Do you like the Skrill, Hobblegrunt, Changewing, Raincutter, or the Thunderdrum the MOST?

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     I am still trying to decide on which dragon to get...:\ I'm sorry I do this...but...I know these four dragons are good in TRR. Even though a Changewing just obliterated me in TRR. The person went by the name of Stworzydlak. Possibly a really experianced person...or...changewings are good. I'd probably choose changey, but will the Admins slow down their speed? I heard the rumblehorn was good in racing, but the admins slowed it down. Do you think that'll happen to the changewing? Anyways, I know all dragons can be good in racing (My hypothesis on that was proved when my skrill was beaten by two different gronkles). general, which is better?

. Raincutter

. Skrill

. Changewing

. Thunderdrum

. Hobblegrunt


Thanks if you reply!



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 I like the skrill best

And Hobblegrunt was limited time only. Sorry


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 I know, hope the Hobblegrunt comes back! I wish I got it while I had the chance...But I heard some vikings make the point that why would the Admins take them away FOREVER and leave new players wondering if it will come back? It didn't give newer players a chance to get it. Hope they come back!

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The changewing has always been my favorite dragon, and they are now my favorite dragon in School of Dragons.  They've got amazing acceleration (almost as good as Gronkle!), pitch and turn rate is top notch, and I can easily keep up with Toothless and Skrill.  


Love love love love LOVE my changewing!!!!


Okay, jumping of the fangirl bandwagon, now.


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     Sounds like an awesome racer! Btw, I was looking in your sig, how did you get all your dragons in one photo?

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Skrill!!!!! Of course skrill!

Skrill!!!!! Of course skrill! Skrill is the best! (For me in this game lol ^^)


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Changewings have always been my absolute favorite dragons; so much so that even my fan character has one as her own dragon. In fact, I even created this account to be an "echo" of my fan character.
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Changewings are killers in TR, with the speed, acceleration, pitch, and turn rates of a champ. They dominate in Wooly Canyon and Trench Dive, as well as Frozen Warriors (even without shortcuts!).

They look amazing as well- so intricate and detailed! Glamour of the highest degree!

So yes, the Changewing is my #1 babe.


A close second, however, is the Thunderdrum. Wonderful at racing, and with the addition of the sleek saddle, they can be almost unstoppable.

They're amazing at BL, as well. They have a really high "shot limit", and it recharges lightning fast.

Plus, their fire is the best fire of any dragon on the site. That's always good!



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Definitely Thunderdrum! <: They're so cute and the babies are just.. xD too cute








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As you can probably tell

As you can probably tell based on my signature the Skrill is my nr. 1 favorite dragon of all time! :D They're awesome in every single way if you ask me :D

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Thunderdrum is for me! I love

Thunderdrum is for me! I love my Tidal :D <3