Does the max water in the well increase?

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if so could you provide details

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Sure does, everytime your

Sure does, everytime your farming level increases through things like tending to crops and collecting eggs etc, your well capacity will increase.


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i have gone up 8 levels and

i have gone up 8 levels and have not seen an increase yet.

at what level does it increase and by how much?

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It's because as you level up

It's because as you level up the crops need more water, so it kind of cancels out.

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I can't remember

exactly the levels - I think 6, 11, 15 and 20 - but you'll see your water well capacity increased to 32 in the end. If you don't experience increasing and reach level 10 this may be a bug.

Be aware that the levels the capacity increases are not the same of those your slots number increases.

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What everyone said up above is correct, because I started on a new account and tested this.

It depends on your farm level (like Rumil said) and if you mean by getting more water, you have to wait for it to re-fill or pay with gems.



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Well Capacity

As your farm level increases, your well capcity will also increase in several increments, until you reach farm level 20 with a max well capacity of 32 cups of water. If you are looking to fill up your well instantly, you can pay gems to do so. However, if you don't wish to pay gems, you will need to wait until the well fills up on its own.