Dragon Stable Quests

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Hey People,


I am having some trouble with dragon stable quests. It says a lot of my dragons are away adventuring. My Wooly Howl, which I did not sign up for adventuring, says that he is gone adventuring. Also, my dragons are not coming back and  I have waited 2 days. If anyone can help me please do.




~Sky Peace


Sky Peace  


Clan: XSharpness

Position: Leader



Talons- Adult Razorwhip                LV: 12

Blade- Adult Deadly Nadder            LV:12

Toothless- Adult Night Fury            LV:20

Lazer-Teen M Nightmare                 LV:6

Mushy- Baby M Nightmare               LV:1 

Thunder- Adult Skrill                        LV:9

Swifty- Adult Stormcutter                 LV:14

Bonk- Adult Gronckle                        LV:10

Wooly- Adult Wooly Howl                  LV:14

Digger- Teen Grapple Grounder        LV:6

Sandy- Adult Sand Wraith                  LV:12

Shine- Adult Flightmare                     LV:10

Icy- Teen Groncicle                            LV:1

Lynx- Teen Changewing                    LV:5

Metaler- Adult Armorwing                 LV:4

Scare- Teen Deathsong                      LV:5

Scorch- Adult SingTail                       LV:1





HTTYD- Roleplay

Name- Grim 

Dragon- Striker (Wooly Howl)

Weapon- Blue (single blade) axe

Age- 3 years younger than the rest of the gang

Height- 5 ft. 1 in.

Gender- Female

Hair Color- Dark Blonde

House- Dragons Edge and Berk

Best Friends- Heather, Astrid, Snotlout

Is Part of the Gang Because- Heather's friend; very loyal

Attributes- Loyal, Strong, Fearless





TThunder-Adult Skrill