Descent of Darkness-Information & Recruitment Thread (1.0)

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Whether you are looking for a new clan or merely interested, a new recruitment thread has arrived for a new clan. Of course it isn’t yet in the top 100, but seeing a clan rise to the top 100 would be a dream come true for me. So make sure to just take a look to see if this clan is for you :)


The basic information.

Clan Name: Descent of Darkness


Clan banner: 


Clan banner (outside the game): 


Description: Racers at the speed of dark. Join us and watch our uprising! (1,000 trophies to join, list your amount when requesting.)


Leader: xAxanthicx (Though, call me Fury or Axan, please.)


Is this clan right for you? 

The origination: I always wanted to lead a clan. I’ve been in many-a-top-clan, and there has been a whole lot of drama. As well as this, there have been many great experiences, memories and friendships which remain intact, unbroken. Yet I have been a bit of a clan hopper, trying to find a clan which is right for me. And that loop has just continued, making new friends and finding new clans. But I never found the home which is right for me, so I built my own. If you feel like a bit of a clan hopper at times and don’t feel right in your current clan, then maybe Descent of Darkness is the one for you.


Goals: This is a clan which I hope to see through to the top 100. I created it to spread positivity and bring to life a society of kind and fun people, who share hobbies yet also tolerate difference. Yes, all top clans have their drama, but this one will be different as long as I can help it. One reason I made this clan was to spread the knowledge I have accumulated throughout my journey on SoD, and to be able to gain more from the players that join us.


Expectations: I don’t really want to make a rule list because I find rules boring, but this is basically the few ‘rules’ or expectations. If you feel pressured by any of these, then perhaps this isn’t the clan for you.


  • 1,000 trophies for entry. This one is rather harsh so sorry for this to everybody with below 1,000 trophies, or who want to put their alts in here. :’) If you don’t have 1K trophies but think you can get them, I will still let you in the clan. If I don’t see your trophy count going up then I’m afraid you’ll either be kicked or I’ll discuss the matter with you.


  • Try to race actively. Of course I will give you as much information for you to become a talented racer as possible, it’s your job to stay active and try to keep your trophy count rising. Of course sometimes people are going through tough times or finding themselves less and less active, this is fine. Remember, the rule is to TRY to race actively, not to always be in racing just to keep your place in the clan.


  • Keep drama out of the clan board. This is rather strict as it rules out almost any negativity about players in-game, but I think it is necessary for our clan to be deemed ‘dramaless.’ Of course I’m going to have exceptions though, you can ALWAYS talk to me about any players who may be harassing or even just irritating you. Even if that player is me. And if I either agree with you or trust you, I will of course allow you to post about any drama going on. This is a safety measure to avoid manipulation tactics e.g gaslighters, so I hope you understand (also, if I trust you/promote you to Elder I will give you a pass on this rule. Like I said it is to avoid manipulation tactic, so if you are a trusted elder then that is a license to post vents without permission, though of course coming to me first is appreciated :’)


  • Don’t hack. Yeah, this one’s pretty simple.


  • HaVe FuN! :D


How to be promoted to Elder: This one is very simple. You simply have to be a good, trustworthy person and be noticed for it :’D. Being active, whether in the clan board, in the game or in racing will likely improve your chance of being promoted to Elder.


Other information.


Representative Dragon: Night Terror (or Fire terror, but generally dark-coloured terrors :)


Other: In the News section, I have information about winning races and battles, getting gems and more. If you have any information you’d like to share (whether you’re part of the clan or not,) feel free to. I am also working on random stuff such as In-clan board roleplays, our mascots and battle cries, etc. If you have any ideas/questions you can clanvisit me and talk to me in/game. 


How to join: The clan is invite only, so be sure to send in a request if you wish. Just make sure: fit in the codeword ‘potatoes’ and list your trophy count when requesting, so I know you’ve seen the forums and read through this whole thing. (Also, you don’t have to have a forum account to be accepted!). You might say your trophy count and then the word potatoes just for the sake of it xD If you don’t have the 1K trophies but think you can get them, fit in the word ‘rainbow’ just because only a few words in the request fit. If you have less then 1K trophies and don’t fit in the word ‘rainbow’, you might be kicked. 


‘9270 Potatoes’

‘627 Rainbow Potatoes’



currently being worked on!



Welcome to the Signature of..



Banner edited by myself with InSh0t and :>


My Siggy guardians! In order of left to right (horizontal): Tundra, Glacier, Heatstroke, Crown, Logo and Motion. All drawn by myself!


