Dragon Hatching?

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I just won a whispering death egg in a quest but I have no idea how to hatch it! there are no options in Backpack so I can see it but not take it out and when I go to the lava pool (with the egg in my backpack) nothing happens!

Please help!


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You need to hatch it in your

You need to hatch it in your Stable, not at the lava pool where you level up your dragons.


Once you're in the Stable you'll see a miniature lava pool with a pedestal next to it. Clicking on the pedestal will bring up a list of the eggs you have available for hatching.


Click on the egg and tell it to hatch and it will be placed on the pedestal and start a countdown until you can bring it over to the lava pool to hatch and customize your dragon. Otherwise you can ask it to hatch immediately for gems.




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