A Different Angle (A Big Hero 6 Fan Fiction)

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Tadashi brushed a stray hair from Kat's face, then caressed her cheek and chin. His phone rang, but he ignored it. There was nothing that could distract him from the woman he loved. He leaned in, and she closed her eyes, savoring the gentle peck he gave her on the lips. She pulled in a breath as his phone rang again and he pulled away. They stared into each others eyes for the span of a few breaths, then kissed again. She shivered as he drew marks on her arms with his fingertips, her heart racing like a startled rabbit.

"Come to the Nerd Lab with me tomorrow," he said breathlessly when they finally released each other from the growing passion between them.

She focused on breathing for a few moments before laying her head on his shoulder, nuzzling into his neck. "I will," she said after a moment. She heard his heartrate increase as he heard her answer. One of his strong arms wound around her waist, keeping her close to him as she sighed with contentment and returned his embrace.


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Chapter 1

Together they walked into the room, hand-in-hand. Everyone seemed very forlorn. Five people were in the Nerd Lab, four of whom were in lab-like areas. 

"Hey, guys," Tadashi said cheerily. "This is my girlfriend, Kat." No one replied. He went up to a girl with long blonde hair and bright pink glasses. "Hello? Honey-Lemon? Anyone h-whoa!" He put a hand on her back and it passed through her. She shivered and jumped away as though burned. Someone looked up from a pile of garbage.

"Honey Lemon, you okay?" he asked in a nasally voice that clearly indicated he enjoyed partying and doing some light drugs. His attire reflected this aspect, a green-ish beanie hat and a red tee over a long-sleeved grey shirt. Kaki shorts were his pants and skateboarder shoes with rumpled dirty socks were on his feet.

"I just felt...like something passed through me," she gasped, curling up on one leg with fear clear in her voice and the air around her.

Wait a minute, she thought to herself. "Tadashi, come with me. Quickly," Kat said. He hurried over to her.

"What is it, Kat?" he asked, playing with her hair. She grabbed his hand and they ran outside. They found a local newsstand and read the headlines.

Local Men Killed in Horrific Fire, it proclaimed with a picture of Tadashi and another, older gentleman with the words, "Tadashi Hamata (above left) was killed doing a heroic deed in the fire at San Fransokyo Robotics University. Robert Callaghan (above right) was a professor at San Fransokyo's Robotics University" below it. Tadashi pressed his hands up against the glass and leaned in closer to get a better look.

"No," he breathed. She put a hand on his back gently. He put his forehead to the window and clenched his fists in desperation. A heart-breaking sob ripped from his throat.

Kat chewed her lower lip thoughtfully before thinking of someone who could help. "I know someone who might be able to help," she said softly. They tore down the street, dogs barking after them. Stopping outside an inconspicuous house Kat went up to the door and knocked.

From inside came a cranky voice. "Go away! I don't want any!"

"Mary! It's me, Kat! I have someone who needs help!" she called. There was the sound of creaking floorboards from the depths. The door opened a crack and an ancient-looking woman peeked out at them. 

"Come in, you two. There's a lot to talk about," she said at length. The door opened further, welcoming them in. The two sat down in a small-ish room on a couch. The old lady, who Kat introduced as Mary Santiago, perched in a rocking chair by a giant bookshelf. A black cat with a white chin and startlingly bright greenish-gold eyes jumped onto her lap and curled up after sizing Kat and Tadashi up. Mary began stroking the cat, filling the silence with purring.

A few minutes later, Tadashi's patience began to wear thin. "Listen," he said in an urgent, but respectful tone, "I need your help. Kat says you might be able to help me. I want to get back to my brother and aunt. Please, Mrs. Santiago."

"Call me Mary, boy! I never married," she snapped. She leaned her head back and, inexplicably, fell asleep. Tadashi growled in frustration, getting up and storming out. When the door slammed Mary jolted awake. "Where did that boy go?"

"Um...he got frustrated because you wouldn't help him the way he's used to, Mary," Kat explained feeling a bit tired. Mary's eyes had drifted shut again. Then something occurred to her guest.  "Mary?"

"Hm?" the elder inquired.

"Why am I able to see, hear, and touch Tadashi, but no one else is? I didn't die, did I?" she asked.

