Dragon Training 101: The Skrill

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Dragon Training 101






Class: Strike


Length: 36 feet (average) 


Weight: 700 lbs (average)


Wingspan: 46 feet


Diet: Sheep



Skrills are one of the most feared and untrainable dragons known to vikings, yet they can be tamed and directed by the right viking... My name is Jyharri, and I will explain the basis of dragon training, the Skrill. 


The Skrill is one of the few, if not only, dragon that can go head to toe with the Night Fury in speed, strength, and inteliigence. They have been known to hold grudges with enemies for decades at a time. Even if gaining a skrill's trust wasn't bad enough, you will still have to deal with the lightning and fury before and after the taming process. 


Disclaimer: A majority, but not all information on the skrill can be summed up from my experience with Skrills (raising them, training, etc), so take these words with a grain of salt. 


Step 1: Location


In order to find a skrill to train, you must make sure you're looking in the right places. Skrills prefer solitude and stormy weather, hence their ability to redirect lightning. The best places to search are high mountain peaks in the Barbaric Archipelago.


Step 2: Cloak and Dagger (literally)


Before even considering getting close to this... this incredibly aggressive and territorial dragon, make sure to bring a metal dagger with you. As seen by example of the recently deceased Viggo Grimborn, metal daggers draws Skrills close to you and calms them, no matter how aggressive. Once the dragon realises you're not a threat, you can gently touch its nose to bond with it. 


Step 3: Strengthing Trust


Skrills aren't for vikings who let dragons learn from their rider's mistakes... do that to a skrill? You're asking fot a death wish. Always spend time with your Skrill, yet let it return to its territory to let it spend its alone time, all dragons enjoy that from time to time. 


Step 4: Training and Communication


Directing a skrill to respond to your voice may be troubling at first, but make sure use that dagger as a director for the skrill's next move. Point at the target like a staff to signal the dragon to attack. Once your skrill gets used to that, start using verbal commands with the dagger, then just using verbal commands. 


Step 5: Loyalty


Showing a skrill how loyal you are in an air battle, as well as proving you can defend its life countless time will help you and your skrill become a nearly unstoppable force. 


Extras: Titan Skrills


When any dragon becomesbecomes a titan, it becomes twice as strong, twice as aggressive, and in contrast to this dragon, twice as fast and DEADLY. it is important to follow the steps above with a shield in hand just in case a random thunderbolt is sent your way.




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Swoopin' In!

An interesting read! That dagger tip definitely would've been helpful for when I first got Thundershock. . .he's a good boy now at least. ^^; I look forward to reading more!


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That's good to hear. There will definitely be more on different dragons as well. I wish I learned the dagger trick when training my first skrills, Blitzkrieg and Astalos. 

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For some reason my skrill

For some reason my skrill Taranis loves to cuddle....he always ends up shocking me though... He is also very territorial over the chickens at my farm... I've stopped questioning it XD



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It's good that you bonded with your skrill so affectionately. The chicken thing may either be temporary or... maybe Tuffnut's chicken... oh, nevermind. 

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That is one epic backstory for your character. Are you going to make a storu about it? If so, I'd be more than interested to read it. 

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Thanks!  I have a story about how Raineir found Flash on Fanfiction.net.  My username on there is Raineir Feralsome. The story is titled Wings of Lightning. It's a rather short one, but I have one about it in my signature on here.

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DT 101: Update

A new video has been made to represent this dragon, give it a watch if you'd like to hear me meldiously talk about my favorite dragon. More update videos will be coming soon:


Link: https://youtu.be/L1XDNTkF8r0