Dark Secrets - Alpha and Shadow Part 9 (Includes: The Origin of the Nightfury)

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Alpha Riders, I await your arrival. Nemesis, get ready. Prepare your surprise. This is going to be intresting...


  "Skorr, I never believed I'd see you again." Wolf growled, and Darki sneered. "Wolf Hofferson. Why did our mom call you that anyway? More like Puppy Hofferson. You always were below me, baby brother. I dragged you around the house, and all you did was yell for that stormcutter of yours. You never changed. How's our sister doing? I hope she's doing fine, with that Shade, oooops! I mean, Night Fury training runt! Hah! The only night fury in the world, that idiot proclaimed! Guess what will be his reaction when he find an army of them here! Oh wait? He won't be here, since he'll be dead! I never liked that name anyway. Skorr sounds stupid. Darki? That's something!" Wolf stepped forward, his face full of anger. "I've changed a lot since I've grown, big guy. I didn't scream, I called for help. I was good competition. And you know what? I got better. You and your stuipd flails. I don't think that you could control a dragon with them." Darki clutched his fists, but spoke nothing.

  I looked at Axtar, and she put her hand to her lips. "Ssh! Just wait." I'm hating these bonds. They feel so itchy! The dragons were trapped as well. Sparklebolt lay sprawled on the floor, an cursed golden binding around her snout, and her body chained to the floor. She snarled, thrashed, and shot lightning, but the guards just kept their distance. Elsa was bound up, her wings tight around her belly. Another muffle around her mouth, and she just looked at Jasmine, either waiting for orders, or pleading for help. Diamond, my best friend, was locked in the same matter, but with a tighter muffle. Darn. They learned from our escape.

  "Jasmine, my queen has been anxious to meet you. Sigh, the things you two could talk about." Jasmine glared into his eyes.  "If it's about me or Axtar's looks, you are a dead man. We can easily kill you, and have energy to spare." Darki stood up straight, and smiled. "No, it's concering... you dragon." Suddenly, a black dragon shot out from the darkness, and pinned Jasmine to the ground. I looked closer... no. It can't be! A nightfury, but coal black and glowing eyes smoky red. It growled, and roared in Jasmine's face. Jasmine, startled, stared into it's evil eyes. It snarled, 4 more appeared behind Darki. Darki smiled. "Night Furies. Hah! Shade Furies more like it. The sons of lightning and death itself. In the beginning of time, our master created them to be her children. The most cunning, and the most destructive umong the 6. They serve the queen herself! Alas, some grew smart. Too smart to betray my queen. They started the race of Night Furies. One day, we will hunt them down!" He slammed his flail on the ground, close to Elsa's face. Startled, she just started at the ball of metal. "Drago was stupid. Using an Alpha Son of Water. You don't get an Alpha Water spawn to fight another! You get a Son of Shadow, a Shade Fury! My master was stupid. He should have known that the fire-sword wielding runt had another." Alpha Son of Water? Sons of Shadow? I looked at the others. They were as clueless as I was. The Night, no, Shade Fury unpinned Jasmine from the floor, and ran to Darki's flank.

My head swirled with weirdness. Ok, first we got captured from evil puppy mole dragons, then we get captured by the guy who killed Hyrith who we then found out was Wolf's brother, and finally, to top that off, Night Furies were desended from the queen we were gonna try to destroy. Well, this is gonna be fun. Darki sneered. "Finally, after this whole time, we capture you. This is gonna be-"


  I quickly turned to the wall. It shook. Darki stared at it, his eyes filled with anxiousness.


  Darki raised his hand. The guards turned their spears and bows to the wall.


  Darki drew out flails. "Hold, you guard..."

  Silence filled the room. The pounding stopped, and Darki heaved a sigh. "Oh well, maybe a herd of Thunderfangs. You all know that they love to roam these lands. Well, lets get going before they do anything funn-"

  The wall exploded. Yep, it exploded. The peices of dark stone rained around us, and Winter, FreezeFrame, a nadder, and a nightmare charged in, mouths filled with fire. Axtar smiled. "Rescue has arrived." I looked at Axtar. I then noticed that she was free. "Wait. How did you get free of your bonds?" She smiled. "Oh, you know, just sisterly love." "Wait. What?" I then turned, and saw a girl dressed in a pink war tunic helping Jasmine fix her bonds around her hands. I stared with confusion. "Who?" Jasimine chuckled. "Axtar's sister, Anna. When we were out in the woods, Axtar noticed something in the bushes, and she left me to see what was behind it. She told me to stay behind. After a loooooong while..." Jasmine looked at Axtar, who finished the story. "I found out that Anna was following us, and she wanted to see if we were ok. Long story short: My sister was sorta stalking me for the entire trip. Now, I'm grateful." Anna smiled. "Hi!" He ran over, and undid Wolf's bonds, then mine, and finally Ak's. Axtar growled, and turned to Darki. "Now, where were we?" Our dragons were free, and they were destorying everything. 

  If Darki ran away screaming his head off, I would be extremly happy. Sadly, he disappointed me. He was holding his ground; swinging his flails at our dragons. Axtar then turned to Anna, and looked into her hand. There was Axtar's lightning dagger. "Wait. Where did you get that?" Anna gave it to Axtar. "Don't ask." Axtar then looked over it, then looked at Anna. "Why is there gooey green stuff on it?" Anna looked at Axtar, and frowned in a angry but playful way. "Waht happened to don't ask?" "HANDS UP!" 5 guards surrounded us, and one of them had my shield. I chuckled. We lunged at the guards, and took our weapons either from the wall, or from the guards. I charged to the man with my shield, twisted sideways, and kicked him in the shins. He buckled over, and I elbowed him at the back of his head. He lay dazed on the floor, and I picked up my shield. "Now, where was I?" I turned, and shot 5 daggers from my shield. Bulls eye. 5 guards lay on the floor, and I twisted to anther gadget. Suddenly, a Shade Fury pounced on me. I faltered, for it reminded me soo much of Toothless. It's mouth then slowly glowed, and I realized that it was going to blast my face off. Nope. Nobody blasts my face off except me. I clicked another button, and 2 rotating blades appeared on the sides of my shield. I swiped it, and the Shade Fury turned to black smoke. 

