Dragon customization bug

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When I started the game, I noticed something was off when I tried to customize my dragon upon hatching it.

My dragon was not on my screen...

So I ended up having to customize him without being able to see the changes I made on my dragon, based on a video I saw on what option changes what on my dragon. Thing is, that it still ended up coloring my dragon wrong...

When it hatched, the dragon was also not on the pillar where my viking 'stroked it' -actually he stroked the air- but appeared behind my viking...

My dragon is in game right now but I am not pleased with his coloring...

What can I do?


My questions are...

Is this a common bug that the baby dragon is not visible upon customization?

What could have caused my issue?

Will I have the chance to recustomize him when he grows up without using gems? (Because on a gameplay video I could have sworn that the guy could make a final customization before the dragon fully matured.)

If it happens again, can I restart the game and see if refresh fixes my issue while customizing? Without losing my chance to customize that is or without me being stuck with his false coloring...

What can I do to make sure that it doesnt happen again?




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yeah i've had that once too

yeah i've had that once too







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I have had this problem

I have had this problem before. What I did was, I instantly closed my internet page.  After I loaded back into the game, I went back to the hatchery and the game took me back to the customization page. XD

I am not sure what causes this problem, as it only happens occasionally.

You can customize your dragon when it reaches the teen stage, then once more when your dragon reaches the adult stage.


I hope this helps! :)


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Ah, Thank you for the help.

Ah, Thank you for the help. At least I know I will be able to correct the error. 

Hope it works next time.


Thanks again.

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one more other way

there's another way but it's better to use it when your dragon is mature which is using 15 gems cause most people aren't gonna love their dragons skin for long they will change it sooner than you think. but that's just my info



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Thank you all for sharing

Thank you all for sharing your tips on this. This issue does appear to come up from time to time, so we’ve reported it to our team for further review so that we can assure that it does not affect your gameplay experience in the future. Sorry for the inconvenience!