The Dragon Prince Gushing (Spoilers for all seasons)

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I just finished binging the Dragon Prince and it was amazing, I can't wait for book four to come out! With that being said I wanted to create a thread where we can all gush about this wounderful show!


One of my favoirte things about this show is that all three main characters are of equal importance. In the begening Ezran didn't play as big a role as Callum and Rayla but later on he deffinatly did, which is hard espicaly when your main character is eight.

My favorite characters always tend to be the characters I relate to most, and in the Dragon Prince that is deffinatly true for me, I can relate a lot to Callum, espicaly in his liking art and his revelation of "just breathe"

I love how Rayla is a kick-but kind of fighter girl but she also has weaknesses. A lot of times when shows want their leading female role to represent "girl power" they either take away the weaknesses or don't let them become important, but part of girl power is overcoming the weaknesses and Rayla shows that wounderfuly.



Excited to see what you all think!

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Generally speaking, it was a good show. Eye-pleasing animation and designs, interesting idea for the plot and the world itself. I remember enjoying especially last episodes of season 3, but well, it didn't catch my attention for long. It was just three days straight of watching this show, one season each day. Nice story, but didn't blow me away.


Still, there's a chance the next season we'll be more interesting and who knows, maybe my opinion about it will change ^^


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