Dragonling: The Gathering Storm [a HTTYD 3 rewrite]

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Dragonling: The Gathering Storm



Cover by Flitt!!

More stuff coming in the next post.


Imperios, my siggy guardian! :D

Made by Sohki!




Hi everyone, my name is Duskfury! Or Azurys, whichever you want to call me :)

Some random facts about me...

I'm homeschooled (and am in school right now)

I like reading, writing, and drawing in my spare time

My favorite colors are blue and green

My favorite HTTYD dragons are Sand Wraiths, Death Songs, and Hobgobblers

I'm great at procrastinating but not much else :P


Most likely to be online from 8:00-22:00

You can find me on FlightRising (Azurys) or Discord (PM for ID) since I'm not active on the forums.




Link near the end of my siggy :)




Awesome Hobgobbler, Bewilderbeast, and Sentinel banners made by Dragonriders Fury!


Aurelie and Pyxis the Flightmares, by Flitt!

Astris the Nightlight, by AndreaEaston!

Wryth the Wingless Gryphon, by Speedyleaf!

Saokhin the Skyfyre, drawn by toothless0603! (Species designed by blue and blacksand :D)

Spirit the Storm Fury, by Speed_Stinger_Alpha and WoolyHowlEra, respectively. Many thanks!

More art coming eventually... :D




Viking Info:

Main Viking: AzurysOfNlght

Main dragons: Pouncer (racing), Rosie (Changewing, battles)

Oldest dragon(s): Midnight (Shockjaw), Storm (Deadly Nadder)

Clan: Dark Challenge




I have a fanfic!!

It is located HERE. Feel free to PM me/comment on the thread if you have feedback or theories!

Character submissions are currently closed.

The fanfic is on hold for now, until I have inspiration again.




If you made it to the end of my siggy, congrats! PM me to get a surprise... :)

Goodbye! :D

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Hi everyone, and welcome to

Hi everyone, and welcome to my fanfic! Here's a little bit about the story.


What this is:

Well, the title pretty much explains it all. This is a HTTYD 3 rewrite. For this fanfic, I stuck with canon as much as possible. I did, however, change much of the plot, which sort of leads to the next part...


What to expect:

- An AU of HTTYD, with some fan characters added to the canon ones.

- Action, aduventure, and a little bit of mystery.

- Other Fury species.

- A tiny bit of gore/violence/bloodshed... kinda hard to avoid when writing battle scenes. I will put a warning before any chapters involving this.

- A tiny bit of romance. Not much, though, because I don't like writing it.


How this will work:

I will try to post a chapter every Tuesday,  barring injury, illness, or busy schedule. Please DO NOT reply directly to this, the chapter post, or any of the chapters, in case I find errors and want to correct them.


Wanted: Characters for the story. If you have a HTTYD Viking that you would like me to add, please say so! I have many roles to fill and as of yet no characters to fill them. PM me for more details.

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~Chapter links~




Chapter 1 - Night Raiders

Chapter 2 - The Hall of Doom

Chapter 3 - Coming of the Snow

Chapter 4 - Altered Plans

Chapter 5 - It's a Trap!

Chapter 6 - Escape Route

Chapter 7 - From the Outside

Chapter 8 - Dragonridge Island

Chapter 9 - Guardians

Chapter 10 - The Book of Dragons

Chapter 11 - Missing!

Chapter 12 - A 'Harmless Prank'

Chapter 13 - Exploration

Chapter 14 - Captured

Chapter 15 - Stormy Skies

Chapter 16 - A Whole New World

Chapter 17 - Action Time!

Chapter 18 (part 1) - Island Defense

Chapter 18 (part 2)

Chapter 19 - Rogue Dragon Rider


Author's notes:

I'm just going to put these here, to be updated as needed.

The story is all in first person, although I will switch between viewpoints occasionally. I'll mark the switches and note them here, so no one gets confused ^-^

Constructive criticism and tips for writing are much appreciated!

Also, if you have any questions/theories, comment down below! 


Chapter 2

Character of Flame was donated by ninjadragon; anything from her point of view

will be in red font, like this.


Chapter 7

The POV in this chapter switches from Rowen's (in the first section) to Flame's (for the last two).


Chapter 8

The POV changes from Rowen's (first section) to Flame's (second).


Chapter 12

The POV in this chapter switches from Flame's (first section) to Rowen's (the rest).


Chapter 13

Lots of view changes this chapter, from Flame (first section), to Ralek

(second section) to Rowen (third section) and finally to a third person view.

Final note, the character of Skulorc was donated by Speed_Stinger_Alpha!


Chapter 14

The POV switches from Rowen (1st) to Flame (2nd) to Spirit (3rd) then back to Rowen till the end.


Chapter 16

POV changes from Flame (1st and 3rd) to Rowen (2nd)


Chapter 17

POV changes from Rowen (1st) to a third person view (2nd) and finally to Astrid.


Chapter 18 (part 1)

POV changes from Slargvarg (1st), to Deluca (2nd), and finally to Shurmp.

Characters of Slargvarg and Deluca were donated by Slargvarg and DyliehIdol1214, respectively.



Chapter 18 (part 2)

POV changes from Killieh (1st), to Nyghtingale (2nd), to a third person view.

Characters of Killieh and Nyghtingale were donated by DyliehIdol1214 and Wolf and Star, respectively.

The events of this part are happening pretty much simultaneously and overlap at some points.

If you donated a character and they have not appeared, it is because back when I started writing this chapter, you were inactive and I would not have been able to let you review your character's section before I posted it. If you still want your character to appear, PM me and I'll see what I can do.


Don't forget to comment down below! :D

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That's all I could think as I trudged through the drifting snow.


I lifted my head, searching for one of the landmarks I knew well. I spied it through the thick trees around me, a boulder shaped like a dragon's tooth. Turning towards it, I stumbled as my numb feet hit a rock buried under the snow. I needed to stop and take a break; it wouldn't do me much good to keep going and hurt myself.

I carried a bag across my shoulder, filled with everything I had salvaged from my village. Inside were some blankets, a bit of dry firewood, and a flint and steel. Setting it down, I crouched on the snow and dug out a round hole, quickly piling the sticks inside. I struck the flint a few times. Nothing happened. I tried again. This time, a spark shot from it and ignited the tinder. In a few minutes I had a roaring fire going.

I leaned back against the tree, the light breeze playing with the ends of my hair. It had been only two days earlier that I was with my village, preparing for winter. The preparations were running smoothly, and this year it was all going according to plan.

Then they struck.

The dragons had never really bothered us before, only stolen a few of our animals now and again, but this time some members of my tribe had decided to fight back against them. They managed to take down one before the other dragons started flying through the village, burning down everything in sight.

As far as I knew, I was the only survivor.

I clenched my fist around a stick that I had yet to add to the fire. The dragons had taken everything from me. Now I would take something from them. I would find the home of the dragons and slay as many as I could. I didn't care whether or not I died, so long as I took some of them with me.

I was so distracted by thoughts of revenge that I almost missed hearing the quiet rustle from a nearby snow-covered bush. I was alerted, however, by the clanging of metal that accompanied the rustle, though it was muffled by snow. I instantly sprang up from the base of the tree I'd been sitting under, pulling my knife from its sheath on my belt as I did so. "Who's there?" I questioned harshly, pointing the knife at the bush.

No answer.

I noticed my hands were trembling. Must be the cold. I took a shaky step towards the bush. Now I could hear faint rustling movements. "I said, who's there?" I repeated.

Still no answer.

I took another step and instantly froze. Two light golden eyes looked back into mine.

A dragon.

The dragon rumbled, and I started backwards. A golden glow appeared just below the eyes, followed by the distinctive sound of a Fury charging its blast.

Night Fury.

I instinctively crouched down, shielding behind my bag as my mind whirled.

A Night Fury.

But it couldn't be. The Furies were gone, k.illed by a madman years ago. And yet here it was, right there in front of me. I knew I was about to d.ie.

A minute passed in silence, then suddenly... nothing happened. I slowly peeked up from behind my bag. The eyes were still there, watching me. In a moment they had crept forward, revealing that they were attached to a dragon; not a Night Fury, as I had first thought, but a different kind of Fury.

It was smaller than I'd thought Furies were, although it was still big enough to eat me whole if it wanted. It had shimmery gray scales, with dark swirling accents and black scales below its eyes.

