Dragon Training 101: The Hideous Zippleback

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Dragon Training 101







Class: Mystery (formerly Fear)


Length: 66 feet (average) 


Weight:6000 lbs (average)


Wingspan: 38 feet


Diet: Fish, Ham, and Honeycomb




Bruding and mischievous, the Hideous Zippleback can be one of

the more confusingd ragons to train, especially since they have

two brains to work with. Although common in the Archipelago,

these dragons are still very dangerous when offended and won't

chance letting an enemy run into them thrice. My name is

Jyharri and I will explain the basis of dragon training,

the Hideous Zippleback.


At times, these dragons aren't the brightest out of the many

other dragon species that are trainable, but they are handy in

combat and can give even the most imposing Nightmare a hard

time. Despite having two brains/one body, these dragon tend to

argue with each other on even the simplest manners, such as

which fihs is the best, or hiding vs. starting a fight. Of course,

the method to taming and training them is to get something

that both heads will agree on... you.


Disclaimer: A majority, but not all information on the Hideous

Zippleback can be summed up from my experience with Zipplebacks

(raising them, training, etc), so take these words with a grain of salt.


Step 1: Location


Like many of the aptly named "starter dragons," the Hideous

Zippleback can be found easily in Berk's Archipelago. The best

places to find them are in local forests and caverns, but make

sure to keep your feet forward, and try not to step on the

dragon's tail when you find it... I've learned that the hard way.


Step 2: Food Preparation


Once you find the Zippleback, you need to make a hasty escape

when it spots you. After getting a good enough distance, gather

a bunch of ingredients that would fix a meal that would prompt

both heads to choose. Although Dragon Nip can woo a fully

grown -broad wing- Zippleback, it would be safer to let the

dragon get to know you more before riding begins. My 

recommendations: Honey glazed mutton, lightly salted black

bass, and lightly roasted swordfish (yes, an actual swordfish).

This is to help the dragon's become a single mind, more than

they have become already.


Step 3: Forming a Bond


After both heads survey the food choices, it is your job to find

out which one they like best. Since I've trained many

Zipplebacks, the best way to feed them is to outright pamper

them with the option that leaves both fo their tongues sticking

out, then lightly petting both of their noses to initiate the

connection. Another way initiate a bond is to save the dragon's

life, if you don't want to try the easier, more conventional

method. I've only ever resuced one of my Zipplebacks, and it

was not an easy task, I daresay!


Step 4: Flight Training


Now, when you get your dragon in the air, commanding both

heads at once won't be easy. Using small gestures on one head

and training the other to reciprocate those commands help

when flying. Of course, without an extra rider, controlling a

Zippleback in a rcaing situation will always be INSANE. Instead,

use your Zippleback on search and rescue missions where both

heads can concentrate with you to find a specific target.


Step 5: Combat Academy


As we all know, the gas and spark of a Zippleback's breath

attacks can be combined into catastrophic explosions. It is their

strong suit, so focus on that whenever a fight arises or for a

training session. However, once your dragon is out of firepower,

that's where the real fun begins. Train your dragon to use a

palethra of grounding and bashing attacks, making a huge use

out of their 6000 pounds of bulk. The best method for this type

of training is the classic test dummy.


Extras: Titan Zipplebacks


When any dragon becomes a titan, it does becomes twice as

strong and aggressive than its broad wing stage. The lanky 

Zippleback becomes even more aggressive when it becomes 

one, so special precautions need to be set before any further 

training is done. First, make sure your dragon isn't stressed

out. Second, always bring the same food that you've fed it with

when it was a broad wing. Third, try not to creep up on it for a

training session if it sleeps. All Titan Wing Zipplebacks get

extremely annoyed once you wake them up.