Dragon Training 101: The Triple Stryke

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Dragon Training 101







Class: Strike


Length: 30 feet (average) 


Weight: 900 lbs (average)


Wingspan: 48 feet


Diet: Fish 



A stealthy, powerful, and cunning dragon, the Triple Stryke is a

strong candidate for the Sharp Class, but because of the speed

and ferocity that this dragon can land blows in combat, it is

purely a dragon built for the Strike Class, just as the name

says. Triple Strykes are known to be incredibly aggressive when

cornered and will give even the most talented rider a run at

their coin purse. If that wasn't enough, they are known to be

very defiant when it comes to training, lest the rider knows

exactly how to train one. My name is Jyharri and I will explain

the basis of dragon training, the Triple Stryke.


As the dragon itself knows how dangerous it is, it doesn't fear

throwing its weight around in a bout with other Strike Class

dragons such as with the Night Fury, Toothless, or the Skrill.

They are able to go toe to toe easily with these dragons due to

their extremely sensitive sense of hearing, their whipping tails

that can click into one for even more dangerous attacks, and

their orange hot flames that make even the testiest dragon

think twice about engaging. However, this is the perfect

challenge for a rider berserky enough to take on. Are you ready

to tango with a Stryke?


Disclaimer: A majority, but not all information on the Triple Stryke can

be summed up from my experience with Triple Stryke (raising them,

training, etc), so take these words with a grain of salt.


Step 1: Location


Although these dragons are rather rare, they can be sighted in

extremely dense forests and primeeval woods. Like most

dragons thta lead more solitary lives, Triple Strykes cover a

huge territory with several islands chaining, only leaving them

once in a while to find a suitable mate or are pushed out by an

outsider if unlucky. Unfortunately, I won't be too much help

here because their territories are way to vast to search.


Step 2: Run In The Mill Dragon Encounter


It is most likely that the Triple Stryke you want to train has

already heard or seen, or even slightly noticed your presense in

its territory. Sooner or later, it will try to confront you. When

that happens, do not engage and just run! And especially don't

have another dragon with you during these encounters lest the

dragon thinks you're never alone. Strykes take pride in taking

down prey, so "playing chicken" will eventually let the dragon

know that you are now apart of its range, and not much more

of a threat than any human. The hard part is not being caught.

However, another method I have found is helping the dragon in

a way that may surprise it, such as taking a thorn out of its

hide or distracting invading smaller dragons such as Fireworms

away for the Stryke to strike. This way is only if you are

fearless enough to do those things.


Step 3: Fate


One day, you will hear a roar of a rival Triple Stryke in the area

of your trainee's routine. Rival Strykes usually don't leave

unless defeated by the owner of the territory or a mated pair. If

you hear the fight starting, watch careful and see how your

Stryke attacks, defends, does in combat. If your dragon falls in

battle, the rival will attempt to throw the loser out of the

territory, and when this happens... STRIKE! It matters not how

you do it, just distract the rival to draw its attention to you

instead of its assured victory. If it is a titan, then Odin be with

you. What is most likely to happen is that you will keep the

rival distracted long enough for your soon-to-be-dragon to get

away or counter attack. In the case of a retreat, also retreat

with your Stryke to assist its wounds and prepare for it to take

back its turf, and in the case of a counter attack, work with

your new ally to push the invader out of the territory. Thishas

worked out for me and my Stryke, Nightwake, so it may work

for you as well!


Step 4: The Clicking Train


After a few weeks of practice and strengthening your bond, now

is the best time to train your new dragon. To initiate it, just use

somehting that will make a sudden sound such as two sticks,

rocks, or your own boot heels to draw your Stryke's attention,

then look away after doing so a few times and wait for the

gentle touch of it's nose to your hand. After that, now the real

challenge begins. Use the environment to your advantage to

train your Triple Stryke, hone its skills a lot more with a worthy

challenge, you. Using the clicks to let your dragon know when

to attack, coordinate, and cease are all apart of the attack



Step 5: Flying and Racing


Learning to fly with your Triple Stryke is as easy as riding a

Night fury, but can also be as difficult. Due to their sensitive

ears, all it takes is a light tap with the finger to tell them which

way to go, so verbal commands aren't needed as much with

other dragons, which makes them suitable racing partners and

battle ready dragons. However, what they make up for in

turning and coordination doesn't benefit them as much in

speed. However, these dragons are able to blast their wings to

atonishingly rapid frequencies which help make up for that lack

of speed. Recommendation: These dragons are best suited for

both ground an aireal combat due to their fighting spirit and

respect for their rider.


Extras: Titan Triple Strykes


When any dragon becomes a titan, it does becomes twice as

strong and aggressive than its broad wing stage, and for the

Titan Triple Stryke, it takes on a whole new meaning of change.

These dragons get extremely aggressive when they first titan

up, shooting anything that moves, going on a rampage of sorts.

Unlike most of the drgaons I've mentioned so far, take this very

seriously because you could lose your Stryke if it completely

forgets who you are. The best way to do that is by avoiding his

or her attacks and using the clicks you used when training to

remind your dragon, your companion, that you are there for

them. I'd wager the average this takes is around 2 months until

your dragon is able to control itself.



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Oh I've missed these so much! I'm so glad a new one's finally come out, and right on time for Dreadfall too; around the time the Triple Stryke got its Titan stage! Polar approves of this Dragon Training 101, even if he doesn't qualify as a "typical" Triple Stryke.



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