Dragon Training 101: The Flame Whipper

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Dragon Training 101








Class: Stoker


Length: 40 feet (average) 


Weight: 560-845 lbs (average)


Wingspan: 41 feet


Diet: Fish and Ceriman



A creature that can frighten even the most notable dragon

trainers, the Flame Whipper is quite the challenge to work with

and even more challenging to initially bond with. Flame

Whippers tend to always roam in family groups and usually

claim territory with that family for life, making it really hard to

separate from those that want to wrangle up an ally. However,

there is definitely more to this type of dragon that meets the

eye. So, are you ready to take on one of your greatest

challenges yet? My name is Jyharri and I will explain the basis

of dragon training, the Flame Whipper.


Flame Whippers have a tenacity like a Rumblehorn yet the fire

power akin to a Deadly Nadder's magnesium sparks. They

commonly whip their sticky, prehensile tongues to throw the

fire explosions right from out their gullets. Furthermore, these

dragons ain't too picky on what they eat, so it could be either a

tasty salmon in their mouth or your right arm. I've learned that

trying to raise a young Flame Whipper, named Toaky. Trust me

when I say not to take this particular dragon lightly, they will

light up your weapons and possibly your tunic!


Disclaimer: A majority, but not all information on the 

Flame Whipper can be summed up from my experience with 

Flame Whippers (raising them, training, etc), so take these words

with grain of salt.


Step 1: Location


Flame Whippers tend to dwell and nest in deeply forested

cenotes, like in Impossible Island, or in wetland, tropical

jungles where they are most likely able to find suitable prey

with ease.


Step 2: Fiery Convergence


If you're in any situation, the most likely one would be that

you're ambushed by these oddly fleet footed dragons. Flame

Whippers have no claws, but they have bristled hairs unlike

that of a typical gecko that allow them to basically run along

any surface. Which means, they have most likely foudn you

before you've found them. My suggestion, wait until you hear

the slightest rustle from a tail or a foot somewhere around you,

then run. You will be attacked with their seething hot fire

blasts. Take cover, wait for the Whippers to lose their shot limit

because they are known to be relentless fire breathers. Like 

with other Stoker Class dragons, it is best to wait for their

anger to be quelled or depleted before doing any taming.


Step 3: Tracking the Trackers


When you are able to get out of their line of fire, and away from

their preying eyes, now is the time that you note each Flame

Whipper's role in the pack, what they normally do and basically

note their routines for around a week or so. This all has to be

done without them noticing once, or they'll be much more

suspicious of your presence in their turf. I'd recommend finding

Ceriman in droves before you do this though. It will help throw

them off your tail while you're tailing them.


Step 4: A Royal Pain


After you've noted all that they do and what ranks the Flame

Whippers are at in their society, now it's time to introduce

yourselves to the pack leader. Usually a Flame Whipper group is

lead by one alpha, or two if there is a mated pair. This is the

only tactic that didn't char my hide too much, luring the alpha

out into an open space, and showing submissive behavior such

as bowing or handing them their food of choice, and that

depends on if they accept your gestures or not. If all goes well,

you'll have his or her attention and she will introduce you to the

rest of the pack. If they accept you into their ranks, you'll be

the "new" leader of the pack. And if not, then you've still got a

fire bretahing buddy on your side.


Step 5: Bonding


Once you have tamed your very first Flame Whipper, now

comes the more easy part, bonding. The best ways to bond

with your Flame WHipper is to treat it as you would like to be

treated, because believe it or not, these dragons have quite the

paranoid personalities. Using a treat such as fish is the best

way to counteract any aggressive tendencies with you, calming

their heated throats. But the real deal comes when trying to

keep them calm with your other dragons, that is another matter



Extras: Titan Flame Whippers


There are currently no records of a titan Flame Whipper

sighted, as those cases are extremely rare. There will be an 

update if there are a few sighted and I'm able to get Toaky to

age up, but I'd advise to be very cautious if you do have one,

like all titans. Who knows what these fiery devils could age in



Dragon Racer.

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A wild hot burple fell asleep on my subject.

I have suggestion! You can do one of these on speed stingers next!



               This is sunlight gaurdain of my siggy. Made by Sohki! She is quite powerful for her size and can give a p.ainful nip!






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Oh yeah that's Cinnamon creatated by the ever so talented Sohki!




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                                       Some of my in game dragons: ( W. I. P. )


                 Age: broad wing.

                Gender: Male I think.

                Description: Shuttle is my main dragon that 

             I use. You will most likely see me riding this dragon.

                Species: Dramillion. ( Of course. )




                Age: broad wing.

               Gender: I forgot Ahhhhhhh.

               Description: Bubbles used to be my main dragon, but I had always loved the dramillions even before I knew what race to edge was. Sadly the day that the dramillion was added to Sod we began to grow apart. Due to what once was our great bond I felt a little bad for Bubbles. That's why the dragon is here.




                Age: broad wing.

               Gender: Noooooooooooooooo guess who forgot again.... Me!

               Description: Alright backstory time Nerve never fit into his ( I'm assuming ) pack of bone nappers due to having hunter stolen the rare bone from his armor. I found him searching for an area that had this bone. I wasn't sure what was happening with this bone napper until I spotted a hole in his armor I gladly searched the island for a bone to fit in here. Only to be unsuccessful. Then I had an idea to make a bit of armor for him with something that wasn't a bone. I collected some wood then found someone who could carve it. After lots of trying we finally found something that fit. I placed this wooden bone into the bone nappers armor. I decided to name him nerve because him roar sounded a little different than the others.

             Species: ( isn't this obvious by now. ) Bone napper. 


Alright that enough for now I'll continue later.