Dragon Tactics and other Minigame Ideas

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This is a thread to put your Dragon Tactics suggestions on... among other minigames. Hopefully this will save the Developers from having to comb through heaps on heaps of threads.


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I personally want dragon tactics tournaments. Like u beat a certain amount of people then u get like 2000 gems as 1 prize, but along the way u would get character Armour, like hiccups clothing and inferno, plus his shield. I also want custom placing of weapons, like swords and crossbows at ur waist etc.



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Defeating the Hunters




Far away from School of Dragons, near the Auction island, a Hunter were counting dragon bones in front of an enormous cage on a ship. Inside the cage, were the Deathgribber. Every time it roars a roar, the hunter’s sword would scare it to death. 




From the dark night’s sky, 6 shadows arose from the ocean. Its silhouettes got closer and closer to the ship as the hunter stared at them with panic, blankly. Now that the silhouettes were really close to the ship, the hunter was able to see the riders on the dragons’ back. The riders.




“Drago! Drago!” The hunter shouted. “The riders are here!”




“Stormfly, spike shot!” Shouted the rider on a Deadly Nadder. The spikes pinned the hunter to the ground.




“Furies, plasma blast!” Shouted another rider. Four Furies’ lightening like shots burned down all the defense watch tower, making the hunters scream and jump off. 




The Nadder and a Fury headed toward the hunters, dodging arrows and shooting fire as they went. While they were on their mission, the other three Furies, the Night Lights and a young rider went down to the cage where the Deathgribber were trapped.




“Pouncer, Dart, Ruffrunner! Make sure that the hunter doesn’t move until we finish rescuing the Deathgribber.” The rider took off its mask and hood. His platinum blonde hair, purple eye, and a scar, on his right eye.




“Huh, I wondered who this young rider was, but it looks like my brother Kaze. How dare you getting out of here and coming back as a dragon rider.” The hunter said. “Remove this rope for me, brother or else… hey you, white crazy fury! Stop biting my foot! Green black fury! Stop squishing me! And you, muffed blue fury, close your nasty mouth up!” The more the hunter struggled, the more the Night Lights got upset and anxious. 




“Calm down, guys. You guys just keep him quiet, okay?” Kaze told the Night Lights. “I’ll have to rescue this big guy.” 




Kaze slowly opened the cage, and dropped his weapons. It is for the hunters, not for the creature. Kaze reached his hands out right in front of Deathgribber.  It looked at Kaze cautiously, but accepted him, and welcomed him onto its back. 








Suddenly, a screaming of anger emerged from the ship. It was Drago Bloodfist. Kaze quickly unleashed the Deathgribber and faced Drago.




“Looks like it is the young rider Kaze, isn’t? Give me. Give back the Deathgribber right now!” Drago shouted.




“No, Drago. The dragons are meant to be in peace, not your dragon army, that you are trying to collect from years ago.”




Drago and his Bewilderbeast have been defeated by Toothless and Hiccup. The Bewilderbeast returned to its home, the hidden world. Lucky for Drago, it swam there floating. One day on its journey, Drago on the bewilder beast’s back saw Stormheart’s ship. He told Stormheart about everything that have happened and Stormheart, who dislikes the dragon riders gladly helped Drago retreat. Once Drago have fully retreated and got another arm, he decided one more thing that he wanted or needed to do. Collect dragons and bring back Valka’s Bewilderbeast back to life. When a viking collects items for the Dragon eye and melt it, it turns into a potion that can bring dead things to life. Drago stole the Dragon Eye with unknown existence from Trader Johan’s old ship and succeeded to make the potion. And with the old Valka’s Bewilderbeast under his control, he had started Dragon hunting again.




“Bewilderbeast!” Drago shouted. Valka’s might Bewilderbeast arose from water below, just like how Drago’s old Bewilderbeast had done. It eye color had changed, cursed with hunter’s power.  Drago pointed his stick toward the Deathgribber that had been rescued. 




The Deathgribber struggled with the Bewilderbeast’s mind control for minutes, but collapsed powerlessly. Kaze quickly grabbed his weapon and looked straight into Drago’s eyes. 




