Dragon Training 101: The Typhoomerang

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Dragon Training 101







Class: Stoker


Length: 109 feet (average) 


Weight: 8000-10000 lbs (average)


Wingspan: 201 feet


Diet: Fish, Eels, and Honeycomb





Brooding and aggressive, the Typhoomerang is one dragon that

you never want to fly across, unless you dream of being

torched alive! These dragons may be uncommonly found, but

they live of to their name for being one of the most dangerous

Stoker Class dragons known to mankind, but maybe there's a

way to tame their booming nature. My name is Jyharri and I

will explain the basis of dragon training, the Typhoomerang.


If you're up for the challenge of a dragon that has literally been

known to set entire forests into a blaze within seconds, then my

prayers are with you. Finding a Typhoomerang is one thing,

tracking and taming it is another, but training... oh my Thor!

Thanks for taking the time to observe my methods of taming

this dragon, however cliche they may seem to be.


Disclaimer: A majority, but not all information on the Typhoomerang

can be summed up from my experience with Typhoomerangs (raising

them, training, etc), so take these words with a grain of salt.


Step 1: Location


As big as these dragons are, they are surprisingly hard to find.

However, you have to remember that these dragons love to

dine on eels constantly, the source of their fire power, so forests

with streams filled with them or island with shores filled with

eels are among the best places to search for a wild

Typhoomerang. Just make sure you find it before it finds you...


Step 2: Caution, Caution, Caution!


Getting close to a Typhoomerang is not as easy as a Deadly

Nadder or Gronckle. However, it is good to collect an abundance

of eels before you try. as long as there's enough to fill the

dragon's stomach, you won't be on the menu too. However, an

alternate method that can be used is similar to pulling a

Monstrous Nightmare's horns to the ground, only you'd have to

wait until your chosen Typhoomerang tires itself out. Also,

make sure that the Typhoomerang you're trying to tame isn't a

mother! We all know how that turns out... then again, rescuing

an injured Typhoomerang works wonders on the skin.


Step 3: Forming a Bond


Once the dragon gets used to your daily presence, it will treat

you like you were just another part of its territory. Waiting out

the "possession" phase of the bond will be worth it because all

that guardship over you will turn the dragon into a loyal

companion. What I used to quicken this phase is gently talking

to it, making sure to let it know that I am a living being just as

worthy as a partner. After about a month or so, you'll be able to

take off with your Typhoomerang and soar the skies as a pair.

However, if the "possession" phase doesn't wear off, it is best to

try to fight it out with one of your already trained dragons in

order to keep the Typhoomerang docile. Once it knows you're in

charge, it'll become as docile as a Monstrous Nightmare on

dragon nip.


Step 4: Let The Training Commence


When you feel that your Typhoomerang is ready for training

without killing you in the process, the best method that I can

recommend is letting the dragon listen to your commands you

give to your other dragons, then instructing it to mimic them

accordingly. After that, fly along with your Typhoomerang on

other training runs to make sure its tornadic flames scorch only

the target. Remember to keep feeding your dragon the eels it

needs to fuel its fire, away from your other dragons of course.


Step 5: Give Racing A Try


Like all dragons, you need a way to burn through your dragon's

desire to fly around, as well as provide a competitive egde.

Now, a Typhoomerang is surprisingly fast - even able to keep

up with the likes of Toothless, the Skrill, and the Light Fury.

Although you won't be able to command your dragon to turn as

sharp as they can, the blazing speed after a slowdown is worth

a try. After all, both you and your dragon will grow to racing on

the tracks where speed is key on winning.


Extras: Titan Typhoomerangs


Although seeing a titan this rare is extraordinary,

when any dragon becomes a titan, it does becomes twice as

strong and aggressive than its broad wing stage, making it an

absolute challenge to stay in a strict bond with them. My only

recommendation, let your dragon discover this power on its

own, and wait about a week or so to check up on it. I'd done so

with only one of my Typhoomerangs within less than a week,

and he became extremely hostile and unpredictable. Only time

will tell with a fully grown Titan wing Typhoomerang, so be as

patient as possible.



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Wow, I wasn't expecting the Typhoomerang to be next. xD That dragon definitely needs more love! I'm enlightened as always and I'll be sure this'll be of use to me some day. ^^


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Im glad that you're loving this series! I am going to start posting at least 2 a week, every Thursday and Friday. And yes, the Typhoomerang needs as much love as it can get xD

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*Grabs popcorns*

Whoa! I love this series! You're so talented in this! Keep up with the good work! I love reading it!


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Aye, that I will! Expect another one fairly shortly today, I have a plan and it will come into fruition, have a Training 101 for every dragon in the archipelago.