  "GET THEM!" Darki roared, and thousands of guards and even more Shade Furies poured into the room. It soon became chaos. Ak seemed to have the most of the fun, though. He crackled like a madman, and shot blindness at all of them. They scrambled, and either ran away or tried to wipe their eyes. Axtar growled. "Now for the finishing touch." She shot lightning, and blasted the guards to ash. "CHARGE!"

  Jasmine jumped above the first volley of men, her dagger into her hand. Arrows rained down on her, but she created an ice shield. Turning the dagger into a mage staff, she shot a beam at the ground, and the plants around her withered and died. The ground cracked and a cold breeze filled the air. The guards stepped back, and the plants swirled around her. Jasmine readied her pose. "Get ready for autumn, boys." She then spread her arms out, and they showered around their face. She then turned the ground into ice, and soon, well, anyone want frozen statues? 

  We barreled out of the room, and Wolf casually stepped out. He clicked his staff on the ground. One, then twice, then three times, then the shook it twice. He smiled. "Thunderfangs are around here, eh? TRY THIS FOR A CHANGE!" He swung it around his head, and slammed it on a wall. The walls shuddered, and thousands among thousands of Thunderfangs, Nadders, Hobblegrunts, and some other unknown dragons shrieked, roared, and charged in en masse. I looked at Darki straight in the eye, as the other Alpha Riders surrounded me. Axtar, Anna and Jasmine on my left, Ak and Wolf on my right. The dragons stood behind us, Winter towering over the men, casting a shadow of fear and power. "We all wouldn't really want to fight Darki, but when we do, you don't want to mess with us. ALPHA RIDERS, SEIGE!"

 I twirled my shield in the air, and extended propellers. I smiled. One of the newest inventions, I'm surprised it actually works... hopefully. I leaped into the air, and it lifted me sky high. The main patrol stepped back, and I smiled. Smart people. I hovered, and for some reason, several of the archers raised their bows. I shouted down. "If you don't fire, I won't kill you." Most of the guards lowered their bows, but one man stood alone. "Yeah, how am I supposed to trust you, scoundrel? Men, get back in line! Don't fear this flying idiot." I shrugged. "Fine, I'll keep my word. I won't hurt you... AXTAR!" She heard my word, and charged into the army. One woman army... and most of them toppled over and STAYED down. Good. The rest? Well, they went flying. I love Thunderfangs.

  I jumped down, and turned towards the walls. Or what was left of the walls... all I could see were a bunch of black bricks. Wolf was riding on Winter, and I don't Winter was even trying to destroy the small forts. Winter just beat his wings, and 3 forts went boom. I took a few moments to admire this place. Huge dark spikes protruded from the floor, and they glowed an eerie glow. I then realized they were practically the only light source in the place. Thank Odin it's noon. It was like a ginormous city, and it made Valka's lair look like a shack. Yeah. That was how large it is. If I could explore this place WITHOUT ANYONE KILLING ME, it would take at least 5 months to know where everything was! Then... I realized that we were fighting. How? I almost got shot in the chest. At the last second, and drew my shield, and knocked the arrow away. I twisted to the side, and brought my hand on a man's arm. I kicked sideways, and shot a laser through most of the army. I patted Diamond's side, and he shot spines everywhere.

  Shade furies swarmed us, but Jasmine took care of them. I'm starting to love her thorn shield ability. I couldn't really see anything most of the time, since everything was so dark and black. We fought to the main hall, then to a huge spiked fort? Temple? Not sure what. I was trying my best not to die. "Winter!" Wolf shouted, and Winter landed with a huge thud. "Winter, can you bust open the door?" Anna asked the Alpha Stormcutter, and he looked at Wolf. Wolf nodded, then turned to us. "He says he can't bust it open on his own. He needs us to defend him." The dragons surround Winter, and Axtar half shouting, half stabbing and shooting stuff, told us that the dragons would be the last line of defense. I nodded. "Alpha Riders, circle up! Protect Winter!" 

  It was chaos. Fire and plasma were everywhere, and I could hardly tell a guard, Shade Fury, and a wall apart. It was that dark. Couple of times I could have died, but we held together. Axtar fought from the way left, shooting lightning everywhere. Then we had Wolf and a bunch of dragons protecting the middle and the parts of Axtar's side that wern't defended. I stood next to Wolf's army, using my little tech sheild to fend them off, sometimes using a chainsaw, sometimes a blow torch, and sometimes a death lazer. Anna and Jasmine flanked the far right, Jasmine defending Anna as they either fried, froze, or shached the incoming attackers. And Ak pretty much became a shadowmaniac and blinded everything. I was starting to tire though. It was really exausting. I couple of times I could have fallen if Wolf didn't have my back. 

  An explosion suddenly rocked the battlefield. Anna turned to us. "EVERYONE INSIDE! GO GO GO! I'LL HOLD THEM OFF" Axtar looked at Anna with desperate eyes. "Anna, but-" Anna's eyes sparkled with trust. "Axtar, you need to trust me. I'll fend them off for you. GO!" Axtar looked at her sister, and sighed. We ran in, then I stopped. Something was holding us back. Something radiating fear. Axtar stepped forward, and smiled. "I think we're safe now-" 

  BACK YOU FEINDS! YOU DARE CONSULT YOUR QUEEN, ONE OF THE GREAT 6? I couldn't see the speaker, but I knew that I didn't hear it. It was like my mind was telling me this. I looked behind, and saw our Alpha dragons roaring, and they soon backed away. I turned, and my heart almost broke, seeing Diamond roar, and try to get to me, yet also trying to get out at the same time. It was like his body was fighting himself. I stretched my arm out to him, and he roared. He pawed the ground, but was soon gone. Black tendrils grew and covered the entrance, and I looked up. The light grew brighter, then I saw her.

  Imagine a nightfury with 6 eyes, about 3 times the size of a bewilderbeast (I know. That's BIG), with skin covered in jagged scales and a forked tail. It's body seemed to be smoking black smoke, and her eyes glowed bright red, red mist smoking off it (Yeah. I said smoking. Calm down). I couldn't see any pupils, and I dont' want to find out. Yep. This was the big mama herself. The Shadow Queen.