And it had a dragon trap clamped on its foot.

The  dragon growled at me, and I flinched, inching backwards slowly. It took a step forward, wincing in pain, and growled again. This time though, I could swear I heard words.

"Help... Please.... Hurts..."

My heart started beating faster. I knew it, I've gone mad, I thought. Regardless, I reached out for the trap. If I was going to d.ie anyway, would it really make much of a difference?

It opened with a snap, sending drops of blood flying onto the clean snow. The dragon rumbled, and again I could almost hear it say, "Thank you." It carefully tested its weight on its paw, limping slightly as it started to walk around.

Now I've done it, I thought as I stood up and carefully backed away again. I've made it feel better, and now it's going to k.ill me. Sure enough, those golden eyes turned back to me. I closed mine and waited. Please just let it be quick, I thought.

Ten seconds later, there was still no sound of the Fury charging its blast, no growl as it jumped towards me. I slowly opened my eyes again to find the Fury inches away, staring at me intently. I gasped, then realized that this Fury wasn't going to hurt me. I carefully reached out and brushed its smooth scales. It rumbled, leaning into my hand.

"What are you?" I asked, my voice barely above a whisper.

"I am a Storm Fury," the Dragon rumbled. "What are you?"

"I-i'm a h-human," I stammered. "I didn't know dragons could talk." I didn't stop to think about how rude that must have sounded before I blurted it out, and I thought again that I was d.ead, especially when the Storm Fury rumbled. It took me a moment to realize she was laughing.

"And I didn't know humans could talk. Where are you going?"

"To the home of the dragons, so I can avenge my tribe," I answered immediately, and felt a sense of guilt. I was talking to a dragon about k.illing dragons. The Fury sensed my discomfort and nudged my arm.

"You don't have to take revenge, you know."

I sighed. "But what else can I do? I have nothing. My home is destroyed, my village is dead. I don't have much of a choice, really." I barked out a bitter laugh.

The Fury tilted her head to the side. "And there are no other options?"

"Well, none that I know of," I admitted. "I've never been anywhere outside of my village, except the occasional trek to the ocean for fish. I don't know of any places within fifty miles of here, or farther even, that I could go to. And if I did know of some, I don’t have maps, navigational tools, or even a boat.." The wind gusted stronger, bringing a new torrent of snow with it, which then cascaded over my fire, burying it in a layer of ice. "Oh come on!" I moaned. "That was almost all of my dry wood." Without the means to make a fire, my chances of survival were dwindling.

The Fury bounded off into the trees. "Oh great, now I don't even have anyone to talk to anymore," I grumbled, already starting to shiver. I heard a thump, and looked up to see a pile of sticks and the golden glow of plasma charging. With a whoosh, the fire was re-lit and the Fury settled back at my side.

"You know, there's more than one way to get off an island," she rumbled.

"Oh really? As far as I know, there's one way: get on a boat." I remarked.

The Fury huffed. "Yes, there is that way, but dragons don't use boats." I looked at her askance, and she huffed again and spread her wings. 

"Well, ok," I said, a bit annoyed I hadn't thought of it, "But humans don't have wings. That leaves, one option. For us, anyway." The Fury rumbled her amusement. "What's so funny about that?" I asked sharply.

"Have you ever heard stories of Dragon Riders?" she asked, a hint of laughter in her growl. 

"Those are just myths, or legends," I said grumpily. I didn't want to admit that she was probably right.

"And if they're not?"

I sighed. "Then... people have ridden dragons."

"Exactly. And I know they have. My parents used to tell stories of the Dragon Riders from across the sea, and of the Chief of the Riders who rode the Alpha, a Night Fury." She huffed. "Either way, we'll never get off this island at the rate we're going." She stood up, shook herself briskly, and looked at me expectantly.

"Wait, you mean I'm supposed to climb on?" I questioned.

The Fury huffed again. "What was I just saying?"

I stood up, brushed the snow off of my clothes and walked over to her. Carefully avoiding her fins, I sat just above her shoulder blades and leaned over her, trying to get a good grip. She spread her wings, the muscles rippling as she tested the air. Then she folded up her wings again and flat out ran through the endless pine trees, heading steadily up on paths I couldn't see. We reached the end of the trees, and I just had time to register what she was doing before she jumped off the cliff.

"AAAAAAAAA!" I screamed. Hey, you would scream too if you were falling off a cliff towards a mostly frozen sea. At the last possible moment, the Fury spread her wings to their full extent and we shot forward, barely skimming the tips of the waves. I let out a shout of exhilaration.

The oceans stretched before us, and we had a whole world to explore. 

First things first, though.

I leaned over my new friend's neck and asked, "Do you know where the Dragon Riders are?" She growled a 'no'. I scratched the scales on her head. "Neither do I, but we'll find them eventually. For now, I think we can have a bit of fun!"


Months later, we finally flew into Berk. In that time, we'd had countless adventures, discovered dozens of islands and seen hundreds of dragon species - not all of them friendly. We'd grown closer in so many ways. And I knew the adventures were only just beginning.

Two weeks later, Grimmel struck.

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*Yeeks in*

Tracking! Ahhh, I forgot to read the bit you posted on the Writer's Thread 0.0


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Welcome! :D

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I'm excited to read this! Especially the Deathgripper part(s)! :D



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Running around aimlessly, what about you?

I disliked the plot of the 3rd movie. So I'm really excited for this!

Tracking :)



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Welcome to the thread! :D

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Shiny the Night Fury plasma blasted my subject. Sorry!





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Welcome to the thread!

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And I absolutely do have a character I would like you to add! Would you like me to PM you a forum or something? It would be so fun to see her cameo. 



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Welcome to the thread! :D


Yes, please! Any kind of form works great, I'll PM if I need any other details. :)

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Never fear, for Blobby's here!

Tracking!  You can never read too many fanfictions XD


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Tracking :) I’m a hobbyist

Tracking :)

I’m a hobbyist writer myself so I’m really interested in reading works of other and also I did not like the canon third movie xD


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Chapter 1 - Night raiders


Chapter 1 -  Night raiders


Hidden up in the shadows of a dragon hunter's ship, I waited, barely breathing, for a signal. My eyes searched the darkness for even a hint of movement, but so far there was nothing, other than the regular movements of the guards… one of whom paused, raising his lantern to peer into the shadowy night.

A burst of fire lit up the ship, quickly followed by cries of alarm. 

Spirit rumbled, soft and low, and I gently nudged her side with my knee. Silently we slipped down the rigging, sneaking up behind the hysterical hunter. Another flame igniting caught his attention, however, and he turned around to see Snotlout and Hookfang... who, of course, had to make a grand entrance. 

And Snotlout got set on fire. 

Of course.

And, of course, that meant there was nothing I could do. For now. 

"Demons!" the man shrieked. He turned to run away, but nearly ran straight into another Rider… who promptly knocked him out with her axe. 

From the back of the ship came dozens of hunters, moving to corner the Riders. I smiled. Finally, something I could deal with. Spirit and I crept soundlessly around to the back of the hunters. I dismounted and drew my sword, then together we snuck up on the unsuspecting crew.

Thirty seconds later, the other riders had a dozen or so less enemies to deal with. 

Everyone on board the ship was coming up to fight, and I backed towards Spirit as I saw a whole group charging right for us. The Fury charged up a warning shot, and they instantly scattered, giving me time to leap onto her back again. She took off, leaving one parting shot as a reminder of our visit. 

As we darted around the ship to get our bearings, Spirit's ear fins tilted to the side, towards the ship. "What is it, girl?" I murmured in her ear. 

She shook her head violently. "Nothing. It's… nothing." 

I sat back in the saddle. "We should get going, or they'll notice we left." We turned away from the burning ship, towards our new home on Berk.


We landed on Berk just as the sun was peeking over the far horizon. Spirit folded her wings and sprinted to the stables. We'd gained a little on the Riders, but they'd be here any minute. I hurriedly took off her saddle and hung it up, then rearranged the stables to look like we'd never left.

Just as I'd put the last finishing touches in place, loud wingbeats sounded outside. I glanced out one of the windows. And what have they gotten themselves into this time, I thought. A Crimson Goregutter? Berk is crowded enough as it is! Nevertheless, I was still excited to meet the new members of the dragon community. 