"No. I'd say you're just taking a vacation from your body, dearie. If he would wait for me to do things at my own pace, he would be able to see the wisdom that mind-linking can give you. I was waiting for him in the Room," she said putting obvious emphasis on the last words.

"Will you still help him if I convince him to come back?" Kat asked haltingly.

"Hm...I might. What do you think, Jiggers?" she asked the cat in her lap. It flicked its ears in annoyance then opened a beautiful eye. A sighed response came from the animal then it began snoring gently. Mary chuckled. "Alright. Jiggers said I should help him, and if he comes back, I will."

"Thank you, Mary," Kat said, rising. She scratched Jiggers' ears and he woke up briefly to give her hand a quick lick before plopping his head down on his paws again. She knew where Tadashi likely was, so she flew to Cass' cafe. He was sitting in his room upstairs watching his brother mope about the house. "Hey."

He grunted. "Useless old woman," he grumbled. She swatted his arm.

"She's a very good friend of mine. She's the only one of the living who has been able to see and hear you so far. I see no reason you have to complain. She said she'd be willing to help if you would come back," she scolded gently.

Tadashi was quiet for a long time. Finally he spoke, "Why did I have to go in for Professor Callaghan?"

"Because you're lead by your heart. It tells you where to go and you follow without regard for your own safety. No one knew that it was going to explode, Tadashi," she answered. "Come back with me to Mary's house. Let her help you her way. She has a particular way of helping wayward spirits. It involves her falling asleep, something she can do on command. She created a world where she can meet with spirits and help them either cross-over or come back to being human. She was waiting for you there."

"How do you know these things?" he asked eventually.

"She explained it to me when I was fifteen. I was in a car wreck with my parents and was thrown from the vehicle. I almost didn't make it, but then my spirit found Mary and she helped me get back," she explained. They looked at each other for a few moments before embracing.

"Let's go back," he murmured into her hair.

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Wat is up with Tadashi?



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Chapter 2

Ten minutes later they sat in the same comfortable den on the same couch, but closer together. He put an arm around her waist like he'd done when they both had flesh.

"Hm," Mary said, aiming a glare at Tadashi. He ducked his head sheepishly. "I see Kat managed to bring you back, kicking and screaming, I suppose?"

"No, M-Mary," he said. "She told me you'd be willing to help if I came back, so I did. She also told me of the special method you use to help wayward spirits like me."

Mary shot Kat a venomous glare, causing Kat to avert her gaze and duck her head. "I see," Mary said after a moment, dropping the glare and turning kinder eyes on Tadashi. "Close your eyes and let your mind go blank. I'll meet you in the Room." Again there was emphasis, but he didn't notice. He closed his eyes and let his mind wander. Soon it had completely blanked out, leaving it empty. Half an hour later, he opened his eyes with a gasp. Mary, sitting across the room, jumped slightly as well.

"What? Is everything okay?" Kat asked, panicked.

Ghostly tears streamed down Tadashi's cheeks, but she brushed them away. He looked at her as if not comprehending what she was doing there, then remembered who she was, what she was doing there, and where they were.

"Mary, may I share that with her?" he asked hesitantly.

"It's up to you. The information I imparted to you is yours to share as you please," she said. "Keep in mind that she may not believe you. Be prepared for anything."

"I will be," he said turning to his girlfriend. He pressed his forehead to hers and images and thoughts flowed between them.

She didn't comprehend them at first, then the view panned out and she realized it was a design for some sort of device where someone entered the device and threw a switch, transporting them somewhere. A long equation described its use, dimensions, and purpose. It was quite advanced, so it took her a moment to realize that she had practically created it already. The real challenge would be to activate it.

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Chapter 3

Kat blinked rapidly as her vision flickered and returned. Together they flew back to Kat's house after checking in again with Hiro and Cass. Hiro wasn't in the house, then he suddenly appeared at the top of the stairs with a strange mutated creature who looked like a deformed marshmallow.

"Weee!!!" it wheezed. Tadashi burst out laughing.

"Who is that?" Kat asked him.

"Th-that's Baymax! My robotics project," he hooted. "He doesn't look so good, but he's got low battery. C'mon, Hiro. Get him to his charging station."

