Did you hear about How to train your Dragon 3? It's horrible!

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If fou haven't heard, the director of Httyd said that a Httyd 3 would be coming around 2016. He also revealed that the movie would be about hiccup explaining about why there are no dragons today (Why they no longer exist..). Does that mean all of our beloved dragons, such as Toothless, Stormfly, Hookfang, Meatlug, Belch and Barf, and many others will all pass away, leaving vikings to mourn over their dragons passings? I think this is a TERRIBLE idea. I can't stand thinking of toohless dead. Imagine poor hiccup!
Protesters unite?



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It is actually a very good

It is actually a very good way to end a story. Not all stories should have a happy ending there needs to be the ones that end on a sad note.


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No one said that all the

No one said that all the dragons would die; they might all decide to fly away, migrate from the island, etc. 


The director is really just sticking to the plot of the main books that the movies are adapted from, and in any case, it has to be tied up somehow why the dragons they had then aren't romping around in modern day. 

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But, but, but... Toothless

But, but, but...

Toothless can't fly.

I think I'm ready to cry myself to sleep now.


im starting a new signature lol

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Hiccup will prob make him a

Hiccup will prob make him a tail like he did in Gif of the Nightfury and they have to leave eventually, they can't stay forever, they will prob leave for the dragon's safety there are just too many enemies out there 



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Ik this is supposed to be a serious topic but...

Ok, I know u meant to say "Gift of the NIghtfury" and not "Gif of the Nightfury," but I laughed when I read that.  I'm trying to imagine Toothless on a computer making random Gifs of stuff and sharing them on face.book or something XD.


The chicken is not amused.



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Support! The end must be good

Support! The end must be good and optimistic! No tears! No tragedies! Only optimism! But the third part....it's great! Fabulous. Actually I haven't heard about the third part HTTYD . But if it is true, we will look forward to it. To be honest I was worried after watching HTTYD 2 because I thought that last time we see Hiccup and Toothless on screens. But now I know that they will return to us! Amazing news! By the way, you know that in 2016 will be the premiere of the film AVATAR 2? Cool! Two Grand premiere! We will wait! ;)














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Avatar ^^

Of course! I love Avatar :3

Ahh only 2 years left.. xD


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I am acually making The Last Shadow- AKA-The Great Leonopterxy-AKA-Toruk out of rubber bands he will be huge and I will post him on the forum.


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1 year left

Now only 1 year :D


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The book says they return to

The book says they return to the ocean from where they came. 


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He said why they no longer exist. If they no longer exist, then how can they be alive. I just don't like it at all. 

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got goosebumps just by

got goosebumps just by reading that ._.
but it sounds like an interesting story plot.



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It is a little interesting, but i'm so shocked about how they would end the story like that.

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          NO! Let the



Let the director decide how to do the film!

No more stupid petitions!!!


I don't get people like this. You all liked the first film as well as the second film, so why now try and get in the Deans way? Let him do his job and trust him to do it good.


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YES THANK YOU I was about to



I was about to put the same thing, but you said it first :)


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Thank you for agreeing:)

Great minds think alike^_^

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- Insert Title Here -

I was thinking the same thing! We need to trust the creator, he will do what's best.




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e.e I'm sorry, but I didn't say ANYTHING about petitions. Please check your facts before you post. (I'm just giving an opinion.... :I)

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I know, trust me I know. But you're not the first one to start this, so I guess I just blew up the steam here:)

Sorry about that:)

Just trust the director:) Because there are people who really are planning to change Deans mind. And I personally don't want that to happen.

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^^; Sorry about that. I understand. I just can't stand the thought of poor Toothless passing away.. ;n;

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I wouldn't be worried about that. Even though DW has finally got the guts to show life they wouldn't kill Toothless. And if they will, well that is life. When you have a pet and it passes away you can't really do anything just be happy that it ws with you as much as it could^_^

And I also can't stand it. But honestly Disney, got me ready for that a long time ago. As someone wrote down below:)

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THANK YOU! A voice of reason.

THANK YOU! A voice of reason. Usually I'm the one saying this.


Thankfully no one's brought up petitions in this thread yet.


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Question: Who is the director? Dean DeBlois (Don't quote me on the spelling, I don't know how to spell his name, my apologiez if I misspelled it.)

He is the one who has been working together with Cressida and crafting, beautifully, a trilogy that will explain what would happen if the Vikings had been right about dragons being real. He hasn't disappointed me yet, threw me for a loop, I admit, especially with the scene half an hour before the end of the movie. But he's not the first to do that: The Lion King, for instance. Also Frozen, and Tangled. Yeesh, Tangled even showed the blood! True there are some exceptions with Disney, but for the most part, they're the ones who started getting those of us born in the 90s used to loss. If you want explanation, for those who watched the movie, look at "Why things happened the way they did in HTTYD 2 (My Opinion)"


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It might not mean they hideor go away...

It might just mean that the Berkians decide to hide the dragons away from the rest of the world, you know, like in the Harry Potter books the Ministry of Magic hides away all the magical creatures.