I ran out the door of the stable, Spirit by my side, trying to find an intact path to the center of Berk by way of the plank bridges and walkways scattered haphazardly everywhere.

I say haphazardly because, well, there's really no way to make everything perfect and neat when you have flocks of dragons setting stuff on fire every thirty seconds. 

A Terrible Terror swooped down, sneezing flame. One of the walkways supports sparked, then burst into flame. Case in point. 

I sighed, then ran to the firefighting system… which was basically a whole bunch of buckets scattered throughout Berk. I splashed one of them on the blaze, extinguishing it, then ducked as a baby Scuttleclaw flew through, probably chasing the Terror. 

Dodging various kinds of dragons, I eventually found my way to the village smithy, which kind of served as a headquarters for the Riders after they freed a new set of dragons. I tried not to be noticed, so I could listen in and not potentially reveal I had been there, but of course Astrid saw me. 

"Hi Rowen!" she greeted.

I sighed. No chance of sneaking out of it. "Hi Astrid. What's up with the new dragons? And why is there a Crimson Goregutter in the middle of town?" 

As I asked this, the giant dragon started jumping up and down, slowly moving backwards. "Ohnononono!" Astrid rushed forward to stop the Goregutter, but it was too late. The dragon rammed into a towering building, which tipped over into another, and so on in a domino effect around Berk. "… I don't know why we brought a Crimson Goregutter," Astrid sighed. "Oh well, I think those buildings were due for a remodel anyway." 

"Did you guys raid another hunter ship last night? Was it exciting? Were they mad? What happened? Can I join you next time?" I asked, adding a bit of enthusiasm to my tone so she wouldn't be suspicious. 

Astrid laughed. "You've asked me those same questions the past two times we did this, and the answers are always the same: yes we raided another ship, yes it was exciting, yes of course they were mad, and no you can't come next time." 

I tried to appear crestfallen. "You didn't tell me what happened," I pointed out. 

"You're right, I didn't," Astrid acknowledged. "Although, it was pretty much the same as every other time… except this time, they seemed to be waiting for us, which was a little strange. You know what was also strange?" She looked at me out of the corner of her eye, and I felt a sinking feeling.

"Umm, what else was strange?" I asked carefully, sure I already knew the answer. My suspicions were confirmed when Astrid spoke again. 

"Well, as we were about to leave, I noticed a bright flash. A bright golden flash. And heard a sound like a Fury’s blast…" She spoke deliberately, the only change to her expression being an eyebrow raising slowly. I flushed and glanced sideways. 

"So you saw that?..." 

Astrid looked at me sternly. "Yes, I saw that..." A hint of a smile shone through in her tone, and I looked up. ".... and I would have done the exact same thing if I were you," she finished, grinning broadly. I smiled as well.

"So does that mean I can join you on the raids?" I asked hopefully. Astrid hesitated for a second.

"Well… I don't think Valka would be too happy if I let you along… but we'll see." She looked around and, seeing the destruction caused by the giant Goregutter, sighed again. "I'd better take care of that. You stay out of trouble, you hear?" 

I nodded. I had no intention of getting into trouble, although I never really seemed to have a choice… it always just kind of found me. 

Astrid jogged off in search of Hiccup and Gobber. I turned and walked slowly over to Spirit, who was hiding in the shadow of a house. "Well, looks like we were found out." I sat down heavily beside her, staring out onto the chaos that was Berk. 

"Did you get in trouble?" She rumbled teasingly. 

"No, but she said maybe next time we could go along with permission!" 

The Fury huffed disbelief. “Maybe is just another word for never.” 

Rather than counter, I decided to let it slide and enjoy the relative quiet while it lasted. I didn't have much time to do that though, because within a few minutes a cry of 'Fire!' went up towards the Great Hall. I sighed, then got up. "Do you think we should deal with that?"

 Spirit picked up a bucket in her mouth, then said, "Why not?" With the bucket, though, it sounded more like "Wgjy nwwt?" I laughed, then jogged over to pick up two more buckets before settling onto Spirit's back. She took off, flying by way of back streets and alleys to the docks to fill the buckets before darting back up again, letting me dismount close to the Great Hall. 

When I got there, a fire was roaring along as Hookfang and the Goregutter stood nearby, shifting anxiously and looking around. Of course it was them. I tipped my bucket onto the fire and ran over to Hookfang. “Come on, help clean up your mess!” I chastised them, then directed the Goregutter to a bigger pail of water, designed for use by larger dragons. The Goregutter tipped over the pail, dousing the fire. Hookfang grabbed a smaller bucket and led his fellow culprit to get more water.

Once I was satisfied that the fire was under control, I jogged over to the Great Hall, which was even more crowded than usual - thanks to the dragons we'd freed last night. I saw Spirit going off to find something for herself, which was fairly normal; it was hard to keep a Fury hidden around a bunch of Vikings. I skirted the edge of the chaos that was the Hall, hoping there was something good for lunch... or dinner, or whatever this was. On Berk, we generally don't eat certain meals at certain times; it's more like... an all-the-time, free-for-all. 

When I got up to the front with my bowl in hand, I saw Toothless growl at a small, round, purplish dragon, which then scrambled out of the pot containing the meal-of-the-day, an orangish, goopy stew. Or maybe it was supposed to be soup. We Vikings aren't known for our cooking skills. I hesitated for a moment, then decided it would be better to leave and get my own food somewhere else, rather than risk food poisoning. 

I skirted back around the edge of the room again, this time heading for the door. Over by the center of the room was the Riders' table. They were goofing off, as usual. Until Gobber sat down, saying something I couldn't hear. 

The whole room got quiet.

Then it erupted in a food fight a few seconds later. I dashed towards the door, barely managing to duck a bowl of the inedible stew on my way out. I could catch some fish later, and Spirit and I could eat together. There was bound to be a fire somewhere I could use to cook mine. Just about anything was better than risking the Hall of Doom.

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Flare ate my subject and Eclipse ate my lunch

Just tracking.



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Welcome! :D

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Amazing!  You are a great author.

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Thanks for the encouragement! ^^

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Chapter 2 - The Hall of Doom


Chapter 2 - The Hall of Doom


Ducking out the door as fast as I possibly could, I turned to go down the steps when I ran into a red-haired girl. Literally, ran into. 

I stumbled backwards, and looked up to see her pointing a bow at me, although she lowered it quickly. 

"Hey, watch where you're going!" she snapped. 

"It's kind of hard to watch where I'm going when I'm trying not to get knocked out by a flying bowl of soup," I muttered, barely audibly, then added in a louder tone, "I didn't mean to run into you. You're welcome to try your luck in the Hall of Doom," this gesturing to the now closed doors behind me, "but I wouldn't say it's a good idea if you still want to live."

The redhead blinked at me. I was about to go on me when she asked sarcastically, "How can soup fly? I mean, it doesn’t have wings, does it?" 

Oh great. I sighed mentally, knowing that I'd have to finish this word battle, and also knowing that my plans for lunch/dinner/whatever-it-was-by-this-time were getting tossed out the window. "Hey, sometimes it does have wings… chicken wings."

I could see the redhead was thinking furiously for something to counter. Luckily for her, however, at this moment the doors to the Great Hall swung open and out dashed a tall, blond-haired boy, who immediately crashed into the both of us. I wasn't directly in his path, so I was just knocked to the side, while the redhead was tumbled halfway down the steps. 

As soon as I registered what was going on, I turned my fall into a roll, ending up on my feet with my sword in hand and pointed at the newcomer. The redhead stood up almost as quickly, while the boy seemed a bit dazed. He looked up to see both our weapons pointed straight at him, and he instinctively raised his hands on surrender. 

"Hey, sorry, I didn't mean to hit you guys. It's chaos in there." He gestured towards the Hall. 

"There's a reason I call it the 'Hall of Doom'," I quipped, sliding my sword back into its sheath.

He looked at me, one eyebrow raised. "Are you new to town? I don't think I've seen you before. Or you either, for that matter." He gestured to the redhead.

There was silence for a few moments. "... and by that I meant, would you tell me your names?" He finished awkwardly. 

"That depends, will you tell us yours?" The girl questioned. 

"Uh, yeah, that was kind of implied..." He seemed a bit confused, which wasn't surprising, but I still figured I'd help him out a bit. 

