Do you want your viking to be a main character?

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Hello Vikings!


My name is StarZipSky, and I LOVE dragons, and story telling. I have watched all the series, movies, and clips from how to train your dragons! 


What this Forum do, is that you tell me what kind of viking you are, and which movie or series is your favourite (a scene is okay too) and I adjust those details so that your viking can be the hero/heroin like Hiccup and Astrid! 


You need to tell me,


Your viking name:

Looks(Photo okay too):

Dragons that you want in the story, (as much as you want):

The scene you want your viking to be in:



Viking Backstory:

Viking and Dragon's personality:


The story will be as long as you are and it might take 2-4 days to finish the story. 


Hope you would like this Forum!