Dragon Training 101: The Dramillion

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Dragon Training 101








Class: Mystery


Length: 20 feet (average)/28 feet (Pandemic)


Weight: 600 lbs (average)/900 lbs (Pandemic)


Wingspan: 35 feet/42 feet (Pandemic)


Diet: Berries



Cunning, unique, and very, very protective dragons, the 

Dramillion is a spectacular evolutional marvel of a dragon that

as able to produce and replicate any dragon fire that it sees.

Resembling mainly a parrot and behaving as such, Dramillions

seem to have the intelligence akin to a Strike Class dragon yet

being a Mystery Class. These dragons are extraordinarily rare

and prefer to be left alone. However, there is a lot more to

these dragons that meet the eye. My name is Jyharri

and I will explain the basis of dragon training, the Dramillion.


Dramillions are very aggressive for their size, especially being a

dragon that has only known humans as hunters, at least until

Hiccup and the Dragon Riders camg along. Now it is becoming

slightly less difficult to tame and train them. But don't forget

that they are still wild dragons, and they will defend themselves

if they are even slightly threatened. I have learned a lot with

their subspecies, the Pandemic Dramillions, but I will cover just

their base species and maybe will add the Pandemics as a little

side note. Are you ready to train a dragon that can counteract

almost any dragon?


Disclaimer: A majority, but not all information on the Dramillion can

be summed up from my experience with Dramillion (raising them,

training, etc), so take these words with a grain of salt.


Step 1: Location


There is only one place where these dragons can be found, and

that is Dramillion Island. Although on rare occasion they 

disperse to mate, mainly on unnamed islands, Dramillion Island

is where your odds will be at its best. If you'd like to find the

Pandemic Dramillion, it is best to search the many Unnamed 



Step 2: Befriendly Preparations


When you first find a Dramillion, you have to think a little bit 

like them to figure out the individual's personality. Like most

dragons, Dramillions do have different personalities and traits

unique to them, so the Dramillion you find may be a little

unpredictable. I'd say that it is best to keep a steady hand and

offer them the berries they prefer to eat the most, Dragonpods

as I've dubbed them. They grow all along the island, especially

nearest to the center, so picking a few will do. It will also be

good to bring a hint of dragon nip. The fun begins when you

figure out how your Dramillion acts and behaves.


Step 3: Having Fun, The Dramillion Way


Once you have warmed up with your Dramillion, make sure you

dont even have the scent of metal or anything related to a

weapon on you. At the sight or sound or smell of a weapon,

these dragons react quickly and aggressively. And even to the

sight to another dragon may get them so aggressive, and even

more so if the Titan Wing Dramillion is around. So it is best to

leave your dragon hidden and on standby if anything goes

wrong.  Raise your hand slightly and let the Dramillion sniff it,

then show it the berries you have picked. The dragon should

raise its tail and chirp, and when that happens it's time to play

hide and seek. And when the Dramillion successfully finds you,

that is when you feed it the Dragonpods and gently bond with it.


Step 4: Pack Relations


Once you spend some time with your Dramillion and show that

you are very playful and kind, it will want to show you around

the island to eventually meet its mate and pack. When this

happens, it is best to be cautious when you approached the

other members. Show that you are not the top of the pecking

order, but that you're akin to your Dramillion's position. In the

case of the Pandemic Dramillions, if you come across one, it is

best not to dance or play around with those guys, they are a lot

more serious than their colorful cousins. Eventually, if all goes

right you'll technically be apart of the pack unless your

Dramillion doesn't want you to know about its pack.


Step 5: Training and Racing


When your Dramillion seems comfortable enough to leave its

home to check out your territory, gently sit atop its back in a

cross legged position as your dragon hasn't gotten used to your

weight. And also be wary that the untamed mate will tend to

follow you because Dramillions usually mate for life, like

modern day parrots. This is when you can start training and

racing with your chirpy new friend. The typical trainig

techniques with stumilating Dragonpods will do for combat

tactics, but for racing it is a bit harder for these drgaons to

respond to your calls. I'd recommend using a gentle nudge on

the wing shoulder to guide your dragon to making tight turns.


Extras: Titan Dramillions


When any dragon becomes a titan, it does becomes twice as

strong and aggressive than its broad wing stage, and for the

Titan Dramillion there is no exception. They are slightly more 

aggressive when they make a dramatic size shift, but the usual

stimulation of the berries and the bond you have built over time

shall calm your dragon very slowly. Just remember that you

have to be more cautious when dealing with any titan wing.


Extras: Pandemic Dramillions


A new entry to the DT 101 Series, this section will cover

subspecies and variants that I have discovered or found out

about (this section will include both cannon subspecies and

ones that I have made on my own). Pandemic Dramillions are

larger, slightly faster and stronger than their common

counterparts. They are usually dark purple, bright yellow and

black markings, they have slightly curved horns and spines

along with sharper teeth. They are also more aggressive and

rarer than common Dramillions. They are also mainly known to

replicate less fire types (Light Fury, Screaming Death, and

Skrill) Adjust this guide to your Pandemic Dramillion.



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Pandemic Dramillion, huh? Interesting! I wonder why they don't live Dramillion Island [anymore]? Or maybe a better question would be why the Dramillions never left Dramillion Island despite the dragon hunter invasion? Ah dragons, just when you think you know'em, they find a way to boggle you once more. xD I can't wait to see the future entries, especially with the new variants/subspecies section!


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On Pandemic Dramillions

These subspecies are a lot like the regular dramillions, and they do eat from a similar diet of Dragonpods, and I really have no idea why they didnt leave the island XD most likely because of a food source issue with the berries they eat, and of course the Titan Wing Dramillion already living there. Dragons are amazing creatures and a lot of mystery are hidden under the surface.