"Well, my name's Rowen," I started, then saw movement out of the corner of my eye. I turned to see a Titan Flightmare on the side of the Great Hall, growling at us from where it perched like a spider. 

"Um.. Whose is that?" I asked, pointing to the Flightmare. The other teens turned to look. 

"Oh, that's Misty," the redhead said breezily. "He's not always as grumpy as he looks. And my name's Flame." 

"Well, that's a relief,’ the blond-haired Viking said. “That's he's not always that grumpy, I mean. Mine's Kaydon.”

"What’s your dragon’s name?" I questioned, figuring if he’d lived in Berk awhile he’d of course ride a dragon. 

He hesitated, then answered slowly. "I… don't have a dragon." 

I stared in astonishment. Not have a dragon? The whole village was swarming with them! I refrained from saying so, however, knowing that under certain circumstances it could be a very sore subject.

Flame, however, seemed not to have the same thought and instantly voiced what I was thinking, "Why not? There's dragons everywhere, just pick one, why don't you!" 

Kaydon looked down. "Because... I used to ride one… but he was… taken from me..." I hesitated for a second, then reached out to touch his shoulder. 

"I'm really sorry," I murmured. 

He managed a weak smile. "For what? You weren't the one who-" he broke off with a sigh. I pulled my hand back, slowly. Out of the corner of my eye, I saw a shimmering gray shadow slip around the houses, in the direction of my stable. I wonder where she’s been, I thought. 

Kaydon yawned, slightly forced, and looked towards the edges of the village. "Well, it's getting late, ah, I'd better get back to my house before... my mom gets mad," he said. 

I breathed a sigh of relief. "Same here. Moms, am I right?" I laughed weakly, feeling sad and a bit guilty for the fib. It wasn't quite entirely a lie; Spirit was kind of like a mother to me now. But still. That really didn’t count.

“I can stay up as late as I want, all my family is up North by Freezing to Death,” Flame bragged.

"Good for you. I may or may not see you guys around eventually. Try not to get eaten or set on fire in the meantime." I turned towards my house, hoping they wouldn't try to follow me. They didn't, and I soon rounded a bend and was hidden from their sight. The instant I was, I started running. 

As I passed the path to the docks, barely dodging a Nadder shooting spines into a barrel, I saw Hiccup flying in on Toothless, with Astrid and Stormfly close behind. I jogged over to them.

"Hey Hiccup, Astrid, how's it going?" I greeted. 

Hiccup waved to me, "Hey Rowan, it's good to see you! You remember the project you asked me about a while ago? Project Skyfury?" 

Of course I remembered. "Yeah, what about it?" 

"It's finally finished. I took it on a test run this morning, and it worked perfectly!" 

The project he was talking about was a new kind of flightsuit, one that was not only simple to use but also almost impossible to break. When I'd heard about the project, I instantly volunteered my services. Hiccup had graciously denied on the grounds of my being inexperienced. It was probably a good thing. Nevertheless, he did need dragon scales - and lots of them. Fortunately, I had gathered quite the collection on my journey throughout the Archipelago with Spirit, and not only her scales but a variety of others as well. I willingly donated these to the cause.

"So you're working on the new flightsuits for you Riders now?" I asked. 

"Yes," Hiccup replied, "but I was going to look for you before continuing. Would you like to have the first one I made? The first finished one, not the prototype." Seeing me start to protest, he raised his hand and continued. "I actually made the first one for you, seeing as how you gave me all those Fury scales. I couldn't just do nothing with them. Because of that, I think it's only fair that you should get to have it." 

I smiled. "Well, seeing as I'm not about to argue against me getting my own flightsuit..."

Hiccup nodded briskly. "I'll bring it by first thing tomorrow morning." 

I shot a questioning look at Astrid over Hiccup's shoulder, to see if she'd told him about Spirit and I sneaking in with the raid last night. She nodded, then shook her head. My shoulders dropped. It would be a while before we were allowed to join them. But, it was only fair, really. They knew what they were doing, while Spirit and I didn't quite as well. Although, I told myself, it was always a good idea to have backup. Next time we'd just have to be more careful with the plasma blasting. 

I said goodbye to the Riders and headed off to my house. I noticed the shimmering gray shadow slip past again, heading the same direction as I was. Again, I wondered where Spirit had been, but knew she probably wouldn’t tell me. I shivered as the sun finished setting, plunging Berk into near complete darkness and taking the last bit of warmth. I couldn't wait to get home for a good night's sleep.

As if that were possible.




"How is it in Berk?"

"It's... good enough. The dragons are causing chaos. The Berkians are really great at reconstruction, though."

"And the Night Fury?"

"Is still causing irreparable harm to the ships. As in sinking them. But there's something you should know..."


"There's... Well..."

"Go on, I'm listening."


"You know I hate long dramatic pauses..."

"Fine. There's another Fury."

"... Impossible."

"Not a Night Fury. A Storm Fury."

"You said there was only one left.”

"And you said you'd killed all the Night Furies."


"Well? What should I do?"

"Do anything you find necessary to keep that Fury from interfering with my plan. Do you know who it's rider is?"

".... No."

"Keep a sharp eye out. Nothing will stand in the way of my completing this final hunt."

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Yay!  Stuff to read!   Ooh,  I wonder who the spy is...   0.o

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Hehe... I guess you'll just have to wait and see *insert evil author cackle here*

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  Chapter 3 - Coming of the


Chapter 3 - Coming of the Snow


I arrived home to find the door creaking slowly on its hinges and Spirit nowhere to be seen. I sighed. I was already cold, and hungry, and tired, and now I’d have to find an elusive gray Fury… in the dark. But, maybe Spirit had only gone to get dinner; in that case, she wouldn’t be too far away. I’d still have to look for her though, just in case.

I went inside and grabbed my cloak, plus a handful of dried berries for dinner, and started back out. Right outside the entrance was Spirit. She was acting a bit strangely, though. Her head was cocked to the side, her ear fins were twitching and she kept turning her head from side to side. 

When she saw me, she bounded over. “Come.” 

“Wait, what? Where are we going? What’s happening?” I asked, entirely confused. 

“No time. Come on!” 

I climbed on her back, still wondering at what had come over my friend. The second I was settled in, she took off, flying about as fast as I’d ever seen. The wind took my breath away, and it was all I could do just to hold on as we shot down to the forest on the outskirts of Berk. 

Spirit halted the dive a split second too late, and we crashed into the leaf litter. She was up a second later and running through the trees, while I was trying to spit leaves out of my mouth. A few minutes later we slowed, and I dismounted, still tasting dead leaf. 

Up ahead was a clearing filled with moonlight.

Perfectly peaceful and serene.

A shimmering white stone sat at the far end. I glanced at Spirit, wondering why she’d brought me here, of all places, but she was ignoring me, instead sniffing the air and grumbling softly every few seconds. I looked back to the clearing. Nothing had changed. 

A crash sounded, close by, and I tensed, ready to fight whatever was coming at us. The crashing continued, closer and closer, then suddenly Toothless sprang into view, looking around wildly. He froze when he saw the shimmering rock, then quietly slunk towards it, humming softly.

Then it moved. 

I gasped. It wasn’t a rock.

It was a dragon.

The ‘rock’ lifted one of its wings, revealing smooth white scales and brilliant blue eyes. That dragon looks like a Fury, I realized with a shock. Toothless rumbled surprise, lifting his head, and walked a bit faster. The other Fury shot up, roaring a warning to the Night Fury. Toothless paused, then continued on, this time skirting the edge of the clearing. The white Fury didn’t stop him this time, only watched him come nearer. He padded forward, and had almost reached the dragon when its head shot up, scanning the trees directly to my right. Instantly it reared up and shot a plasma blast.

Yep, definitely another Fury.

It had to be. No other dragon could shoot plasma. I saw movement from around the burned trees, and two figures slowly rose from around the shattered stumps. The Fury rose up again, hissing a threat, but Toothless roared at her to stop and she dropped back down. With one final look, she turned and ran, disappearing in the night sky. 

Poor Toothless was heartbroken. He tried to run after her, but without Hiccup riding him he couldn’t follow. He turned around to the two figures in the blackened trees, and they stepped forwards, revealing themselves to be Hiccup and Astrid. Hiccup walked up to Toothless and rubbed his head, and they stared after the strange Fury. Astrid seemed to sense something else however, and she turned her head ever so slightly to look at the surrounding trees… right in my direction. I froze, hoping she hadn’t noticed me. One eyebrow rose slowly. She deliberately turned back to Hiccup and Toothless, and I groaned softly. How can she have such good eyesight? 