  Ak whistled. "My lady, for an evil dragon, you look awesome!" Jasmine glared at Ak. "Does nothing ever make you serious?" Ak shrugged. "Not that I know of." Silence. Alpha Riders, it is a pleasure to meet you. I pity that I need to destroy you. I thought we could be friends. This was the beast that killed my friend, and tried to take Berk. And now she's treating us like play things. Anger fumed inside me. "Shade Queen, you tried to take our home, and you took one of my friends. You destroyied cities, including Hyrith's home. What more do you want?" You should feel honored that you made it so far. I've been a bit too merciful. "You know what would make me feel honored, queen? Having your head impaled on a pole." Axtar growled, and the queen just smiled. Axtar. Ah yes, one of the best fighters of the team. You should have learned some respect. I think that Nemesis would teach you a lesson, is that right? Nemesis walked out of the shadows, and looked at Axtar. She drew her daggers, and something made Axtar falter. She drew out her dagger, and Jasmine stepped up. "Axtar, let us help-" Axtar raised her hand. "This is my fight." Lighting sparked over her dagger, and they charged.

  At first, I couldn't see anything. Just bright light everywhere. Then, I could make out a blur racing in a circle, and Axtar standing in the middle, shooting lighting in a circle. It then changed into 2 figures fighting, a purpled armored girl fighting a gray blur. Ak yawned. "This is boring." He then took out a chicken leg and started nibbling on the skin. I just stared at him. "Where did you get that?" Ak shrugged. "Wolf had spares." "HEY!" I turned back to the battle. Axtar was fighting the fight of her life. If she made one error, who knows what would happen? Most likely something bad. For a moment, they were apart from each other. Axtar stood at one end, Nemesis at the other. Axtar shouted a battle cry, and shot lighting. Before the lighting could reach her, Nemesis zipped past and slammed Axtar on the chest. She flew, and slammed on the wall. Nemesis stopped running, and slowly walked forward. Axtar was wounded, but she pushed herself back up. She grabbed her dagger, but Nemesis knocked it away. She kicked Axtar in the chest, and Axtar slammed into the floor. She pushed herself again back up, but before she could, Nemesis spoke. "Axtar," She walked around her in a circle, and Axtar pushed herself up, heaving, but glared at Nemesis. "You were always the weak one. You should know that. Do you remember those times? I always beat you, no matter what. I am amused that you even bother... sister."

  Sister. That word hung in the air. Nemesis was Axtar's sister? Axtar stepped back in shock, her voice filled with pain. "No, it can't be!" Nemesis smiled. "Remember the night I left? You should have been grateful, yet you were so young. Only 3 years old. So... pathetic." She ran her blade in her palm. "It was beautiful, to step out of that rat hole, to walk to the boat waiting for me, to get out of Berk. I knew power, Axtar. You would never undersand." Axtar then shouted, her grief fueling her anger. "OUR MOTHER WAS DEVASTATED! SHE NEVER SPOKE TO ME FOR WEEKS! DO YOU KNOW HOW AGONIZING THAT IS?" Nemesis just chuckled. "I know. About as agonizing as a feather." Axtar then went beserker mode.

  She roared, and charged toward Nemesis. She ran, spun, and before Nemesis could react, kicked her in the face. Nemesis' daggers flew out of her hands. Good. The mental lady can't run anymore. The queen chuckled, amused by this sight. Axtar turned, picked up her dagger, shot lightning at Nemesis. Nemesis dropped to one knee, and Axtar stood staight, anger radiating of her. "YOU LEFT US ALONE! WE DIDN'T KNOW WHAT TO DO! OUR FATHER SEARCHED FOR YOU FOR AGES!" Nemesis tried to stand, but Axtar kicked her down. She stopped firing lightning, grabbed Nemesis' leg, and flung her to the floor. "DO YOU KNOW HOW THAT FEELS LIKE? DO YOU?" Axtar walked over, and kicked her rappidly in the chest. Nemesis growled, and I realized that a blur raced toward Axtar. I shouted to Axtar. "Axtar?" She turned, and punched the Alpha Shadow Speed Stinger to the side. Axtar raised her dagger, about to strike. ENOUGH! Axtar fell to her knees, and Nemesis, covered in burns and scars, mounted on the Speed Stinger, picked up her daggers, and raced to queen's side. The queen snarled. I will deal with them myself. She then melted into shadow, and we ran to Axtar. "Axtar, you alright?" Jasmine asked, and Axtar didn't say anything, her expression hard to read. "I will kill her. The queen might have shocked me, but I will destroy Nemesis, and her stupid Speed Stinger." I looked into her eyes. "Axtar, you've done a lot already. Save your energy, we still got a huge dragon to face." Wolf shook my shoulder. "Uh... Diamond Rider? You know that the queen just melted into the shadow, right?" I looked at him. "Yeah, so what?" "I think I know where she went." A shadow cast over us, and we turned. I gasped. A peice of chicken fell from Ak's mouth. The queen, in full shining coal black armor, rose behind us, her 4 wings (Yes, I forgot to mention she had 4 wings) spread out, and she chuckled. Riders, I'm done with your games. Shall we play?

  The queen's mouth glowed bright blue, and I knew what was going to happen next... "EVERYONE TO THE LEFT!" Everyone jumped left. I jumped right. Didn't really make a difference. The queen turned, and snarled. I'm certain you'll love this one. Dark mist swirled around her, and when it cleared, stood the queen, but smaller, around the size of a stormcutter. She hissed, and lunged. I tenced. Readying into a stance, I braced for my next move. "Come on, big gal. Show me the red of your eyes." The queen rushed, but before she could, I pressed a button. A huge white sheild net spread around us, and the queen slammed into it. She howled, and she lept back, her body steaming. Curse you Diamond Rider. Alas, your tricks won't last long. Smoke then curled around her wounds, and they instanly healed. Ak sighed. "Oh come one, that's cheating!" Wolf looked at Ak. "There are no cheats in war, just tatics. And frankly, I hate hers." Axtar growled. "Lets see her try this, then! EAT THUNDA!"

