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I have a question regarding how we get the Daily Rewards. I log into my School of Dragons account at least once a day, but sometimes I don't get the Daily Reward or it sometimes resets to Day 1.


Is there some sort of glitch? Do we have to wait 24 hours EXACTLY to get the next day's Daily Reward? What time does the clock for School of Dragons reset?


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Yep,you have to log in once the 24-hour mark is passed,because your time-zone most definitely is likely to be different from the game HQ's. You can take note of the time you log-in AND receive the reward,and then come back exactly a day later.


The good thing is that you have a 24-hour grace period to receive your reward,so in a sense,you can "reset" the time you want to log in to receive the reward.


I hope this helps. I just feel as if I don't make sense ^^;;

"Thank you for summing that up ."
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 whadda you mean you don't


whadda you mean you don't make sense? you make perfect sense!


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It is as Carotius says! Also

It is as Carotius says! Also you should stay logged in rather than logging in/out of the site, as it may cause the resetting of the daily rewards.









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Daily Rewards

Your fellow dragon trainers are correct, Xelia! Daily Rewards can only be redeemed once within a 24 hour period. You will not be able to accrue new rewards each time that you log back into the game within a single day. Sorry for the confusion, but let us know if you have any other questions!