Spirit nudged me in the back. “Time for us to go.”

I was about to mount her again when a glint of scales caught the corner of my eye. I scanned the forest, hoping to catch another glimpse, but I saw nothing but shadows. Spirit gave an impatient grunt.

“What are you waiting for?”

I reluctantly climbed onto her back. There were so many questions I had. Who was the mysterious Fury? What kind of Fury was she? How many kinds were there, even? But I let them go for now. The news would be all over Berk by tomorrow morning, anyway. Might as well at least try for a good night’s sleep.


I was right.

Next morning I was awoken by a general buzz of chaos. This wasn’t unusual - after all, dragons are generally chaotic - but what was unusual is that a good portion of it was human voices. I groaned, sitting up and stretching. Spirit was gone, but I wasn’t too worried. She usually disappeared in the mornings. I glanced towards the door and saw a gray flightsuit propped against it. So Hiccup had already been by. A piece of paper was attached to it, detailing the mechanincs of the suit. I quickly skimmed the instructions, then tried the flightsuit on, flipping the visor down to get a feel for what it would be like. The door swung open and Spirit dashed in, pulling back and growling when she saw me. 

“Hey, it’s alright, Spirit,” I said, raising the visor. “It’s just me.”

She relaxed somewhat, though remaining slightly wary. “Did you want to hear about what happened last night?”

I removed the helmet. “Of course I do! Let me grab a bite to eat and I’ll be ready.”

Two minutes later we were speeding to the walkways of Berk. I would have to go on foot from there. Spirit didn’t want to be seen by too many Berkians; Furies are naturally secretive, and she was no exception. Because of this, very few Berkians actually knew she existed, other than the Riders of course. 

I jogged up the winding pathways, quickly finding my way to Gobber’s smithy. All the Riders were there, plus Valka and a good five or six dozen other Vikings. I snuck in the side again, just like yesterday. And just like yesterday, Astrid saw me almost immediately. She didn’t say anything though, instead turning to the conversation at hand.

A lot of talking was going on, with Hiccup having to retell his story every time someone new came, Astrid filling in details, Fishlegs making theories about the new dragon, Snotlout boasting that he wouldn’t have scared the Fury away, Gobber shouting at a group of round purple dragons and calling them ‘demons’, and Ruffnut and Tuffnut being… well, Ruffnut and Tuffnut. Valka was trying to interject, but seemed to find no succes and ended up slipping away towards the Great Hall.

I tried listening in, but with so many people talking all at once, I could barely hear anything. What I did manage to find out, however, was that the new Fury had been named a Light Fury, that no one knew where she’d come from or where she’d left to, that no one had seen anything like her before... and that Toothless was very annoyed with his rider. The last part wasn’t so much from the humans as it was from Toothless himself; he kept grumbling random phrases expressing annoyance at his rider’s interference. I figured there wasn’t much more I was going to learn and turned to leave, but accidentally almost ran into Kaydon again.

“Sorry, I’ll move out of your way.” I stepped aside and gestured towards the general mayhem.

He hesitated a moment, however. “Do you… have any idea what they’re talking about?” he asked.

I thought for a moment before answering, knowing that if I said the wrong thing he’d know I’d been there. “Apparently… Toothless found another Fury last night.”

His eyes opened wide in surprise. “Really? Another Fury? That’s amazing!”

“Well, yeah, but no one knows who she is or where she came from… and she disappeared before anyone could find out.”

“Where did they find her?” I didn’t know what I’d do if he kept asking questions.

“I don’t know,” I lied. “Try asking the Riders, they’ll know better than I do.” I slipped to the side and walked quickly down the paths leading to my home. Then I stopped for a moment, considering what to do next. 

Training would obviously be put on hold today, in favor of figuring out as much as possible about the unknown Fury. This left me with just about nothing to do. I turned around and walked back over the paths, this time heading in the direction of the Great Hall. Just as I’d hoped, Valka was there, saddling up Cloudjumper outside her house. She looked up in surprise as I approached.

“Hi, Mrs. Haddock,” I said politely.

“Oh, you don’t have to call me Mrs. Haddock,” Valka said, seeming a bit embarrassed. “Just Valka will do. Can I help you with anything?”

I shrugged. “Nothing in particular, I was just wondering what’s up.”

“You’re Rowen, right?” she questioned. I nodded, and she continued, “Astrid told me about what happened on the raid last night. Don’t worry, I’m not going to yell at you,” she quickly assured, seeing the expression on my face, “But I would advise not going again. It’s dangerous, you know.”

“I know,” I muttered. “You don’t stop the Riders from going, though.” An entirely irrelevant  and ridiculous point, but I felt I had to add it nonetheless.

Valka laughed. “I couldn’t exactly stop them, could I? Tell you what, you can go when you’ve had at least a few more weeks of training.” She bent down to grab a saddlebag. “Could you help me get these on Cloudjumper? I want to leave as soon as possible.”

I picked one up and helped her settle them onto the Stormcutter’s back. “Where are you going?”

“I have to check on the dragons on Sanctuary Island.” Seeing my confused look, she continued, “A few years ago, I lived with the dragons in a refuge made of ice. The mighty Bewilderbeast protected my dragons and I until Hiccup found us. Drago Bludvist threatened our home, and Berk, along with his own Alpha. After Drago was overthrown, his Bewilderbeast was free, and chose to protect the Sanctuary in the place of the former Alpha. If Grimmel is roaming the archipelago again, I want to make sure my dragons are safe.”

“I see.” The last bags had been packed, and I stepped back. “Well, I wish you luck.”

“I hope I don’t need it,” Valka laughed, then mounted Cloudjumper. “Oh, and if you have a chance, I heard Gothi is looking for a helper, just for today. You might want to see if that's true.” So saying, she nudged Cloudjumper, and he took off. They rose quickly and were soon far out to sea.

I watched them until they were almost out of sight, then turned and continued to the Great Hall to find Gothi.

At the entrance to the Hall, I paused again, considering the best way to get up to Gothi’s hut. Normally, of course, I would have ridden Spirit, but I couldn’t because of the crowds below. A path wound about halfway up, ending in a wooden platform. I started climbing the path. I mean, there really wasn’t anything else I could do.

When I reached the platform, I stepped onto it to look onto the ground far below. Without warning, the platform started moving up. I immediately dropped down on hands and knees and grabbed the wooden boards. 

The platform was rising quickly, and in about twenty seconds I was at Gothi’s hut. I stood up cautiously, then noticed the platform was starting to go down again and jumped to the ledge. 

Looking around, I immediately saw Gothi. She was standing at her cauldron, throwing herbs and leaves into the pot. She looked up at me, grunted, then started drawing on the ground with her staff. Gobber had given me a crash course in Gothi-speak, and as I leaned over to decipher the writing I was pleased to note that I understood some of it. 

“I’m not here for a remedy,” I said in reply to her question, “I’m here to ask if you need any help.”

Gothi grunted again, sounding pleased, then added some more  to her drawings. I leaned over them again.

“I do know some basic healing stuff, like how to stop bleeding or cure headaches.”

Gothi looked a bit impressed, then scribbled two more lines.

“No, I didn’t know stewed beets could be used as hats. I’ll have to try that sometime.”

Gothi bonked me on the head with her staff.

“Ouch! Sorry, my bad.” I leaned back over the drawing. It read something along the lines of ‘Alright, if you want, then you can help.’ “Thanks, Gothi! Is there anything you want me to do right now?”

She getsured to the floating platform, which was rising with two or three Vikings on it, each in various states of injury.

For the next half hour I treated injuries with Gothi. There was everything from a scratch received from running into the side of a house to one unfortunate Viking having gotten paralyzed. That particular Viking had some very bad luck. When he was unfrozen, he told us his story, which was somewhat along these lines: he had gone to get some meat for whatever was being had in the Hall of Doom today and had run into a Titan Flightmare. The Flightmare then started chasing him for the meat but got mad because the Viking kept throwing bits of moldy veggies at it -  the Viking apparently had some in his pockets, don’t ask me why - and froze him. That wouldn't have been too bad, except the meat was frozen into his hand, and the Flightmare, who must really have wanted that meat, tried to rip it away but only ended up sending the Viking flying into the sea near the docks. Luckily for him, Bucket and Mulch were fishing nearby and managed to scoop him up out of the water, dodging the Flightmare’s attacks. Eventually they gave it some fish to make it stop, and the Flightmare had flown off elsewhere, likely to enjoy its fishy meal.

