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Oops O.o

Anyway, life was good. The dragons were even letting Lisa come once in a while and play with Shadow. I wished I could show her the other dragons, even just a couple Terrible Terrors. Terrible Terrors are a pretty safe bet when it comes to exposing people to dragons. They're cute, small, feisty, and very much a handful. If you can prove you can handle them, you can handle any dragon. Plus. they're a good indicator for new recruits--but we'll get to that later.

The first incident that really started heating things up (besides That Night) was a skydiving trip--no, not mine, I have something better than parachutes.

It was a particularly couldy day--my favorite kind, where the clouds are low and fluffy and have hidden corridors and pockets that you could explore forever. Anyway, Shadow and I got permission from Oak and we were darting around, ahving a good time, when we heard a low droning sound.

"Airplane,"I gasped (which is a super funny word because in Dragonese airplane means metal demon-dragon.)

Shadow dove silently and disappeared into a swirl of white (never go into a cloud unless you're desperate). I started to follow, but I was curious. The droning wasn't moving like you'd expect. It was actually going very slowly, for an airplane.

I soared up and up and then, even higher than I could or would go, there was a plane. And from that plane seven dark dots were rapidly getting bigger--and they were coming my way. Skydivers!

Skydivers are equally amusing and terrifying. All dragons can understand the longing for flight, but humans are always a threat. They or the metal demon-dragon could see you or hit you, and that is no bueno.

So I drew back into a frigid cranny, almost in the cloud bank, and flew in tight circles (only Flickerwings can hover), watching. Shadow didn't like them, but I had wanted to go skydiving for a long, long time (well, until That Night), and I wanted to see what would happen.

The skydivers plummeted past me, their screams and whoops snatched away by the wind. I folded my wings just enough to lose some altitude and followed in their wake. The ground was starting to get pretty close.

Sure enough, first one, then the whole lot of them pulled the cords, and fwuoooomp went the parachutes. I laughed and did a celebratory barrel roll. They were flying too! If only for a little while.

THen I noticed something odd. The first one was drifting away from her friends, first slowly, then faster and faster.

I swooped after her and tested the air.

Oh. She was in an air current that headed straight for the cliff that Oak lived in.

This wasn't good.

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This is no bueno

I dove as fast as I could without passing out and pulled up just over her parachute, careful not to let the wind blow me into her.

The woman was currently kicking her legs and flaling her arms, tryin and failing to get free. She clearly knew what was happening.

"Hey!" I shouted.

The woman froze, then started trying to see past her parachute. "Who are you?" she called.

"Doesn't matter," I yelled back.

I drifted along with her as we got ever nearer to the cliff. I was in a bit of a fix. I didn't want this lady to get hurt, but I certainly didn't want her to see me or Oak, either.

"Hey, you see that cliff? You might want to get out of the way if you can," the woman yelled after a bit. "It might hurt a bit." Her voice only shook a little.

I had to admire her bravery. "Actually, I think I can help you."

"What? But how will you lossen your parachute?"

Oh. She thought I was a fellow skydiver. I could work with that.

I grabbed the edge of the cloth and yanked, trying to pull it along with me. No go. It was too hard to concentrate on flying and pulling. The parachute kept slipping out of my hands.

I circled around, lashing my tail.

huh. I examined the sharp barb as best I could.

"Do you have an emergency parachute?" I yelled.

"This IS the emergency parachute," she shouted. "The first one didn't work!"
A stab of panic pulsed, but I pushed it down.

"Don't scream!" I screamed, and slashed my tail through the parachute.

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I love a good drama, don't you?

I just want to point out to everyone out there that this is a very BAD idea. NEVEREVEREVER destroy the thing keeping you in the air. Pro safety tip.

The hole I cut was MUCH too big. Down we plummeted, screaming (the lady) and grunting in pain (me). 

Honestly, I wasn't scared of the landing--too much, anyway. I knew we weren't going to die, which was more than the lady had. But I also knew that Oak would be curious as to what was going on, and if he saw what I was doing...I didn't want to think about it.

I yanked desperately on the useless parachute, trying to slow the fall, but it was like trying to lift an elephant. The best I could do was tug her to the side, away from the cliff. Small consolation. Trees look innocent and fluffy from above, but they are in fact deadly wielders of tiny and not-so-tiny knives that will slice you to shreds.

"It's okay!" The woman shouted bravely. "We're going to land in those trees!"

"Oh, this is gonna hurt," I moaned. Part of me welcomed the sight of the rapidly approaching earth. My shoulders and wings and abs were screaming at me to just stop flapping and rest!

I would love to tell you that I saved us both at the very last second, finding some inner strength and courage that enabled me to deliver us safely to the ground without so much as a scratch. Truth is, I tucked my knees to my chest, cocooned my wings around me, and yelled "WATCH OUT!"

We tore through a small tangle of branches, slammed into a tree trunk, and finally slid to the ground. Ouch. This was my very first (actual) crash landing, and I found that it wasn't as much fun as it looks (which is saying something, because they don't even look that fun). 

I staggered to my feet, but lurched back with a cry. My tail was tangled in the ropes of the parachute! All reason left me and all I could think was I'm trapped I'm trapped I'm trapped! I thrashed and squirmed and tore at the ropes, but only succeeded in nearly breaking a nail.

The woman pulled herself up, laughing hysterically. "I can't believe it! We're alive! We creased, and that was absolutely terrifying, but we're alive! Thank you so much, I thought I was a goner!"

She turned to face her supposed hero and froze. I could see the exact moment she registered what I was. The joy went out of her eyes and was replaced by bewilderment and fear.

She just stood there while I attacked the ropes one last time and finally pulled free.

But I was too late. She had seen me, and there was nothing I could do about it.

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Amazing as always!! :D

This is getting so good!!! Keep going!!! :D 

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For one awful second, we just stood there. Then time resumed and I was sprinting away as fast as I could. Blood roared in my ears, so loudly I almost missed when she called for me to stop.

I paused, then shook myself roughly. Curiosity had already tried to kill this cat. It wasn't about to get another shot. And yet...there was something about her voice that made me want to stay. I dove behind a tree, dark wings disappearing into the shadows. I would listen, but I would not be seen. Not again.

The woman peered into the foliage, trying to catch another glimpse. Ha. Fat chance.

"Don't be scared," she said softly. "I'm not gonna hurt you."

I slid deeper into the shadows. There was no way I was going to be coaxed out like a skittish kitten.

She waited for a moment, listening, and then went on. "My name is Amy," she said. "I just wanted to say...thanks, I guess. Because of you, I can go home without a scratch." She paused and glanced at her arms. "Well, without too many, anyway."

I was too scared to laugh.

She took one last look and stiffened. I watched her eyes trace up my tail and the folds of my wings. Her eyes locked onto mine.

My eyes snapped into focus and I cringed.

And she...smiled.

"By the way," she added. "Your wings are really beautiful."

My eyes went wide. My vision blurred.

"I think so too."

The words were whispered, barely a sound, but she heard them. Her eyebrows rose, not with surprise, but with delight. "That's it!"

Slowly, I pulled myself up onto the nearest tree branch, wary eyes never leaving her face. When I had settled onto the warm wood, I relaxed a bit. I had the higher ground. It felt a little safer, a little stronger.

Miss Amy smiled met my defiant gaze with solemnity. "Thank you."

I ducked my head and managed a half-smile.

Her expression changed a bit, and I could tell she was studying me. Trying to figure out what I was.

We stood there for I don't know how long, neither one of us willing to break the silence.

Finally, she spoke. "I've never heard of any creature like you," she said. "Are you the only one?"

I dipped my chin slightly. Yes.

her brow furrowed. "But...isn't that lonely?"

I didn't move. I had Lisa, and Shadow, and the others. I didn't need anyone's pity.

Miss Amy nodded slowly. I had a feeling she was seeing a lot more than I wanted her to.

"well, again, thank you," she said. A grin lurked in the corners of her mouth. "Thank you, Dragoness."

I grinned at that. That I was.

I leapt off the branch (a tricky business, that) and shoved myself back into the air, skimming the cliff and heading back for the clouds.

