Did Not Receive Log-in Reward When Watched Video of 2 Gems

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Computer: I was using my tablet.

What were you doing when the bug occurred?: I tapped Play in the viking I wanted, then the log in poped up. I was at day 5, gem 30 reward. I also tapped the watching a video to get 2 gems, but when I did, I only got 2 gems, not 32 gems! This also happend in day 3, gems 15 reward. When I didn't watch that video, I got the reward fine.

When did the error happen?: Hmm.... it happend twice, in different days, so I don't really think this is important.

Screenshot(s): I will post it on the reply soon, please wait. 

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Pickle thought the subject was a chicken egg

I don't know. I know others were having problems with the ads, but this is new to me. If it keeps happening, maybe PM one of the admins?