Dragon eggs and stables?

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Sorry that I keep spamming this forum but...

I was wondering...

I have a dragon right now, a Monsterous Nightmare.

I don't know, right off hand, the classes every dragon is in.

But if I were to get another dragon, would I have to get the same class the Monsterous Nightmare is in so I could put it in my stable? Or do I need to get a completely different stable class? I really want a Flightmare and I know they're not in the same class so would I need to get a stable for it also?


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U can put, for example, a

U can put, for example, a mystery dragon (like the flightmare) in a stoker stable, is not necessary to put a dragon of a class in the stable of its kind.



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Can someone help me ? I have

Can someone help me ? I have a zippleback and a baby whispering death. I can't put my zippleack in a nest because of which I can't use the baby whispering death . When I click on the nest it shows my dragons and there is an option of 'Move in'. When I click on it, I am supposed to see my dragon in the nest but nothing  happens. PLEASE HELP.


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You can put any dragon in any

You can put any dragon in any stable :)


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You can put any dragon in any

You can put any dragon in any stable you want, it doesn't matter. :3

I prefer to put my Scauldron in the Tidal stable but she can go in the Stoker stable too or the Boulder stable.


The only reason the stables have different names is because each stable looks different but they all serve the same purpose, to house your dragons regardless of class :3





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You can also rename your

You can also rename your stables. Like my generic stable I renamed strike stable. Open the stable to move in a dragon and just click on the name of the stable.


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Stables Explained

Stables are only important for the slots they provide for new dragons.


Starting out, you are given a small stable with two slots and the pedestal where you can place eggs to prepare for hatching.


If you want to have more dragons, you will need to buy more rooms for your stables to house them. The Boulder, Tidal, Stoker, and Mystery all have room for 4 dragons and the only difference between them is the appearance. There is now a new type of stable, a Dream Stable, which houses 5 dragons. Aside from the limits of how many slots each stable offers, there are no restrictions on what dragons can go where.