They followed the comical pair upstairs and sat on his bed. "Tadashi," Baymax said. Tadashi's eyes almost flew from his head.

"What?" Hiro said, looking down past his feet to where Baymax, who looked much better, was standing with his pudgy feet in a bright red box.

"Tadashi," he repeated.

"Baymax, can you see me?" Tadashi asked, rising.

"Tadashi's gone, Baymax," Hiro said, sorrow eminating from every pore of his being.

"When will he return?" his inflatable friend inquired.

Hiro sighed, going over to the door and pulling on it. "He's dead, Baymax. He's never coming back," he mumbled.

"Tadashi was in impeccable health. With a proper diet and exercise, he should have lived a long life," Baymax stated.

"Yeah. He should have," Hiro said, slumping over to his desk in the corner and flopping into it. "But there was a fire. And now he's gone."

"Tadashi is here," Baymax announced. If it were possible for Tadashi's eyes to get any wider, they would have. He stood up and shot into the middle of the room.

"No. Everyone keeps saying that he's not really gone if you remember him, but," he pulled in a breath that was clearly painful, "it still hurts."

"I see no evidence of physical injury," the lovable robot said.

"This isn't a physical pain, buddy." Hiro spun around to face the wall. "It's not something you can fix." He heard something strange and turned back around. "What are you doing?"

"I am downloading a database on: Personal Loss. Database Downloaded," Baymax said. "Treatments include contact with: loved ones and friends. I will contact them now."

"No! Baymax, don't!" Hiro cried, frantically waving his hands over Baymax's stomach.

"Contacted," he said simply. Tadashi's brother groaned.

"Okay, fine, whatever!" He plunked down.

"I'm sorry about the fire," Baymax said.

"It's okay. It was an accident," Hiro said. He furrowed his brow, common in someone who is thinking. "Unless...it wasn't." He reached over and grabbed a petri dish with a small black-ish device. "That guy! A-at the show, he-he wanted my microbots! He must be responsible for Tadashi! If we find him and catch him, we can make him pay!"

Tadashi finally gave up on his brother seeing him and rejoined Kat, who was puzzling over Hiro's words. "What?" he asked her.

"Who is he talking about?" she asked. "What guy at the show-!" She gasped and staggered as a sharp pain shot through her head. Flashed images tore through her mind, obliterating anything she may have been thinking. She recovered after a moment or two, but it felt like an eternity.

Tadashi had her in his arms. He looked at her, fear in his eyes. "Are you okay?" he asked her gently. He kissed her forehead.

She was panting from her pain, but managed to nod. "What guy? What's he talking about, Tadashi?"

"Allistair Krei," he answered. "He almost walked away with my brother's microbot, the one in the petri dish. I stopped him and told him the err of his ways and he tossed it back to Hiro."

"Krei isn't a pyromaniac. He's too high-profile. He'd never do anything too illegal. He tried and failed to negotiate with my father a few months before his death, but wisely folded his proverbial cards before he could be humiliated," Kat said. She sat up, Tadashi hovering close to her. Who could have started the fire, then? Tadashi and Professor Callaghan are the obvious suspects, but Tadashi wouldn't endanger anyone's life. I'd best go see if there's anything of note at Callaghan's home. She flew off, searching. She finally came to the house and floated inside.

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Chapter 3

Picture this: an ordinary home with pictures of a nearly normal family. A dog curled up by the fireplace snoring away, and a merry fire burning in the alcove. In the den were bookshelves galore and each one was filled with books on robotics or, on a smaller shelf close to a large easy chair, children's books. Kat smiled gently as she floated over.

"Excuse me, Ma'am, but this is private property," a voice told her. She whipped around and saw a blond man about six foot five with a police uniform on. 

"If you can see me you need to go visit Mary Santiago. I'm having an out of body experience and the young man who was killed going in after Professor Callaghan is-er, was my boyfriend. Go see Mary. Here's her address. Tell her Kat sent you," she said rattling off her friends address.

