dragon rider the new movie 2020

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her youtube link https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2cXEjupXf9c&t=1s


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Looks cute! I get the feeling that it's trying to ride the coat tails of HTTYD success, but it also looks like they put a decent amount of effort into it & at least tried to put their own spin on it. I've definitely seen worse 'knockoffs', haha. I'm sure it's a decent watch.



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I didn't know that book had a

I didn't know that book had a movie. I liked the book, but don't remember that much about it now. I wonder if the movie is going to follow the same plot as the book, or if it will be different, like the HTTYD movies.  I'll have to see if I can find somewhere to watch the movie. 

The font used in the trailer does remind me of the HTTYD font. 


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Oh, I loved of this book when I was a kid! It's kind of odd that it's taken this long to get a movie adaptation, and I'm sure it's riding a trend, but hey, I'm here for it.


Also, regardless of how the film turns out, I would recommend this book to those of us in the HTTYD fandom. It's a fun read. And there's dragons. XD


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