Gothi requested that I take the Viking to his house for some rest, as he was a bit confused and disoriented. The healer had recommended walking, so we took the long route through Berk, the Viking’s Monstrous Nightmare by our side. 

We were held up by a dragon crossing partway in, and I looked around as we waited for a chance to cross. Nearby stood a red-haired Viking, the same one I’d met yesterday. 

“Hi, Flame!” I greeted, waving to her.

She walked over, barely dodging a flock of baby Nadders. “Hiya Rowen. Who’s this?” She gestured to the Viking beside me.

“‘Ello!” the Viking said cheerfully. “Th’ name’s Ralek.”

Flame glanced at him, then turned her attention back to me.

“Like he said, his name’s Ralek. I’m making sure he can find where his house is. He was up by Gothi’s hut earlier because of an incident with a Titan Flightmare.” I shrugged. “He’ll probably be alright.”

Flame seemed a bit concerned about what I’d said, though. “Titan Flightmare?” she asked, sounding a bit sheepish. The Viking nodded enthusiastically.

“Aye, a Titan! If I hadn’t been afeared for me life I’d’ve been amazed by the sheer size o’ the thing…” he then went off on a rambling description of the Flightmare.

I looked at Flame. She snorted a laugh. “That… may or may not have been Misty.” Ralek paused to look at her. 

“Is’t yer dragon?” he questioned. When she nodded, he continued, “Thank Misty for me, will ya? This’ll win me the Vikin’ stories competition of the year fer sure!”

Flame breathed a sigh of relief. “Thank goodness! I’ve already gotten in trouble too many times this week, I don’t need any more to add to my record.”

She continued on with us as we navigated the streets to Ralek’s home. Once he was there, I gave him the follow-up remedy Gothi had given me, along with instructions on how to use it. Then, Flame and I walked down the pathways, heading for the forest at the base of Berk. She was curious to see where the Fury had been, and I figured I could just pretend I had never been there.

Turns out, that's a lot easier said than done.

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Great chapter!  It's cool to see Httyd 3 from a perspective other that Hiccup's.  Poor viking; Misty must have really, really wanted that meat XD

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Thanks! Heh, behind-the-scenes stuff is always one of my favorite things to write. And yes, poor Viking... but hey, at least he got a good story out of it, right? xD

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Never fear, for Blobby's here!

Right... ;)

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I cannot BELIVE that I didn't

I cannot BELIVE that I didn't find this until now. Anyways, great job with Flame, aaaaaand I'm going to be throwing you another character, kay?



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Eyy, welcome to the thread!! :D Ooh, a new character... This'll be fun *evil author laughs* xD

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I DM'ed you the new character

I DM'ed you the new character on Discord!

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Chapter 4 - Altered Plans

Chapter 4 - Altered Plans


“So, tell me about what happened.”

Flame and I were standing in the center of the ring of incinerated trees. The clearing ahead looked calm enough.  Sunlight streamed in, making it seem almost cozy. But something still felt a bit… off.

“Well,” I began, “from what I could gather, this is where Hiccup and Astrid were.” I stepped out a ways, about ten feet from where I had been. “And here was Toothless. He went this way” - I mimicked his movements - “until the Light Fury roared at him. Then he went this way.” I traced his path around the clearing, Flame following close behind. “The Light Fury was right here,” this gesturing to a patch of flattened grass, “and she let Toothless approach until she heard the Riders.” I pointed back the way we had come. “She shot the trees, narrowly missing them, then when Toothless prevented her from firing again she flew around this way.” I walked over to a bent tree. “Toothless tried to follow from here, but couldn’t without Hiccup.” I came back.

“I wonder why she didn’t just let Toothless come this way?” Flame wondered, stepping straight across the clearing. Her foot hit something hidden in the grass, and a huge SNAP! resounded through the forest as a giant dragon trap slammed shut inches from her face. “Aaah!! What is that?!!” She jumped backwards in alarm, flailing wildly.

I edged forward cautiously to examine the trap. It had a metal framework, with a thin chain-link material stretched between. This would hold a dragon while leaving it relatively unharmed, I realized.

Footsteps sounded, branches snapping and leaves rustling. “Get down!” I hissed to Flame, who instantly did so. I followed a second later. As the sounds got closer, I started to hear voices accompanying them. They seemed familiar, somehow… I placed them seconds before the speakers walked in, along with an excited-looking black dragon. It was Hiccup and Tuffnut, and they’d brought Toothless. Looks like they’d had a similar idea to ours.

Flame, also recognizing the voices, looked about to rise, but I pulled her back. She looked at me questioningly but I just shook my head. I didn’t want any questions about why we were here.

The Riders stopped short as they saw the dragon trap. Tuffnut started to say something but Hiccup shushed him, then reached down and grabbed something that had been hidden in the grass. He held it up to the light - I could see a flash of silver - , examined it, then spoke to Tuffnut in a low voice. Both of them started scanning the surrounding forest. Hiccup turned around, muttering something to Tuffnut, and the two Riders exited the clearing again.

Once I was sure they were out of earshot, I stood up. Flame followed my lead.

“We should probably get back now, before they realize we’re not there,” I said.

Flame didn’t budge. “Ok, what’s going on with this? You’re acting really strange. And why didn’t you let the Riders know we were here? Are you scared of them?”

“Well, no, I-”

“Then what is it?” Flame pressed. “Oooh, do you have some kind of epic backstory where you committed a crime of some kind and now they’re after you? Or were you framed?”

“That’s not-”

“Why won’t you tell me what it is? I promise I won’t tell if you actually did commit a crime or something-”

You know what? Fine, I thought to myself. “Actually, I did do something once I wasn’t supposed to. It’s time I told someone the story… the true story.” Or not.

Flame’s eyes grew wide. “You did? What was it?”

“I did. I raided a hunter’s ship and took the captain’s treasures.” Obviously this wasn’t quite true, but maybe it would stop the questions.

No such luck.

“A raid? Was it exciting? Was it dangerous? What was the treasure? Were the hunters mad at you? What happened?!?”

I had to smile at that. The questions were nearly identical to the ones I’d asked Astrid about the raid they’d pulled last night… although Flame truly didn’t know the answers, and neither did I.

I started walking back to Berk. “I’ll tell you on the way back up. If we hurry, we might be able to see what that shiny thing is that Hiccup found.”

By the time we got back, I believed I had managed to convince Flame of a long and elaborate story about my supposed escapade on the hunter’s ship. It was so elaborate that even I couldn't remember most of it. Flame seemed mostly satisfied with my answer, however, and I wasn’t about to tell her otherwise.

We did indeed manage to get back in time to see Hiccup showing off the object, which was a dart filled with a strange, purplish substance. Eret, Son of Eret had recognized the workmanship on the dart, proclaiming it to be the work of Grimmel the Grisly.

I had heard of him, being from one of the villages he had ‘saved’ from the Night Furies, although I had never personally seen him. But I knew of his work, and had admired it when I was younger.

Grimmel had made it his life mission to kill Night Furies. If he was behind the attempted capture last night, Toothless’ life could be in danger. As could Spirit’s. I didn’t know if his vendetta applied to all Furies, or just Night Furies, but one could never be too careful.

I explained most of this to Flame, leaving out the bit about Spirit. She seemed fairly interested in it, questioning me on his methods and such. Of course, as I knew so little, I was only able to give vague answers.

I sensed someone nearby, and I turned to find Kaydon standing close, although not close enough to have heard much of our conversation.

“Hey, what’re you doing there?” I asked, trying not to sound accusing.

He gave a bit of a guilty start, then walked over to us. “I wasn’t trying to eavesdrop, if that’s what it looked like. I just wanted to hear what the Riders were saying. You knew Grimmel?”

“Only by reputation. He left my village long before I was born.”