  Axtar shot a large jolt of lightning, and the queen roared. It shocked her from all angles, but they don't seem to be doing anything. THE LIGHT! GET IT AWAY FROM ME! Jasmine turned to Axtar. "Let me assist you on that." She raised her dagger at the queen, and it turned into a staff. The orb glowed, and a huge expanse of light flashed at the queen's face. The queen roared, and I fired up the net, and to room was covered in bright light. The queen boiled with heat, and she started to vaporize. THIS IS NOT THE END, ALPHA RIDERS! The queen then smoked, and disappeared. "Ha ha! We got her!" The team high-fived, yet something was holding me back. Her death... it was easy. A bit too easy... SO LONG! HYRITH WAS STUPID! HE CAN NEVER DEFEAT ME! Something slammed us on the ground, and the queen took of into the sky, swarms of shadow dragons around her. YOU SHOULD NEVER UNDERESTIMATE ME! I AM THE CREATOR OF SHADOWS! I CAN CHANGE FORM, AND I CAN CREATE ILLUSIONS! FOOLS! ONLY ANOTHER LIKE ME CAN DEFEAT ME, AND THEY ARE IN SLUMBER! ARMY! TO BERK! FINISH THIS CONQUEST!

  "No no no!" I fell to my knees. We were too late! I stare at the swarm, my mind filling with failure. I looked around. The palace slowly vanished into black mist, but I didn't bother. "You said something about exploring this place, Diamond Rider?" Ak looked at me, but I said nothing. Jasmine looked into the distance, Axtar running as fast as she could, shooting lightning at the army that was only about the size of my hand from where I stood, Wolf sighed and walked back. I'm sorry Hyrith. We couldn't make it in time. "Hey guys!" Anna rushed up to Axtar, our dragons bounding behind her. "So, did I miss anything?" Axtar didn't turn to her sister, her head low. "Nothing." Anna just didn't believe her. She put her hands on her hips. "Nothing as in nothing, or nothing as in something?" Axtar sighed, and turned to her sister. "Fine. We have another sister. Nemesis." "Wait. WHAT?" I turned to Wolf. "What do we do? The army is on it's way, and see how fast they traveled? We can never make it in time! Berk's gonna fall!" Wolf looked to the sky, but said nothing. Diamond cooed, and rubbed his head under my arm. "We're lost, Diamond Rider. We can't make it." Jasmine put her hand on my shoulder, and then Wolf turned around.

 "We need to have hope. We finish what Hyrith started." Axtar and Anna turned around. Ak, for once, said nothing and just stared. "For our family. For our homes. For Berk. For Hyrith. For justice. For everything. We will finish what we started. We will avenge the fallen. Hyrith, Ami, the Golden Isles, and all the fallen villages that the Shadows took and crushed without mercy. WE WILL WIN THE WAR!" Wolf pumped his hand in the air. Winter roared, and shot a beam into the sky. "WHO'S WITH ME?" Jasmine smiled. "I will stay by your side no matter what. I hate it when my friends fall. Me and Elsa are in." Axtar and faced Wolf, a smug expression on her face. "I've got a few things to say to the queen, and I'm certain she won't like it. Night and day, me and Sparklebolt will be at your side. Plus, I got a speedin sis to deal with." Anna wraped her arm around Axtar. "Whatever my sis goes with, I'm in." Ak smiled. "Gimme something to kill, and I'm in." I smiled. This is what friends are for. "Diamond Rider? How bout' you?" Wolf turned to me, and the words came out of my mouth. "When I met Hyrith in the Golden Isles and I fell into a swamp, he told me this. "When a warrior falls 3 times, he gets up 4 times." He then stretched out his hand to help me. I slapped it away, and we laughed. Today, I will be that warrior. The queen's been messing with me for far too long. Failure is a trial for another chance. I will use it. FOR BERK!" I pumped my fist into that air, and the dragons shot at the sky. Wolf then turned to us. "Fine, it's settled. So, what's the plan, warriors?"



Meet Feng Yuhuang, or the Phoenix Jade Emperor. The Year of the Rooster is here! THANKS SO MUCH NIGHTMARE! =D

Greenstreak, a Chiropan pip, and Hoarfrost, the blizzard Chiropan. This is actually a creative species, and really has the potential to grow into something amazing. Thanks to NightmareRebuff! =D

Keldia, Backbiter, Smothershawl, Soulreaper, Blackout, Paladin, Crossbones, Bloodcry, Panicdash, Mimicscale, Helreaper, Ispy, Jin Jundao, and Emberpride.

(All dragons above are made by NightmareRebuff!) 

My Wocky Jabberjaw from chameishida! His name is Bloodhound! Thanks!

Daredevil the Pebble-Shooting Speed Demon by xXHallaXx. Thanks!

Tealrammer by RaxForax. Kudos to you my friend!

My Windsong, Timelaspe, or in other words, "Blue". 

Toxinrage, my Insectoid Scythelimb


Neontaze and Nightshredder,

my Alien Luminglows


my Siren Flashbang


Clan: The Phantom Family

Gender: Male


Nadder: The Golden Nadder (Aka: Sun Rose) - Female -


  Sun Rose was my first dragon in the academy. She was actually from the Golden Isles, collected by Johan when he saw her (in egg form), hanging off a cliff. He caught her, and took her to Berk. She was my main dragon, and still is, in the races. She also helped out in leveling up the others, by helping them do the quests untill the very end, so they would get the XP.


Really Playful, Loyal, Doesn't like night time.

Likes to Eat:

Eggs, Eggs, and more Eggs.

Favorite thing to Do:

Play with the other Dragons, her favorite game is Fetch the Chicken!

Intresting Fact:

Every year, she flies away for 1 month, as she also likes to spend time on her own.

The Golden Nadder/Sun Rose by AniuRavenwolf! Thanks!

Thunderdrum: Sonarus (Aka: Sonus) - Male - 


  My second dragon, Sonarus was sorta of a pain. Since from when he was born, he was very wild and crazy, and even more hyper. He loved to jump on people's shoulders and roar in their ears, then run away for me to apolagize. Sonus now loves to steal my sheep, and hide them in the forest, but he is always there where I need him to be. He's BFFs with Thunder Quake, and, oh yeah, he is protective of me.


Wild, Crazy, Protective, and Loyal (Most of the time).

Likes to Eat:

Perch (I still don't understand why.)

