Dragon Training 101: The Stormcutter

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Dragon Training 101








Class: Sharp


Length: 40 feet (average) 


Weight: 2500 lbs (average)


Wingspan: 55 feet (diagonally)


Diet: Fish



An agile and mannered beast, the Stormcutter is a proud

representative of all Sharp Class dragons in being both

dangerous and incredible in nature. These dragons are fairly

rare and hard to comeby, but they are not impossible to deal

with. Once one tames and trains one of these night owls, thye

will have a strong bond that will last for years and years to

come. DO you have what it takes to train a Stormcutter? Now's

the time to find out. My name is Jyharri and I will explain the

basis of dragon training, the Stormcutter.


The owl like Stormcutter is a very powerful dragon that has

mastered the art of maneuvering in the air, and evading

capture. Around as intelligent as a Fury or Skrill, these dragons

know how to outwit even the most dangerous dragon hunters,

as well as being able to blast their wares to bits! It takes a

certain skill to training these dragons which involves patience,

kindess, and a buildup of trust and knowledge. I have trained

many Stormcutters in my day and know my way around an

extremely aggressive one, so this advice would be essential for

building up the relationship with your crime fighting partner.


Disclaimer: A majority, but not all information on the Stormcutter can

be summed up from my experience with Stormcutters (raising them,

training, etc), so take these words with a grain of salt.


Step 1: Location


Like mentioned previously, these dragons are exceptionally

hard to find, and can grow to massive proportions. The best

places to find them are on the Unnamed Island, in extremely

dense woodlands. However, some Stormcutters can be seen

soaring fairly high in the air at either dusk and dawn.


Step 2: Forming a Relationship


Once you find the Stormcutter you want to train, make sure

that there are no other rival dragons in the area before

introducing yourself. I'd recommend bringing a tough stick for

you to handle when you're in contact with the dragon - as well

as a few fish to appease it. When the dragon comes to confront 

you, stay calm and treat the gesture as a dignified judgement.

If all goes well, then offer the branch you've brought with you

to the Stormcutter, this should prompt the dragon to fire at it

with its tornadic fire spin. Try to hold onto the stick as long as

you can to give it to the Stormcutter directly, then it should

fully take it away from you and place it down.


Step 3: Growing Ever Closer


The Stormcutter is a proud and noble creature, so its behavior

matches the length of the bonding process - lower levels of

proudness means less of a time to tame, but will lead to a less

responsive Stormcutter during flight. This is why I'd

recommend going after a high "nobility" stormcutter. During

the next few weeks of the bonding process, only feed your

dragon once it requests it and never leave it alone under any 

circumstance until you are able to pet its crest. I've learned my

lesson with leaving a Stormcutter unattended while bonding -

they flee instantly. Saving the dragon's life time and time again

will aid in the bond.


Step 4: Dragon Hierarchy


Once you've brought your new dragon to its home, be aware

that you are now its alpha (to an extent) and it will fight

savagely to maintain its place as top dragon. Whenever this is

about to happen with one of your other dragons, there are two

options you have to maintaining control. One: Run into the path

of the Stormcutter and the other dragon and block them off

from each other. This may be dangerous since they are... well,

dragons, but once the Stormcutter sees that it is not truly

second in command yet, it will back down with your influence

and not attempt another challenge for at least a week. Two: Let

your dragons brawl until you see who may be the victor before

the fight ends, then whistle or signal your previous dragon to

back down, letting the Stormcutter know that it has won.

However, whatever route you choose will lead to a positive

outcome in the long run.


Step 5: Racing and Combat


Like a few in its elite class, Stormcutters are considered one of

the fastest maneuverable dragons, and can even challenge a

Skrill in a one on one fight. For a racing Stormcutter, teach it to

listen to even the slightest hand's wave in order to spin, speed

up, turn and dive with extreme accuracy. For combat, verbal

commands are suitable, but I'd recommend using the same

stick you've used during the early stages of the tmaing process

in order to direct your dragon to and from your enemies.


Extras: Titan Stormcutters


When any dragon becomes a titan, it does becomes twice as

strong and aggressive than its broad wing stage, and the Titan 

Stormcutter is the most unique on this regard. Except anything

and everything with this titan, from mood swings to fiery

outbursts toa tranquil and calming drgaon for anyone to handle.

Basically, it is nion impossible to predict what your Titan's

behavior will be even if you know your dragon from the day it

was first trained. Caution, caution, caution.


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Swoopin' In!

I'll be honest, I don't think I've clicked on a Dragon Training 101 as fast as I did with this one; I love my four-winged owl babies. That stick tactic actually sounds kinda fun. . .but knowing my luck, Moonlight would quickly intervene and take the stick the moment he sees it on fire. Also a little side note, their gagging reflexes can come in handy for training other dragons; maybe it's just because Moonlight is gigantic but he's like a fire breathing vending machine and I've managed to train a few dragons with his lunch. . .I can feel him staring me down for that. Those that didn't take the fish at least saw it as a kind gesture and at least trusted him more, making the training process substantially easier. This tactic is only qualified for the finest of Stormcutter riders; I don't think a Stormcutter you've just bonded with would be willing to make a sacrifice like that. xD Oh, and be sure to give your Stormcutter extra chin and chest scratchies; most of my Stormcutters like to be scratched and whatnot in at least one of those places. ^^


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I'm Impressed

With all that you have mentioned today, I believe that you're one of the most expertized in Stormcutter training. I agree that some Stormcutters wouldn't be willing to make that sacrifice, but my second eldest Titan, Kinnara, made that sacrifice when she was still a broad wing, and I am still thankful to this day for that. I'll give a few of my younger Stormcutters scratches sooner or later, just have to wait until they return home.

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Swoopin' In!

Yes, having an army of them definitely helps. XD Oh, and having an. . .expressive dragon like Moonlight also helps. If you don't know something, just ask the source right? He'll find a way to get his point across. . .anyways, it appears Kinnara is a generous soul. ^^ Moonlight would give a thumbs up if he actually had thumbs.

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X, Striker... put down my subject... its that or no toilet

Tbhm this is probably one of the few Dragon 101’s I’ve ever read thoroughly (no offence intended), so much more to be learned about our derpy owl friends, i just luv stormcutters ok? ;-;

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Haha, None Taken

It was about time that the Stormcutter was introduced since I really like Stormcutters as well as the next person. I hope that you've learned something neat from it! :D

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*Grabs popcorns*

I have 4 of these majestic beasts, one of them is a powerful titan. Thanks to these tips, i will be able to finally race with them! I wasn't that good before, thanks for the tip!


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Aye, You're Welcome

If you have any questions on the Stormcutter or any other dragons, I'll most likely be making a Question Hub at the bottom of all my posts to answer them one of these days

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Well that explains why my Titan is such a handful. O.o

I found Hedwig as an egg which I hatched and while she was a baby, she was really good....I mean as good as any baby dragon can be. Shy, but curious and even a bit mischevious at times as she grew. We developed a very strong relationship based on mutual trust and she has been one of my favorite companions on patrols and expeditions. Always by my side and even helping me keep other dragons in line.

But as a titan, I feel she likes to stand up to me a bit more often than I like. And question my leadership. Can be quite challenging to deal with when she has one of those moments. But a second later she will go back to being my loyal companion (which she always is, even when she has one of her mood swings).

I noticed that when she is ornery, a salmon or two almost immediately fixes her mood. I guess, noble or not, every dragon (or most) loves their fish. :D