Dragon Training 101: The Flightmare

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Dragon Training 101








Class: Mystery (formerly Strike/Fear)


Length: 30 feet (average) 


Weight: 600 lbs (average)


Wingspan: 50 feet


Diet: Glowing Algae, fish on occasion




Beware days when Arvndale's Fire appears in the glistening

starry sky, and avoid rivers that glow along with this ghostly

dragon. The Flightmare is as terrifying as it is mysterious, a

dragon straight out of legend and folktale that is able to freeze

all oponents in its path with fear... or can it? If you are crazy

enough to go and train one of these rare beauties, you're in

luck for some talents that will make them as tame as a yak. My

name is Jyharri and I will explain the basis of

dragon training, the Flightmare.


The incarnate mix between the Fury, the Skrill, and with the

added glow of a Fireworm Queen, the Flightmare is one dragon

that is unavoidable if the right precautions are missed. Their

paralyzing sprays of mist are able to freeze about any dragon

and viking in their range, and allows for the Flightmare itself to

land a critical and sometimes killing blow. I've learned my

lesson on getting too close to a Flightmare's food source, and

will hopefully provide enough information where you won't end

up like I did with my first, Xeno.


Disclaimer: A majority, but not all information on the Flightmare can

be summed up from my experience with Flightmares (raising them,

training, etc), so take these words with a grain of salt.


Step 1: Location


Although one of the rarest spector-like dragons in the

Archipelago, there are a few locations on where they can be

found. In Berk's Archipelago, the best place to find them is

where their food source lies. However, a dense and deep cave is

where these creatures reside in when they are in hibernation.

These caves can be found in Unnamed Islands.


Step 2: Admire and Capture


Unlike with many of the dragons on this level of training, letting

a Flightmare get to know you traditionally will most likely get

yourself frozen and killed. What I recommend is luring the

dragon into a trap away from its food source that will be secure

enough to allow you to wait out its mist sprays. After the

display of glow fades lightly, go back to the Flightmare's food

source and collect a sufficient amount of algae, then open the

cage door. Wait until the Flightmare is at least 10 steps in front

of you before tossing the algae to it. Let the dragon feed, then

back away slowly. Once the dragon's mist is fueled again, it will

most likely attack, which is why it is best to control its desire to

feed from the algae at an almost obsessive rate first before

going for physical contact.


Step 3: Lessons on Hardship


After about a pair of weeks repeating step one, the dragon

should grow so used to your presence, and the food it brings

after, it should walk straight into the cage to await another

feeding. When this happens, prompt the dragon slowly with

your hands to come out whilst looking down. Let the Flightmare

sniff and wonder before pressing your hand against its nose or

horn. The bond is now set, but don't go flying yet. Make sure

you lead your new dragon back towards its food source so I

remembers where it can restore its energy, then cautiously

collect a portion and fill as many saddlebags as you can - the

Flightmare should now treat you as its algae food source. Once

you've flown to your desired location (on top of one of your

calm, previous dragons of course), feed your Flightmare again

and wait for its signal to hop on. Once you climb atop its back,

prepare for a dangerous and wild flight!!!


Step 4: Training XXL


Once your dragon has had its fun toying with you in the air, it

will let you take control. Subtling telling your dragon where to

go or motioning it with your boots are both effective. It is best

to train your dragon on combat atop its back, and against large

opponents - it flatters their pride. For ground training, just like

with a Nadder, command your Flightmare to lock onto moving

target such as test dummies and close quarter them first,

misting afterwards. This tactic is to aid in surpressing your

Flightmare's desire to freeze on impact in order to keep you,

and all around you, safe.


Step 5: Racing like the Wind


If you would like to race with your Flightmare, always

remember three things: precision, precision, and precision! You

are in command and must motion your drgaon where to go at

least a second ahead of the mark in order to become a good

racing team. However, physical commands work much better

than those that are voiced out. Also, beware times if a rider

decides to try and blast your dragon out the air - the

Flightmare will mystify itself in order to regenerate from the

wounds, which will also cause it to freeze you. Other than that,

standard racing tactics can be applied to this speedy and

elusive wonder.


Extras: Titan Flightmares


When any dragon becomes a titan, it does becomes twice as

strong and aggressive than its broad wing stage, which is much

more prevalent in a Flightmare than with most dragons. It is

best to let your dragon be for at least 3 weeks after the

transformation begins, allowing it to get used to its now more

potent mist. Beware: This form of the mist has a 5% chance to

freeze all of your organs if inhaled, so take extreme caution

when you're going to find your dragon again.


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Causemoe sneezed all over my subject and I'm not touching it

Be careful when you inevitably have to incorperate other people into the relationship. I've heard a few horror storys of flightmares latching that possessive over their foodsource trait onto their trainers and attacking people when they spot them near their trainer. This is why I don't work with very many flightmares. 



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Definitely A Warning

That is a truth to the training of a Flightmare, and is why I have only had time to train three (including a youngling tiny tooth). Nasty as they are, there are still some things that are inevitable.

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*Grabs popcorns*

I have 3 flightmares, and yes, i have to agree, they are as nasty as an angry snake. It's VERY hard to avoid fights with other dragons, fights with random trainers, etc..They are absolutely ferocious. I don't know if i should send them back to wild. They have been a problem for my passive dragons, like gronkles and groncicles, so that's why i was thinking about sending all of my 3 vicious beasts back to the wild.


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My Suggestion

If those three Flightmares are truly too wild for your taste, there's the option to send them back to the wild. If the methods aren't too useful after trying them out, that's probably for the best if you don't want to give up on them.

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Swoopin' In!

That cage tactic might be useful some day. . .to get a particularly nasty Flightmare out of the way for when I have to retrieve food for one of my Titan Flightnares, Chilly. He doesn't like the cold so in the winter, I have to bring him some algae so he can retain his beautiful glow. I generally give my Flightmares a diverse diet (eggs, a variety of fish, and algae, the former three being mushed up so they can enjoy it) and they retrieve the glowing stuff on their own and Chilly would be like that if he didn't hate the cold more than Toothless hates his rival. With this trick, hopefully the chances of getting attacked by a Flightmare will drop dramatically!


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Good To Hear

I sure hope that the cage tactic works out for you, Kasane. Also, again thank you for your feedback! :)

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I would have to say that Silvermist was one of the hardest dragons for Raineir (my viking OC) to train.  I think Raineir's calm and caring personality is what helped the most.  It took a bit more time than most of Raineir's other trained dragons, even Earthgrinder the Titan Whispering Death, but it worked out overall.  Surprisingly, she gets along very well with Flash, Raineir's Skrill, probably due to their rough pasts and the fact that it takes both of them a little longer to trust new humans and dragons.  Overall, Silvermist, like Raineir's other dragons, is very loyal to her trainer, and even doesn't mind the other Dragon Riders, though Snotlout is an on and off case, lol.



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Haha, Nice

You, my friend, have a truly fantasical Flightmare. If this was the same with me and Xeno, then I wouldn't have to sway him from attacking other Flightmares.