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i have a nadder and i am wondering... til what level will it be small? so when can my dragon grow up?

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I thiiink...

I believe that dragons grow bigger at level 5,

and then they take until level 10 to be able to fully fly.

after 5, they can glide. I hope I'm right, I think I am.

Kinda been a while since my Snally grew up. =P


Hopefully I was helpful here!

And anyone is welcome to correct me if I'm wrong. xD



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yes thats right :)

yes thats right :)


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Level Up

Hey Qade, to clarify, your Deadly Nadder will become a teen dragon by the time your Adventurer level reaches level 5. It will then grow and become an adult when you're around level 8. You will then be able to start flying on your dragon and unlock other exciting features in SoD!

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level up

Brynjolf wrote:

Hey Qade, to clarify, your Deadly Nadder will become a teen dragon by the time your Adventurer level reaches level 5. It will then grow and become an adult when you're around level 8. You will then be able to start flying on your dragon and unlock other exciting features in SoD!


this claraification is not so clear. ive been playing for less then a day but i can answer this question with a much more clearer answer.


1. Your dragon will become a teenager and will beable to Glide after you reach a dragon bond of level 5 (your dragons level reaches 5) you will also have to complete a quest that requires you to go to the hatchery at the school.


2. Your dragon will become an adult and will beable to Fly after you reach a dragon bond of level 10 (your dragons level reaches 10) you will also have to complete a quest that requires you to go to the hatchery at the school. 



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I have a deadly nadder too

I have a deadly nadder too and i havent even seen him glide.  he is a level 8 and i dont have an option for it?

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level up



double posted above commented 

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Both of you

Well i played this one just yesterday.. In less than a day i made my dragon to lv10.


1. If u are lv5 your dragon is on lv5 too and if im not mistaken is on its teanage(can now glide)

2. Once you reach lv8 your dragon is now on lv10  that can now fly and im sure its an adult already and ready to fly.

3. You have to accept the quest every time your g=dragon reaches that certain level so it will grow up on hatchery;

4. there you wil also be able to change its color.


Hope that clarifies things.

P.S correct me if im wrong.



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i have a whispering death which i won in a mission.

it is on level 6 but whenever i go to the hatchery to hatch it by dropping it into the lava it says "skip the baby stage by paying 500 gems". firstly, i don't have 500 gems and secondly, my dragon is on level six.

please help

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My dragon wont level up!


 i just got my second dragon and its level 10 but I can't level it up and it sucks! I've gone to hiccup but it dosnt come up with the quest and every time i go to the lava pit it says I have to pay gems. I don't know if anyone else has the same problem but if anyone knows plz tell me. I also checked my adventurer level and its level 17. I wish someone could help me. Thanks



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yes, the same is happening to me! when my second dragon got to level 6, i waited one or two days and i got a quest from hiccup and my dragon became a teen. now my dragon is on level 9 and i have waited weeks and i i does what it's doing to you. honestly, i'm getting really bored of the game now.

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Growing up

When I got my Gronkle, my second dragon, I shot firepits until I reached dragon bond level 5, then I scampered over to Hiccup and got the quest. Then I grew my hatchling to teen stage, and did my flight club stuff and a few other small things and reached dragon bond level 10 (eventually) then I got the second quest and grew him into adulthood.


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Talk to Hiccup anyways. Click

Talk to Hiccup anyways. Click on him even if he doesn't have an exclamation point over his head.