The young man's reaction made her chuckle. His face paled, then he shook his head and left. She went up to a display case that held a red-and-white mask with bright yellow eye-holes with black seperating the colors. Something was unsettling about it, so she floated up the stairs to the master bedroom. She paused briefly, gathering her courage. She passed through the door and froze, a mildly disturbed look on her face. Pictures of a beautiful brunette were plastered to the wall. A small shrine clearly wasn't enough for Callaghan. Whoever this girl was she was a crucial part of his life. A letter lay beside the bed on a night stand. 

It read: Dear Daddy, 

I finally graduated, just like you said I would! I wish you could have been there. I'm going to be doing my internship at Krei Tech. They're working on something which they'll fill us in on when I arrive for my first day. I start day after tomorrow, and I'm really excited! I love you, Daddy.

Your daughter,


A few moments passed before she could comprehend what she had read. Callaghan had a daughter? Suddenly she felt dirty for entering the bedroom. It was almost like he was immortalizing his daughter, which was both sweet and weird. She folded the letter along the crease lines using a few breaths of wind then carried it over to the open window, where she slipped out undetected. She flew to the house she shared with her butler/personal assistant Gerard. A door was open to let the air flow through the house.

Kat snuck the letter through it and under the door to the basement. She spread the letter open and began to take notes as best she could. She picked up a soft, squishy pencil and flipped open her notebook to a fresh page. She jotted down everything she could before the control over her ghostly hand failed, dropping her pencil. She sighed and looked at the letter then her notes. She whistled and a black-and-white tortoise-shell cat leapt up onto the table beside her. She had named him Marcus, after her father. He wasn't scared of spirits because, like Jiggers, he was used to them. She had adopted him a few days after Gerard took her in, about a month after her parents died. She rolled up the letter and put it in a bag on Marcus' back, then slipped her notebook in after it. She removed it briefly to write down Mary's information so that Hiro and Cass could get some sort of closure. She pointed to the cat flap and told him where to go. He purred an affirmative and ran on his appointed errand.

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Is Kat dead too?

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No. Like Mary said, she's

No. Like Mary said, she's just taking a vacation from her body. Basically when the human body is badly damaged, or just really really really tired, the spirit will leave the body, but the person won't be dead.

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Chapter 4

She decided to go find Tadashi and let him know what she had found, so she whisked over to Cass' cafe and found him sitting outside the window, looking in a bit sadly.

"Hey," she said. He jumped a bit and turned to her.

"Hey," he replied. "Just making sure they're okay." Marcus II jumped up on the windowsill across the room, scratching and meowing at it until Hiro let him in. "Whose cat is that?"

"Mine," she said. "His name is Marcus II, after my father, and I managed to write a letter and Mary's information down so Hiro and Cass can, maybe, have some closure if you can't come back. Hope that doesn't sound too-!" He grabbed her about the waist and pulled her in close. He closed her mouth with a kiss that started off tender and created a strong heat coming from her heart. Marcus looked over at the pair, seeming to roll his eyes before returning his attention to Hiro. He lay down in the middle of his bed and meowed, glancing back over his shoulder at the harness.

Hiro noticed and removed the letter and the notebook. He looked at it curiously then opened the book. Kat had written how creepy Callaghan's room was and a brief description of the eerie mask she had found.

Hiro picked up his phone and dialed Mary's number. They set up an appointment of sorts for the next day and Hiro raced downstairs to inform his aunt. Cass was a bit dubious, but gave him the benefit of the doubt. They made plans to go over to Mary's house for three o'clock the next day, and went to bed. Tadashi pulled Kat in through the window and they lay together on his bed, Marcus nosing the door open and curling up beside them. Cuddled up between her boyfriend and her cat, she soon fell asleep.

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Chapter 5

The next morning Kat woke up before Tadashi, who had floated up to the ceiling in his ghostly slumber. He snorted then woke up. He landed beside her, putting a hand on her arm, squeezing it reassuringly. Without a word they silently agreed to go check on Cass and Hiro. The young man was curled up and tangled in his blanket. Cass was tossing and turning in her sleep as a nightmare ravaged her mind. Kat leaned over and whispered softly in her ear. She settled down and smiled gently.

"Tadashi," Cass whispered. He settled on the bed by her. 

"Aunt Cass, I'm here. I'm going to come back to you and Hiro," he said solemnly. "I promise."