“Kaze! Be careful! Drago is powerful than anything if he has Bewilderbeast is next to him!” Hiccup and Astrid shouted as the dismounted Toothless and Stormfly, trying to stop Kaze. But Kaze didn’t budge.




“I cannot let a dragon get hurt by a hunter. I am a rider, I protect dragons, and that’s the life I chose. I would not feel bad even I hideif my death was for a dragon.” Kaze answered. 




“Young rider. Shoot him!” Drago ordered the Bewilderbeast.




Cursed Bewilderbeast blasted its cold breath and covered Kaze up.




As Hiccup and Astrid stared at it happen in shock, the Deathgribber stood up again. It jumped toward the ice and started scratching it with sharp claws and poisonous tail. It shot fire at it and managed to  make a crack. It ran back few meters and rushed toward the ice. With a crash, the ice lost capability and letted go off Kaze alive.




Night Lights hopped around Kaze and Toothless and Stormfly blasted fireballs with joy. 




“Kaze!” Shouted Astrid “You are alive! Thank goodness!” 




“I’m fine, Astrid. How did… I got out?” Kaze asked.




“The Deathgribber saved your life, Kaze.” Hiccup replied.




Drago stared at Kaze escaping out of the ice. His minds were mixed up. A dragon saved a hunter? It was alive? It reminded him of the battle few years ago. He got so deep into his thoughts with anger that when he noticed, he was grabbed by the Deathgribber The Deathgribber dropped Drago into the Ocean, colder than the North Pole. With all the coldness around him, Drago lost his mind and never floated.




The School




“Well, Kaze, it’s great that you are back to School of Dragons and able to join the riders again! Can I ask you something?” Hiccup said.




“Yes, Chief. What is it?” 




“I would like you to help the Deathgribber find a new home. All the dragons we rescued that night, we have found new riders for them, but this Deathgribber looks like he prefers you more than any other riders. Would you like to have him? I think that you guys would make a great bond.”




“Really, Chief? I can really have him? God, this is the most amazing thing ever that happened these days!” As Kaze finished his sentence, the Deathgribber joyfully jumped around him and scooped him up onto its back with its teeth. 




“What are you going to name him, Kaze?” Astrid asked.




“Oh, you should name him Hookfang the Second!” Snotlout shouted.




“No, you should name him Tuffnut Dragon!” “No, Ruffnut Dragon!” The twins argued.




“Maybe Kaze Legs! It would be so cute!” Fishlegs shouted out his idea.




"You guys didn't even come to help us! Why do you think that you get a chance to name a strike class dragon?" Astrid argued.




“Okay guys,” Hiccup said. “Let Kaze think. It’s his buddy.”




Kaze thought for a very long time, and said out loud. “Stormer. He rescued my life like a Storm. He is the mightiest Deathgribber I’ve seen!” 







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Placing Weapons, you say?

I once saw someone actually have that happen because of a bug. Their viking showed up in the training grounds actually holding their weapon... and I can see people using the "Place your weapons anywhere" idea to make their vikings hold gag weapons, such as the Mighty Stick...

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Here's my ideas for DT and TRR:

DT: I'd like to see the armor that you could get in events that you could exchange for event currency put in DT as drops or blueprints(or both)sometime after the event, maybe at the same time the dragon from that event gets put into the store.


TRR: More permanent race tracks. I love the ones we have now but I'd love for us to get some more permanent ones instead of only getting new tracks during events that are limited time.


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Dragon Tactics

I don't understand why the Hiccup Skull Mace, or the Astrid's crossbow were introduced. They're not really what most people would think of when it comes to the main cast. It would be a better idea to introduce commonly available versions of the main casts weapons... perhaps two versions of each. Generally, the epic verison would be from Race to the Edge at the latest. The legendary version would be from the second and/or third movies.

Here they are:

Epic/Legendary Hiccup's Dragonblade (Focus)

Epic/Legendary Astrid's Axe (Razor)

Epic/Legendary Fishleg's Sword (Rock)

Epic/Legendary Snotlout's Morning Star (Sonic)

Epic/Legendary Ruffnut's Spear (Volatile)

Epic/Legendary Tuffnut's Mace (Wild)

Here are some ideas for more... Minor Characters, Villans, and Characters from the shows...

