Dragon Attributes/ Abilitys

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I need a List of Dragons Attributes.

I've Quite a Bit of Dragons myself and Could add to this List if Everyone Doesnt Know then all But Every Dragon has 2 Attributes Such as the Monstrous Nightmare has Aura/ Focus the Hobblegrunt Has Camouflage/ Focus The Bone Knapper Has Armor/ Sonic and in So Different Attributes are used Differently for Different Stable Quests and I've a Stable Quest I want to do But Cannot as I've one Dragon the Flightmare which only has Speed/ Paralysis and I've no other Dragons with Speed I've a Basic List. But not a Complete List Can anyone help me Complete it?


It Would be a huge Help. 

I Can Post more to Add to Attributes Later But it's Quite Late.

Feel Free to Help me Out though.







I posted this in Genetral Discussion too Because I didn't Know there was a Tip Section New Too this Forum In Another Game Forum I've over 10,000 Posts and am a Admin, I've Admined 3 Forums acutally and I respect Admins that Try-Hard it's hard word. I've also worked on Games as a Developer Fun work but also hard work.