He looked thoughtful. “Come to think of it, I think I’ve seen him before. He was roaming around the Archipelago, searching for any Furies that could be left. I was on a trip with Trader Johann around that time. Riders were assigned to give him protection. Grimmel used to give speeches about the Furies he’d killed and the destruction they’d wreaked beforehand. Then he’d ask them if they’d recently seen or heard of any nearby. The answer in the village we were in was no. He happened to be going the same way we were, and Johann offered him a ride to the next village. He didn’t seem like a bad guy, although he was a bit creepy. Long face, too.” He looked from Flame to me, noting our astonished expressions.

Flame wasn’t astonished for long, however, and almost instantly started peppering him with questions. “You knew him? Did he show you how he worked? What did he use? Why did he have a long face? Was he sad all the time? Did he have a dragon? Why did he start killing Night Furies? Did he tell you anything? Why did Johann need a rotating guard? Couldn’t he just have one person that stayed with him all the time? Or was it because of his endless stories? And what’s in those darts, anyway?”

“Hey, hey, slow down a little,”  Kaydon teased. “Tell you what, I’ll answer all of your questions when you can ask me without talking a thousand miles a-”

We all jumped as Snotlout shouted his war cry, “SNOTLOUT, SNOTLOUT, OI OI OI!” and ran off to do Thor-knows-what. The other Riders looked at each other, seeming a bit confused, then started wandering away from the smithy.

It was past noon by this time, and I was starting to get hungry. "Do you guys want to get something to eat from the Hall?" I asked my companions.

They both snorted a laugh simultaneously. 

"And risk death in the Hall of Doom? You crazy?" Flame said.

“I’d rather live today, if it’s all the same to you,” Kaydon joked, and we all laughed.

"How's this, I'll go fish instead. We can probably find a fire somewhere," I offered. My new friends readily agreed and we set off for the docks.




  “Any news?”

  “Very little.”

  “Well then…?”


  “Aren’t you going to tell me?”

 “Was it your intention to leave evidence at the scene of the crime?”

  “Yes, I like to let my prey know I’m there… their fear drives them to do rash things, hastily thought out and poorly executed. Even with guidance from others, the Alpha will surely do the same.”

  “And the trap?”

  “That… did not go entirely as planned. But no matter; the next phase of my plan will have Berk begging for mercy.”

  “And if they don’t?”

  “..... I think you know.”

  “I see. Other than that, the only thing I have to report is that the Riders know nothing of your reputation.”

  “Good… very good. That will lead them to underestimate me. The next phase will start tomorrow. Be ready.”

  "I will."

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Glad to hear you're enjoying it! :D Just wanted to say, though, next time you reply, could you not reply directly to a chapter? I want to be able to edit the chapters for grammatical errors and that kind of thing later on.

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Never fear, for Grimmel's here!

DUN-DUN-DUN!  Grimmels here!

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Hehe, the villain has arrived! Some fun chapters coming up, lots of action and excitement ^^

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YESSS this is one of my favorite fanfics here, I should create one of my own! Imagine if all our vikings in-game are in there with proper names, altered background story to make sense..



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Chapter 5 - It's a
Chapter 5 - It's a Trap!
The sun was setting behind the mountains as I walked slowly back towards my house. It had been a good day.
It wasn't over quite yet, though. I wanted to test out my new flightsuit, as well as better explore the forests below Berk. Before the week was out, I wanted to know every detail about Berk and the land surrounding it. That way, if Grimmel attacked, I'd know of escape routes to use.
I reached the edge of Berk. Looking around, I whistled softly, imitating one of the many birds often seen around the island. Spirit arrived moments later. The bird call was my way of letting her know that there was no one around and it was safe to come out.
"Ready?" I asked, just above a whisper.
She rumbled softly. "Ready."
We took off, and were soon skimming over the dark ocean water. I carefully stood up on Spirit's back, trying not to unbalance myself, then checked the wings of my flightsuit one more time. They were secure.
I jumped off her back, soaring down towards the dark waves. At the last second, my wing caught an updraft and I spiraled up into the clear night sky, flailing to stay upright.
Spirit glided alongside me, seeming amused at my attempt to fly on my own. A sudden downdraft gusted, and I plummeted again. This time, Spirit swooped underneath me, catching me just in time. She rumbled a laugh.
"Seems like you'll need a bit of practice with that, ey?"
I flushed. "Hey, it's a lot harder than it looks." Then I remembered I was talking to a dragon. "For someone who's never flown before, that is."
"That's why you need to practice."
It's hard to argue with that kind of logic.
Out of the darkness, somewhere off to the right, shadows moved across the stars. I frowned. No one was really supposed to be out at this time; although there was nothing strictly against it, night flying just tended to be generally more dangerous. Plus, everyone was asleep anyway.
Not that it was too strange, though. Vikings weren't known for not doing dangerous stuff. I'd just thought Spirit and I were the only ones out here, except for…
The guards.
That's what was bothering me. Guards had been set to patrol Berk at night, in case Grimmel tried a sneak attack. But they were nowhere to be seen.
Maybe those are the guards, I tried to convince myself.
But it couldn't have been.
The dragons flying across the night sky were unfamiliar, their outline one I'd never seen. Plus, they seemed to be carrying a kind of air ship... I sat bolt upright in the saddle. I had to warn Hiccup.
"Spirit, we need to get back to Berk," I whispered urgently to her.
She nodded, already turning back to the now-familiar island. "We should bring someone else along, for backup. What if one of us is hurt?"
 One person instantly leapt to my mind: Flame. If anyone would be ready for adventure in the middle of the night, it was her.
We circled Berk, sticking to the shadows and searching every house for signs that it housed a Flightmare. On our third circle, I finally spotted it: a house that was glowing faintly blue with what could only be Flightmare gel.
We swooped in. I quickly dismounted Spirit, then ran to the front of the house. I pounded on the door. "Flame! I need you! Wake up!"
There was no response, but the door swung open under my incessant pounding. She must've forgotten to lock it. Good for me, anyway. I paused a moment to get my bearings in the unfamiliar house - good thing most Viking houses are built about the same - before dashing up the stairs. I ran over to Flame, shaking her awake.
She came to with a start. "Huh? What? No! Not the cabbage! Oh, I mean, uh... hi, Rowen. What're you doing?"
"No time to *gasp* explain, but I think *wheeze* Grimmel's here. Come on, and *puff* bring a dragon." I was having a hard time catching my breath after running up the stairs.
 Flame immediately jumped out of bed. As I'd suspected, her bow and cloak were within easy reach and she was already dressed for adventure. "I'll be right there. Don't start the fun without me," she joked.
I had to grin at that. "Don't *huff* worry, I'll save plenty of *pant* enemies for you, too." I shot her a smile, then ran back down the stairs to where Spirit was waiting impatiently.
"I’ll wait here. You just hurry up and help the Riders." I nodded, then turned, running for our chief’s house. The sky was beginning to glow, though a faint smoky haze hung low over my vision. Strange, I thought. I'm pretty sure it's still nighttime. Then it struck me. That wasn't daylight.
It was fire.
Sure enough, as I emerged over the hill, every building was on fire. Smoke wafted in thick sheets, making me cough and burning my eyes. Flame and a strange dragon flew up beside me; I didn't have much time to focus on what kind of dragon it was, however.
Four shiny black dragons hovered nearby, carrying the airship I'd seen. A tall figure ran out of Hiccup's house, whistling sharply. Another of the dragons flew over and carried him into his ship. I could just barely hear him as he called behind, "This is what I will do to everything you love if you do not give up that Night Fury!"
Hiccup, Astrid, Fishlegs, and Toothless came running out of Hiccup's house, mere seconds before it collapsed in a shower of sparks. I ran over to them. "Are you guys alright? What happened? Was that Grimmel? What kind of dragons were those? What do you need me to do?"
Hiccup coughed, waving his hand to clear the smoke away from his face. "Well, it would be helpful if you could assist in putting out these fires," he suggested.
"I'm on it!" Flame shot by on her orange dragon, which was spraying ice everywhere. In seconds, the fire on Hiccup's house was out, and the other fires were pretty close.
I jogged over to one of the firefighting buckets, but it was completely dry, scorched by the flames. I noticed someone standing a short distance away, but they didn't do anything to help and soon turned away. Flame seemed to have it under control anyway, and a minute or two later they were all out.
"So, now that we're out of immediate danger, what say you answer my questions?" I pressed.
Hiccup sighed. "As you guessed, yes, that was Grimmel. Those dragons he had with him are Deathgrippers; they spray a highly flammable acid... and he controls them completely. As for what happened... Well, I'm not entirely sure what happened myself."
He went on to relate his tale; how Grimmel had appeared, seemingly out of nowhere; how he'd attempted to make a 'deal' with Hiccup; how when Hiccup refused, Grimmel had threatened him and Berk; how despite all the precautions the Riders had prepared, everything had quickly turned in Grimmel's favor. "So, now there's a dangerous madman on the loose who wants to kill Toothless and who would do anything to do so," Hiccup finished. We all sat in silence for a second, letting it all sink in.
Then Flame spoke up.
 "So what now?"
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Never fear, for Blobby's here!

