Dealing with the Fire Trolls

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HELLO! I'm assuming that if you clicked on the title you want to know how to deal with those people who decide it would be nice to randomely fire at people? There's more? Then the people who are direspectively...the people who, even if you say STOP, won't stop? Follow you? Then, trust me, I feel your pain and i'm here to help.


Today I acquired some knowledge after spending almost two hours in the Wilderness. What happened you ask? People were firing at me. Some stopped when I asked, but a lot didn't. I couldn't leave because I was chopping wood to level my Scauldron. So i want to help you :) I found strategies to get rid of these fire trolls (I just learnt that we call them that) or to avoid them. If you have anything to add, then please feel free to share. I'll post a new, updated forum in a few days. Here's what you do first:


Assess the situation - Look at the following and censored the situation.

       (a) Accidents - Sometimes people will fire by accident; they will be aiming, for example, at a fire pit or another person and  
             sometimes, you will get in the way at the last second and they will hit you by mistake. I have done it before lol.


       (b) "Accidents" - Now., sometimes people will say "it was an accident" but you notice that they follow you and continue
             so now, it's really just an "accident" (it isn't really an accident). 


       (c) Firefight - Sometimes people will randomely fire at you because they want to start a fire fight/are in a fire fight. What is a
            a firefight? It's when people chase each other...and fire at each other.


     (d) The Defintion of Fire Troll - These are the people who follow you and fire...and follow and fire....and follow and fire.


Do any of these sounds familliar? A lot of people deal with b, c and d. Before I give you some advice, remember that they may acting rudely, but if you act rude as well, it's just going to add fuel to the fire.  A lot of people want a response, and will bug you until they get it. Trust me, people get bored.


So what do you do? Here is what I have so far:


(1) Asses the Situation: Above was a list of different situations. Don't act to rashly, make sure the person is fire trolling you. I'm not saying that you should walk up to them and say, "Hey...are you a fire troll?" Just make sure that you recognize one of the above situations. You think you're in the middle of a firefight? If you can, take note of the dragon then climb up to a high height and watch them. If they are indeed in a fire fight, they will be firing at everyone....and normally flying. Understand the situation before doing something likem reporting.


(a) Report them: I AM aware that a lot of people are reported, so you may feel like this does nothing. A lot of people believe that the admin don't pay attention, but trust me, they do. There are so many different problems, like bugs and stuff, that they have to deal with as well. Report them. But make sure you understand and know 100% that someone is fire trolling you.


(b) The Spy Game: Make a game out of it! One example is spy. Pretend you're a spy and you need to get from one spot to another without getting caught. You get caught when someone see's you or fire's at you. If you're caught, go back to the beginning and start again. If someone's firing at you before you restart, then just wait for them to go away or leave, then go back. It's fun!


(c) Nooks and Crannies: Look all around Berk, the School and The Wilderness and discover those Nooks and Crannies. The caves that are hidden, the high area's NO ONE goes to. Then use them, watch people, hide in your cave.


(d) Fire!: Now, do this ONLY if the other person isn't getting the point. It does work sometimes. If someoen is going on and on and on, just fire back! Sometimes they back off. Of they think you're game and will fly...then you sneak away *heehee*.


Have another suggestion that works? Suggest it and I will add it :)


Thanks for reading! Stay cool!



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lol i turnon them real quick

lol i turnon them real quick and i will never stop firing them. eventually, they will leave lol


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good advice though^^

good advice though^^

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I deal with it by going

I deal with it by going offline, then coming back on. It switches the server you're on(I think)


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I just turn around so that my tail-end is facing them. If they try to come around and stand in front of me again, I just turn around again! I don't even acknowledge them being there.
Lol, 9 times out of 10 they leave me alone. Apparently it's no fun firing at a dragon butt!



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Good advice. What I like to

Good advice.

What I like to do is go into areas they generally can't. If someone is persistant and wont stop firing at me I will go into my farm or stable to escape. So that would be my addtion to your wonderful advice...move into a different area.

Of course if you are in a place where you need to be like the OP in the wilderness to chop wood, then just leave the area and go back. It'll change the server you're on, leaving the fire troll behind :)


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I just ignore them. It's not

I just ignore them. It's not fun at all when your victim doesn't even respond to you :P Soon enough, your ignoring becomes sort of a habit and you no longer even notice it. Imo, this is the best way to deal with trolls in general. Also helps to teach patience ;)


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If you're in a place like the

If you're in a place like the school or in berk near water and they're on the ground, just get really close to them so they can't fire at you. They'll have to back away to fire at you, so keep doing this and push them towards the water. They'll either have to fly away to avoid falling and as a result lose you, or they'll fall into the water and teleport and also lose you. At this point move away to somewhere else in the area so they won't come back and find you. This works about 90% of the time, sometimes people move forwards or sideways instead of backing away or they realise what you're doing.


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my reply

sometimes i fire at people to get them to stop. usually i do this so i can click on them so i can see if they are hackers. today i was in the wilderness because i was following a nightfury. whenever i see nightfuries, i try to click on them, because hackers tend to hack nightfuries a lot. anyway, when i was in the wilderness, there were three nightfuries. i fired at all of them to get them to stop and stay still. i click on one and checked out thier info, which was very suspicous. 

Then I checked out the other two players' info. They were completely normal players.

Later I told them why I had been firing at them. They were really friendly.


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