About me!


Age: Old enough. 


Name: Somewhere between 2 and 500 Letters of the Alphabet put together! 

Gender: Female 


Pronouns: She/They/Roaring Tree


Orientation: Prefer food to Humans.


Anything else with no logic: Chimitato Lover.


Nationality: Pure Brit.


Hobbies: Art, Climbing, Ariel Fitness, Swimming, Reading. On forums I'm often found roleplaying! I'd be happy to do art for people but I don't plan on making any/many art request threads just because of time and motivation. 


What gender are the Nightlights?!: Ruffrunner is a Cinnamon Roll, Dart is an Attack Helicopter, Pouncer is a White Speck, The Light Fury is Mint Toothpaste and Toothless is a Giga Chad. 


Fun fact: Toothless is ACTUALLY called Toothless because Mint Toothpaste uses him and

he doesn't use Mint Toothpaste.



About me in-game!


Main account(s..):


Usually I'm mostly found on the account Auoreal nowadays. My old main account goes by my forums name, olXFuryXlo, but she got deleted about a year ago.


How long have I been around?

Well, I made my forums account over a year and a few months ago, but in reality I have only been active nearly 4 months. I first downloaded SoD about 6 years ago… and never finished the tutorial due to Kindle Lag and catching fish. But eventually 3 years later I hopped back on and to played for 2 years with a great account.. Until THAT got deleted too. So basically, I’ve been playing 3 years in total but my account is only a year old and was inactive for three quarters of that year.


I am a loyal Elder of...



(Clan banner by DefenderBryhild! Oreo Furies for life!)




(by myself! Ownership of Mashy the clan mascot belongs to



(Clan banner by SkyliaFrost! Fear the Potato God!)


My OC(s..)


I have too many OCs. Quite literally. Most of you know that by now, heh.. but I may as well explain my main Viking’s backstory in a crossover with multiple of my other oc’s backstories. Fury's backstory is still a WIP, even though I've had it for nearly 3 years.. XD. I guess that's because I've developed the other characters in this more. For any ideas about my OC/other OCs mentioned in this (like your oc being somebodies sibling, a dragon they’ve met or even them living in any of the places mentioned in this as most aren’t from the original HTTYD, etc), you can be sure to PM me :) also the same goes if you want to note any information about my OC that may have been missed or could be fixed in this chapter of me explaining Fury to y’all, lol. Anyways, here goes…


Fury’s mother led a village (I won’t explain this since it ties into a story I'm working on a little too much XD) and her village had been at war with a Nation (Specifically the Lycan Nation. Which ties in just a lil bit [a lot] more to that story again, so I’m not explaining!) but her mother of course was having her, so the Nation took mercy and waited for the day of Fury’s birth.


And so it only makes sense that the day she was born.. EvErYtHiNg ChAnGeD wHeN tHe LyCaN nAtIoN aTtAcKeD. (it was too perfect for me to not do this, okay?!)  There was a giant explosion inside her mother’s house, and somehow, Fury (who had been hidden from the conflict in the house) survived the explosion because of its blast, which knocked her away from the village as the fighting begun. Who knows what happened in the war, but Fury was never found by her parents, nor the Lycan Nation. Instead, she was found by a Flightmare! The Flightmare, Glacier, was currently Mates with a Wooly Howl named Tundra, and they were deciding whether to have eggs. However, Glacier decided to bring Fury back to her and Tundra’s igloo. Together, the 2 decided that they would raise Fury instead of having eggs, and so they did.

Well, one of them did.


Let’s switch POV characters; meet Logo! Logo is pure blooded Nightfury. :>


Logo was the adopted son of Halfmoon (a dark grey and yellow Whispering Death with green eyes and green Alpha stripes), who was the leader of a small tribe who lived on a beach of ash, corrupted by constant Volcanic eruptions. Halfmoon had been left by his father Fallenstar (a silver screaming death with soft, pastel-blue eyes) to rule his tribe, since as soon as Fallenstar granted him his Alpha powers the elderly ex-alpha had gone in search of The Hidden World. Halfmoon was left with one thing; a shimmering, Jet-black egg that had been found by his father (at the will of a prophecy from his soothsayer, Drago) and left to be raised by Halfmoon. With Logo being the only memory of his father, Halfmoon took out all his anger on the hatchling. During the constant abuse, hidden scratches in places nobody noticed, he trained him to be a murderer.