As I swooped around the air current, I saw two terrible eyes, lurking in the cave.

Any hope I had at hiding the incident vanished.

Oak, the alpha, had seen it all.

i was in trouble.

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The suspense is killing me XD

This is such an awesome story! :D  I can't wait for more! Your writing is so good. The action, the suspense, the description, it's all great. :D




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Thanks! And welcome to my fanfic thread :)

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Thanks for the welcome :)

I have a human/dragon hybrid character too, so seeing someone actually write such a well done story about one is really cool :)

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hehehe...hello, Oak

I tossed and turned in bed that night, too wound up to sleep. The moon was full and the night was still. Clouds scudded accross the mountains; the perfect night for flying. But that meant facing Oak, and I was too nervous to do that.

For starters, i had no idea where I stood with him. Was I one of his dragons, like Shadow? An unruly ally? Or was I something foreign, to avoided? I didn't know. And that not-knowing made it so, so much worse.

By dawn, I was so panicky and feverish I didn't care what happened to me, as long as it was over, and SOON. So I got up, got dressed (that always took forever), and set out to the pine circle, where the Night Furies made their nests. Often as not, he was there doing something.

He was there, waiting. He must have known I would come. And he did not look happy.

"You let yourself be seen," he growled menacingly.

I took a step back. Dragons can be the most amazing, most incredible creatures ever. And they can turn from adorable to terrifying in less than a hearbeat. "I know, and I'm sorry I broke your rule," I said, and I was. "But there was no way I was going to let an innocent woman die."

He hissed, and I shut up. "That was not the problem! I have no quarrel with your heroics."

I blinked. "My-my what?"

He snarled and lashed his tail. I hadn't seen him this agitated since I first showed up. "You could have run, you could have hid! You could have avoided the whole situation, but no! You got tangled in those cloth-snakes (ropes) and let yourself be seen by a human, who now knows that we exist!"

I was shaking, but I lifted my chin. "No, she knows that I exist," I said stubbornly. "She never saw you. She still doesn't know, and she doesn't have to. And," I continued, voice rising, "so what if she sees you? What could she do?"

Oak sucked in a breath. The other dragons, who had been listening, recoiled. "What could she do? Humans nearly destroyed us once! They will not be given another chance!"
"And it was humans who saved you!" I cried.


"Noble One saved you. His humans saved you," I pleaded. "There are kind humans, good humans, who would love you, who would help to hide you! They don't want war any more than you. And yes, there are bad humans, but there are bad dragons too! Haven't you told me all about the Sea Dragons and their awful rage? There are monsters on both sides, but that doesn't have to affect the good!"

"We have hidden for thousands of seasons," Oak said stiffly. "It is not yet time to emerge."
"But it's coming soon," I said quietly. "The Dragontime is coming soon, you know that."

He bared his teeth, but ducked his head. "Yes."

"Then let the humans prepare! They can help you, the way they helped you before, during Noble One's time. Learn from the good so you can single out the bad. That's the way it used to be."

"Things have changed."

"Yes," I said quietly. "And they will change again. Protect your dragons, because that is what an alpha does. But don't hurt the humans by keeping them away. The dragons need riders, and the riders need dragons. Let the riders come, and I'll help deal with whatever else comes, I promise."

Oak's pupils widened slightly, then narrowed again. I knew he was watching me closely, looking for any sign of weakness, of fear.

I stood tall. I was no longer afraid.

He dipped his head. "Very well."

The dragons stirred. All were watching me closely. I had defied their alpha, and I had won.

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I WON--wait, really?

Wait. I won? I WON!!! I wasn't in trouble! Or banned from flying! Or mauled--okay, I was pretty sure Oak wouldn't do that, but I have a very vivid imagination.

Oak lumbered away, and I just stood there awkwardly, trying to pretend I didn't notice al, the catlike stares I was getting from the night furies, and all the little lizardy glares from the terrible terrors. I couldn't see the Flickerwings, but I was sure their beetle-black eyes were focused on me. The human that had challenged their alpha...and gotten away with it.

Don't mistak this for an alpha challenge; I wasn't their new leader, not by a long shot. No, the dragon hierarchy works like this: if you disagree with or challenge the alpha and you win the argument, you are afforded a certain respect and recognition. If that argument wins you a right or privilege, the respect increases. If you win the argument, earn a right or privilege, and the alpha agrees? LOTS of respect.

Just to be clear, this doesn't mean you can order them around. It just means they're more likely to listen to your requests. And the more you prove yourself by standing your ground, the more respect you are given. Even losers gain some respect for their fight. Not as much, but some.

I had just won an argument. I didn't really understand the heirarchy that well, but I did know that SOMETHING had changed. Dragons usually ignore humans, if they're not a rider. They don't stare them creepily without making any pointed comments--which, to be honest, was the weirdest part.

I finally worked up the courage to back out of the clearing and scamper away into the relative safety of the deeper forest. 

Shadow found me sitting on a rock, staring into space. "That was a bit terrifying to watch," she rumbled. "And such lovely comments on dragons and riders being together."

I winced. "sorry, Shadow. I just...I get it now. I would never want to be separated from you, and there are lots of humans out there who feel that way too, and they've never even seen one! I just...I think it's time to start getting ready."

Shadow lay down next to me and nudged me until I started scratching her neck. "As long as you know that you're my human, we're fine. Anne you're right; we need more humans. After all, the Dragontime is coming..."

"Only the King can save us now," I finished in a whisper. "I know."

"yeah, how do you know about the Dragontime?" Shadow jerked her head away indignantly. "All dragons know it instinctively, but you're still a human. And we never told you anything."

"I...sort of figured it out on my own. Humans have a different name for it, but it means the same thing.” I shivered. It was an eerie sort of ripple, beginning in my shoulders and spreading down my wings and tail. It was fearful and excited and longing all at once.

The Dragontime is coming...” I whispered again. “It’s’s coming...

”And soon.”

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The beginning of the end...

After all that drama, I had a (thankfully) uneventful fortnight of flying, homework, Lisa, and more flying. The weather was getting colder, which meant more low-level clouds, which meant--huzzah!--that we could start flying during the day more often. I tended to puzzle the dragons with my love of daytime flying. I'm sorry, but most nights are too dark and too creepy to really feel safe and have a good time. I much preferred a blue sky to black, and the sun to the stars.

But I digress.

Because you don't want to hear about all the nice, quiet times, when there was nothing particularly urgent to do and Lisa and I could while away the hours laughing about nothing. Nooo, readers enjoy suffering and hardship--and don't you try to deny it.

So I guess I have to explain where all the drama that unfolded over the space of about two/three years began. Maybe you can already guess.

Oak came looking for me on one of the warmer days. I had just finished all my schoolwork and was enjoying a lovely sun-bath on a nice warm rock with Shadow, when his shadow blotted out the sky.

"Up," he rumbled. "No, not you, Shadow. I need the Dragoness." (yeah, yeah, he didn't say Dragoness, but he was referring to me and I liked the title, so there.)

Shadow stopped getting up and looked at me thoughtfully. "What does he want you for?"

"No idea." And I was afraid to find out. But I followed him obediently into the forest. He was an alpha, after all.

We wandered into a part of the woods I had never seen before, where the trees almost blotted out the sun. It was shady and cool, with swarms of gnats waiting to ambush you when you least expected it. It felt a bit confining, though, and it puzzled me. Normally, I loved being outside.

Oak noticed my discomfort. He flared his wings slightly. "There's no escape. You can't fly here."

I glanced up again in dismay. He was right. There was no wing room for someone my size, let alone Oak's.

"then why are we--"


Oak was crouched down low, his hairs bristling. His lips were peeled back to reveal long, yellow teeth. I had a hard time not gagging. Dragon breath stinks.

But his fear was infectious, and I hunkered down into the shadows as well. "What is it?"


I tensed. "We have to get away!"

Oak turned to skewer me with his stare. "No. They come to hunt. We must fight."

Oh no, oh no, oh no. "We can still hide! We don't need to hurt anyone!"

But it was too late. The hunters had entered the clearing.

