Dragon Training 101: The Psyquake

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Dragon Training 101








Class: Mystery


Length: 65-95 feet (average)


Weight: 4500 lbs (average)


Wingspan: 52 to 58 feet


Diet: Fish, Vikings, Other Dragons



Extremely dangerous, cunning and extraordinarily rare, the

Psyquake is a Mystery Class dragon that put the psy- in

psychotic. These dragons appear to have similar intelligence to

the Skrill and love to toy with their victim before landing the

final blow, confusing an enemy into an almost petrified frenzy

before it strikes. I wouldn't  recommend trying to train this

dragon, the natural rival of the Deathgrippers, a dragon that

uses every part of its frame to attack and confuse. They 

posses a small secondary pair of wings on their tails that aid in

guiding their almost fish hook of a tail at their targets, and will

use them to great effect. However, their is a light to these 

unique creatures as I have studied for years to find 

out. My name is Jyharri and I will explain the basis

of dragon training, the Psyquake.


Unlike other dragons, Psyquakes are the only ones that actively

hunt and kill vikings for sustenance. Furthermore, female

Psyquakes have been known to leave their victims alive so that

the hatchlings can learn the skills needed to make their own

kills. Worse still, there is no direct way to train these brutes...

but taming is another story altogether. The Psyquake may be

one of the few dragons that would actively hunt vikings for

food, but it is still able to be tamed temporarily before turning

on its rider. However, these dragons are still a valuable ally to



Disclaimer: A majority, but not all information on the Psyquake can

be summed up from my experience with Psyquake (raising them,

training, etc), so take these words with a grain of salt.


Step 1: Location


Psyquakes are extremely rare, like I said. However, the best bet

is to let the dragon find you rather than you finding it. With my

personal encounter with one of these dragons, I know that they

can get very loud, very brash, and extremely unpredictable if

they chose you.


Step 2: An Earsplitting Challenge


Once the dragon targets you, do absolutely everything that you

can to survive the onslaught. This creature definitely wont

make it easy for you, but if you successfully dodge and weave

and counter this drgaon, it will tire out eventually. However,

please take note the tenacity at which it attacks because they

seem to just not stop until they exhaust themselves. Once they

do tire themselves out, they will roar and take off to find less

tiring prey. Now is the time to start taming.


Step 3: Calming The Psychotic Storm


Once you track the Psyquake you're after, be careful when

approaching as the beast will still be aggressive to you. It is

highly recommended not to bring your own dragons with you,

lest a severe fight breaks out. I'd recommend you bring some

large cuttings of dragon root in order to calm the Psyquake

down. Dragon nip just won't work. Once you reach the point

where the dragon won't go after you on sight post feeding the

dragon root, it will be a good chance to attempt to "do the hand

thing." But be extremely careful, sometimes Psyquakes pretend

to be wooed by your acts of kindness in order to lure you in as

easier prey. Once you are for sure it is not playing around, try

to bond with it.


Step 4: Bonding Ties


It may take months or even a year to fully calm down a

Psyquake, but once that moment comes the dragon will bow to

you with all four wings outstretched, allowing you to gently

climb onto its back. And much like the Lighty Fury 101, be

really prepared for a wild ride!!!! If you succeed in all of this,

then you have successfully tamed down one of the most

aggressive and dangerous dragons in the Archipelago. Now the

hardest part of this guide begins.


Step 5: The End Times


Like I have said before, taming a Psyquake is only temporary.

And the dragon chooses when it wants to leave. It may be up to

5 years or more, but to call the early signs before the eventual

departure, notice that your dragon may get extremely

downtrodden and avoid you on certain days. But even when

your dragon leaves, that bond shall still be intact. Such as the

case with my still persistent Psyquake, Vigilantine, they shall

help you out with any wild dragons that may harass you if they

feel you're in danger, and put a hold on their massive appetite

to do so.


Extras: Titan Psyquakes


There is very little information on the Titan Psyquake, but they

are exceptionally larger than their broad wing counterparts. I

do assume that their power is along the lines of the Titan

Buffalord or alpha mode Toothless


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:D :D

Woah, the Psyquake looks cool! I love how it has wings on its tail :D I got reminded of orcas when you said they like to play with their prey before they kill them XD Btw, that bowing thing sounds epically dramatic! I love it, haha XD


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Thanks So Much!

I'm glad you like the 101 XD you can definitely look forward to these types of 101s in the future

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Yay!!! :D

Awesome!! I'm glad!! :D Do you think you'll ever do a Windwalker? Those are my favorite dragons, haha XD 

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Thinking About It

I have been for a little bit actually, but I'm still studying on the species. I have to make a few more first before I do go for one of those dragons, but let's say it will be soon :)

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Yaaaay!!!! :D :D

Yaaaaayyy!!! :DDD I'll be looking forward to it! :D And no rush--it would be cool to see other species as well :)