And so when Logo was only 7, Halfmoon sent Logo to assassinate Tundra’s brother, Stray. Stray had been causing chaos around the place and had even been claimed to be the assassin to kill Fallenstar, after the Screaming Death’s body was found by the Hidden World and the tribe living in the Volcano had nearly been tracked, so Halfmoon, being the leader of said tribe, wanted him dead. Logo went after him at his last known location, Glacier Island. Which is where he saw Tundra. The 2 are nearly identical, except Stray is larger, has a few scars and purple eyes, whereas Tundra’s are green and he has only 1 scar. The easiest way to recognise Stray is the 3 claw mark scars across his tail. Logo took Tundra under cover of night (exactly one night after they adopted Fury, by some circumstance) and was about to kill him when he was reminded of all his years of abuse. While he was hesitating, Logo learnt that Tundra was, in fact, Tundra. Logo, done with this mission as it had failed so bad already, told Tundra not to tell anyone about this and to stay away from civilisation until Halfmoon was dead. He did this not knowing nobody knew who Halfmoon was, as the reason the dragons of his tribe lived in the volcano was because Fallenstar had caused too much chaos after an assassin from the Hidden World had killed his grandfather's own father, who was the Alpha at that time. Eventually the whole dragon world turned against them and they fled off the map, and by then Halfmoon hadn’t been born. So Tundra agreed despite not knowing who Halfmoon was, and Logo left him be, claiming to Halfmoon that he had killed the Wooly howl.


Glacier found out Tundra was ‘dead’, or at least he’d never came back and was in a state. She was depressed for a long while, then eventually a strange Sand Wraith named Heatstroke agreed to help raise Fury with her. Heatstroke was claimed to be the assassin of Fallenstar’s father and banished from the Hidden World, years before. From there he joined a protest against Ray, led by Stray himself. And then he learnt that Stray was the real assassin and he had also been treated horribly by the Wooly Howl. So he found out more information and figured out Stray had been banished from Glacier Island. So he decided to go and live there, safe from Hidden World dragons and the nasty Wooly Howl. Glacier decided to go with it, and so for the next 8 years they would raise Fury in peace, teaching her the Dragon language… I mean did you see the LF and Toothless communicating? There's definitely a dragon language lol. I call it 'Dragontounge' in the Viking language, but in the dragon language it is called ‘Dovahzul’. If you want the real language search up ‘Dragon Dictionary’ (it is from another fandom but, dOn'T cArE. :D

8 Years Later.

So this is where again things get spicy :) Hunters had started to create civilisation on Glacier Island, eventually capturing Glacier herself. The Flightmare called for Heatstroke’s help, but only Fury saw the signal.. and ended up only getting captured as well. R.I.P. 

The hunters didn’t entrap her, though. They decided to use her, and turn her into one of them. Eventually they captured Heatstroke too. Slowly, Fury learnt the language of the ‘humans’, and also learnt to hate them. She was forced to work for the hunters for 2 more years, under the bargain of Glacier’s life…

2 years later.

Logo had finally escaped his father’s clutches within the past 10 years. He had been only 7 when he made the ‘assassination’ of Tundra, so is now nearing adulthood. He now has a mate of his own, Motion (I’m working on these two’s story, trust me it’s wholesome as anything) and now that he’s finally free and Halfmoon is dead, he remembers Tundra. Wondering if he is still alive, and realising now Tundra wouldn’t know who Halfmoon is and is still possibly hiding for his life, he searches the islands for the Wooly Howl. Eventually he finds him, in the company of a group of dragons. At first the dragons throw threats at him, but he explains himself. By this point, he has been over Glacier Island and seen Glacier and Fury. When Tundra asks where they are, he tells them exactly where they are; in the hunter camp. Tundra, Logo and the mysterious group named the DHR (Dragon Happiness Rights. They’re kind of a protest—) launch an attack on the hunters and manage to free all the dragons, and of course Fury, my main oc.


The Art Gallery!


Time for a whole load of credited artwork. Every time I send in another art request I will likely update this, so be on the lookout! ^^


Kite, my adorable adopted Night Fury with a Songwing skin! All art credit goes

to chameishida :D Adopt your own here!


Borealis, my IceWing/RainWing adopted from Eclipse Wraith! Adopt your own here.

My Night Fury adopted from Kailuadragons! Adopt your own (or just browse all the character details we’ve come up with, including mine) here.

A Seashocker/Flightmare hybrid requested from 'a FrIeNd Of JadeeBug13'... xD. Request your own (or view all the others that have been requested) here!