Kat took his hand and they left. They stopped off at her house and went down to the basement through the floor. She willed her hands to be able to pick up tools and tweaked a tank she had made for observing some raccoons which had somehow gotten their fat derrier's in the basement through the door. They had been hauled off by some obscure animal control officer and she converted it back to a vacant place that was empty.

Half way through, disaster struck: the power failed and she lost the will to create. She looked helplessly at Tadashi who gave her a sad look before pulling her in close and hugging her tightly. Tears of frustration and anger at herself squeezed from her tightly clenched eyelids. He caught them with his ectoplasm and looked down at her in alarm.

"Hey, hey, hey. Kat, what's wrong?" he asked gently. She sniffed and pulled away slightly to look him in the face.

"I f-failed you. I can't create the chamber for you to get back to Hiro and Cass. Or me," she moaned. He brushed more ghostly tears from her cheeks and lifted her chin to look him in the eye.

"Kat," he said leaning in to press their foreheads together. "I will always, always, be with you. I know you can do it, babe. You just gotta believe in yourself." She smiled a watery, unstable smile, then they kissed. An explosion sounded outside and they rushed to the scene. Krei Tech was in shambles. Black specks were floating and carrying...something, or three of them, which then clicked together and created a large portal of epic proportions. From their vantage point in Limbo, Kat and Tadashi could clearly see the unstable magnetic field around the portal. Even as it opened, it was destablizing. Kat made as if to go, but Tadashi grabbed her wrist. "You can't go in there, Kat. It's too dangerous!"

"I have to, it's the only way to save the city. Tadashi, if I-!" She was cut off by his lips on hers. She closed her eyes and they both became lost in the kiss, oblivious to everything and anything until someone's voice mentioned the portal's magnetic field destablizing. Kat turned and looked at the portal, then back at Tadashi. "I have to try."

"I'm coming with you," he said. "It's a two person job. Will you take me on as your partner?"

She paused a moment. "Yes! Let's go!" They zipped to the portal and quickly located a keyboard. Thinking quickly, especially when she recognized two of the characters, three if you counted the one being held by...a strange monster, she punched in a code to stop the destablization and decrease the speed with which it closed. "Hiro and Baymax are here. If I can buy them a few minutes, they can escape the blast. This thing is going to go sky high any minute now!"

Tadashi gasped as he got a good look at the man being held by the monster. "Professor...Callaghan?" Kat barely glanced up before returning her attention back to the keyboard before her. A few tense moments passed before the portal exploded violently. She was thrown back through the air, not even feeling anything.

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Chapter 6

Beep! Beep! Beep! A heart monitor chirped its alotted tone, announcing that Kat's heartrate was increasing. Her eyes fluttered and opened. Something was in her mouth. It was hard, plastic, and hurt until she pulled it out. Cass and Gerard were standing by her bed.

"Gerard?" she croaked. "Wh-where am I?"

"You're at the hospital, Kat. You were in an accident," he said gently. "We were worried you wouldn't make it. Don't try to sit up just yet." His warning came too late as she sat up, wincing badly when a twinge of pain shot up her side and exploded in her face.

Two more people came in, one in a wheelchair. She cracked an eye when the pain subsided. Tadashi was sitting in the wheelchair being pushed by Hiro, whose eyes were dancing with such pure, radiant joy it made her throat swell.

"Tadashi? How-? The device failed!" she cried hoarsely. He stood up and rushed to her side, taking one of her hands between his.

"The device you created wasn't completed. The portal, when it exploded, also gave me back my body," he explained. "I told you that you could do it." He sat on the edge of her bed, putting a gentle arm around her shoulders. She sighed happily and leaned her head on his shoulder, suddenly feeling the bandages on her face. She steeled her nerves.

"Gerard, would you mind getting me a mirror?" she requested.

"I really don't think that's a good idea, Kat," her butler said. She looked at him, and he sighed. He pulled a hand-held mirror from a bag he had with him, handing it to her.

In place of her face she saw a sea of white bandages with a couple black-ish spots for her eyes, nostrils and mouth. She squeezed Tadashi's hand when he tighened his grip on her to keep her from passing out. A wave of dizziness washed over her and she rested her head on his shoulder again, not caring if the bandages felt weird on her face. A nurse came in.

