Differences in Recolour and Art apps?

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Sorry, this is the last kind of question thread I promise! But I was curious, what makes one app better then another? When editing a dragon, (I know this one for a fact) when you use a special layer to lighten it, do some apps handle it better (some apps display weird glitch colours and it gets all blocky and strange)? When drawing, is the blur tool more effective? Are there more special layer options? More brushed? I want to know, as I'm considering buying ProCreate, and I want to know what difference it makes. Is it easier to use? All opinions appreciated!



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I'll be honest, I've only used either MSpaint or photoshop my whole life. I got SAI and Medibang, but I have yet picked up on those apps. Procreate, definitely haven't touched it.


I guess photoshop tends to be the go-to app, because heck, it's well-known use is manipulating photos ("Photoshopping", trademarked sign hue), but I'm sure there are other art programs out there that allows you to do the same things.


Special light layer? Weird glitch colors? Uh... Perhaps you're talking about the app's ability to change lightness/darkness, contrast, hue and saturation? Or are you talking about filters? I think most apps have that ability.


Blur tool? Well there's also smear or blend tool. It basically just smudges or blurs your art. Nothing really special about that, but it helps you... Say, blur part of your art so that it looks out-of-focus. I use blend/smear to blend colors together.



UHHHH special layers option. Uh. Oh boy. I'm no professional, just self-taught, so I don't know the formal ways to address layers. What I know is:

  1. Clipping mask 
  2. Layer opacity
  3. Lock
  4. Merge layers


I think looking up tutorials online for specific apps will help you more ^^;




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I have edited dragons on three apps, Autodesk Sketchbook, IbisPaint X, and Procreate. Recoloring in all of them gives you about the same result, because you use the same tools on them. Layers, brushes, selection tool and blending modes. The only difference is the brushes. Brushes wise, I love Procreate. So many variety of brushes, you can download some from the internet or simply customise your own! They're great for doing spots and stripes on dragons. 


Sometimes you get a weird glitch color blocky thingy because the resolution of the image may be low. So make sure to download a high-quality image before you edit it. Google "Toothless Shot of The Day", those pictures are high-quality compared to a screenshot taken from a YouTube clip or HTTYD Wiki gallery. So just make sure you get the right picture from Google images ^^ Keep in mind: The smaller the image, the more pixelated it will be.


If you still get the glitch, which you often get when you edit light-coloured dragons, either: 1) Crop the image if the glitch is at the corner. 2) Blur it with a tool if it's only a small one. 3) Copy an area of the body next to the glitch with the selection tool and paste it over the glitch in another layer and erase the corners with a soft brush to sort of blend it into the body.


If you want to see the pros and cons of Procreate, Google reviews about it or watch them on YouTube. There are videos which compare art apps. Watch people use them to get an idea of what you'll get. As free apps, Sketchbook and IbisPaint X are wonderful and you can make great edits and art from them! Procreate is great because you get to only pay once for it (some apps require you to pay money monthly or yearly). It even got a basic animation feature! Which app being easier to use depends on you actually, so, again, watch videos of them on YouTube XD


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Yeah I agree, I've only used Ibis Paint X at this point, but I've seen lots of art tutorials and I noticed ProCreate has a wider variety of brushes and textures which makes me jealous cuz all my dragons look very smooth!! And drawing scales on Ibis Paint is hard qwq

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For scales on Ibis Paint X, the circle tool is neat.

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That's very subjective! Some programs are better at specific things than others are, and algorithms for say, lighting and other layer modes also differ between programs. Same goes for blur tools. All programs handle those differently too. Photoshop's blur tool is a pain to work with for me, but I can use Procreate's without any issues.


It's what the artist does with a program what counts. Some people are amazing with one piece of software yet are terrible with others. Even the most basic program like ms Paint can be top software in the hands of someone who's really good with it. Personally I would just check out a couple things and see what you like to work with if I were you! 


If you're looking into Procreate I'd say go for it! I've been using it a lot lately and even though it's very different from what I'm used to, I like it a lot so far. The learning curve isn't very steep compared to desktop software and it has a lot of good preset brushes.


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