Now, I'm sure most, if not all, of them are very nice people. But at that time, they were more terrifying to me than an army of cyborgs (what? they freak me out). They were wearing camoflauge jackets and brown pants. All were carrying sleek, deadly-looking rifles.

Oak seemed to shrink. "Guns." He looked at me, a strange mixture of pity and stern-ness and fear in his eyes. "They come. They take our food. If they see us, they will take us as well. You vouched for humans. You said you would take care of everything else, if we would not hurt them."

Oh. OH. THIS is what he was referring to. THIS was why he did not trust humans. We had guns. We could kill with the twitch of a finger.

This was why he had wanted me to stay away.

But it was too late to take back what I had said.

One of the hunters must have heard us. His head snapped up. His eyes peered out from under his eyebrows and seemed to be piercing the undergrowth. This man knew how to hunt.

I couldn't breathe. It was like a nightmare, but I could never wake up.

"Help me," I whimpered.

"This is your purpose, little dragonling," Oak said, at the equivalent of a dragon whisper. "You fight for us. You hide with us. You protect us."

A tiny spark of...something...flared despite my panic. You protect. These were my dragons. No one took them. No one touched them but me.

The man gestured to our hiding place and lifted his gun to his shoulder.

You protect.

I sprang.

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Captcha. For the last time, I'm NOT a robot!

Eeeek!! This is getting so GOOD! Or wait... is that the end...? I HOPE NOT!!!! This is such an amazing book I would hate for it to end!!! :D

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*spoiler alert*

And she dies, the end.






Just kidding! OR AM I... >:D

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I protect

He pulled the trigger.

Now, i had shot guns a few times before. The crack had been jarring, but not scary. But being on the recieving end changed everything. I was the prey. The gun was my death.

The blast that the gun emitted when it went off was so loud it felt like every nerve in my body fired off at the same time. I dove for him and the gun, ignoring the shouts and cries of the other men. Something wet trickled down the side of my head, but I ignored that too.

The nuter hadn't been expecting something to leap out at him, and certainly not anything remotely like me. He could only scream as I yanked the gun away and threw it as hard as I could to the ground. I stomped on the trigger, broke it, and launched myself at the next one.

The next sixty seconds were a blur. I vaguely remember more screaming, the looks of terror on their faces, the agonizing terror each time a gun went off, and the fierce rush of relief when the bullet missed. I kicked, punched, scratched, and buffeted them until they were cowering together. All except one.

The first hunter seemed to have gotten over his fear of the demon in their midst. I met his eyes and I could see that he knew how scared, how much weaker I was than him. He smiled. It wasn't a kind smile. It was a You will pay for what you did to me smile.

He lunged and I stumbled back, my tail lashing for balance. he grabbed at it and pulled--hard.

I yelled in surprise and fright and then, I did something I can never forget.

I twisted in his grasp and dragged the barb down his leg--hard. It shredded his clothes and dug into his skin with a sickening, squishing, wrenching motion. Then something released, and it felt something like--and don't you dare laugh, this isn't a joke--when your bladder finally lets go of a lot of censored. It was such a relief, to get rid of this tightness I didn't know I had, and I shoved it away.

And then he started screaming.

His hands slackened as he collapsed to the ground, writhing in agony. I wrenched myself away and stared at what I had done. What had I done?

All the other men were watching and whimpering. They thought I was going to kill them. They thought I had already killed one of them, at least.

I wrapped my arms around myself, shuddering. "No, no, no, no," I whispered. I hadn't wanted this, had never wanted this. I was a monster now.

The screams stopped. The hunter had passed out.

I couldn't breathe. He had to be alive.

Mutely, I ran over and grabbed the least-terrified hunter and dragged him over to his buddy. The man looked at me with wide eyes, before he tremblingly reached to check for a pulse.

He relaxed slightly. "He's alive!" he called, then jerked around towards me and cringed.

Oh. he thought I was going to...actually, I'm not sure what was going through his head. Nothing good, i'll bet.

I backed away, slowly at first, then faster and faster. I almost tripped over the damaged guns--I felt a twinge of guilt for that, they must have cost a good amount of money--but kept going.

Right before I would have disappeared from their sight, I paused and turned.

They all stared at me, motionless, wary.

I wished I could tell them about the terror of the prey, the guilt of the attacker, and the horror of what I had done. But that might frighten them more than my eyes and wings and tail. And venom--I would definitely be talking to Oak about that. So I said the only thing I could say.

"Please don't come back."

And then I plunged into the tangle of leaves and shadows, before they could see the tears streaming down my face.

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Who needs sleep when you have...ENTHUSIASM ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

It's getting so good O_O.........

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And then I got my alpha...

Oak found me hours later, perched on a rock as I watched the sunset. The sky was the color of blood. he lumbered to my side and thumped down with a grateful whuuffff. We said nothing for a while. Finally I broke the silence.

How could you,” I whispered.

Oak cocked his head. “What do you mean?”

I turned to stare at him, eyes focused as tightly as they went. “How could you do that to me? Make me hurt my own kind? Make me...make me a monster? How? HOW?”

Oak licked his forearm thoughtfully. “I did not make you a monster.”

”Oh, really? So what do you call maiming for no reason?”

He winced a bit. The Draconian word for ‘maim’ his a whole lot harsher than the English word. But still he stared at me with those unnervingly solemn eyes. “It was not for no reason. You protect us.”

The words struck a chord in me—again—but I shoved it away. “I attacked defenseless people.”

”they had guns. All you had was—“

Venom! So kind of you to remind me! And when were you going to tell me about this little biological wonder?!”

Oak gave me as confused a look as a dragon can. “I thought you knew.” He shook his ears. “But it is a tool for you to use. To protect us from the humans and their guns.”

”why couldn’t you have attacked them?” I pointed out. “You could have taken them out in four seconds. But you potentially scarred me for life instead.”

I couldn’t have attacked them, actually,” Oak said calmly. “We must not be seen. And no true animal attacks without being threatened first. But by the time we are threatened by a human—“

”It’s too late to do anything,” I finished, understanding at last. “You must be seen or die.”

”And enough talk about dragons would make them come looking,” Oak continued. “But a dragonling? (Draconian) No one believes in such things anymore. They have lost their understanding, and their belief. They have lost some of their Good.”

”Hey,”I defended. “Humans are Good.”

Oak shook his head. “They are both Good and Dark. They do not always do what they are meant to do. They do not understand the Law as easily as we beasts do. And unless the Good in humans starts picking up speed, the Dark will take most of them down with it.”

I couldn’t exactly argue with that. But all the same—“I still wish I hadn’t had to do that.”

”And that is your Good, telling you the Law,” Oak said calmly. “But think. What did you really feel?”

I opened my mouth to rant about how awful it had felt, how cruel and unfeeling it was to brush this whole incident off. But then I paused.

Hurting the poor hunter, yes, that had been awful. I would never forget the blood or the sickening wrenching tear of my barb dragging through flesh. But before?

It hadn’t been exactly fun. I took no pleasure in the fear in their eyes. But I remembered the terror of being hunted, and how it had given way to pure determination. There was something about the thrill of being able to fight, to stand up for myself, to strike a blow at the other side. There was a fierce power, a strength, a...a....gosh, there’s a word for this in Draconian, but a lot of words have no suitable translation into English—into any human language that I know of, really. A...satisfaction? No. Ugh, this is hard. Anyway, it was not a Dark feeling. It wasn’t happy or cheerful or what humans think of as peaceful, but there was a core resolve and quiet(ish) determination. And if it wasn’t ​Dark, it was Good.

”I protect,” I whispered softly.

Yes,” Oak said simply.

I would protect. I would defend. But I would not attack first. I would not violate the Law.

I was a dragon. And yet I was still human. A bridge between worlds.

And I would protect it.

Until the time was right for the dragons to burn.

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OH MY GOSH!!!!!!!! *dies*


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It may be good, but you only have so many lives!!!
Keep going, please!



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Don't worry! I got this!

I'll keep supplying her with lifes is she keep losing them XD

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Flicker nibbled my subject to shreds

Hey, Blue! Welcome to the fanfiction!

