Dragon effects?

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I keep seeing dragons with weird effects on them? I feel like I saw a toothless with glowing eyes

A Skrill with lightning on it

and some kind of fog drifting off of a Flightmare...

But I tried going to the store thinking maybe it's buyable but..don't see anything new?


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Yep, if you dragon happines is highter that 80% you can see special effects.

I know about the lighting on the Skrill, and the "glowing" on the Flightmare, but I don't see any Toothless with glowing eyes...the last one is probably just a glitch.



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Actually on my computer you

Actually on my computer you hapiness has to be over 90





















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Dragon effects are now a

Dragon effects are now a thing. I really like them.

Skrills have lightning, Typhoomerangs have fire bodies, Scauldrons have steam, Smokebreaths have heavy smoke bodies and most other dragons (including toothless) have some sort of smoke coming from their nose or mouth.


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I get lightning on me when my dragon  (skrill) is happiness 90-100. Once it reaches 89, the affect wears off until it is happy again.  But no affect was on my nadder.....Maybe not all dragons have it?


It's honestly been so long . . . lol, well, I guess I've returned from a long break. I have two dragons: A skrill and a Deadly Nadder. 


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The LEVEL ??

I have not seen it because i can't play ....

But i think its the rank of the dragon, so Toothless has the Alphaglow when he has level 18-20, or so....






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I have a level 20 Toothless,

I have a level 20 Toothless, but no alpha glow, only smoke from his nose.




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