Favorite thing to do:

Hide my sheep and pretend he didn't do it.

Intresting Fact:

He said he hates to play Thunder Run...but I can tell he's faking. How? I just know. :)

Whispering Death: Thunder Quake (Aka: Da King, Da Racing Champ) - Male -


  I found his egg in the tunnels, and Hiccup let me keep him. When he hatched, he looked at me for one second, and then, well, decided he wanted to be free. He jumped out of the stables, and started slithering to the forest. I chased him, freeing him from bushes, rescuing him from drowning, and TRYING to feed him when he was hungry. One day, a wild smokebreath appeared, and for some reason, Da King thought he was, "The King", and decided to take him on. He started dealing blows to it, but the smokebreath won in the end. Before it laid the final blow, though. I jumped and used myself as a human sheild. It hurt, but I was fine. I called in Sonarus, and he saved us. He put his trust in me, and I have helped him ever since.


Brave, doesn't know his limits...yet.

Likes to eat:

Sheep Steak.

Favorite thing to do:

Drill underground, and camp there, with me trying to find him. Also, play fighting with Sonarus.

Intresting Fact:

Well, he's trying to become a titian wing, but it ain't going to well so far.

By Wutend Bonfire. Thanks!

Scauldron: Waterspout (Aka: Spouty, The Heir of Frost and Pyra) - Female -


  One day, I went to Johan's ship. There, I found an egg with a burn and ice on it. This was Frost and Pyra's lost egg! I quickly traded it with Johan, and then I found out that she was sick. I ran home, and placed her on the hearth. 3 days passed. Nothing. Thinking she was dead, I sadly sighed, and put my hand on her egg. Suddenly, a bright golden glow spread around her, and she was born!


Likes to act cute, loyal, and sometimes very overprotective.

Likes to eat:


Favorite thing to do:

Spit at my face, and act innocent.

Intresting fact:

She is my main dragon when it comes to quests and Fan-Fics.

Waterspout by TildenWolfGirl, themasterplan47 and Dustydaybreak. She looks really awesome! =D

Gronkle: Meatball (Aka: Tomato, Cheese Head, Ball Boy) - Male -


  I found him in the forest, as a baby. He was crying and whimpering, but I picked him up. He looked at me, and tried to smile. He then yawned, and fell to sleep. I figured he was lost or abandoned, so I took him in. He is addicted to any red or yellow rocks, and will do anything to get them.


Friendly and Playful

Favorite Food:

Yellow and Red Rocks

Favorite Thing to do:

Sleep, Eat, Sleep, Eat, Sleep, Eat...

Intresting Fact:

He has a quartz tooth in the way back, for he broke it while trying to eat my diamonds.

Nightmare: Greek Fire (Aka: Greek Flame, Comet) - Male -


  A relative of Hookfang, with all his personalities. Need I say more?


Aggressive, sometimes a Bully, and secretly cares for us.

Favorite Food:


Favorite thing to do:

Disobey me...

Intresting fact:

He is Hookfang's mother's brother's son.

Thunderdrum: Eagle Ray (Aka: Booma, Sea Dream, Pearl) - Female -


  On new year's eve, I found out that Sonarus was missing! I asked the others to search for him, but he was not found! Depressed, I sadly went home, hoping that he was safe. In the morning, I set out with Waterspout, hoping to find Sonarus. After 5 hours of searching, I spotted something green, and something blue side by side. I patted Waterspout on the side, and we dove in. To my suprise, it was Sonarus and another Thunderdrum! Studying them for a bit, I found out that the blue one was Sonarus's mate! I tamed her, and since then, we had a new addition to my family.


Playful, Loyal to Sonarus and Me

Favorite Food:

Grilled perch with tomato toppings

Favorite thing to do:

Stick with Sonarus

Intresting Fact:

Some say she's a relative of Thornado...

Zippleback: Sunrise and Sunset (Aka: Dawn and Dusk, Pimp and Pump)

- Male -


  Kinda weird... Ok, so, I went to trader Johan's eggs, and found a dragon egg chest. I asked him could I buy it, since I had just enough gems. So, he said yes, and I got a rumblehorn! Yay! One of my most favorite dragons! Excitedly, I took it home, and put it in the hearth. Later on, I checked on it, and hatched it... then, to my surprise, a baby zippleback popped out! What?! I looked at it, it looked at me, and it was silent for a few minutes. Ok... weirdness attack. Whatever, he's still a baby dragon. I held it, and it's left head turned toward the sunrise in the distance. So I called the left one Sunrise. We played for a bit, then the sun was setting! This time, the right head turned toward it, and I named it Sunset.


Playful, Shy, Obedient

Favorite Food:

Sunrise: Squid, Sunset: Octopi

Favorite thing to do:

Turn toward the sunrise/sunset, depending on the head

Intresting fact:

Some people call him Pinky or Purple Butt. He tends to kill people like that... so DON'T!

Nadder: The Silver Nadder (Aka: Moonstone, Silverstar, Diana) - Female -


  So that's why Sun Rose leaves one a year, she's going to visit her sister, Mooonstone. How did I know this? I saw it myself. When she left, me and Thunderquake went to she where she went every year (Yeah, kinda like a stalker, but who knows if she goes mental and starts killing everything? Actually, TMI), she flew into a cave. I waited until night, and suddenly, a silver nadder appeared, and flew out. It came back at dawn, and after it went in, Sun Rose went out. They did this, then I couldn't take it anymore. I need to find out who this dragon is. I crept in, and the Silver Nadder shreiked, then flashed it's wings at my face. Startled, I stepped back. It snarled, and backed away. I decided another plan. When I saw Sun Rose, I signaled her to come to me. She first, well, was startled, then frightned. After face-palming myself, I tossed a fish on teh ground. She ate it, and after gaining her trust, I stepped in the cave with Sun Rose, and soon enough, I found out that this new dragon was Sun Rose's sister, and I took her home.


Quiet and silent, Doesn't go along with others apart from Sun Rose and me, Hardly makes a sound, Doesn't like day time, Doesn't like to play, Really Independent (not really loyal)

Favorite Food:


Favorite thing to do:

Stay at home and sleep in the day, flies out at night to do stuff

Intresting Fact:

Is Sun Rose's alter-ego, everything is almost 100% different. Can't beleive she's Sun Rose's sister...