And yes, I agree, stop dying, Bolt! <XD

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OH MY GOSH!!!!!!!! *dies* just kidding XD

No guarantees XD At least Dylieh's here to supply me with extras XD

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Nosy, meddling humans!...

Suddenly it was much harder to stay hidden. Hunters came about once every couple of weeks. i didn't fight them like I had the first group--that had been way too dangerous. A bullet had nicked my ear and now it had a medium-sized divet. Instead I stalked them and waited for them to take a lunch break. The second their backs were turned, I would rush out, grab a couple guns, and dart away again. I would smash the triggers and return them the next time they weren't looking. Every time, without fail, they would get spooked and leave. I felt bad for ruining their afternoon--and their guns. But I had dragons to protect. They couldn't come here.

It didn't help that the Flickerwings were constantly coming to me with updates about humans in the territory. The Sandias are a pretty popular hiking spot. Finally I had to tell them that if the humans didn't carry guns, they weren't a threat and the dragons could leave them alone. I was fine with scaring off hunters, but innocent families out to enjoy nature were a different matter.

three weeks after the hunter incident, on Wednesday, Lisa finally got to see her first wild dragons--a flock of Terrible terrors (and no, Shadow doesn't count. Dragons with riders are less skittish around humans than truly wild dragons). Anyway, she was thrilled. We spent the whole afternoon laughing and playing with them--and in my case, scolding them when their showing-off got too out of hand.

A week after that, I got a startling shock. Flicker came and perched on my shoulder, preening the way he always did.

i laughed. "yes, Flicker?"

"oak has a message for you,"  he chirruped importantly. "he says that the human who saw you has been coming back every week and going into our territory."

I stopped breathing. Couldn't Oak mean Lisa....? But he already knew about her and had watched her carefully. She was no cause for concern. It had to be Miss Amy.

This was pretty much a nightmare come true. The person who had seen me was looking for me.

"Can you...can you tell Oak that it shouldn't be a problem? I'll stay hidden, I promise. I won't let her see me." I hoped I could keep that promise.

Flicker nuzzled my cheek comfortingly and flew off. i shifted moodily on my perch before leaping off the branch. i wanted to be alone right now.

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Treasure spot

While many myths about dragons I can happily debunk--for example, they don't eat humans and they don't sleep on piles of gold--they do tend to hoard. The most obvious and worst-kept secret is that they love shiny things. Candy wrappers, cigarette lighters, quarters--you laugh, I've seen every single one--they all have a special place in the hoard. Honestly, it wouldn't even be that hard to get the occasional gold or diamond ring they find. Just trade them something bigger and shinier and they will happily give it to you (provided you can get your point accross. Otherwise they might just chase you away). I've had to fight(not literally) Shadow and Flicker and even Oak to give up trash that would hurt them (like candy wrappers and cigarette lighters. Coins are okay).

But even more than objects, dragons hoard people--humans and dragons. Once you become one of them, they will guard you ferociously, to the point of being suspicious of other friends of yours (e.g., Lisa). Dragon groups (packs? flights? hard to translate, exactly) may be made up of different species, but they would hideto protect the group (I really need to come up with a better name for a pack of dragons). Not even in the leanest of times would they dream of eating each other (dragons from different packs are a different story--but even then, it very rarely comes to that). In fact, the only times a dragon will kill another dragon is if they're from another pack and are threatening the other dragon's pack.

They also guard (though less fiercely) land. A pack's territory is theirs. You can visit, but no touchy--whether it be cutting down trees or eating their food without express permission. And within that territory, every dragon has one particular spot that is theirs. No one else is allowed in without being carefully watched for every single second (are you starting to see why Shadow was so shy when she showed me her special place?). It's kind of like their happy place. Dragons will guard that secret to the point of ridiculousness. I've seen Terrible Terrors play intricate games of chase to try and shake the other dragons off their tails so they can go visit their special place without anyone knowing where they've gone.

Anyway, MY special place was (yes, was--it'll all make sense, trust me) a narrow ledge, facing the west. The wind currents made it nearly impossible for any dragon smaller or larger than me to fly to the ledge and land safely (and even for me, it's tricky). You could climb up (but dragons aren't exactly great climbers--Oak has a way of flying directly into his cave), or even hike up--if you're willing to risk a potential run-in with a snake or cactus (haven't I told you these mountains are in the middle of a desert? It's like an oasis of life). But once you're up there....ahhhh. The wind provided just the right amount of cool, living air, the grass was springy and just the tiniest bit rough, and it was so much fun to dive off (there's an updraft in the area). Flicker couldn't (or wouldn't--I still don't know) follow me up there, so it was a guaranteed break from the near-constant updates of humans in the area. Mostly, though, I would just sit there with my arms around my legs and my wings slightly tented around me and just watch the sky. That place was alive, in a way no man-made structure could ever be.

That was where I went, after Flicker delivered his message. It was soothing, just feeling the wind and watching the sun slowly curve down. Finally, when the sky was amber-red, I shook out my wings and dove. It was time to get home. I could figure this whole Miss Amy mess out later.

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Wanna be a part of the story?

SO! Pretty soon I'm going to need a LOT more characters in this fanfiction! And since I'm too lazy (and my brain is too fried) to come up with like twenty new people, I want you guys to help me! Plus, it'll be a whole lot easier to write unique characters when they are created by someone other than me--it's easier to use a different personality instead of making them all the same.


So if you really actually want to have a character or two in here, pm me about....


-Personality (how they would react to different scenarios, e.g. a half-human half-dragon)

-Physical traits (coloring, length of hair and limbs, height)

-Code name (okay, but not really a code, more of the name you've always wanted)

-Dragon type (what type of dragon would best suit your character? No hybrids, needs to be one of the dragons in this fanfiction. To make this easier, I will be posting a small gallery of the different types of dragons....sometime).

-Anything else that is/isn't relevant (you have no idea what I might do to these poor people, so it's best to be armed with as much info as possible >:D )


You can make a completely new person, but honestly I what I want is a bunch of characters that most closely reflect real world counterparts (i.e., you).

Anyway, I hope a few people do this because I can't wait to show you what I have in mind!

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I'd love to give you a character for this- maybe an option of two or three :P


Don't know if I'll do 'me' but I've got a few people that would have interesting reactions ^^ Will post when I have the chance!


But if I accidentally forget and it's getting close to the time you need characters send me a pm and I'll get on it




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Yes, I would love that! Since so far only three people have submitted, I definitely need much more!

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Ok, great!

So I have two so far:


Patrick: (around 85)

Is an old man whose wife has long passed and his children and grandchildren are spread across the world. He's lived a good life and full life, with it's share of trial and heartbreak too (Fought in Vietnam, has terrible nightmares about the things that happened there and when he returned home was hated for going)

Patrick always knew he belonged in the sky. He learned to fly planes in the military, eventually got his own and spent every spare second (and penny) up in the clouds. The currents, updrafts and down belonged to the wings of his Falcon, they flew with such grace that the best of pilots would stop what they were doing and just watch. He could land the little bi-plane on a dime too, once moving maybe a single yard after the wheels touched the ground.



Flying was his one respite from the haunting nightmares that ebbed closer to him with every lonely day. Or it was, until he was diagnosed with terminal heart failure. The authorities took his liscense and the medical bills his Falcon. He tried hard to get over it; after all, the Falcon wasn't a living creature and he knew it. In fact that was the only thing he didn't like about flying, the machine could not feel his joy.






Joy (You can choose her age)

Joy is part scientist, part artist. Doesn’t talk a lot. When she does say something it’s super random, and sounds like part of a conversation that didn’t happen… at least out loud.

Whenever she goes anywhere she wanders and explores and delights in the simplest things. Like perfect fall leaves and rocks… when young she was very big on rocks and still has her whole huge collection of the most interesting rocks she ever found. She also collects coins, and keeps a mental note of every animal and bird she’s ever seen in the wild. Bear, wolverine, and caribou are three not yet on her list. Birds, bats and deer are her favorite animals. She can watch these for hours.

Joy also has a good sense of humor, and being a klutz she’s learned how to laugh at herself too. When she is engaged she can be a lot of fun- but that’s when. Joy is very very easily distracted (ADD level distracted) and has good days and bad.

