Dragon Training 101: The Whispering Death

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Dragon Training 101






Class: Boulder


Length: 95 feet (average) 


Weight: 2000 lbs (average)


Wingspan: 26 feet


Diet: Fireweed, Fish, Mutton, and Rocks




One of the largest and most aggressive dragons in the known

world, the Whispering Death will bulldoze anyone in its path -

literally - with its six rows of razor sharp, counter rotating

teeth! Although they are around the same level of difficult as

training a Changewing or a Typhoomerang, these dragons are

no different in their desire to be left alone, but bonding with

one proves that even the nastiest dragons can be trained. My

name is Jyharri and I will explain the basis of dragon training,

the Whispering Death.


Unlike most of the previous dragons on this list, the Whispering

Death is deemed a known killer and can be extremely territorial

around anything or anyone found in its holes... unless it is prey.

However, there are some secrets to easily train a Whispering

Death that may surprise you... I know it did me. Now, keep

quiet and listen up because you don't want to become the

Whispering Death's next meal (death is in the dragon's name

after all)!


Disclaimer: A majority, but not all information on the Whispering

Death can be summed up from my experience with Whispering Deaths

them, training, etc), so take these words with a grain of salt.


Step 1: Location


For a burrowing dragon, they can be rather hard to find. The

best places to search for them are in dense mountains,

deserted islands, and caves from around the Archipelago. I

wouldn't recommend going inside any caves, though.


Step 2: Teeth and Spikes


Once you discover the lair of a Whispering Death, take extreme

caution! Since the dragon is trying to defend its territory,

always stay at least 40 feet away from the entrance. Once the

dragon goes on its routine check, don't move a muscle, the

dragon has already caught onto your scent. After the dragon

leaves, routinely come back to that spot so that the dragon can

get used to your presence.


Step 3: Growing Closer


I'd wager that at least a month is enough for letting the dragon

get used to you before you go in with your broom. Yes, you're

going straight into the lair with just a broom... why? The

dragon enjoys getting its teeth brushed! After doing this for a

few days, and feeding the Whispering Death one of its preferred

foods, you'll be able to "do the hand thing." However, for

anyone that wants to speed this proces up, I'd suggest a more

active approach. Lure the dragon outside of its territory to

challenge it, avoid the deadly rings of fire and wait for the

dragon to tire out. Despite its aggressive nature, they are

deeply content in fair combat.


Step 4: Flying and Fighting


After taming your Whispering Death, be sure to give it time to

get used to you on its back - that's where the small, flappy

things are placed. Due to the wind pressure of the Whispering

Death's flying style, you have to make sure to hold on tight

whilst flying (I fell off one of mine once, and the end result

wasn't favorable). Pretty soon, the dragon will get used to the

flights, and the drill runs for training afterwards. Pro Tip: Never,

Ever, Ever push a Whispering Death to its limit when training,

that's when it'll get extremely aggressive. Assuming everything

goes well, you'll be able to win even the testiest battles with

your new ally!


Step 5: Rivalries


Along with several other species, your Whispering Death is

likely to have a rivalry with another dragon at some point in its

growth. In a case of the rival showing up, let them duke it out

alone, a Whispering Death can handle itself extremely well

without interference. However, if you'd like to help your dragon

win the rivalry, show yourself as a distraction for the rival

dragon, but no more than that. Hopefully, the rivalry will be

over before you can down a mug of Astrid's Yaknog.


Extras: Titan Whispering Deaths


When any dragon becomes a titan, it does becomes twice as

strong and aggressive than its broad wing stage, and the

Whispering Death is extremely aggressive at this stage. Like

with the Typhoomerang, the Whispering Death you've trained

needs time to grow used to its growth, and will become

extremely aggressive when provoked. However, unlike with the

Typhoomerang that leaves after attacking, the Whispering

Death may even try to kill you... again, extreme caution!




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As a Whispering Death enthusiast, I totall have to agree with your broom.  Since the Whispering Death has no tongue (I learned this in a quite horrifying way) food, and rock do get caught in its many teeth, often causing some discomfort. A broom will bring much wanted relief to the whispering death, unlocking an affection for the brusher that cannot be obtained in any other way.  Also, they tend to show their affection for you by roaring in your ear (which is REALLY LOUD), and curling around you to sleep as you are talking with friends (which is REALLY SPIKEY).  As my titan W. Death, Groundbreaker taught me, there is no dragon harder to train, and harder to hug.  Best of luck all you potential W. Death trainers!  Dont, DONT, forget your broom.  