Chilling Horror: Backbiter (Aka: Backstab, Nightmare, Geostar) - Male - 


Eh... might write it, might not. Depends on my mood. XD


Loyal, Feirce, Sometimes playful, Jealous of Waterspout

Favorite Food:

Roasted Lamb

Favorite thing to do:

Fight me

Intresting Fact:

My first fan dragon...

Base by NightmareRebuff


Typhoomerang: Topspin (Aka: Big guy, Wirlwind, FOOOM) - Male -


  This one is a sad one... So there was this typhoomerang that I knew very well. We met in a forest, and even though we were friends, I didn't tame him. Dunno why I didn't, he was awesome. So, a few months late, he found a mate and they had a baby typhoomerang. Then suddenly, his mate died. I felt very sorry for him, and because he had to feed the baby, he left the baby typhoomerang with me. We formed a bond, but in the Chilling Horror month, he went to get some fish... and never came back. I waited for days, and I fed the baby myself with some perch. My friend never came back, so I chose to adopt the baby myself. At night, he would have terrible nightmares, and he would go to my room and sleep with me. He had a serios fear of Backbiter, and I was sorta heartbroken that even though Backbiter wanted to play with Topspin and wanted to stick with him, Topspin always was scared of him and either attacked or flew away. But I know, that one day, the nightmares will pass, and the two dragons will grow to respect each other. My typhoomerang... my Topspin.


Always cautious, Defensive, Always on the lookout, Active

Favorite Food:

Eel... I can finally use them!

Favorite thing to do:

Just anything that doesn't involve Backbiter or sitting around

Intresting Fact:

He kills eels for sport... I hate that.

Sandwraith: Sandstorm (Aka: Puppy Dragon, He-who-burrows) - Male -


  It's funny how a fishing trip can befriend a dragon. So I was spending some time on my own (Raising a ton of dragons is tough, I need a break), and I was fishing and camping out on the beach. I just caught a bunch of halbut and salmon, and I was frying a salmon. *Growl* Huh? I looked up, then left and right. I then felt the ground move, and I looked down. Two eyes stared back up... "YAH! WHAT ON EARTH?!" I jumped back. At that time, I never knew what a sandwraith was. I'm new here, ok? The sandwraith exploded form the sand, and looked at me. Silence for a few seconds... then he wadled to my basket of fish and started eating everything like he didn't care. "Hey! That's my fish!" He didn't listen, and ate all of it. He then turned, and studied me. He looked like a nightfury, so I was intrigued. He then jumped and flopped on me and started licking my face. "You're like toothless!" I laughed, and he licked some more. "Hey, boy! Stop it!" He kept on licking me, and he soon decided that follow me was a better option than chilling in the sand waiting for who-knows-what to go over him. Smart kid.


Playful, Smart, Seems to always be hungry

Favorite Food:

Salmon (DO YOU KNOW HOW HARD IT IS TO FISH FOR ONE?! *shouts at Sandstorm, he licks me and wadles away.)

Favorite thing to do:

Act majestic

Intresting fact:

First dragon I knew nothing about in the beginning.

Seashocker: Aquashock and Waterskiz (Aka: Zapduo) - Male - 


  So, a few days ago, I received a present. Not sure who sent it, or why, but I got it. It was wraped in colored leather, and when I opened it, I found an egg. I couldn't tell the species though. It was colored in multicolors, with "Thanks Hyrith" written in bright yellow paint. I shrugged. The only way to find out the species is to hatch it. When I picked it up, I was shocked. No, not the suprised shock. The lightning shock. I fumbled with it, and Telsabeam jumped from the roof. I think she sensed it was a skirll, so I shuddered. I don't have anything against skrills, just after Telsabeam almost burned down my house becasue she saw a fly, I've been a bit careful with her. I do not need another crazy lightning-maniac shooting around my house. I ploped it down on the hearth, and after a few minutes, it shook. I picked it up, and took it to the lavepit for it to hatch. It never did. It just shook, but it never came out. Just before Telsabeam was about to crack it open, Waterspout stared at the egg, and shot a small stream of water. The water touched it, then it cracked. Puzzled, I dipped my hand in water, and touched the egg. Where I touched, it cracked. Then, I actually figured out something. I took the egg to the sea, and placed it under the water. It shuddered, then a seashocker was born. I was extremly happy, and I thought all my dragon were too. Well, except Telsabeam. She grumbled a sign of disappointment, and wadled away. XD


Aquashock is agressive and fierce. Extremly loyal, and will attack anything that he thinks is harming me.

Waterskiz is playful and wild. He loves doing tricks, and is usually the reason why they have so much scars. For some reason, he's addicted to shrimp.

They both work together as a team, probabily because they know that if they argue, they won't go anywhere.

Favorite Food:

Aquashock: Squid

Waterskiz: Shrimp :\

Favorite thing to do:

Bounce on the waves, SO FUN WHEN RIDING THEM!!!

Intresting Fact:

Read the Bio


Serpentfang: Ispy (Aka: Mr. See it all, Rare Jewel, Allseer) - Male -


Find here: http://forum.schoolofdragons.com/content/introducing-oriental-serpentfang

Personality: He is a wise dragon, but extremly curious as well. He also is trying to find the ones like him... (PUTTING HIM IN A FAN-FIC!!! "We Are Not Alone." Trailer in sig.)

Favorite Food:

Tea leaves. ???

Favorite thing to do:

Look at far away things

Intresting Fact:

He can see anything, as long as there is nothing blocking the thing from his sight. 

And a bunch more. Mostly cause I'm to lazy to put them in my sig. XD


- Areslam

- Cazi the Conqueror

- typhoomerangmaster338

- Storm

- httyyd

- Sleepyraccoon

- NightmareRebuff

- SefarWarrior

- themasterplan47

- Frostfire Markson

(Neospark is originally black, but he was war paint all over his body. He is the oldest of the bunch, and is the only Titianwing in the team.)

(Snowspear is the second oldest, and she is an albino. She has one red and one blue eye, but no one knows why.)


(Emerald's color comes after his dad, who is a wooly howl. He doesn't really love to show himself, since he doesn't really "fit in" to anywhere, since he's bright green.)

