Dragon Stable Problems

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Okay, So before I get started, My Account Username is RoyleiuPaintie and I use a Windows 7 32 Bit (( It was a 64 Bit when the problem originally started. )) PC computer and Google Chrome.
But I've been having this problem for months now I think it started around mid 2017 for me and it's coming up to a year but I never could say anything due to me having so many password problems with my account at the time, But when I enter the dragon stables It kinda stays in the tutorial part even though I've done it, However the ones I bought are fine but It prevents me from doing stable quest and hatching eggs, I have 7 or 8 eggs to be exact. But before this glitch happened I hatched a scauldron egg and a zimpleback, I kept moving from place to place because I was busy at the time it started, I guess the servers or the game couldn't handle my constant shifting in places and the tutorial appeared and never went away ever since. 
Also, Heres some screenshots I've taken. Since I don't exactly know how to upload them here without it messing up, So I used my DA stash. 
But I hope you guys get back to me, I know you guys are busy so I won't try to rush, Just as long as you guys got an answer. ;-;
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