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Was born on the Island of Crete, but escaped when Drago Bludvist took her flock. Eventually made her way to Berk, where she was captured and put in the Academy. Emma was the only one who could get through to her, after one of Hiccup's attempts at training her went wrong. Ever since, the two have been like sisters. She is hot tempered, stubborn, and ferocious, giving her a rotten reputation amoung the villagers, but she also hides a nuturing and over-protective maternal instinct when it comes to her rider and her adoptive "Nephew", Spindle. She and Nina Haddock's Deadly Nadder, Darrien, have a competitive friendship, but she distrusts any other dragon or rider, especialy Stormfly and Astrid. She also has a grudge against Hiccup, but she'll follow his orders when they make sense.

Abilities: Copy-Cat fighting, glowing pink patterns, the usual bursting into flames

Status: Warrior of her small flock

Hiccup attempting to train Peony in the Arena. Peony: "Not happening, Twig Arms..."

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Name: Spindleheart, though often just Spindle

Breed: Whispering Death

Age: Shortwing

Level: 12

Gender: Male


Stormy gray scales, with turquoise spines and a sunset orange underbelly. Wears a set of headgear that resembles goggles.


Was found underneath Berk as an egg, along with two other eggs. Hiccup, knowing Emma had little to no fear of Whispering Deaths, entrusted one of the eggs to her, after much reassurance that she'd take good care of it. Spindle's personality is shy, sweet, and adorably awkward, with little to no social skills. He often has trouble speaking to the other Whispers he was found with, and is deathly afraid of Hiccup's new Whisper, Shredder. Not knowing any other family, he maintains a stubborn belief that Emma is his mother and Peony his aunt (though he can't really say her name right, so he always calls her "Auntie PeeNee"), even as he discovers his past and lineage. Being slightly more sensitive to sunlight than most, Emma made him a pair of tinted goggles so he can fly during the day. He's an overachiever, and always gets depressed at his poor racing skills, but excells at target and shooting games, thank's to Peony's patient training.

Abilities: Spine-Shot, Tail-Whip, Drilling, very good swimmer

Status: Scout of his small flock


Name: (coming soon)

Asian dragon by Glacecia!


Hong Taiyang (紅太陽), or "Red Sun"

This dragon is very proud, strict, ordered, and often acts like a bit of a snob... okay, maybe a lot of a snob. But he's also very willing to learn, and knows how to read and understand several languages. He enjoys watching things be created, and loves the structure of the scientific process. He will sometimes give you a message written in a foreign language and watch intently while ou try to puzzle out the translation.

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Yeah well DreamWorks doesn't

Yeah well DreamWorks doesn't candy coat things as much as Disney so you should get used to it.

I think it's a good way to end a franchise as well as stay true to the ending of the original books. Only time will tell what happens.

Joined: 06/26/2014

I know thats what happens in the books, but I didn't say the whole movie has to be sugar coated. I mean, sure, throw some death in there and what not, but the thing i'm focusing on, is them killing the main dragons, like Toothless. After everything they went through, toothless will just die? I just don't like the idea of that. (Atleast I hope they keep some of the dragons alive!) I'm not trying to start an argument or anything, I just wanted to show reasons to this.

Joined: 06/26/2014

Toothless does hidein the books right? (By the way, I don't mind spoilers. I don;t think i'm going to be reading it anyway.)

Joined: 08/08/2014
not really

toothless doesnt even exist in the book. tht was the movies decision to change hiccups dragon. his original dragon was supposed to be a terrible terror kind of dragon, but they felt like he needed an amazing dragon that he can earn up to.

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What if...?

What if, I dunno, say Hiccup dies or something of the like, and shortly thereafter, Toothless dies of heartbreak. Can't stand being without his best friend, so he just up and dies in the middle of the night or something tragic like that. :( Thinking about it makes me want to cry. It's just a suggestion, not an "I-got-an-insider's-look" type thing.

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I disagree

Althought it is sad, I think ending with the death of toothless may actually be  agood way to end the series, I never liked the "and they all lived happily ever after" endings, that isn't life and to me is a rather bad way to end a trilogy, there needs to be alot of emotion as if to say 'this is the end' 

so yes in a way I do hope Toothless dies, ((wait's patiently for hate mail))




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Skyler Smile
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 Yup! I agree :)


Yup! I agree :)Its more interesting when its a sad ending than when its a happily ever after ending.


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I have to agree, life isn't fair.

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Also agreeing:) It's not fair at all...

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All I have to say...

I know I'm not the director, and a lot of people are probably going to hate me for the twentieth chapter of my fan fic First Generation(Daughter of Hiccup and Astrid), but the only things I have to say are: Mufasa, Eugene Fitzherbert AKA Flynn Rider(Although he comes back), the parents in Frozen, Ellie, and any other deaths I've experienced growing up. Death is a part of life. "Everybody dies, But not everybody lives" to quote a Niki Minaj song.