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Much Appreciated

Aye, I wish I had more time to elaborate on the broom, but time was of the essence. However, I wouldn't say the same for the Screaming Death though.

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Thumbtack, bring back that subject!



May I add, under any circumstances, to NEVER, ever, use a dried dragon nip broom? Trust me kids, I speak from experience.

Infact, even though great to swipe around your hideout's floor, the dried dragon nip bristles aren't quite as good for a Whispering Death, as said plant releases a rather strong odor when put to dry out. Fresh dragon nip will cause this mighty Boulder Class dragon to simply sneeze, but you don't want that to happen with dried nip, with your head in the dragon's mouth, unless you fancy some fire in your hair. You may accidentally tickle the mouth of the dragon's furnace and there you go, all nice and roasted.

  I personally suggest binding some thin branches together on one end. Smaller than a regular broom (around thirty five- fourty centimeters should be enough for you to reach even the furthest rows without having to crawl in the dragon's mouth) this "minibroom" is easily attachable to your belt, allowing you to take care of your giant pointy tadpole wherever you may be! The wood should belong to the soft type: pine tree or fir should do. It's also the most common kind around the archipelago, so crafting yourself one should be easy and fast!

I wouldn't recommend a harder type of wood, as  I personally don't wanna risk piercing my Dragon's gums in the process. Pine tree also smells nice, so it should help improving the dragon's breath as well! (Doesn't quite work with my Thumbtack, though, because he's stubborn enough to keep eating sheep droppings even though he knows he's not supposed to)




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Wowza O.O

That's a surprisingly large amount of information that will be useful to all who chose to use the broom method. I am thankful without end! It would probably be best to dile down the stiffness of the bristles by using refined yak hairs, finely washed of course.

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Very Very true.  Having your W. Death say "HAAAKABOOM" when you're brushing their teeth is very undesirable, unless of course you're going for the singed/on fire ultimate dragon trainer look...

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Swoopin' In!

You have earned Doctor Alex's stamp of approval for this Dragon Training 101; perhaps the Prickleboggle learned a thing or two from this post, even though he's been with a female Titan Whispering Death for decades now. That, or he's just biased towards the species. Either way, well done as always. ^^ Might I suggest making a sort of "master thread" for this series? If it doesn't contain all the entries, it can have all the links that lead to them so everyone can go to the one they're looking for or have said master thread on standby for future reference; kinda like the Contents page of a book!


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Wiggles the whispering death ate my subject

Another thing to keep in mind is that even with the incredible territory aggression whispering d.eaths will sometimes live in family groups. They have incredible parental instincts and young will often continue living with the mother for a good while into young adulthood before their instincts kick in and they split off to start their own families. This can work in one's favor as if you make friends with one it'll be easier to make friends with the others but it can also be very bad if one forgets to check whether they are dealing with a mature individual or a family group. Panicking and running after finding oneself surrounded rather then with just one nightmare snake can trigger a group attack which is the last thing you want with any dragon species but espessully with a species that has more ways to k.ill you then most. Really I wouldn't poke a family without very good reason because depending on the individual in question the mom might be grateful for extra food OR she might be EVEN MORE snappy then most wild whispering d.eaths because she's defending her babys. In the second scenario it will be nearly impossible to safely approach the dragon. But....if you need a BUNCH of whispering d.eaths for something sometimes it can be worth attempting to train a family group assuming you or whoever you get to do the training is very skilled.

IF you DO need to mess with a whispering d.eath family go for the mom. The youngsters won't touch you if mama likes you. That is...at least until they start to near that breakaway stage at which point you'll need to prove yourself to any maturing d.eath that decides you're not worth listening to anymore or just let that one go to avoid trouble. The second option works well if you are fine with just keeping the mom and any stragglers by your side. If you don't NEED the whole group then it's really not worth the trouble as you will be kind of rubbing their instincts the wrong way otherwise.



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