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I did had a old one somewhere in my Tracks, but I thought it was getting too old to edit, so I decided to make a new one knowing that I wouldn't want to edit the old one.


Be warned that there won't be only HTTYD dragons, there will be non-HTTYD variants in the following posts as well. Feel free to track this thread for upcoming species and maybe future customizable threads!

Some dragons may have different things than they did in their previous presentation, meaning that I changed things on them.


Just please do not directly reply to any of the posts below!


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Please DNDR

This is a reminder to me on what to write in the posts.


(Species's name)


Class (HTTYD only):

Stats icon attack Attack: 


Stats icon armor  Armor: 

Stats icon fire Firepower: 

Stats icon shot Shot Limit: 

Stats icon venom Venom: 

Stats icon jaw Jaw Strength: 

Stats icon stealth Stealth: 

(All of the above are for HTTYD related)

Physical Appearance:







Taming/Trust Method:




Things to know

- This is not a customizable thread, so please do not create a form for them.

- It will take me a while to complete this.

- All of the dragons were from my imagination, so I'm sorry if one look similar to your's.

- I will update their posts if something is new about them.

- Feel free to put your thoughts on them, I'll be happy to read it!

- Each Dragons will be released randomly.

- The Royal Flashflyer currently does not have a fully digital drawing, so for now it will only have its traditional version posted here.



HTTYD-Related Dragons

Strike Class- Pykacynd, Light Gripper

Boulder Class- Desert Disland, 

Sharp Class- 

Mystery Class- Mirage Fury, 

Tidal Class-

Stoker Class- Fire Wraith, Mystic Mist, Neckblaze


Non-HTTYD Dragons




Chichi Mitchy

Enchanted Miracle/Demoniac Tailfire

Death Singer

Pikebos Goreater

Dreaming Whisper

Thousand Stars

Acid Drake

Colorful Singerflight



Honey Flyer



The Nova

Shattered Firework

Royal Flashflyer

Indo-Dragon (Needs Picture)

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Please DNDR


Light Gripper

       Light Gripper



Light Gripper Base


Class: Strike


Stats icon attack Attack: 13

 Speed: 18

Stats icon armor  Armor: 19

Stats icon fire Firepower: 13

Stats icon shot Shot Limit: 6

Stats icon venom Venom: 10

Stats icon jaw Jaw Strength: 12

Stats icon stealth Stealth: 12


Physical Appearance: The Light Gripper greatly resemble a armored Light Fury, but with a closer look, you'll realise it actually has some of the Deathgripper's resemblance. The Light Gripper has armored plates on its head going down to its tail with colorful markings on its body. It has four small teeth showing out of its mouth, which can also get longer if the dragon feels threatened or wants to fight. Just like the Light Fury, this dragon has the same body shape, and the same four nubs and fins on its forelegs. It also possesses the same tailfins, though which are now covered of a stinger, similar to the Deathgripper's. The Light Gripper also possesses spikes on its body, allowing itself to injure enemies in fights and also serve as defense. Their front legs are protected by a thick layer of armor and pincers, which are served to attack and grip onto foes. Light Grippers are generally dark-light colored.


Rareness: Being a Hybrid, Light Grippers are a rare sight in the HTTYD world, and rare are the offsprings surviving the world. Light Furies and Deathgripper barely communicate with one another, so the chance of a viking seing these gorgeous creatures is almost none.


Behavior: Light Grippers are generally aggressive and territorial, and challenge any new dragon that enter its territory, other Light Grippers included. They are not afraid of killing or hurt others. They are very cautious and attack any nearby viking ships they see. Female Light Grippers are incredibly aggressive, especially during breeding season. Instead of Male Light Grippers fighting, females fight with one another, and the male decides which one is worth staying with. It may not look like it, but Light Grippers are very caring for one another once they are for-life mates.

Their eggs are well protected by the male, while the female guards fiercely the nest from other dragons. Anything that aren't ally, they chase away or kill. Light Grippers that bonded with a viking or more will show eternal loyalty to him/her/them. It can recognize one or more vikings just by looking at their faces. These dragons will return the favor of those that helped it once it has the possibility to do so. They will respect them and not attack their home, going to protect them from foes.


FirePower: Light Grippers are very precise with their acid blasts. They usually target the stronger beings first, then target the less dangerous ones. Their acid blasts explode upon impact, which then acts like a strong acid that melts almost anything it touches. This fire can be used for dangerous experiments, so use with caution! Acid blasts are green in color with a tint of purple in the middle. This fire can also explode in the sky, which also allows the Light Gripper to camouflage, though, this makes the air poisonous, yet not for the Light Gripper, but for other animals and vikings especially. The air is poisoned for a certain amount of time, so the mist takes a few minutes or more to disappear.


Diet: Light Grippers are fish eaters, as they prefer the taste of fish rather than other animals. Though, starving Light Grippers will eat anything than just fish, dragons included, meaning they are cannibals. These dragons can also target vikings as their daily meals, but rare were the victims of these fearsome creatures.