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Well, whatever floats their boat :P


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Doesn't mean death

Just because it says that it's going to explain why there are no dragons today, doesn't mean all the dragons are going to die. I think we should all wait untill we have more information on whats actually going to happen in the film before we all jump to conclutions. As far as we know, which is kinda the only thing we know, is that it's going to explain why there are no more dragons. This doesn't explain what's going to happen in the movie, it doesn't say what will happen to the characters or the dragons, so why doesn't everyone calm down and wait for more information instead of making protests on something no one knows about.


HTTYD quotes, gotta love them :3

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These arn't protests just thoughts and oppinions, half the fun of any game/movie relase is guessing and developing theories and slowly adding the peices of the jigsaw together towards the actual release. It could mean death or on the other hand they could go froliking in a garden of waist high flowers were hiccup and astrid make passionate love. nobody know's and it's all guess work, but that guess work is entertaining, as well as listening to other peoples theriories and adding your own

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I have already said above that the director said the movie would be explaining why dragons no longer exist....How can they be alive, if they don't exist?

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Poor Dragons...

Poor Dragons Poor Toothless. *wonders how Hiccup feels* :( 



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Poor Dragons...

Poor Dragons. Poor Toothless. *wonders how Hiccup feels* :( 

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Poor Dragons...

Poor Dragons. Poor Toothless. *wonders how Hiccup feels* :( 

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subjects mr duck pewds banana

I don't care really how they'll do the ending, just as long everyone will respect the ending. Basically for me it's "LET THE FEELS BEGIN" and "BRING IT ON DREAMWORKS, MY BODY IS READY FOR ANYTHING IN THIS MOVIE"

U getta vat i meen 


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Really disappointed

That makes no sense at all. If this is about going into the imagination realm, it shouldn't deal wit things this way, as this was originally portrayed as a kids movie. Hundreds of kids watching second movie : bam! someone dies. Actually, didn't even make sense also, as there is the funeral, and less than a minute everyone is happy again, something that is completely twisted about vikings, they usually went berserk for vengeance, not just the no-reaction... About the disney movies, they show death and bad things, but show the prevail of good, of charity, seek of peace, this kind of thing, not death without sense (which even reduces value of life, as like, life is this way, don't care if someone close dies) as was portrayed on second movie. If this was a series portrayed to kids and for kids it is not sugar coating just making things remain on imagination. Let me give an example: J.K Rowling writes 10 books, develops a whole story about magic kingdoms, and then, just kill everybody at the end, '"cause there are no wizards today". Things are not supposed to end the most happish way, but also aren't supposed to end with the universe portrayed being destroyed.Looked like a shot on their own foot. Kill someone close, turn the killer on a villain... oh no, i'm mad at you for what you don- wait, come' on, let's play, fly again, nothing happened. Another question : Why make a game, two movies just for all of them be dead on the third? Even zombie movies don't have this kind of ending, something hardly to imagine for a kid's movie. Is this the same Dreamworks that made Prince of Egypt, Way to El Dorado, Spirit? Makes hard to believe that

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I think the director's choice

I think the director's choice to follow the books is the right one. How to Train Your Dragon is just destinded to be a beautiful, but bittersweet story. 


Even if the movie has a sad ending, there's no stopping them from creating infinite stories in between the rise and fall of the Dragon Age of Vkings, and they could always follow the story of anothing viking, just like how after Aang's story ended, they moved on to Korra's story (Avatar).


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This is exactly what I was thinking. Even if the movie ends that way, there could still be more shows or even other movies, not just depicting Hiccup and the gang, but new dragon riders from other places. It's possible islands trained dragons after hearing about Hiccup defeating the Red Death, as i'm sure was told about a lot, or even a time where dragons come back.


The franchise is called Dreamworks Dragons, meaning it doesn't necessarily 100% have to revolve around Hiccup, Toothless, Astrid, Fishlegs, Snotlout, Ruffnut, Tuffnut and the others. It might be more fun that way seeing as we know and love those characters but it doesn't have to end there.


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I think we should just trust

I think we should just trust the director. In my opinion, this is a pretty good way to end the franchise. I want to see how they'll pull it off.


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I'm looking forward to the

I'm looking forward to the third movie. I will be upset if they go the "mass extinction" route, because I think its lazy and I will cry if Toothless flat out dies. I haven't read the books and don't plan to just in case they use the same explaination.









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I'm looking forward to the

Huh. My first double-post incident. XD

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I know about it

I know about it. I think that it will not be a good idea to end it like Toothless dies. It is supposed to be movie for kids, and before you say something like: "Death is part of a life. The kids have to learn about it!" yes they do indeed, but not too soon. I bet that many kids under 6 years are watching this movie, so it will not be good to just kill the main character. And if it will end this way, then School of Dragons could not exist anymore, because there will be no dragons. The game follows the movie, so if dragons will hidein the movie, they will not be in game anymore. It would not be School of DRAGONS. It would be School of VIKINGS.



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