Emerald by Scorpio Kardia! Thanks! So cute!

The Guardian of Berk by Hattori. Thanks! It's EPIC!

Sea Splitter, by DragonLover43, a Snoggletog gift. Have a merry Snoggletog! =D


Alpha and Shadow

  "Hyrith and his friends set off embark on a quest to save Berk from the upcoming evil that threatens the destruction of Berk. They face challenges, death, loss, rage, and fear, but do they have what it takes to win in the end?"


  Areslam as Wolf Hofferson

  Skrilltheskrill as Jasmine

  Cazi the Conqueror as Axtar

  typhoomerangmaster338 as Ak the Insane

  Diamond Racer as Diamond Rider

~The Dragons: http://forum.schoolofdragons.com/content/alpha-and-shadow-httyd-story-role-play-story

~Part 1: http://forum.schoolofdragons.com/content/united-alpha-and-shadow-part-1-remember-roleplay-more-fan-fic

~Part 2: http://forum.schoolofdragons.com/content/ambush-alpha-and-shadow-part-2

~Part 3: http://forum.schoolofdragons.com/content/escape-alpha-and-shadow-part-3

~Part 4: http://forum.schoolofdragons.com/content/survival-and-serpents-alpha-and-shadow-part-4

~Part 5: http://forum.schoolofdragons.com/content/reinforcements-alpha-and-shadow-part-5-6th-alpha-riderdiamond-rider-aka-diamond-racer

~Part 6: http://forum.schoolofdragons.com/content/three-kings-alpha-and-shadow-part-6

~Part 7: http://forum.schoolofdragons.com/content/alpha-shadow-alpha-and-shadow-part-7-wolf-and-jasmine

~Part 8: http://forum.schoolofdragons.com/content/disturbing-discovery-alpha-and-shadow-part-8-ak-and-axtar-and-get-comfy-its-really-long

~Part 9: http://forum.schoolofdragons.com/content/dark-secrets-alpha-and-shadow-part-9-includes-origin-nightfury

~ Part 10: http://forum.schoolofdragons.com/content/it-ends-today-alpha-and-shadow-part-10-finale-fun-facts-and-more-come

Journey to Berk (Not out Yet)

  "A flashback from the past, Hyrith tells the Aplha Riders about his journey from The Golden Isles to Berk. He, alone, with no dragon, sets out to find a home, where he can safely live. Along the way, he creates friendships, but also enemies. This is his story..."



  "You took everything I have... and now let me return the favor."

  "Drago, I might not be the one you are looking for, but I bet you will find me equally amusing."

  "If the chicken lady is gonna kill stuff, let her be. If big guy wants to break mountains, let him be. If the sword gal wants to fight, let her be. If I want to shoot stuff, let me be. If Hyrith wants to kill stuff... well, don't let him."







~ Part 1: http://forum.schoolofdragons.com/content/i-meet-deranged-chicken-lady-who-might-be-psyco-journey-berk-part-1

~ Part 2: http://forum.schoolofdragons.com/content/i-dont-think-drago-wanted-his-arm-anyway-journey-berk-part-2

~ Part 3: http://forum.schoolofdragons.com/content/i-meet-blue-haired-lady-and-juggernaut-i-totally-dont-ship-journey-berk-part-3

~ Part 4: http://forum.schoolofdragons.com/content/nature-has-weirdest-color-schemes-all-time-part-1-journey-berk-part-4

The Elements Are Against Us (Later on)

  "After the defeat of Nexus, her brothers and sisters are arroused by her death. After being locked in slumber for thousands of years, Huo Lin is the first to wake and sends messengers to his sibiling, and soon, all of the elements on earth is against Hyrith and his friends..."


  I live to see the world of vikings burn, and all who stand in my way shall perish...

  "We're the final Valkyries left. Valrora... she was shot down. She never made it."

  Xeon. Choose wisely. Give me the orb, or your friends will suffer. Slowly, so I can see them crumble under my shadow.









  Xeon (The Guardian of Berk)

We Are Not Alone, A Chinese and Western Crossover (Later on)

5 months after Hyrith disappeared...

  "Who's there?" Jin sat up on his bed. It was 12 in the night, and most of the academy was asleep. The footsteps sounded louder this time. Jin pushed away the covers, and put on his combat glove. As soon as his hand slipped in, a small flame sparked in his palm. The footsteps stopped, and a creaking sound was heard. Silence. He waited for a while, and figuring that there was nothing, slipped off his glove and pulled the covers over his head.

  "AHHHHHHH!" A scream peirced the cold air, and Jin fell out of his bed. In a hurry, he shoved the glove over his hand, and opened the door. He lit his glove, and the flame ignited in his hand. Across the balcony, a hooded dark figure stepped out of a room. Jin stood in a battle stance. The flame in his palm grew into a fireball, and Jin shouted to the figure.

  "Who are you? Take off the hood!"

  The hooded man turned to Jin, and removed his hood, revealing an old man with a long white, whispy beard. The fireball died down. "Master Zhang?"

  "Yes, my young student. Why are you here? You should be in your room sleeping, not outside watching the snow fall."

  "I woke up because of the scream. Did you hear it too? Did someone get hurt?"

  "That was the reason I came, young one. Go to bed, the final practices starts tomorrow. Do you want to get the blade or not?"

  "Yes master, but safety is more important. Mind if I investigate with you?"

  JIn bowed, and the old master smiled. "Jin, investigate this floor. I'll take the top and bottom floors. Meet after 5 minutes." Jin looked at his old master. He was not usually that kind, but Jin shook that thought out of his mind. He needed to see if someone was hurt.


  "Found anything yet?" Master Zhang glared at Jin, and he looked into the final room. Another sleeping student. "Nothing, master." Master Zhang looked at him, and smiled. "Well, I think it's settled. Let's have a seat, shall we?" Jin shrugged. The master jumped, and sat on the railing. Jin climed up to him.

 "Anything, Master?"

 "Nothing yet, child. Forget this. It's a good night to be alive, is it?"

 "Yes, I agree. You checked every room?"