She can’t stand hunting of any sort- whether it’s a human hunting or an animal hunting. She knows it a necessary evil but it hurts her heart so she’ll steer clear of any such conversation about it- and if given the opportunity will try to help the hunted escape. Deer are her favorite animals

If she were to stumble upon a dragon she would most likely stop everything else she was doing in life and put a hundred and ten percent of herself into learning everything she possible could about it.



Yeah, that's what I got right now. Feel free to play with these however you wish!


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Do you mind if I tweak Joy just a tiny bit? I have a really specific spot that would fit her character perfectly--the only difference is that she would be a bit better with people and enjoy practical jokes.

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Go ahead! I give you free reign of these two ^^

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It's gonna be poifect!


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Reading when I can, great so far!


If you still need characters I can probably think of something. How do you feel about twins who are completely opposite from each other? XD


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That would work XD I need about thirty to fifty characters so I will probably be always ready for more.

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Uh, Miss Amy? What are you doing...

Welp, it didn’t take long for me to break my promise. In my defense, I had a good reason. And hey, I lasted almost nine days, so that has to count for something, right?

Hmph. Anyway, like I said, it didn’t take long at all. The following Friday, I was running around with Shadow, not doing anything in particular, when Flicker zoomed up to me. He was so agitated he didn’t even bother landing.

“Urgent! Urgent!” he squeaked. “Human! Near! Danger!”

”Wait, slow down!” I said. “Danger? Do they have a gun?”

”No,” he chirruped solemnly, or as solemnly as a dragon can. “She is looking for you. Calling name. Danger!” he finally dropped into my cupped palms.

she?” I shuddered, then sighed. Oak was going to kill me. But I wasn’t ​planning on being seen. I would just nip in and see what was going on.

While I’m great at lying to other people, I’m not so good at doing it to myself.

I tried to leave Shadow behind, but she insisted on following, just to make sure I was safe. Her teeth were bared, her ears were flat with fear—but she came all the same.

We finally stopped behind a particularly thick bush and listened to the loud cracks and crashes thundering through the woods. Humans aren’t very stealthy, in general.

Sure enough, Miss Amy soon emerged. She was panting hard, and dirt was smudged on her face. Were those....tears?

She stopped and gasped for breath. “Dragoness? Dragoness, please, I need....I need help!” She turned and repeated her plea three more times in three different directions.

Neither Shadow or I moved.

”I cant find my son,” she continued. “He wandered off an hour ago, and I haven’t seen him since.”

Wandering around in the woods, off-trail? The apple doesn’t fall far from the tree.

I hesitated, then glanced at Shadow. “Well?” i asked quietly. “You’re the dragon. What is she?”

Shadow scrutinized her carefully. Her eyes were slit so small it was hard not to shiver.

“Sincere,” she announced. “She is afraid, I think.”

I shook my head. “She’d better be,” I muttered. “Oh, Oak is going to kill me.”

Shadow hissed in alarm, but it was too late. I emerged from the golden leaves and stood as tall as I could.

Miss Amy leapt to her feet. “Dragoness!”

I folded my arms and scowled. I would help her, but I didn’t have to be happy about it. “What do you want?”

Miss Amy’s smile faltered.

”You shouldn’t be here,” I growled. “And bringing your child....that wasn’t very good judgement, on your part.”

Miss Amy blinked, unsure or how to respond. “We weren’t bothering anyone,” she said uncertainly. “We like to go hiking, Conner and I. It’s a tradition in our family.”

I sighed. I couldn’t exactly fault her or her son for loving the woods so much. But all the same...”Just stick to the trail next time, okay?”

Miss Amy nodded—reluctantly.

”So. Where is he?”

She put her hands on her hips. “If I knew, I wouldn’t be asking you!”

”no, that’s not what I meant,” I said impatiently. “Where do you think he would go, if he was all by himself? He might have said something,” I added when she bit her lip. “You probably just didn’t hear.”

Light dawned in her face, and she looked genuinely sorry—and worried. “He did mention that those cliffs would be fun to climb...” she gestured close to my special place.

of course. I growled and lashed my tail. Sure enough, if I focused hard, I could make out a splash of blue on the side of the mountain. “Stay put. I’ll get him.”

She didn’t get the chance to say anything else before I jumped as I high as I could and started heaving. Gosh, flying from the ground is so hard. Another reason why dragons love mountains. Plenty of cliffs to jump off and air currents to catch.

I found an updraft and spiraled upwards, taking stock of my situation. The winds were sketchy around those cliffs, I knew, but if I could build enough speed, I could slice through them and pull up before I flew face-first into rock. It would hurt, but I wouldn’t die...probably. Ugh, why did Miss Amy have to come back!? She should have just stayed in the city! And now I was stuck retrieving her kid from a cliff—how did he climb that high?—and without being any OTHER humans, anyway.

okay, I wasn’t really mad at Miss Amy. I was just scared of what Oak was going to do when he found out.

I took a deep, steadying breath, and dove.

i almost didn’t pull up in time. The sun was setting, and the uncertain light made it difficult to judge the distance. As it was, I managed to land on the narrow ledge, avoiding the prickly bush, and catch myself with my hands before my head slammed into the cliff face.

A blonde boy no older than me jumped (an impressive feat, considering that he was sitting) and whipped his head around to stare at me.

I stared back, dumbfounded. When Miss Amy has said her son, I had thought of a ten-year-old, mayyybe twelve. But this was a teenager—and teenagers weigh much more than little kids.

Still, there was no pint in frightening him any more than I already was, so I forced a sunny smile. “Hi.”

He just stared. “ have wings!”

I rolled my eyes and shoved my hair out of my face. “Yes, how astute of you. Anyway, I’m here to get you down.”

The boy blinked. “How?”

i paused. “Good point.” Climbing down wasn’t an option, I could clearly see that. It was a miracle he even made it this far, honestly. There wasn’t a hidden path like my special place, was there?....nope. 

“I’m....going to fly you down.” I tried to sound more confident than I felt.

He eyed me dubiously. “Are you sure?”

My forced smile faded. “No,” I sighed. “But I don’t exactly have any other options.”

”You could just leave me here and go back to....whatever you do,” he pointed out.

I regarded him with mild surprise. Most teens don’t go straight to self-sacrifice when faced with abandonment.

”I mean, seriously,” he continued. “Why are you even here?”

i opened my mouth with a scathing retort—something about running to mommy—but I paused. Why was I here? I could have just ignored Miss Amy and gone on my way. But....humans don’t do that to other humans. People don’t do that to other people.

I shrugged. “I dunno. Maybe I don’t want humans running around my territory.” Or maybe I’m more human than I think I am, I added silently.

The boy wiped his hands on his pants and took a nervous breath. “Okay, then....?”

”A—Dragoness,” I caught myself just in tim

”Well, then, Dragoness, what’s the plan?”

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The plan was simple, if not very easy to accomplish. I would grip him as tightly as I could with my arms (legs and tail are needed for steering while flying) and dive off the cliff towards an opening in the trees, hopefully slowing the fall enough so neither of us died. Hopefully he would have the instinct to hold on instead of thrashing about like a demented bunny.

But me being me (aka too impatient to waste time explaining) I just smiled and gave him a hand to help him to his feet. "No screaming," I said, and, wrapping my arms around him from behind, I threw myself backward and pulled both of us off the cliff.

To his credit, Connor did not scream. He did, however, give a very loud, strangled grunt and yelled some very creative insults.

I would have retorted with some of my own (a personal favorite being 'frog-faced blob of camel spit') but I was too busy focusing on breathing and beating my wings as hard as I possibly could. Connor was heavy. Too heavy. This was too much too fast.

And then the worst happened. I felt a jerking sensation in my wing-shoulder, and then the searing fire hit me. I screamed and tucked my wings in for a vital two seconds to try and stem the pain. But when that didn't work and I saw the trees rushing up to meet us, I extended them as far as they could go. Then twigs were raking my poor wing membranes and my skin, and then we slammed into the ground so hard I saw stars.

Connor immediately staggered to his feet, shaking his arms and checking for various injuries. Other than a few scrapes, a puffy bruise on his cheek, and a sore throat, he was fine.

