He huffed, something like ‘okay, now we’re here, you’ve got your wish, now what?’

“Well… at least we know it’s not a Whispering Death tunnel?”

Misty puffed mist at me, flicking his tail from side to side.

“Okay, okay, we can go now. Ya don’t need to be so impatient.” I slid into my saddle. I had the strange feeling of being watched… but that was impossible, the whole cavern was empty. I couldn’t detect even the slightest hint of movement, and seeing as most of it was empty space, there really wasn’t anywhere for anyone to hide. Unless…

I glanced down at the crystal, trying to see through it to anything that might be concealed underneath. Sure enough, I saw blurry red stripes moving underneath the stone. “Come on, Misty! Let’s go!” I yelled as two Deathgrippers screeched up from their places under the crystal. Misty shot towards the hole in the ceiling, Deathgrippers close behind. A whistling sound met my ears as we burst into the sky… and right into the middle of a dragon fight.

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Never fear, for Blobby's here!

I just got caught up, and it's amazing!  So intense!

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*excited screeching*

Welcome back! :D