Epic/Legendary Eret's Sword (Agile)

Epic/Legendary Gobber's Hammer (Gas)

Epic Valka's Sword (Healing)

Legendary Dagur's Crossbow (Electric)

Epic/Legendary Drago's Bullhook (Ice)

Epic/Legendary Viggo's Sword (Paralysis)

Epic Grimmel's Crossbow (Gas)

Epic/Legendary Riker's Axe (Wild)

Epic/Legendary Heather's Axe (Razor)

Epic/Legendary Mildew's Staff (Volatile)

Epic/Legendary Alvin's Mace (Sonic)

Epic/Legendary Dagur's Sword (Electric)

Epic/Legendary Mala's Sword (Razor)

Epic/Legendary Savage's Mace (Wild)

Epic/Legendary Krogan's Crossbow (Volatile)

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Might potentiallly be tedeous

Might potentiallly be tedeous but hear this; Dragon tactic PVP and Dragon tactic Co-op mode


PVP idea 1: Connect to other player, instead of fighting enermy npc, we're fighting the other player. There's time limit for making move to not drag things out for too long, although might still be potentially tedeous if the other keep running away or refuse to fight


PVP idea 2: The other player is computer AI. Similary to Titan Uprising PVP, you simply set up a defense team but didn't play it yourself, the game will match other active player up with your defense team who is controlled by computer AI like normal enermy. You don't have to be present or online for this to happened. You won't see the match but you will see the result.  you gain trophies if your defense team win but lose if it lose. On the other hand, when you active/play offense, you control your character against other's defense team control by AI yourself.


Co-op: Connect to other player and go through the dugeon together, each player are allow one dragon, making it a four character team( 2 vikings 2 dragons)


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I love this so much. I really hope it's implemented into the game! Probably won't be but how cool!!!


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beat the dome

I think that "beat the dome" will be a cool game. You can fly out through the glitched dome on dragons edge but it would be cool if you could do a timed run and maybe there could also be a head to head level.


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Aloha Lola

Pitchin' in since I have had a few ideas for a while.



· I'll say this as long as I live, Player Vs. Player Mode! It would be a perfect addition to DT; plus, a new minigame that lets you earn trophies (since FBF and TRR can get a bit tiresome to repeat.)


· The ability to use bows and arrows! Just like in the 2nd HTTYD movie.


· I think it wouldn't be far-fetched to make it so Flight Suits have better stats. Even though you can wear them in DT, wearing only a piece of clothing (i.e the Flight Suit) doesn't give you more protection or health in comparisson to other pieces of equipment. Mayhaps if we only wear one thing, it'd be cool if it had some sort of perk at least.



· Weekly Terror Hunt. Pretty much a "mini-minigame" that the player can complete once a week in which they find Gothi's Terrible Terrors in exchange for a prize. Be it gems, outfits, weaponry, etc.


· BobSledding. I don't know if anyone remembers this, but there was a small featurette in the DVD for the 1st HTTYD movie in which there was a Viking sport called Bobsledding. I think it could be a silly minigame that doesn't necessarily require dragons, but could be an "up-down-left-right" sort of minigame that you- quite literally- use Bob to sled.


· Thunder Run Racing - Flightless Dragons. Someone's said it before, and I totally agree: there should be special tracks that let you use Flightless dragons to compete. Speed Stingers and Cavern Crashers want to participate too!


· Dragon Skills Minigames. I think there could be minigames using our dragons' special abilities. Hide-N-Seek tournaments with "Camouflage" dragons, Wood Chopping Competitions with our "Razor" dragons, Stun Runaway Terrible Terrors with our "paralyze" dragons, etc.



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I feel like we probably have

I feel like we probably have enough minigames, so I'd like 3 things:


1- The remaining dragons added to Dragon Tactics

2- a good tutorial for Thunder Run to help new players figure it out

3- no more penalties for losing races. I think that was added to prevent some form of cheating? But surely there's a better way than literally punishing people for playing.



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