I just curled up into the fetal position with my injured wing draped over myself and took deep breaths. When the pain had receded enough to be bearable, I lifted my head to view the damage.

Everything looked fine, so I knew it was nothing major. No broken bones, which was good. I had no idea where to find a doctor who set dragon bones. But when I tried to move it, it felt wrong and the pain flared.

"Hey--you okay?" Connor was watching me with a mixture of fascination and concern.

I gritted my teeth and pushed myself to my feet. "I'm fine. I think I just pulled something."

"My mom's a nurse," he offered. "I bet she's around here somewhere. She could look at it for you."

I laughed, not an oh that's great! laugh but more of a not on your life, buddy sort of way. "Thanks, but I think I've had enough of people for one day."

Connor flinched a little and I realized my eyes were tight and focused. I forced the pupils to relax. "I think last time I checked there was a blonde woman that way," I pointed with the arm that wasn't attached to my bad wing. "Stick to the trail and you'll find her somewhere over there by a small pile of boulders."

Connor blinked. "That's it? I can go now? No payment? No special favors?"

I frowned a little. "No--actually, yes," I decided. "If you're going to go hiking or rock climbing, please just stay on the trail or in the designated areas. I really don't want to make this a habit."

Connor made a face. "But I like going off-trail. There's more to see."

Privately, I agreed, but I had dragons to protect. So I folded my arms and scowled--and barely winced.

Connor seemed to feel bad. "Are you sure you don't want my mom to check your wing? She wouldn't tell anyone, I promise."

"She won't tell anyone because she won't know," I said shortly. "And I noticed you still haven't made that promise."

Connor hesitated. "How 'bout I promise to stay near the trail and to not get stuck on any more ledges?"

I sighed. "Fine. Now leave, please."

He turned to go, then paused and looked back. "I don't want to be rude, but what are you, exactly? You're not a dragon, but you're not exactly human, either."

I shrugged. "Exactly. I'm a Draconian. Mind of a human, limbs of a dragon."

Connor shivered a little. "I'm not sure I'd like that."

"You get used to it."

He frowned a little at the odd reply, but a pointed glare was enough to prompt a hasty goodbye and retreat.

I turned towards my house wearily. Flying was out of the question, but it was on the other side of the mountain. I almost wanted to cry at the thought of the run I had ahead.

Shadow came slinking out of the trees and sidled up to me. She shoved her head under my arm and prodded me until I was lying on her back.

"Thank you, " i said as gratefully as I could.

I was too tired to do more than just hold on as she darted up the mountainside and down the other side, depositing me at my house and herding me inside. I didn't even have it in me to think about how angry Oak was going to be. I simply accepted Shadow's declaration that she was going to sleep here and guard me tonight, because I was injured and could not defend myself. She enjoyed pawing at the rug and cozy sac while I took the quickest shower in history and pulled on my pajamas. Finally, I forgo--foregoed? Forewent?--ignored my bed and just curled up in the curve of Shadow's body.

"Thank you," I murmured again. "This is the best night ever."

And it was. I slept deeply and without dreams. I was more comfortable than downy pillows and comforters, and my wing didn't bother me once that night.

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So since I didn't make a gallery at the BEGINNING of this thread (*facepalms multiple times*), I made a separate thread with everything other-information-ish on it. This might actually be a better option, considering how in-depth I can go.



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Saying goodbye

Oak, of course, had many things to say--ear, roar. Thankfully neither Miss Amy or her son Conner came back that next week; that would have exacerbated the whole issue. But he didn't punish me. One look at my wing and he didn't have to.

The membranes were slashed with thin pink scars. They started to fade, but even two weeks later they were still angry-looking. They would heal, though. With time.

So, thankfully, did my shoulder, but I was still grounded for weeks. A month and a half, to be precise. My muscle wasn't pulled so much as ripped. It hurt--and not just physically. Every cloudy day that was bright with sun, I ached to be up in the sky. Shadow offered to carry me, but I refused. "I really appreciate it, " I said. "really, I do. But I'm a Draconian. I have my own wings. I need to use them."

"But when?" Shadow implored, her pupils wide. "When will we fly together?" For a dragon and a rider are meant to be together, in the sky, as one.

"when I dont need my wings anymore," I said. "when the dragons are safe."

Shadow bowed her head. "I know. I just wish were a real rider and dragon, like the legends."

"And we will be," I said firmly. "one day."


About three days after that conversation (two weeks into recovery) I got a shock. Lisa was moving.


"Not this month," Lisa assured me. "It's still November, right?"

I collapsed onto me cozy sac. "It's December. You're leaving in..."

"Less than a month, then." Lisa sat down beside me. "But hey--it's not the end of the world. We'll MarcoPolo and text and FaceTime and stuff."

"But you won't get to see the dragons," I said heavily. "I can't risk that. I'll tell you about everything else, I promise, but I have to protect my dragons."

Lisa blinked hard. "Yeah, I get it. But hey, it's not for forever. Just a few years."

"To another continent," I muttered.

"We kinda signed up for it," Lisa sighed. "You're lucky your dad retired."

"Yeah." I shuddered. I couldn't imagine having to move away from my dragons. Actually, that wouldn't happen. I would have to say goodbye to my family as they moved away from the dragons. But that wasnt a possibility anymore, and I was almost old enough to move out, anyway. Just two more years...

But Lisa wouldn't be around to see it.

I reached out and hugged her as tight as my injured wing allowed. She squeezed back. We stayed that way for a long time. Neither one of us wanted to let go.

Finally Lisa broke the hug. We both sniffed and Lisa wiped at her face. We mumbled goodbyes and Lisa drove away. I refused to let myself dwell on it. "It happens when it happens," I told myself. "No point in worrying about it."

I did not cry. I refused to cry. There would be enough tears when she did leave. In the meantime, I had work to do.

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Oooo new person!

Hello, httyyd! Welcome to the club ;)

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Play is work and work is play

What, did you think I meant down-to-earth, serious work? Psh. I’m a Green Draconian—but more on that later. Anyway, what I really wanted to do before Lisa left was watch all the rest of the HTTYD shows and movies.

And so we did.

The shows were a bit iffy, like all tv shows are. Race to The Edge was my favorite. They seemed a bit off character in the Riders/Defenders of Berk.

But the real treasure was the movies.

The weirdest thing was that half the time, they actually got the Dragonese right. You could almost understand what the dragons were saying. Anything that I couldn’t figure out from their words I got from the posture, and man, did they say a lot.

Part of me hated seeing them all grown up. I wanted to yell at them to slow down, stay young for just a bit longer. The other part of me wanted them to keep going, to see what they were becoming.

HTTYD 2 made me cry. Stoick hadn’t died in the books, or in the legends. That was a blow. And the Bewilderbeast mind control reminded me of Tempest and his Red Rage. But the best part was the alpha duel. It showed a glimpse of the power and rage a dragon could give. And the roar at the end—I almost roared along—again.

HTTYD 3 was MUCH more of a roller coaster ride, though. But there was an underlying current of just wrong. This no longer had any semblance to the Hiccup of legend. It was just a story now—though a very good one. It was a bit saddening, and maddening, but still beautiful.

Shadow had a good laugh at the Hidden World. “Caves are not like that, glowing and perfect,” she said. “The cavern was dark and slowly filling with water. That’s why it collapsed.”

I shivered. I wasn’t too keen on the idea of being buried alive.

I cried when the dragons left. I roared along with Toothless as he commanded his dragons to leave—“Come!” But it felt wrong, so wrong. It was almost a relief to know it hadn’t happened that way in real life. Toothless and Windwalker never would have left Hiccup forever, and he would never have asked the dragons to leave their riders.

Bit I cried hardest at the moment when they started quoting the books. I recognized those words.

And when Toothless leapt aboard the ship, I shivered. For one brief instant he had turned into a dragon, a real dragon, beautiful and sleek and deadly. And then he was himself again, licking Hiccup all over.


“Was that everything you hoped it would be?” Lisa teased as we threw away our tissues.