Habitat: To be added, I'm tired ;v;




Taming/Trust Method: 


Individuals: Shymera, Innes

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Tracking! I've seen your pheronix thread and your awesome auroclipse and I can't wait to see even more cool stuff!



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Lash: Flame Whipper

Dart: Flame Whipper

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Choppy: Gronckle

Rocky: Gronckle

Shard: Groncicle

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Bumpy: Hotburple

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Spark and Smoke: Hideous Zippleback

Wave: Monstrous Nightmare

Spark: Monstrous Nightmare

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Pouncer: Night Light

Pouncer: Night Light

Toothless (locked)

Light Fury (locked)

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Please DNDR




(Picture is not yet completed, it is a new dragon I thought of after watching Jurassic World! For now enjoy its still a WIP on my PC! :D)

The Indo-Dragon had a previous appearance with butterfly wings, and was called Dracoshifter instead, but I changed it to make it fit more into the Jurassic-Side because this is how I wanted to make the Indo-Dragon!




Physical Appearance: Indo-Dragons are medium-sized creatures, which look like Indoraptors in terms of walking. They have four eyes, and sets of horns on their forehead and back of the head. Teeth can be seen sticking out of its jaw and upper jaw, much like Alligators. They have quills on their head, chin, cheeks, neck, back, tail, wings and legs, which provides them protection against certain physical attacks. Indo-Dragons have long legs, both on front and back. The claws on each fingers toes get bigger, giving an adventage in fights.

They have a long, thick mane. We don't know what properties it has, but one thing is certain, it smells like fish.

They have two wings, which they use to fly, like all other flying animals, though, the hooks on their wings are as razor-sharp as their claws, and can cut through anything, but nothing as hard as metal. Their tail is medium long, and use them to throw enemies away. They have small hidden spikes at the tip of their tail, which scratches opponents if they get hit by them.

In terms of colors, Indo-Dragons are grey-ish, white, black, yellow, blue and cream colored. They have stripes on their body, which is a helpful hint to know what kind of dragon it is.


Rareness: As hybrids, these dragons are incredibly rare, and difficult to create. It takes a lot of money put into these that only three can be created a year. Though, they can have offsprings, but the chance are very slim due to these dragons being aggressive even towards their own kind. People have reported to see Indo-Dragons walking around towns, but most likely in jungles or open areas like plains or mountains.


Behavior: Extremely aggressive, Indo-Dragons are creatures you shouldn't mess with, even as a baby. They are merciless hunters that will stalk you wherever you go until it has a opportunity to strike. It shows no mercy and will fight until death itself arrives. They roam around mountains, and sometimes towns, only to search, and find a target. People approaching this dragon out of curiosity will obviously not see the light again. They are not territorial, they're just dragons that appreciate hunting for the fun of it.

Though, a Indo-Dragon may spare you if you act like a Indo-Dragon, but the chances are rare. The more intimidating you act, the more are your chance of survival. Saving an Indo-Dragon will not make you a friend of it, but it will take you in a small trust.


FirePower: Indo-Dragons shoot very normal fire, but what you won't expect to see is the lava that it can spit at your face while you're busy escaping the flames surrounding you. Though, the fire deals a lot of damage, and can easily burst a house into flames.


Diet: Indo-Dragons eat any kind of meat they can find, even spoiled meat. They also eat small rocks, but it is only to help digest their food. They hunt humans also, but their favorite have to be little children. (This dragon is supposed to be scary and creepy, much like a horror creature.) Indo-Dragons are also cannibals, as they can kill and eat one of their kind if starving.


Weaknesses: Indo-Dragons are mostly blind, which is useful to escape, but be warned, they can detect movements. They also seem to be weak to bright lights, meaning anything that is as bright as the sun, this hints these creatures are nocturnal, and their eyes are their main weakness.


Taming/Trust Method: Indo-Dragons are untameable, as their incredible aggressive behavior makes them killing machines. Otherwise, much like Raptors, they can earn your trust, but at such a minimal amount that they still could kill you if they'd want to. Earning a Indo-Dragon's trust is suicide, as it is very risky and dangerous, but surely a method used is by acting just like a Indo-Dragon, but like it is said, this method is risky and dangerous, and so, try it at your own risk... or own life.



- Ragnarok, the Untameable Hybrid. He is probably the only of his kind to actually show mercy and trust others if they actually helped him. Though, he is still extremely aggressive, protecting his territory with fierce power.





- Indo-Dragons are bipedal and quadrupedal, similar to the Indoraptor.

- They can camouflage, similar to the Indominus Rex

- Their horns shine in the darkness, so does their bodies, giving this even more creepy look if you see it in the night.

- All Indo-Dragons have venomous glands on their third pair of teeth. This venom paralyze small to medium sized foes if bitten.

- Indo-Dragons have three teeth on their "Lips". Two on the top and one on the bottom, similar to the Great Leonopteryx from Avatar.

- The smaller horns on their head is a slight reference to Trico from The Last Guardian.