Dragon training 101: The Deathsong

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Dragon Training 101








Class: Mystery


Length: 75 feet (average) 


Weight: 1200 lbs (average)


Wingspan: 85 feet


Diet: Fish, Eels, and Other Dragons



A melody that ends in a swift blast of amber and teeth, the

Deathsong is a dragon that is not only difficult to tame but also

a predator to many, many dragons. Surprisingly swift for a

dragon of their size, Deathsongs are able to keep up with a

Night Fury for a distance and a half, aiming their molten amber

blasts to disable both viking and dragon completely by freezing

them in their tracks, much like the paralyzing mist of the

Flightmare. Only this substance will not wear off and will keep

you encased long enough to become this dragon's next meal.

Although very difficult to train, there is a side to these dragons

that can make them as playful as puppies. My name is

Jyharri and I will explain the basis of dragon training, the



This Mystery Class dragon is known to be very rare and

occasions to find one are as slim as say the Skrill. These

dragons live solitary lives and actively hunt dragons to satisfy

their enormous appetites by using a song that hypnotizes the

weary victims into the casing amber blasts used to capture

prey. Although not as untrainable as their variant, the

Valcensoredong, they certainly are tamable and with a lot of work,

trainable to a degree. But let me say this now, you will have

quite a bit of work ahead of you.


Disclaimer: A majority, but not all information on the Deathsong can

be summed up from my experience with Deathsong (raising them,

training, etc), so take these words with a grain of salt.


Step 1: Location


Deathsongs have been found in only a few places, mainly the

Unnamed Islands, but the best place to search for them is

honed, densly forested islands that would help amplify their

song. But if there's no luck there, then Melody Island may be a

good place to search.


Step 2: Harmonic Sing Along


Once you do find yourselves a Deathsong, definitely don't try

to walk up to it like say a Deadly Nadder. Like I have mentioned

before, these dragons have very big appetites and are more

gluttonous than those would think. Plus, their metabolisms do

require a constant supply of food along with their massive size.

So the best that you can do to help with that diet is to find a

grove of massive eels, such as the ones found in the ship

graveyard, fish them out and lay them out for the Deathsong.


How you are able to get them there without spooking yourother

dragons? Definitely chose your bravest one for the joband use

moss earplugs to block out the sound of the

Deathsong's singing. And of course, while the Deathsong is

eating, sing the traditional call of the Deathsong, learned from


the times you have tracked the dragon. In the case where you


are shot by the Deathsong while it is eating, instruct your

dragon to blast the amber repeatedly and get the hellheim

outta there.


Step 3: Convergence


After around a couple of months of Step 2, the Deathsong

should be accepting enough to acknowledge you in its territory

as a source of food, the giant eels. And if you have been

singing to Deathsong's song correctly, it shall respect you as

one of its own kind. I would say that like the Thunderdrum, 

you should try to prove that you are as capable as a dragon to

help defend the Deathsong. I am not sure which way is best

done but I cannot help you as much here because I am still

working with Sirenese and an Adolescent Valcensoredong to

understand their species more. But sooner or later, your 

Deathsong shall lower its head, go on all fours in order for you

to "do the hand thing."


Step 4: A Satisfying Confrontation


After learning how to properly defend yourself from your new

dragon's bursts of aggression, you shall have a moderately

tame dragon on your side that may attempt to capture and eat

the dragon you brought to help you with the eels. Stand bravely

in front of your own dragon, pet its nose and do the same for

the Deathsong. Start singing the cry of the Deathsong yet also

sneaking in a few lyrics of your own, lyrics that will help calm

the Deathsong, the very ones that are added whilst you started

singing to it during that month or so of encounters. If all goes

right, your Deathsong will sing with you and press against you

as you aid your dragon in escaping the amber. These will come

less and less intense until your dragon does feel the need to

fire, having both a greater food source and a pair of

companions that aren't seen as food but more like friends.


Step 5: Heading Home (Or Not)?