I considered it. “Yes. It was beautiful.” I smiled wanly at her. “Someday, when you move back, I’m going to tell you the real story of the real Hiccup.”

Lisa’s eyes widened. “Wait, he’s real?”

I laughed. “Yes! The dragons still tell stories about him. They call him something along the lines of Noble One.”

”Whoa,” she whispered. I completely agreed.

”But just a side note, the whole volcano thing never happened,” I said. “At least the part with the dragon made of fire and surfing the lava.”

”what? But that’s one of the best parts!” She groaned good-naturedly. 


We spent a couple more weeks together. And then she was gone.

Oh sure, it’s not as bad as all that. We FaceTimed (I was in disguise, of course) and texted and all that. But I couldn’t talk to her about the dragons or send pictures of Shadow. There was no SNAPA here to protect me or my dragons.

Yes, I had Shadow. But she understood. I needed other humans, too.

Now I was lonely.

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Never trust a pair of skis

It was almost full winter, now. The poor city below the mountains almost never gets a kick of snow. It stays barren and dusty pretty much year round (terrible, I know). But in the mountains, almost all the leaves had already turned and fell. And there was snow.
My first snow as a Draconian! I added a fluffy vest and longer sleeves to some dark blue tunics, and made rather ingenious (if I do say so myself) bracers with thick, fluffy cloth. I still couldn't figure out how to protect my ears and nose, short of a full-on turban. Oh, well. I could make do.
The clouds were low almost all the time now, low enough to cover the the tops of the mountains. One morning they had sunk so low and thick they covered the city. No thing but pale golden sunlight and snow-white sky, and above all that, the mountains. Oh, we had a fine time that day, swirling in the air like leaves in the breeze.
Unfortunate for us, this particular mountain range had a ski course. So up the skiers came, and grumpily we receded a little. I was beginning to see why dragons regarded humans as nuisances.
Still, Shadow and I had a great time exploring the brights and shadows of our new world. It was harder to play chase--for me, anyway--so we stalked and pounced and laughed instead. We didn't splash in the stream, for obvious reasons.
We were romping about like this sometime early January, when suddenly Shadow stopped in a spray of snow.
"Ha!" I pounced and laughed.
Shadow just growled and flattened her ears, the body language for 'danger.'
I froze and listened. My human ears couldn't hear anything. But my dragon ears quivered with the faintest of vibrations. Not the normal wind-in-branches vibrations, either.
Someone was coming.
We dove into the shadows and watched with glinting eyes.
After a few eternal minutes, a huffing, red-faced boy in puffy ski clothes tramped into sight. His skins were clutched awkwardly under his arm. He kept looking around and stopping every few paces, like he was looking for something.
With a jolt, I recognized him. It was Miss Amy's son....Conner, that was it. What was HE doing in MY woods? AGAIN.
I growled and shifted.
His head jerked towards me, but he didn't spot me. Shadow had taught me well.
But I wouldn't get anywhere hiding. He already knew me, anyway, and the sooner I talked to him the sooner I could make him leave.
I stepped out of the shadows. "You again."
Conner's eyes went big. "So you ARE real. I didn't just dream it."
Drats. Had he been looking for me? "What do you want? And didn't I tell you to stay on the paths?"
"You did," he said slowly. "But all I promised was not to get lost."
"And have you kept that promise?" I pressed.
He had the grace to look sheepish. "Well, up till today. But it's not my fault! Well, not completely. I served off into the trees while I was skiing and I can't figure of the way back."
I shook my head. "You could have just walked uphill."
"I did! But I still can't find it!"
And now there were probably search and rescue teams out there tramping about. Drats. "You and--" I managed not to blurt out 'your mother'--"you're starting to get on my nerves." All I wanted was peace and quiet.
"I've only gotten lost twice in my whole life!" He protested. "You just had the bad luck of finding me both times!"
I glared at him. "More like YOUR bad luck."
He scowled. "Why are you so grumpy?"
"Why are you so nosy?" I shot back. "And while I'm at it, why are you so calm? Most people would scream if they saw...saw something like me."
Conner blinked, taken aback. I waited with my arms folded as he thought.
"Welll..." he said eventually. "Maybe cause it doesnt really feel real. It's one ever really expects to get lost, or meet someone like you in the woods. To have both happen at once, TWICE...its a little surreal. I'm sure I'll have an epic-level freak out later. Anyway,I'm really not being nosy, you're just touchy."
I bristled a little, but he was right. "Yeah, well, you would be too, if you were me," I said.
I pointed at him. "Nosy."
"Touchy," he retorted. Was that a smile lurking at the corners of his mouth?
I pressed my lips together into a firm line to keep from smiling back. I couldn't go soft now, even though....even though I was lonely.
No. I only trusted Lisa or my parents. Not a strange boy I'd only met twice.
But I still couldn't leave him to freeze. I sighed. "You're not going to listen if I tell you not to come back, are you?"
He considered it, then shook his head. "Not likely, no."
"Nosy," I grumbled, but I didn't really mean it. "Fine, I'll take you back to the Tram, but if you do come back, careful, would you? I don't need more people messing around in my territory."
He grinned suddenly. "So I can come back?"
I shook out my wings. "You can try, but I'm warning you, permission does not come easy around here."
"That's alright with me."
Oh, I'd love to see him try to argue with Oak. "Whatever. Come on. We're wasting daylight."
I got him back without further incident, Shadow following discreetly from the, well, from the shadows. Then we took off and savored the last few hours of sun before night fell and it was too cold to fly. At least, too cold for me.
I couldn't stop tossing and turning. I was nervous and worried. Oak would NOT be pleased that his dragons might be in danger of discovery. Again. And yet...I'd just have to wait and see.
I slept that night, but not well.

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Have I not tracked this yet?

The world you are building is so interesting! This is very well written ^^

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Why thank you! And glad to see you. Welcome to the club ^^

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All's well that starts well...right?

Surprisingly, he wasnt mad. Maybe he was starting to get used to he idea that some humans were going to know the secret of the dragons, and maybe he realized that it wasnt necessarily a bad thing.
Okay, fine, he WAS mad until Shadow bristled and said something in Dragonese that I didn't quite catch. Then he backed off and just told me to remember my promise.
Right. He wouldn't stop the riders if I would protect them from hunters.
Dragons dont recognize people's faces so much as their mannerisms and character traits and body language. The Flickerwings knew Conner and Miss Amy well--apparently they'd been tramping around off-trail for years. So when I got an alert that two 'pale' humans that sorta walked like them was in the area, I slipped silently through the trees, following my trusty dragon scouts until I was peering down from a thickly needled pine tree.
Yup, it was them all right. I saw Miss Amy say something to Conner, and Conner throw up his hands. Then she made a shooing motion with her hand and Conner disappeared into the white shadows.
Miss Amy settled down on a boulder with a thick book. I thought she was reading and started creeping back down the branch, when suddenly she looked up and winked.
She knew I was there! But then why....? I suddenly remembered our first conversation.
'Are you the only one?'
'But...isn't that lonely?'
She was setting up a....a playdate! The nerve!...but her intentions were good, at least. And...and I trusted her. I probably shouldn't, but I did.
So when she had turned her attention back to her book, I whispered a request to Flicker. He stared at with me with his curious beetle-black eyes, but he did as he was asked. A flash of wings and he had disappeared to find some friends.

I watched as a small flock of Terrible Terrors crept up on Miss Amy. They chirped and fluttered and squawked softly.
The look on her face--wonder and incredulity with just the tiniest bit of fear--is one that I will treasure forever. She gathered a small adolescent into her lap, cautiously, gently, and let it place a gentle claw on her face. She gasped and her lips trembled into a smile.
She looked up and around, trying to spot me again. "Thank you, thank you!" She whispered.
Hidden in my perch, I grinned fiercely. Oak was wrong to fear them, wrong.
I crouched and sprang into the air, needles raking my wings but to no avail.
They couldn't catch me any more than the wind could. I was free, free to fly, free to thunder through the air currents and spiral into the clouds.
I was free as a dragon.
Whether Oak was ready or not, it was time to share that freedom.

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The very first Dragonrider

I found Oak sunning himself in a weak patch of sunlight.