"Time to change the bandages!" she said in an all-too-cheery voice. She looked at Tadashi. "You can stay here if you want. I need some space." Everyone but Tadashi cleared out. The wraps on her face came away relatively easily, only pulling twice. Once on her cheek the other just above her left eyebrow. Before the new bindings were applied the nurse let her see her new face. A long, jagged wound ran in a half-circle around her face, starting at just above her brow and ending on her cheek. She dry-swallowed to keep from vomitting. "We had to do some pretty heavy reconstructive surgery. The accident you were in did a nasty little number on your face. We lost you twice, but you came back both times!" Tadashi and Kat exchanged looks before looking at the nurse, who was smiling brightly. It was completely unsettling and very, very creepy. The doctor came in.

"Ah, good! You're awake," he said in a friendly voice. He had black hair that was beginning to turn grey at his temples. "Karissa, you're dismissed." The nurse, Karissa, left with her permanent smile. Kat shuddered after she was out of earshot. "Everything alright? How's your pain?"

"Well, it's actually close to a zero point five right now. Karissa was a bit...direct in her explanation of what happened to me. She didn't tell me what happened, just that you guys lost me twice but I came back," Kat said with a nervous laugh. The doctor facepalmed.

"I'm sorry. She has that direct way with everyone. It's gotten a lot of complaints," he said. He checked her chart then looked at her. "Your injuries are healing quite nicely, so I see no reason to hold you here any longer than necessary. I'll sign your release form this evening and then you can go home." He turned a kind look on Tadashi. "Now you, young man, are a mystery in the scientific and medical fields. Coming back from the dead because of an explosion, what a story! When you leave here, don't be afraid to snap. Sometimes reporters need to be reminded that their job, while useful, can often hinder people's recovery." He scribbled something on a chart in his hand and left.

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I have

I have zero idea what is going on here

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Basically Tadashi and my

Basically Tadashi and my character Kat, are a couple, and they experienced the movie from a new view point, a Different Angle (the title taken from what Tadashi always told Hiro. "Look at it from a different angle.") The portal, when it imploded/exploded, gave Tadashi back his body because the formula he and Kat saw required massive amounts of energy from a circular creation. Kat was in an accident, but she didn't die, she's just in a coma. Tadashi knowingly ran into a fire and did die. They worked together to get back to the world of the living.

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Chapter 7

X-Rays showed that Kat had broken some ribs on her right side, as well as shattering her pelvis, and snapping her left ankle. Gerard offered to tell her what he knew of the accident, but she refused, saying that she needed to remember it on her own. "Otherwise, it'll just be someone else's version of my life, not my own," she explained. 

Since she and Gerard lived in a two-storey home whereas Cass, Hiro, and Tadashi were in a three-storey home, it was decided that all five of them would stay at her house until both made a full recovery. The churning sea of reporters that waited outside parted at a few choice words from Kat. Hiro got the door for her and his brother, who helped her into the van her butler had purchased with some cash he'd squirreled away while unemployed. The ride home was anything but smooth. In her mind she knew Gerard was trying to keep from causing her more pain than she already felt, but gadzooks did it ever feel like he was hitting. Every. Single. Pothole. In the freaking road. She sighed with relief, as did everyone, when they pulled up in front of the house. Again, Tadashi helped her greatly by supporting her injured side and even carrying her up the stairs bridal-style and into the house. He set her down on one of the twin-sized beds in the spare room on the first floor then gave her a kiss on the forehead, above her right eyebrow. They shared a tender kiss before he went out to help Gerard with some of the bags Cass and Hiro brought from their house, including Baymax and Mogi, their plump, bulbous, happy-go-lucky calico.

"PReeow!" Mogi declared as she jumped up beside Kat, rubbing her raised hands affectionately.

"D-oh! Mogi! Get. OFF!" she groaned, pushing the cat off her. With a disgruntled squeak that would shame a mouse and a thud that would embarass an elephant, the chubby feline flopped to the ground as graceful as a frog in a blender. Feeling bad, Kat stuck a hand over the edge and pawed around for the loveable animal, scratching her ears when she finally felt the furry head. Baymax tottered in after a second.

