Does anyone know XxxNastyaaxxX?

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This player is chasing a close friend of mine and a former member of my clan who had to leave to protect me and my members. I don't know how this player does it, but no matter how my friend changes his name in the game, he leaves the clan and plays without the clan's support, she always finds him and writes such messages in the chat.


My friend is desperate and asked me to create a thread here on the forum, I know there are a lot of threads on the forum about inappropriate player behavior but I would like to know if anyone knows Nastyaa and how to explain to her that this behavior is wrong.


She recently created a clan that had the same name and the same banner as my clan, my members were outraged, including me, because we race every day from morning to evening to have a better position as a small community of Czech players in the game. The reason why she did it was said to be that she liked the name of my clan (information from a friend) but even after communicating to Credits Island where she usually said she would do it but did not do so and my friend had to leave because he wrote me that it was because of him and that he leaves the clan for peace. After he left the clan, the name of her clan changed and when he joined another immediately within 3 hours, the name of the clan was changed to the name in which my friend is.


Subsequently, I was told by a friend that she thought it was fun and that she wanted to make friends, I asked her but she did not answer me, I was told that she did not speak English and no one knew her native language.



That's why I would like to ask. What would you advise my friend to do?


And if someone knows Nastyaa and has contact with her, or do you know someone who has contact with her, could he explain to her that my friend doesn't like what he's doing?


I just add that I don't want to report her Support SoD in any way, because she can think in good faith and really wants to be friends but she doesn't know how to do it.


Thank you for reading this long text and I apologize for any mistakes in the text 

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wish i could help

Hey Marryboron,

Im sorry but i have not heard about this player. I just saw her once in TG where she had the name of your clan and thought she was a member of your clan till later when you said she had created a new one with the name of yours I understood what had happened. And some advice to your friend can be if he ignores and blockes her in friend list, and that way she wont be able to visit him. If that doesnt work idk what can, but if i encounter her in game i will confront her actions and try to reason with her about the matter 


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Thanks Sagesalin

Thank you for the answer, I've tried to "agree" with her many times in the chat, but the answer was always (What?, Me ?, C, Pls, Sorry? When?) She never answered with a normal sentence and according to her friends she doesn't speak English, so how to I have to make an agreement with her. I don't know if he really doesn't understand or understands but does that he doesn't understand. Otherwise, my friend informed me that Nastyaa had made a copy of my clan, when I learned that some members of the clan visited her, including me, and wrote to her to change the name of the clan. Unfortunately, even after the agreement (quite interesting conversation), the name of the clan did not change, then my friend suggested that he leave our clan to protect me and my members and what we have achieved. Currently my friend is not in any clan, he does not have this person in his friends and yet he is at his every step. Maybe a few minutes ago she visited me (via the clan) and as if she knew that my friend was there with me.


I apologize for any mistakes in the text 


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I haven't seen this person

I haven't seen this person before, but will look out for her, because she sounds like a cyber stalker to me.

So sorry that your friend has to put up with her. 
I don't think that there's much you can do, besides putting her on your ignore list, as stated above.

If she makes a new account to try to get to your friend, I'd say contact the developers to help stop her, because I was in a similar situation, and I know firsthand how hard it is to try to stop someone from stalking you.




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Thanks Rosemeralda

Thanks for the answer, we talked about reporting her Support SoD, as I'm sorry my friend is "afraid" of Nastyaa to visit him in the game. I was in the game a few minutes ago, my friend was there with me and Nastyaa showed up and started going to a friend, shooting with her Sand wraith and even though we moved to another place on the island she flew behind us and when I asked her(Why are you still stalking my friend?) The answer was What c:? 

So now we're definitely thinking about reporting it to her, but before that I wanted to know your opinion and whether anyone didn't know her, because I don't want to do bad things to anyone else.



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No Problem!

Yeah, I understand that you wanted to make sure you weren't going to accidentally report someone nice, which is a good thing to wait, but if they are a hacker, along with being a stalker, I'd say she needs to be reported.

Especially with her saying "What c:?" That seems like a pretty big red flag waving. 

Hopefully your friend feels better soon, and gets justice from her.

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Aloha Lola

Been a while since I last saw that name. Can't say I've missed them.


For players who weren't around during Clash of The Clans 2019... During that time, there were a lot of speed hackers that frequented Flight Club. And I do mean, A LOT. A server could have three hackers participating in a single race. (I'm not even joking; this was around the same time when Golden and Ergin were very active in their speed hacking. 2019 CoTC participants might back me up on this).


One of the speed hackers was Nastya, known in 2019 as xxXNIASTYAXxx. They've even been videotaped by other vikings, like SilverWillowWing (which is like one of the most known School of Dragons youtubers) because of their God-awful reputation. Link to a video in which they've shown to be hacking: (see minute 24:11).


It's important to note here that the Viking your friend encountered's called XxxNastyaaxxX, and not xxXNIASTYAXxx, but to my knowledge, they've changed their name once before the current username, and it was pretty much the same. Plus, both align as being har.assers, and hackers (because of how they're able to copy-paste a clan, it's pretty much hacker behavior in my opinion).


So yeah, not only is your friend being followed by a har.asser, but also a proven hacker. 

Be safe both of y'all.



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Thank you very much for the warning, I had no idea who she was. And since little is known about her and I haven't looked at history, this surprised me.

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Happy to help!

No problem. One of the advantages of playing for over 5 years, I guess lol. 

Good thing you reported them on the Forums, though. With better moderation here, there's a higher likelihood the devs will listen.


But just for humanity's sake...

*ringing the @GoonyBard summoning bell*

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She’s back

Well said Emlaisse,

How can anybody forget good old nastyaa.

Yes she enjoys visiting anybody at any time, wanting to be friends with all.

Correct she has changed her name a few times  she is an old player....and sadly in 2019 she became a hacker.

It was always a surprise, she will visit and say nothing.




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Thank you very much, I had no idea that my friend was being followed by such a gamer and hacker. As I wrote in previous comments, I wanted to make sure and find out who Nastyaa is and why she does what she does. 


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Sorry for the double post 

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I saw them in chat for a

I saw them in chat for a moment earlier today before a battle. I later (about half an hour later) caught the tail end of a conversation between you, her, and another Viking. Lmk if you want the screen shots I took. There isn't much in them but if they are of any help to you, I'd gladly share them.


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Yes, it was a conversation between my friend, a member of the clan, and Nastyaa. Of course, I didn't get an answer, but after what I learned here on the forum, I'm not surprised.

Of course you can share screenshots, at least the admin of the forum will see that it is impossible to solve it among ourselves.

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Hey there!

If you could, please send those screen shots to me as well. Thanks!


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I have saved the screenshots on my notebook, if you want to try I will turn on the notebook and I could either send you the screenshots here or in a PM. Otherwise, thank you for looking here 

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here are the screenshots

Ikona Ověřeno komunitou


here is also a translation from my native language last screenshot 
Thanks Dragondog75 for sending a screenshot
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Sounds like you're friend has a not-so-secret admirer. (It happens all the time). If avoiding her and ignoring her doesnt work, report her to Customer Service or report her on the game like a trillion times. She sounds like a disturbance to the peace of SOD. If neither work, i suggest reporting this to the top of the SOD crewworkers. 


In my humble opinion, she sounds like a stalker and potentially just trying to get on your friend's nerves. I would try ignoring her when she comes, then maybe she will stop? High possiblity that it might not work, but worth a shot, right?


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