 "Every room, youngling. How about you-" A howl penetrated the air. A Howler flew towards Master Zhang, and the yellow and black dragon growled. Wait. Jin looked at the Howler, and noticed something. That was Dai Pow, Icarus's dragon. He never submitted to anyone, not even the master, except Icarus. Dai Pow circled Master Zhang. He glared at him, and then glared at Zhang.  He kneeled, and Zhang grumbled under his breath. "Curses. Stupid howler." He then looekd at Jin. "Let me see Dai Pow first." He jumped off the railing, and Jin looked as he kneeled and clasped the wingless dragon's head, speaking some words. JIn nudged myself over, then he felt something. JIn looked down, and he saw blood on the railing, where the master's hand was. Sticky, freash blood. 

   The last room...

  Jin shoved past the master, and to the final room. He didn't check it, since it was the room the master came out of. Jin ran past, and saw a stream of blood running from under the door. He slammed it open, and he gasped in shock. 

 Mei Hua layed dead in her bed, a large bloody gash in the middle of her chest. Her mouth was open in shock. Jin ran to her, and noticed that the blood was freash. Impossible! The master just was in here! Master Zhang would never commit such a crime! A hand then went over Jin's shoulder, sending a chill up his spine. The master glared at him, his mouth curing into a evil grin. Shocked, Jin tried to speak. "What? How? WHY?!" The master smiled. "Yes, Jin. I am the one. Sorry, but I can't have any witnesses." Suddenly, Master Zhang's form flickered, and instead of the Master from before, a red haired boy, stood in his place. He suddenly jabbed his palm at Jin's chest. A blade then shot out, coming out of Jin's back. Jin gasped, and he fell to the ground. His vision slowly filled with black dots, and he thought his last thought.











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1 more thing

This time I won't require comments, since the writing process would probably take forever. 6 writers at once... :O

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This was epic!

Completely epic. Great job!

I love Diamond Rider's heroic speech at the end.

Maybe Hyrith will somehow come back and save the day :)




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My name is Elsa Jade (otherwise known as SefarWarrior). The Adventures of Elsa Jade tells the stories of how I became a dragon tamer and met these dragons...

Chapter 1          Chapter 2          Chapter 3          Chapter 4 (part 1)          Chapter 4 (part 2)

Chapter 5          Chapter 6          Chapter 7          Chapter 8                        Chapter 9

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The first dragon I tamed was a female Chilling Horror...

 (all 3 pics by goldenfury360 (aka Hyrith))


She chose me as her rider, and that's when I became a dragon trainer.


This is Fáfnir (adopted from nevealpar). He is young, energetic, and loves playing with furry animals. He has poison in his teeth and can shape shift into any horse. I met him on a secret island I discovered, and we became friends for life... after I almost died...

(above drawing by DuskDaybreak)


Meet Enigma and his little sister Stellar! Enigma is a highly intelligent dragon who loves music and solving riddles. Although he isn't normally very social, he loves Stellar and would do anything to protect her. Stellar is a feisty, lovable dragon who enjoys showing off her glowing spikes, drawing pictures, and dressing up (her tail isn't actually injured; the prosthetic is her Toothless costume) :)

                          Stellar by Autumn5467                                                      Enigma     by Reiraku

Fire and Ice as a Frost Fury, by StellaMontague

Ingo, my Paranoid Sandskitter from NightmareRebuff

Peacock, my Windsong from goldenfury360 (aka Hyrith)


Luminara, adopted from no6nialovec12345

The next addition to my dragon friends was Faramir. I was helping Stellar practice her night flying, when we were attacked by a wild Boneknapper and had to crash land in the forest. Stellar was uninjured, but we could hear the dragon looking for us. We knew it would find us soon unless we found a place to hide. That was when Stellar seemed to sense something else in the forest. She gave a low purring growl - a plea for help, I thought - and gradually, through the dark mist of the forest, I saw another Night Fury approaching. He was dark green, and the dark green mist he created around himself was perfect camouflage. He led us to his secret lair, a forest cave hidden behind a waterfall, where we stayed hidden until it was safe. He and Stellar became such good friends that when it was time to leave, Stellar refused to go unless her new friend came with us. He and I were both happy to agree, and the three of us flew back home. I named him Faramir because of his hidden cave (which is now our secret hideout), and also because he was so brave and selfless.

 by SoulStereo

Faramir & Stellar by DuskDaybreak


This is Nod, the Woodland Sprite I adopted from DuskDaybreak. He lives in Faramir's forest cave, where he can stay close to his natural habitat while I train him. He is lively, imaginative, and has a great sense of humor. Although he sometimes tends to be a little sarcastic, he usually is trying to be funny rather than insulting. He's very independent and loves exploring the forest. His reckless antics are a constant source of worry for the less impulsive Faramir.


 (free lineart base found here, the rest is by me)


 by me

(made by me with the Night Fury Maker)

Paradox, adopted from mesaprncss

RNF(RoboticNightFury), adopted from Kowwa                         by OwlyDragons


(made by me with the Night Fury Maker)

Toothless: left blinkie by DuskDaybreak, right blinkie by NightmareRebuff :)

Sefarva blinkie by DuskDaybreak

Sefarva by Chocolate24

This awesome picture (above) is by httyyd!

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I am a



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- Coriakin, Voyage of the Dawn Treader


This is because I have a Whispering Death named Thrawn. Because, let's be honest, if Thrawn were a dragon he'd probably be a Whispering Death. The dragon is a Dreamworks image; the pic of Thrawn is from the cover art of Outbound Flight by Timothy Zahn.


Note: All glitter text is by puppyllover. Unless otherwise stated, all photomanipulations by me.

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something to know...

Now that I know the queen is a dragon, it makes perfect sense how she bit the other persons head off in Part 4

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Awesome and epic chapter!

Awesome and epic chapter!  Nice job!


Can't wait for more!


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Chapter 5                                      Chapter 6                                        Chapter 7

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Chapter 26 - There is a hidden surprise.  Can you find it?

Chapter 27                                   Chapter 28, Part 1                         Chapter 28, Part 2

Chapter 29                                   Chapter 30                                       Chapter 31

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The Secret Symbol

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The Legend of Shadow Mountain

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Teaser "Trailer" for Book 8 - Conquest of the Truth


The Crimson Storm

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