Dragon sorting game

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I had an idea for a game where someone lists some things about themself and then anyone(not just one person) can say which dragon type they think that person would fit best with. 

Here i will go first:

-I'm friendly and love meeting new people

-I like to dream and make up stories

-My favorite animals are a cat and horse

-I am two years ahead in school of everyone else my age

-im kinda odd

-Im not good at paying attention

-I like doing nothing and being lazy

-I dont really have any friends



                                                         Sorry was not sure where to post this.


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                                            I Am a world schooler and I love everything Httyd related.





                                                   Thats it might add more later. Bye.         

                                          Im sorry i just am to lazy to make a signature.

                                         Maybe one day ill take the time to make a siggy.



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i think you fit a

i think you fit a shovelhelm!

(one of my favourite dragons from httyd2)

They are shown to be helpful, friendly and inteligent. Often thinking things threw before doing them. they also come in verry pretty colours as shown below :p


New to forum don't really know how it works! I joined SoD on the 15th of July 2015 and am only now making a forum account. :D

About me:

I'm Claire :P I love movies and drawing 

 high school 

My Favorite Shows Are:
httyd (obviously), marvel,Star Wars,Harry potter and avatar the last air bender!


I have a family dog called Jazz a bearded dragon called Luna. (after the httyd books) 

 And I have a ferret called Suki! (Who is so sweet most of the time)

Favorite Dragons:
Night Furys-Night Lights,Scuttleclaws,Monstrous Nightmares,Stormcutters,Razorwips and Terrible Terrors :]

Ruffy done by me :>

In Game:

Most active account is 

ClaireHGirl. Code- GCJDQU

First account is

Booffa. Code- DFFOV2


Main dragons on ClaireHGirl are Dart Night Light,Eline sand wraith

Httyd and art instagram account :



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Thanks, They do look pretty.

Thanks, They do look pretty.