Dragon Training 101: The Timberjack

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Dragon Training 101







Class: Sharp


Length: 60 feet (average) 


Weight: 900 lbs (average)


Wingspan: 90 feet


Diet: Fish and Wood Flakes



A dragon about as ancient as the Berkian Archipelago, starting

legends of a massive beast able to rips forests asunder with its

massive wings, the Timberjack is a true behemoth of its class,

and doesn't disappoint a rider that wants to train both a

powerful and defensive dragon. A very calming creature at first

sight with the way its wings flow through the air as it glides,

but don't be foolish in your approach due to this knowledge

because Timberjacks are among some of the more difficult

dragons to train rather than tame. My name is Jyharri and

I will explain the basis of dragon training, the Timberjack.


The living persona of a giant, living kite, the Timberjack is

among one of the largest dragons that have a sweeping 

wingspan in proportion to its body, a group which includes both

the Typhoomerang and the Starstealer (oc dragon, will get into

that 101 later). These dragons are known to rival a

Typhoomerang in air combat, despite being smaller, and are

able to pull off attacks that would impress Hiccup himself, such

as the dreaded Fire Nova. Keeping all this info in mind, just

being near this dragon while it dances is a danger, but there are

several ways to get close enough to snag the itch it has been

trying to claw at for ages.


Disclaimer: A majority, but not all information on the Timberjack can

be summed up from my experience with Timberjacks (raising them,

training, etc), so take these words with a grain of salt.


Step 1: Location


Although it is a fairly common sight in Berk's Archipelago, these

dragons have proved themselves as elusive as the Furies, not

wanting to be found and living their lives kindling wood with

their oil based flames. However, some good places to search

are in Dense Forests and Forest Filled Mountain Peaks.


Step 2: Observing from Afar


Once you've found yourself a Timberjack, make sure you stay

in sight of the dragon instead of the opposite. As this dragon 

dances, if it sees a threat in its territory it will attack - to kill. I 

recommend bringing offerings to scatter throughout the 

dragon's territory such as fish and other delicacies like honey. 

The dragon will grow used to your scent once it is continuously 

fed and looked after, just as you will still do for your new

friend. I can't concur when it is time for you to meet face to

snout with the wild dragon, but if all goes succesfully, the

dragon won't attack you on sight, but growl instead.


Step 3: To Itch or Not To Itch


Once the dragon accepts your presence, it will circle you as a

chieftain inspects a sulky recruit - but fear not! This is only a

test to see if you're worthy of the dragon's trust (plus: one

wrong move and you're pretty mucn flayed). After the

inspection, the dragon will lay on its back to let you climb on. It

is your job to find the itch that the dragon has desired to

scratch. Of course, this is something I can only say that you

can figure out on your own, and that'll will be the once chance

you get in a week to attempt to cleanse it. You'll definitely know

this because the Timberjack will simply twitch its wings and the

forest is sliced in half.


Step 4: Taming and Training


Once you are able to find the itch and neutralize it, the

Timberjack will shake you off of it and face you with a snare.

Hold your arm out as you would a noble of the Whispering

Trees and wait for the dragon's signal. If it brethes on your

hand, the that will be the time to "do the hand thing." If it

doesn't then repeat steps 2 and 3 until it does. For riding the

dragon, and training, basic commands work, but throwing an

oil-wood solution at the target, then administering the

command, is what draw the Timberjack into a fighting mood.

This solution can be made by hand, or by visiting Gothi.

However, since I've only had experience with one Timberjack,

the rest is up for you to decide.


Step 5: Traveling Solo


As a gliding dragon, the Timberjack can go days and weeks

without stopping for a rest - sometimes months in the case of

my only Timberjack, Forestia. However, it will take a while for

your dragon to get used to your other dragons, so I recommend

flying solo so you can tell your new friend about your previous

dragons - their traits, mannerisms, and talents. Then, and only

then, will your Timberjack be able to manage fine with your

other dragons.


Extras: Titan Timberjacks


When any dragon becomes a titan, it does becomes twice as

strong and aggressive than its broad wing stage, and this is 

prevalent in the Titan Timberjack. Not only are its wing claws

sharp, but its entire wing lining with razor sharp scales. Getting

close to your timberjack during its growth is highly not

recommended, just like with many titans. However, when the

dragon has mastery over its new powers, it will come find you

and display them with extreme grace. I still await for the day 

that Forestia becomes a Titan, but our relationship so far has

proved rough. I hope that all information will be useful in

subduing one of these magnificent creatures.


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My dragons took my subject from me

This is very well written, Rider Jyharri. 

I hope to someday know as much about dragons as you do, but I have got a long way to go until I do. Please don't stop posting these Dragon 101's, becauase they are absolutely fantastic. 





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Much Obliged

Thanks NightNadder06, and I will continue to keep making these 101's until I have covered every dragon tameable and trainable in the Archipelago :) and yes, you'll soon have enough dragon knowledge to maybe counteract mine!

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Swoopin' In!

Timberjacks are such elegant dragons, of only they had more screentime in the series (at least there's a ton in the Hidden World). Good read as always! *thumbs up*


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I am glad you still enjoy these, as they are becoming more and more frequent now. Already have another for the Stormcutter and one WIP for the Speed Stinger, a Sharp Class friday XD

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Actually, I've been thinking about doing a DT 101 on those two for a while now, but I still need time to gather the information necessary. I'd estimate at least a pair of days haha

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Hi! :)

I always look forward to seeing your posts! Very informative. :)



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I do what I can x3

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Oh wow! I had quite a good time reading your guide! It's amazingly done, so congrats


Timberjacks are one of my top 3 favorite dragons, I have my Aleluyah, and she is a great ally, no matter for training, or adventuring, they're surprisingly good at racing, even againsgt furies, if you really do manage to drive them correctly and handle their turns they become just as good as a typhoomerang, in fact, these are a little harder to drive, 


I'll make sure to read all of your 101's guides!