Something interesting about dragons--people THINK they are cold-blooded because the fly around alot during the hot summer months and stay close to the ground and less active during the winter. But dragons actually are the most efficient warm-blooded creatures on the planet. They can keep their body temperature constant in -30 degree weather (Fahrenheit, of course--celcius is asking a bit much). The reason they fly so much during the summer is because the skies are much, much cooler than the ground, and that body-warming system turns into a furnace. In winter the skies are too cold to fly, but that is alright because the snow makes a white world to play in anyway.

Anyway. Back to the story. Oak was sunning himself, and he turned to look down at me.

"What now, Dragoness?" he asked, part weary, part annoyed, all amused.

"You promised that if I took care of hunters, I could find dragon-riders, right?"

Oak rumbled uncomfortably. He knew where this was leading, but he was powerless to stop it. "Basically you are correct."

"Well, I found a good dragon-rider--the very first. What do you call him?" I asked Flicker.

"Conner," he whispered, except instead of 'Conner' it was the dragon-name he had chosen. 

I cocked my ears. "Good choice. Yes, Conner has been coming here for years and loves nature. He's even seen me--twice--"


Oops. Oh, well. "Yes. Twice. And he hasn't told anyone." I considered a bit. "And his mom..."

"Miss Amy," Flicker supplied.

"Oh, her," said Oak with surprise. "This Conner is her son?"

I nodded. "They are as alike as two peas in a pod."

Oak tilted his head and his eyes relaxed. "Well, then, Dragoness, your request is granted. This Conner and Miss Amy are welcome in the wylde's territory. Just be sure they know not to disturb the Mountainous Stormtails and Skrills--they won't like it."

I blinked. I hadn't expected him to give in so easily. But when a dragon says something, it means it, and I grinned fiercely. "Thank you, Oak. Thank you."

He dipped his head and returned to his basking position.

I sent Flicker ahead to lead me to Conner and almost flew across the ground. Shadow joined us and I quickly explained what was going on.The very first dragon-rider! Well, soon. First he'd have to actually bond with a dragon. But still. She could hardly believe it.

Flicker zipped onto my shoulder and crawled into my hair. "He is here."

I slowed and peeked into the clearing.

Conner was ambling aimlessly, kicking stones and looking around.

I stepped out. "You're back again."

He didn't jump this time. Instead he whirled around and an astonished grin spread across his face.

I kept my own neutral. "Remember what I said about permission?"

Conner's smile faded. "I know, I know, it doesn't come easy."

I nodded. "That is very true, it doesn't come easy. Most of the time."

Conner's eyes widened. They widened even more as Shadow prowled out from behind me.

I grinned as only a dragon can, wild and fierce and just the tiniest bit crazy. "Permission granted, Conner. Welcome to the dragon territories."

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yay for frens

Aww! This was a cute chapter ^^


Honestly your writing is so good; so smooth and filled with interesting phrases that carry the reader along without their knowing it. 

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Definite yay

Thank you! I always love it when people enjoy what I'm writing ^^

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*screaming loudly*

I'm curious to see what dragon Conner rides.....*thoughtful squinting*...>_>

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*covers dragon ears with headscarf*

Hrrmmm yes, that IS going to be a problem in the future...

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*gets out the air horn* >8'D

Innntteeerrrrreeessssttttinnnnngggg......*thoughtful squinting intensifies* >>_>>

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Tuesdays are a blessing and a curse

Before I'd...changed...I'd had a love-hate relationship with Tuesdays. Marching band had a two-hour rehearsal on Tuesdays that was long and fun and torturous (of course, I had to quit once I aquired certain appendages). Once I didn't go anymore, though, Tuesdays had just been another day of the week.

But day ever.

Because I wasn't alone anymore.

Every Tuesday afternoon, I would meet Conner by a large boulder deep in the dragon territories. He didn't know his mom knew about the dragons, and I decided to keep it that way. Every week Miss Amy would bring him on a 'hike,' get 'tired,' and 'rest' for a bit while he 'went on ahead'--which he would do quickly. Once he was gone, she would slip away to her own meeting place and play with the dragons.

So while he thought he was sneaking away and having adventures all by himself, Miss Amy was having adventures of her own with the Terrible Terrors--and they got into more almost-trouble than we did.

Look, it's not that I wanted the mother and son to lie to each other--but it made them careful. If Conner thought no one else knew, he'd be less likely to forget himself and start talking about it. Miss Amy understood my reasoning, and although she didn't like it per se, she agreed to the subterfuge.


Honestly, I don't remember the specifics of what we did. It was late winter/early spring, so we didn't do splash wars--at first. And certainly not flying--Conner hadn't found a dragon yet, anyway. But we did go exploring, and chasing Shadow (Flicker stayed carefully hidden--the Flickerwings were a nonnegotiable secret), and even paid a few brief visits to the different dragons. We bid a very polite hello to a Mountainous Stormtail named Crag (they tend to be grumpy even at the best of times) and a rather more friendly one with a few Deadly Nadders, Blue and Jaybird (okay, that's the best translation I can come up with, it was more along the lines of 'sky color' and 'bright rodent-with-wings.') He watched a couple Skrills from a distance but was very hesitant to approach them. There were a couple other Northern Shortsnouts around, but they're the shyest and most sensitive of dragons, so they steered clear. The closest I think Conner came to showing interest in a particular species is when he saw the Bronze Firescale, a long, snakelike dragon with large wings, short legs, and a fine mane of some kind of tendrils that aren't hair. But the Firescale, Cherry (bright-berry) didn't bring up the whole dragon-rider thing, and neither did he. So that was that, I guess.

Miss Amy seemed content with the Terrible Terrors. It was funny and a bit sweet to see her gamboling around with them like she was ten years old. Sometimes I would just watch her for a few minutes before telling her it was time to go. But in my defense, I wasn't the only one. I caught Oak watching her, more than once, but he refused to let him see her. Old habits hidehard, I guess. Thank goodness Shadow had no such reservations.

Okay, she did a little, but she trusted me completely, knowing I would never let anyone see her that might hurt her. But that was only at first. Conner quickly grew on her, and she soon accepted him as much as she had accepted Lisa. I think she might have looked forward to Tuesdays as much as I did.

It was the one day a week, a few glorious hours, where we got a glimpse of what it used to be like, in the days of Noble One. Dragons and humans together, as one, at peace. Free.

One time Conner and I got talking about different books and tv shows. He seemed surprised that I knew that kind of stuff.

"What?" I put my hands on my hips. "Why wouldn't I know?"
He turned bright red and coughed awkwardly. "Um, well, because...y'know..." he waved his hand vaguely in my general direction.

I kept up my glare for about two seconds before I burst out laughing. "Of course I know this stuff. I wasn't raised in a barn."

"Or by dragons?" he asked quickly.

I blinked, and for a brief second I had the disconcerting sensation of seeing myself through someone else's eyes. To someone who didn't know my whole story, I was a dragon-human hybrid that was half-wild and lived in the woods with the dragons that she'd lived with for...ever, really.

"No," I said at last. "I was raised by my parents, just like you."

"Except not really, cause they..."

I shook my head. "Just like you. I was human once, too, Conner. I wasn't always a Draconian."

I could practically see the gears turning in his head as he tried to process the implications of what I'd just said. "But...but then how--"

"Nuh-uh," I said firmly. 'No one gets to know that. WAY too dangerous."

"So then no one knows?"

"Not the whole story."

He opened his mouth to ask another question.

"No, nosy, no more. It's my turn to name a book, remember?"

He studied me and realized that I wasn't going to budge. "Fine. I'll leave it--for now."

I nodded. Good. "Story Thieves?"
"Yeah. Wasn't bad, but not my favorite."

"But it was so good though...alright, fine. Yours?"

He opened his mouth, but disappeared suddenly under a wave of black scales. "Ack! Shadow!"

"enough standing around and talking, you silly humans!" Shadow chirruped. "It's time for play!"

I laughed and joined the dogpile, dodging the flaring wings and playful snapping jaws. Conner joined in and we both dove on top of Shadow, knocking her over and creating a tangle of wings and arms and laughter.