Uh oh! Attack on Berk!  Although... I'm wondering which dragon Flame was riding; I thought she had a Flightmare...?

Great chapter!

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The excitement has begun!

I didn't mention this before, but she has three dragons; Misty (the Flightmare), Popsicle (the Groncicle), and Pickle (a Prickleboggle). Nice job on noticing that, though! ^^

Thanks! :D

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Never fear, for Blobby's here!

Ahh... That makes more sense.  Can't wait for the next chapter :D

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ohhhhh..... so good.. lol

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*Silently lurks in

*Silently lurks in background*

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Chapter 5 - Escape Route

Chapter 5 - Escape Route


Hiccup smiled. “I’m glad you asked, Flame. You see, I’ve had a feeling for a while now that this would happen. So here’s my plan.” He took out his map from a pocket in his flightsuit, unfolding it on the ground. “Have any of you heard of the Hidden World?”

The Hidden World. 

The home of the dragons.

Of course I’d heard of it. Every Viking was told the legend of the cavern beyond the edge of the world. But it was nonsense. It had to be. I mean, nothing could be beyond the edge of the world… right?

Flame seemed to share my doubts. “Didn’t your father find the home of the dragons already? You know, the giant volcano with the massive dragon-mountain in it?”

I hadn’t heard of that story before. I leaned closer, curious as to the answer.

Hiccup’s face grew sad for a second, before he replied, “My father did discover a dragon’s nest when he fought with the Red Death. But it wasn’t their home. Legends say that the true Hidden World is far away, at the edge of the sea, hidden by mist and guarded by the dragons who live there.” He looked into the distance. “My father believed the legends were true. He wanted to find the Hidden World and kill every dragon in it. To keep us safe.” He looked back to us, eyes lighting with excitement. “If we could only find the Hidden World, we and our dragons would be safe. Even Grimmel wouldn’t follow us there. No one could ever find us.”

We all thought about that for a minute. It all sounded good, in theory, but there was one detail that Hiccup had seemed to overlook.

“There’s one thing we’d need to think about before we uproot all of Berk and start flying to the edges of the Archipelago… Where is the Hidden World? And what would we do if it doesn’t exist?” I questioned.

Hiccup nodded at me. “Excellent question. That’s where you come in.”

“Me?” I asked in surprise.

“Yes, you. You and Spirit can fly faster than any of us. You can scout out good places to stop, and if you haven’t seen the Hidden World after a while, we’ll just settle down at the last place you picked.” Hiccup looked so excited at his idea, I didn’t even notice what he’d let slip until Flame raised her hand cautiously.

We both turned to look at her, and she lowered her hand quickly. “Um, I was just wondering, because you said Rowen could fly ahead of the rest of us… she doesn’t have a dragon, so how could she do that?”
Darn it. Hiccup looked at me apologetically. I sighed. Better to get it over with. “Well, um, I probably should’ve mentioned this earlier… but I actually do ride a dragon.”

Flame’s eyes grew wide. “You ride a dragon and you never thought to mention it?!”

Her voice was getting a bit too loud and I looked around nervously to see if anyone was paying attention. “You can’t tell anyone. At all. Understand?”

She nodded, then continued in a quieter tone. “Why were you keeping this a secret from me? I thought we were friends.” The hurt in her voice was obvious.

“I… well… I kind of couldn’t tell anyone. You see-”

They knew.” She gestured to Hiccup and Astrid. “Why did you tell them and not me?”
“I didn’t actually tell them,” I tried to explain. “It’s kind of hard to hide something like riding in on a Storm Fury.” Oh great. Now she’s gonna ask about Storm Furies.

Sure enough, her next question was, “A Storm Fury? What’s that?”

I hesitated a moment, trying to decide how much to tell, then figured it would be better to just say everything I knew. “A Storm Fury is like a smaller Night Fury, except it’s gray and shoots golden plasma instead of purple. Her name is Spirit, and I found her - or rather, she found me - when I was leaving the island I was born on after my village was destroyed by dragons. She doesn’t like to be made the center of attention, so she told me not to tell anyone about her… except for the Riders, obviously. And yes,” I anticipated the next question, “she was the one that told me. I can speak Dragonese.”

Flame just sat there for a moment, appearing utterly shocked and, for once, completely speechless. Her first question was, “D’you think you could teach me how to speak Dragonese?”

I smiled. “I don’t know if I could teach it… it's not exactly something you could learn just like that. You could try learning it on your own if you wanted to, though.”

Flame appeared satisfied with the answer. Hiccup coughed, breaking into the silence that followed. “So, we still haven’t settled on our course of action,” he pointed out. “Would you be willing to scout ahead, Rowen?”

Flame cut in again, “And me too? It would make sense to have two people scouting, in case, you know, something happens to one of them. It’s good to have backup, right?”

Hiccup hesitated. “Well, I’m not sure… I picked Rowen because Storm Furies are much faster than your average Gronckle or Monstrous Nightmare, or just about any dragon really, so she’d be able to scout farther and get back faster… but Flightmares are fast too, especially Titans. Now that I think about it, that might not be such a bad idea.” He looked thoughtful for a moment, then declared, “It’s settled then! You two will fly ahead to search for the Hidden World. If you’re all right with that, Rowen?” I nodded consent, and he continued. “Now all I have to do is convince hundreds of Vikings with stubbornness issues to leave their home of seven generations and follow me on a somewhat hare-brained trek to the end of the world to a place that may or may not exist…” He sighed. “Wish me luck.”

Flame laughed. “Wouldn’t want to be in your shoes there, Hiccup.”

Hiccup coughed and looked at her sideways.


The three of us burst out laughing. Flame looked a bit annoyed. “Never gets old,” Hiccup said. “Ah. Well, I’d better get started on my convincing. Could you three round up all the Vikings and send them to the Great Hall?”

“You mean the Hall of Doom?” I muttered, then answered “Sure.”

“That’s a much more fitting name for it, I’d say,” Astrid agreed. “Here, Stormfly!” She walked away, calling for her Nadder.

Flame jumped onto her orange dragon’s back. I halted her for a moment, though. “What kind of dragon is this? I’ve never seen anything like it.”

She beamed, clearly proud of her dragon. “This is Popsicle. He’s a Groncicle, which is basically an Ice Gronckle.”

I nodded, stepping back to let her take off. Then I jogged to each of the houses nearest the Great Hall, rounding up Vikings and giving brief summaries of what had just happened. Once I was sure there was no one left up top, I ran into the Great Hall myself. I didn’t know how on earth Hiccup thought he was going to convince everyone, but I wanted to be there to give him some support.





“Berk is in chaos, just like you planned. The Riders called everyone to a meeting, likely to tell them that they’ll need to evacuate at once.”

“Excellent. Any news about the other Storm Fury?”

“None. It’s staying well out of sight now, and I haven’t seen a single clue as to its rider.”

“No matter. This attack has demoralized Berk. They know I can go everywhere, that I can anticipate every move. And they fear me. As well they should.”
“What will the next phase be?”

“I will release the Snow Fury again, when the time is right.”

“And how will that help, exactly?”
“It’s simple, really. You see, Furies mate for life. The Snow Fury will try to find her mate, and will then lead us straight to them.”

“I see... a brilliant plan, as usual.”

“Indeed. If all goes well, I will have that Night Fury soon.”

“And if it doesn’t?”

“I will still have him. No Fury has ever escaped me… for long.”

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Never fear, for Blobby's here!

0.o  Ooh!  The suspense continues.  Well, at least now we know that Flame isn't the traitor/spy...  Great chapter!

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-no subject-

Yess, the suspense xD Good to hear you enjoyed it! :)