"Hello! I, am Baymax, your personal, healthcare, companion," he said in his friendly-but-broken voice. He moved his hand in a rough interpretation of a wave and turned to face her fully. "I will scan you now...Scan complete. I have detected several fractured ribs on the right side of the body. Treatment: bedrest and patience."


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Chapter 8

A few weeks later, Tadashi had completely healed, but still insisted on staying with Kat until she had recovered sufficiently. Kat's stitches were removed after another trip to the hospital. The scars that were left made her eyes tear up. She'd never been vain, nor thought herself exceptionally beautiful, but she was proud of her complexion, which was almost always clear and smooth. The scars made that a thing of the past. Her pelvis had healed remarkably well, so she was able to stand for brief periods of time, but not walk. The doctors said another week at least before she was able to try baby steps.

School was unthinkable in her current condition, but sitting idly by waiting to heal was driving her mad. So she and the others played word games over video. They would give her a riddle, and she would solve it. The riddle for the day that she gave them was this:

What goes on four legs in the morning, two legs at noon, and three legs in the evening?

Hiro was the first to answer. "A cat!" he announced triumphantly.

"Nope! Guess again," she grinned. He gave her a stunned look.

"A dog?" Fred guessed. She smiled and shook her head no. "Hm...Oh! A sandwich! Mmmm, I would love a sandwich right about now!"

"Hahahaha! N-hoo, Fred. It's not a sandwich. That'd be disturbing," she hooted. They all laughed for a few minutes, then settled down to think.

"I got nothin'," Tadashi said at length. "Go-go?" She shook her head. "Honey-Lemon?" Another head shake. "Wasabi?"

"Hey, you think got the answer? Naw, man. I haven't gotten one right! But if I had to hazard a guess...hm... Nah, that's too dumb," he said, waving the answer off without voicing it.

"Any answer goes, remember. If Fred thinks a sandwich walks, then your answer couldn't be that far-fetched," Kat said.

"Well," he paused, a blank look coming over his face. "I forget what I was going to say...."

"Pfft! Alrighty then, give up?" she asked. "Want the answer?"

"Please," she heard them all chorus.

"The answer is: a human!" she crowed, grinning like a Cheshire cat. 

"Huh?" Hiro said.

"Think about it: four legs, or crawling, as an infant, two legs, or walking, as an adult, then walking with a cane for the third leg as a senior citizen," she said, laying it out in a logical format.

"Oh!" they all chimed in unison.

"Now it makes perfect sense!" Kat chuckled ask Tadashi said that. 

"Keep that in mind, because that's the riddle of the Sphinx," she advised. "If you ever get into a riddle contest with anyone, ask that question last. If they know the answer to that, then you're in trouble, because it means they're advanced riddlers."

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This story is awesome

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Chapter 9

They finished their video riddle contest and Kat leaned back against the pillows, bored out of her mind. Baymax toddled in and scanned her.

"Your injuries are, healing, nicely," he said brokenly. "I detect that you are unhappy."

"I'm bored!" Kat whined.

"Perhaps some board games would be of assistance?" Baymax suggested.

"Sure, just a second," she said. Gerard came in as if on cue. "Would you mind getting some board games? I'm bored."

"Of course," he said. "I'll get Chess and we can play together." He dipped his head before turning and heading to the other spare room to grab said game. He returned a few moments later and helped her sit up and turn so she could play against him. They set it up and Baymax settled into watching them, blinking occasionally. "So how are you feeling?"

"Good," she said. "Check."

"What? How?!" he cried. She chuckled. She always surprised him with moves like that. She pointed to the Queen, which he'd unknowingly put into the perfect scoring position for her to get his King. He facepalmed. "Good eye. Another round?"

She paused for a moment then nodded. A few hours later, she shifted slightly in discomfort. She'd been sitting and laying down all day and her legs and lower back were beginning to go numb. "I just need a minute to stand up," she said, pain flitting across her face briefly. "I can't feel my legs or anything from under the ribcage down."

Tadashi squeezed in and stopped when he saw her trying to push herself up. Gerard was helping her as best he could, but he went over to help get her on her feet. She rocked back and forth for a moment before finding her balance. Relief spread through her body as her lower half came back to life.

"That feels heavenly," she said whistfully.