Dragon Tactics not working

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Everytime I finish playing Dragon Tactics on


my laptop, iphone or ipad it freezes. I get all my 


my prizes and click continue it just loads and 


doesn't bring me back to the Training


Grounds therefore I lose all my prizes too. The SoD


on my laptop is version 3.70, but my phone and 


ipad is version 3.60. I tried reinstalling but it 


didn't work, please fix this as I won a lot of 


good prizes and didn't receive them such as, 


a legendary weapon (cheiftan something), 


groncicle pants or shirt (I don't remember) 


and 6 gems. Please look into this.




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Hey Luna! There has been a

Hey Luna!

There has been a problem with Dragon Tactics on Mobile - if you're using that app - I don't believe it'll ever work.  I actually haven't tried myself, but that's what I've been told.  If you laptop is running the normal, computer version, I don't know what to tell you except it should work - it does for me!



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