Dragon Training 101: The Singetail (repost)

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Dragon Training 101







Class: Stoker


Length: 150 feet (average) 


Weight: 1800 lbs (average)


Wingspan: 300 feet (combined)


Diet: Fish (Ice Tail Pike)



Aggressive, territorial, slightly peckish and even more

aggressive on a good day, the Singetail is one of the

Archipelago's most feared dragons. Able to breathe fire from

literally all directions, there's amost nothing that can counter an

enraged Singetail. However, these dragons aren't all that they

are made out to be, and tend to be as tame as kittens and even

lazier when they are by themselves or with their allies. With the

experience I have gathered from training Singetails, I will help

you counter the blazing fury on wings. My name is Jyharri

and I will explain the basis of dragon training, the Singetail.


The hyper and aggressive Singetail are the definition of a

dragon fuming both inside and out, and they will no slow

themselves to showing how much they can burst! These

dragons are able to shoot fire from not only their mouth but

their gills and tail as well. Furthermore, Singetails are very

prompt when claiming a territory, whenever that may be and

whoever is around, be it dragons or vikings alike. But like I

have said before, these magnificant creatures do have a softer

side and a few unknown weaknesses that not many truly know

about. I will explain to the best of my ability how to handle a

wild Singetail at its prime so you may have the chance to ride

on a dragon that will be very loyal, protective, and shall defend

you from all sides.


Disclaimer: A majority, but not all information on the Singetail can

be summed up from my experience with Singetails (raising them,

training, etc), so take these words with a grain of salt.


Step 1: Location


There are a few locations where you can find wild Singetails.

That includes islands like Storehouse Island or the Unnamed 

Islands. However, a much safer bet from my point of view is

searching for them (and you) is on Dragon's Edge.


Step 2: Distance Tracking


Once you do find yourself a Singetail, definitely make sure you

are down sight and down wind of the dragon. They won't

hesitate to take you down on the spot. What has worked well

for me is tracking the Singetail to observe its traits and

personality. It also won't hurt to leave a few Ice Tail Pike

around to chill the dragon's tongue. This has worked for me and

Pyroral, my second Singetail. However, in the case that you do

see a Singetail captured by say hunters, it is best to let it go

and will show the dragon you mean no harm. It is best to stay

out of the way of flailing fireballs, but with time the dragon will

calm itself down.


Step 3: Dance of the Fire Breathers


If you have made it as far as being seen by the Singetail

without being attacked on sight, then you can move onto this

step. But this step does require for you to be extremely brave,

and make sure that you bring a mix of dragon nip, sagefruit

and Ice Tail Pike. When you approach the Singetail, it will

display its command of fire and it may appear to be attacking

you, but stay calm. The Singetail is testing you to see if you

can withstand the flames. The best way to do this is to slowly

dance around them as it starts, and quickening the pace when

the Singetail gets faster in its display. Once the Singetail sees

how well you have preformed, it shall stand tall in front of you.

Much like the Light Fury, offer it the gift you have brough for

the dance. Wait until the Singetail accepts before attempting to

climb atop its back.


Step 4: Agni Kai


Once you are on top of your Singetail's back, and when your

dragon does take off, do not try to steer it in any way. Pretty

soon you shall see a huge amount of smoke arising from all

around. The Singetail's allies will start coming from all

directions and WILL, I repeat, WILL attack. Now is when you

start to steer your dragon where you want it to go, dodging all

the flames and claws. If done successfully, and your Singetail

knows how you both will respond to the aggressing Singetails,

your Singetail will choose you as its newest, and more

understanding packmate.


Step 5: The Final Pursuit


I'd say after learning even more about your Singetail, it will be

time to start training your dragon to respond to more signaling

commands. Unlike most dragons, these dragons don't

understand words as well as say a Deadly Nadder or Monstrous

Nightmare, so the best way to do this is by using some sort of

sound, a unique sound that only your Singetail knows. This will

prepare both you and your dragon to meeting the other

dragons and any vikings that you will inevitably encounter.

Keep in mind that making sure the Singetail is tempered will

require multiple people and sometimes dragons to handle. But

soon enough, after a while of work, you Singetail will become

as it was like when it was on its own.


Extras: Titan Singetails


When any dragon becomes a titan, it does becomes twice as

strong and aggressive than its broad wing stage, and in the

case of the Titan Singetail, it gets twice as large. I am pretty

sure that I may not be able to handle such a titan since I have

not personally noticed Scorchy or Pyroral grow to that stage.

But from what I have heard, these titans are much more

aggressive and need much more space than their broad wing

stage. Other than that, best of luck to you handling if your

dragon becomes a titan.


(The repost is mainly to get the name in the title with I drowzily forgot to do when maing the first)