Does anyone have some tips to help win races?

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well i have just started racing but im not very good and i was just wondering if anyone had some tips to help with the races and i have a question about thet races too


you know the little circles that your dragon can fly through what do they do?

here is a picture of them




Please help me with giving me some tips for racing and if you have any question about racing please feel free to ask them here


thanks ;D






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The little circle things

The little circle things boost your speed a bit each time you go thro them, and I have some secret racing tips, clan exclusive thing :3

The Forgotten Racers share racing tips in our clan chat IG x3



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the best tip i can give is,

the best tip i can give is, take as tight as a turn as possible.. and become friends with slowing down when turning.. if your on a computer use the shift button to slow down


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A few tips

1.  Stay as close to the inside of the track (if the track curves in a circle to the left, stay to the left; if to the right, to the right).

2.  Learn the shortcuts in Frozen Warriors, Gronkle Run, Wooly Canyon.  They're often up high!

3.  When you race a player who seems to have mastered the track, follow them on the next race - you can learn a lot by shadowing people...just watch out for them dropping boxes and gas!

4.  Only use speed boosts on straightaways - using them while turning will send you straight into a wall.


Happy racing, and Thor speed!


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Sometimes it helps a lot to have a trainer. You can find one of you search the forum for "Train Thunder race", There is a place where trainers and trainees can meet.

It is important that you find the dragon you're comfortable with. Mine is Ocean, one of my Stormcutters.

If you need Speed, try out the Skrill. If you want a good pitch and acceleration, the Gronckle is your buddy.

And you have to work in your skills! If you found the shortcuts train racing in Singleplayer - train it a LOT. Until you could fly it with both eyes closed.

Forget about boosts. I only use the speed boost on one track and that's it. You don't need them, we don't play Mario Kart. But well, I've heard others saying they're good, so I think you will have to find your own way.



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The others have covered

The others have covered turning and shortcuts, the remaining two things I would say is this:


1) Ask yourself how you handle your keyboard. Do you like to hit the keys wih force or tap lightly? And by slamming the keys, I don't mean the emergency 'omg i'm going to crash, quick, turn turn turn', do you get a sense of control/satisfaction when you hit the keys hard? I would test this outside of thunder run, fly around for a bit- even type something out to see how much pressure you naturally put on your keys, because this will affect the dragon type you are suited to. Personally I really enjoy taking my energy out on my keyboard, and because of this I'm better with dragons that are difficult to turn, but if you put me on a gronckle I feel completely out of control because of how quick they turn XD


2) If you use powerups- boxes/gas/speed boost, line up your arrow key before the race so it's hovering over the power up button. You may need to use a reference point on your desktop to remember where to place your arrow before the race starts. If you do this, you won't have to take your eyes off where you're flying to position over the power up button during the race, you can just hit your mouse. 


Oh, and single player is your best friend~












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Wow, I esspecially love your first tip! I never thought about why I'm so bad in Meatlugs Flight Club lessons... :D

Guess it's because my keyboard does that satisfying clicking sound... ^^

Clack! Clack-clack! C'mon, buddy, let's show these noobs how to RACE!

(I'm always swearing while racing... But Ocean got used to it, so that's no problem to us :D )


I got a question: If you do not click the green Speed-up-Button because you hover your mouse over the boosts, how do you get your dragon to fly faster? Is there a keyboard-key like R for mount etc.?

I was just wondering; Because I'm not really used to take those, except of space for fishing; and my dragons have an egg-diet, so... ;)

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Space bar~

Haha we all get frustrated sometimes whilst racing. Depending on the day I'm having, if I get box-trapped I either burst into laughter, or I launch into expletives ^_^' 


The space bar is the same as clicking the green 'go' button :) I just keep my finger pressed on the space bar the entire race.

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Outer space!

Oh, Thank you! I used the Speed Auto Clicker, but it wasn't that useful because, well, it's hard to use boosts with it. I'll try the Space Bar out and see if I can get a better racer (and make the others a hard time...) Even if I lose my Diamond-Racer-Status, I'll do everything to get better! :D

Thanks for your help, you are amazing!

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I think my favorite's lunch

I would also recommend finding tracks that you excel at and using those to practice with multiplayer. I personally loved Wooly Canyon and Trench Dive when i was getting my bearings in racing, and when I got used to racing I tried it in multiplayer. Those I can do really well, and I am not half bad in fortune falls. Forbidding Ice always gives me issues because I use the slower dragons with high acceleration and turn rate but poor speed, but I will still race there if only just to improve in that one.I tend to avoid Gronckle run and Frozen warriors because i dont know if the other racers want to not use a shortcut so i just steer clear of those.


If you are using one of the slower dragons, try to go through those rings as much as possible while still taking the insides of the track. It can do wonders once you learn which rings to go through and stay on the inside


Um I kinda wanted to try this?: