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So recently I've gotten realy into dragons as a whole thanks to my recent rewatch of httyd as well as getting into Wings of Fire and I am looking for dragon things to read/watch. 

I prefer light-hearted things or otherwise safe for children material so not like Game of Thrones or anything.


If anyone else is looking for dragon books I recomend Blazewrath Games, it's really good and also helped kick this whole thing off for me.

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I enjoyed the HTTYD book series by Cressida Cowell. They are very different than the movies, but still good. 

If you have Netflix, there's a series called The Dragon Prince that's good. 



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The Inheritance Cycle by Christopher Paolini is amazing! He wrote Eragon (first book in Inheritance Cycle) when he was 15!



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I would definitely recommend

I would definitely recommend The Inheritance Cycle by Christopher Pasolini. There's four books and I could definitely reread them many many times. There is a movie of the first book, Eragon. Personally I think it was a huge insult to the book series. I have also read the first five books in the Last Dragon Chronicles, but then it got so weird I stoped reading them. The first couple books aren't bad though. There's another series I've been meaning to read called Wings of Fire that I've heard is good. As for things to watch the only really good dragon movie I can think of is Dragonheart.


Edit : I just reread what you posted and realized you are already reading Wings Of Fire, so me mentioning it was kind of pointless.Sorry:)


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I recommend the "Dragonology 2003 The Complete Book of Dragons by Dr. Ernest Drake".

I used to have it, and it's a great book to have. It'll tell you of the classic western dragon, the lovely eastern dragon, and of their cousins like the lindwyrm and wyvern. There's a bunch of little activities in the book, and fun little things like "dragon dust" (glitter) on one page, and some pages you can use to solve puzzles. It should be availble at your local stores, or just look online. It's pretty cheap. I'd call the book family-friendly, so yeah!


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