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This is the Bs of the Dragonese translation alphabet. It will be updated the more I know of Dragonese.


If I have missed a word that you know, you can either respond on the thread itself, or by PM. But DO NOT REPLY TO THE POST BELOW!!


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Bad- thunderpuff
Beach- drybits
Because- parsk
Bed- sleepyslah
Bedroom- zuzzspot
Bee- buzzer
Beer- giggle juice, silly juice, wobble juice
Belch/Burp- gobfart
Bet- gamba
Better- perky
Big- giganticus
Bird- songmunch
Biscuit- sniksnak
Bite- yumyum
Bits- tiddles
Black- squidink
Blanket- snuggler
Blood- coozejoos, scarlet joos
Blue- seasky
Bog- runnersink
Bogeys- sniffer sludge
Bone- White branch
Bottom- bottibum (body part), dubblimuch (Underneath)
Bow- puckit
Brave- lack smart (lit. Foolish)
Breakfast- earlymunch
Burgle- snickle
Burrow- gaff (noun), duggle (verb; to burrow)
Burst- dodi