Dragon Trainer RP Requesting

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Hello all!




Making this thread for people to find and advertise dragon trainer/viking roleplays (as opposed to dragons ig lol).

Just reply to this post with an introduction of your character/s or a plot idea - or reply to someone's message that you'd like to RP with them!





From there you guys can figure out where/how you want to continue the RP. I figured people might like to have a thread where they can find RP partners kinda easy!



**Please do not Roleplay in this thread!**

You can send examples of work if you'd like, but refrain from busying it up too much :3



That's all! Hopefully you guys make use of this and find it helpful!

Happy RPing~ c:





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Idunn (Titan Deathgripper); Sky (Gronkle);

Needle (Terrible Terror); Tawny (Prickleboggle);

Emrys (Bonestormer); Psyche (Dreadstrider); Tomato (Changewing);

Hail (Chimeragon); Thistle (Titan Whispering Death);

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Peregrine (Skrill); Faye (Titan Scuttleclaw); Mellow (Gronkle);

Crow (Deathgripper); Rosemary (Changewing); Pouncer (Adult).




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Eldrid (Stormcutter); Elendil (Sandwraith); Tahti (Timberjack);

Pine (Deathgripper); Arra (Hobblegrunt); Kaja (Groncicle).




In total I have 10 vikings and about 90 dragons :)




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Modern day dragon trainers

I have an rp where you can rp as a trainer.



I will not be on the forums as much because of school but you can try to find me during the weekends at 2:00 PM-7:00 Pm.

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