a dragon flying problem

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ok i don't know how to explain this,you know,i faced this problem some years ago too,but now i met it again

i was plaing battle event,and i got beaten,(ah,you know i tried to say my energy or anithing it is there above y vicking,turned to 0,of course it restored like usually ,that's not the problem)but after this my dragon started to fly very strange,when he fly in front,it flies like he just fall and i press break button(but i do not this,it is just the way he flies,it was veri steange),when he flies up te same,i don't know,it doesen't fly normaly,it has a strange glitched and buged flight...i don't know how to explain better sorry,hope you understood enaugh......before when this happened i just got off my dragon and re-ride it,but now i should close the game.if this helps you catch out the bug,i would love to help you repair it,...thank you


hi.dragons mean all for me,and i practice this awesome game for them.i hope we're friends.i'll always answer if you have something to tell me,hope you do so.thx