Dragon Tactics: A Compilation of Stats for Armor and Weaponry

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So I've been wanting to do this for a while, but never got around to it, nor had enough backpack space for all my dragon tactics stuff.  So what I want to do here is have a compilation of every statistic for every piece of armor and weaponry that can be used for dragon tactics.  If you have a rare, or legendary weapon, and you want to help with this project, PM me the name (i.e. Volatile Mace of Winter), all the stats (i.e. Health: 250-400), and ranking (i.e. Tier 4 legendary), and I'll add it here.  

Plz dont respond to this specific post so I can edit it as needed, thx.  


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Dragon Tactics Weaponry:


Frozen Broadsword: Tier 1 Rare

Attackpower: 27

Critical Chance: 35


Frozen Fine Sword: Tier 2 Rare

Attackpower: 61

Health: 100


Frozen Plain Sword: Tier 2 Common

Healpower: 11


Frozen Heavy Blade: Tier 3 Rare

Healpower: 27

Critical Chance: 119


Sharp Skrill Blade: Tier 3 Epic

Attackpower: 111

Critical Chance: 140

Health: 180


Crushing Defender Mace: Tier 1 Legendary

Attackpower: 53

Healpower: 17

Critical Chance: 69

Health: 120


The Volatile Fist of Odin: Tier 2 Legendary 

Attackpower: 87

Healpower: 27

Critical Chance: 106

Health: 190

(thanks to Foxburrow for these stats)


Frozen Power Mace: Tier 3 Rare

Critical Chance: 107

Health: 190


Volatile Mace of Winter: Tier 3 Legendary

Attackpower: 117

Healpower: 36

Critical Chance: 143

Health: 250


Volatile Stone Hammer: Tier 2 Rare

Attackpower: 59

Critical Chance: 64


Frozen Tempered Hammer: Tier 2 Epic

Healpower: 22

Critical Chance: 76

Dodge: 11


Crushing Heavy Axe: Tier 2 Rare

Critical Chance: 90

Health: 100


Volatile Battle Axe: Tier 3 Epic

Healpower: 35

Critical Chance: 151

Health: 200


Frozen Fine Axe: Tier 3 Rare

Critical Chance: 132

Health: 170


Snoggletog Shield: Tier 1 Rare

Attackpower: 9

Health: 50

Mighty Bewilderbeast Shield: Tier 2 Legendary

Attackpower: 24

Critical Chance: 13

Health: 170

Dodge: 13



Dragon Tactics Armor


Bewilderbeast Chestplate: Tier 1 Legendary 

Healpower: 7

Critical Chance: 21

Health: 270

Dodge: 8


Mighty Groncicle Chestplate: Tier 2 Epic 

Critical Chance: 27


Dodge: 11


Mighty Groncicle Boots: Tier 2 Epic 

Critical Chance: 26

Health: 140

Dodge: 26


Mighty Groncicle Helmet: Tier 2 Epic

Firepower: 17

Healpower: 24

Health 130


Mighty Groncicle Bracers: Tier 2 Epic

Attackpower: 20

Health: 140

Dodge: 24


Mighty Groncicle Pelt: Tier 2 Epic

Firepower: 17

Health: 130

Dodge: 12


Exquisite Groncicle Chestplate: Tier 3 Epic 

Attackpower: 12

Critical Chance: 38

Health: 500


Exquisite Groncicle Helmet: Tier 3 Epic

Groncicle Pants: Tier 1 Epic 

Attackpower: 5

Healpower: 14

Health: 190


Mighty Light Winter Coat: Tier 2 Common 

Health: 190


Mighty Light Winter Pants: Tier 2 Common 

Health: 190


Mighty Light Winter Bracers: Tier 2 Common

Dodge: 13


Mighty Light Winter Pelt: Tier 2 Common

Dodge: 6


Mighty Heavy Winter Pants: Tier 2 Rare 

Healpower: 18

Health: 260


Mighty Heavy Winter Helmet: Tier 2 Rare 

Attackpower: 6

Healpower: 18


Exquisite Heavy Winter Boots: Tier 3 Rare 

Critical Chance: 34

Dodge: 30


Exquisite Bewilderbeast Pelt: Tier 3 Legendary

Firepower: 27

Critical Chance: 18

Health: 220

Dodge: 17


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That list hurt to type out.

Yes, I do own all of these dragon tactics objects (excepting the volatile fist of odin) and spent quite a lot of gems to get the backpack space.  If you want a pic of them, pm me, and I'll send you a pic of what they look like on their own.