I do assume that you shall know when it is time to introduce

your dragons to your newest member of the family. But even

then, remember that your Deathsong may not see you and

your bravest dragon as food, but it most definitely will with

your other dragons. So I would definitely bring your Deathsong

to an exclusive location to train it not to eat your other

dragons. It may be a lot of eels and trials and errors, but it is

possible. The method I have come up with is to introduce your

dragons one by one to your Deathsong with the earplugs intact

in order to not only get them in familiral terms with each other,

but to also deafen the song of the Deathsong, so that most of

your dragons are unaffected by it. But in the case that this may

not work, just let your Deathsong stay in his/her territory and

remember to visit regularly.


Extras: Titan Deathsongs


When any dragon becomes a titan, it does becomes twice as

strong and aggressive than its broad wing stage. Titan 

Deathsongs are around the same temperment as they were

when broad wings, but their appetite will most likely be void-

like and constant. The best that can be done is to remmeber to

feed your titan on the hour by the hour, and it may come to a

point where you should leave your dragon in a giant eel

infested area to feed. And when the hunger subsides, it is okay

to bring your dragon back home with you, but take EXTREME

caution because the song of the titan Deathsong is much much

more influential than a broad wing, and that means the moss

earplugs are almost near useless.


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Swoopin' In!

Good thing Chrysalis isn't a Titan; Dr. Alex thought it'd be a good idea to introduce him to Mac and Cheese of all things and considering it's already expensive keeping him full now, I can only imagine how much worst it'd be on the Titan stage. xD Personally, I go work the usually-doesn't-fail approach: Find a baby and start from there. Especially if they're freshly hatched and away from other dragon eaters, it's easier to keep them on a eel and other fish (or Mac and Cheese I guess) diet. ^^ Maybe with this guide, I'll risk getting eaten and train an adult; such majestic dragons that once you make'em stop eating dragons and feel safe and content, they're utterly adorable like the Deathgripper! Good read, fellow dragon rider.


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Thanks Again!

Deathsongs are majestic and very dangerous, and the work but usually doesnt fail approach doesnt work as well with Deathsongs than say the Light Fury. Of course, finding a baby and starting from there is much harder than say taming an adult version starting out unless the egg has been left behind or abandoned. Thanks again!

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You are A Bold one

TRACKING TRACKING TRACKING! I serisouly need these tips! :D (And better spelling XD) 

I have five deathsongs at home with one as a titan so id like to thank you for the future nights where me and my other dragons get a full nights rest... I also read your other 101s and I really think it will help my with my deathgripper Sabertooth, and my dramillion GreatanaFang!


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That's Good To Hear!

I'm thankful that my 101s are helping you out with your dragons so much, that's what I intend for them all to help dragon riders out with :3

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No Summer, the subject is not food! Put it... to late

If you really want a deathsong, in my experience taking an abandoned egg is the best, there will be a lot of amber flying and shrieking at the start, but it is safer, and the deathsong is more loyal towards you, and will have imprinted on your other dragons as well, meaning you can leave without worrying about any of your dragons, only having to worry about others dragons now, but as long as you keep it well fed that danger definitely diminishes.

My first experience with dealing with a death song was this way when i was a little girl.

My second deathsong was tamed as a full grown adult after I saved him from dragon hunters, and healed his injuries. While he was nice towards me and my first deathsong after some training, I couldn't leave him alone without worrying for a very long time, me or Summer Melody (my first deathsong) had to keep an eye on him at all times. On the plus side though it kept Summer from scaring new Vikings and traders. 

Which is another thing, as I have heard of Garf as well, deathsongs tamed as babies will act like giant puppy dogs (make sure the know stting in your lap when they start getting bigger is not a good thing) and also have a tendency of mimicking their rider's personality, and like causing mischief. 


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Some Extraordinary Info

That is very very true, going for a wild adult Deathsong is very very dangerous and something that gives experienced trainers a challenge. But either fully grown or just hatched, it still takes around the same amount of time to work with Deathsongs. I may be just handling the adult dragons for now, but this has got me a few ideas for a DT Raising series. Again, really nice info and I may try it if I want to go after a third Deathsong