A Cyber Kitty Named Wisdom (A Big Hero 6 Fan Fic)

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((Hey guys! This idea came to me when I saw an article about a cat that a man turned into a helicopter after the animals unfortunate death. Let me know what you guys think!))

A young boy runs down a busy street, followed closely by an older boy, his brother by looks. In the young boys arms is a cat, calico with a bit of tabby in him. The tip of his right ear is missing and he looks near death. My name is Kashi Kiodo, and that cat is me. As you can probably tell, I haven't exactly had a great day. The boys who are with me are my brothers. I'm a science experiment; a cyborg intended to start a war in the Middle East, but the insane scientists who created me to be as I am now. 

((That's all for now, guys! I'm babysitting right now, and don't have my computer. Let me know what you all think.))


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Chapter 1

((A correction on the name of the main character: It's Kashi Koidesu.))

In order to understand why I'm half-dead, let me tell you how I met my human brothers.

I sat back on my haunches, and watched the people pass by. I felt a flea bite me so naturally I scratched it away, the gears in my leg squealing slightly from the movement. Two boys walked by me, as they usually did about this time: 3:45 PM. I flicked my ear behind me and whipped around when I heard two nasty dogs growling at me. They stalked out into the weak sunlight that filtered down from above off the mirror-like windows between the two buildings. One was a scraggly looking German Shephard, the other was a rough, battle-worn looking bulldog. The fur stood up on my back against my will. I wasn't accustomed to my new, um, upgrades, so I didn't stand a chance.

Perhaps it was my pained screams or the savagry of the attack that brought the two boys I saw regularly bolting to the alleyway I was in. I was in rough shape, scratches and bite marks penetrated my hide. The older boy took off a layer of his skin and wrapped me up in it. Careful not to jar me and hurt me anymore, they both ran with me back to what I assumed was their home. When they took me upstairs I just let them lay me out on their table. I only responded when they tried to take a wet cloth to me. 

"No! I'm partially robotic!" I yelped. They both froze and exchanged looks.

"Did you-?" they started to ask each other.

Another human came up the stairs, matriarch by her scent. "Did either of you boys say something?"

They shook their heads then the three of them looked at me. I lifted my head and looked at them, trying to determine who was the biggest threat.

"What?" I asked. Next thing I knew, the matriarch screamed then threw me toward a metal bin I realized was a trashbin. Horrific scents throttled my nose and I dug my way out of the garbage, then jumped up to the lip of the bin, forcing myself to keep my claws in. I nudged open the lid and blew a banana peel off my face. "If that's the way you deal with visitors, or those you're trying to help, I think I'm going to leave."

I dropped out of the trash and trotted toward the door. A small set of hands picked me up and seemed to be fighting to pull me close. I looked back and saw the younger boy looking at me inquisitively. He turned to the others. 

"Tadashi, lay out a newspaper or something I wanna inspect this little guy!" he announced. I snorted.

"'Little guy'?! How old are you?" I retorted.

"Uh, eleven?" he answered.

"Oh. Well, I have a supercomputer processor built into me, and I demand a little more respect, 'little guy,'" I spat back at him. I'd been a bit humbled when I learned he was many years my senior. In human years at least. 

A paper was spread out, and I was laid upon it. I felt them poking and prodding me. I felt their hands travel up and around to the back of my head, and before I could stop them, they removed the chip that was keeping the robotic part of me alive. "Nononono, not the chi-rp," I mewed. I went limp, barely conscious and moaning in agony.

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This sounds very interesting.

This sounds very interesting. Looking forward to the next chapter.


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Can't wait to hear more! :)

Can't wait to hear more! :)


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    Chapter 2

    The older boy, Tadashi, puzzled over my brainchip, then got the brilliant idea to plug it into a portable gaming system. I came back online on a different device.

    "Well done, boys. You've all but killed me. If you wanted to know more about me you should have just asked. If you'd kindly return the chip to my brain, I'll be able to explain more," I said sarcastically. 

    "Uh, sure. Sorry about that," Tadashi stammered, removing the chip and reinserting it into me. I clicked on.

    "Well, that was certainly an unpleasant experience," I said. "Now, let's introduce each other, shall we? I am Boom-4728."

    "Boom-4728?" they asked. "What a strange name."

    "The scientists who created me like this designed me to start a war, but my mother raised me better than that," I said simply, rolling onto my stomach and resting my front paws on the table. "What are your names?"

    "I'm Tadashi, and this is my little brother Hiro. This is our Aunt Cass, and the three of us make up the Hamada household," Tadashi said. 

    "Well met," I said. "S-!" I stopped midsentence when a chubby calico jumped up on the table behind me. We locked eyes and I made myself as non-threatening as possible.

    Hiss! hissed the other cat. My home, it meant.

    "Well I apologize. I am not here to cause harm, just visiting," I remarked. "And besides, a bit of a cat fight might do you some good...That would work too." I chuckled as the cat screamed and pelted from the table, tail as big as a stiff toilet brush.

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    Chapter 3

    "I may need your assistance in the future, so if you have a workshop just take me there and plug my brain chip into a chip reader. I can upload the designs and information for my mechanics," I said. They took me to their garage and laid me out on a newspaper on a desk. After transferring my brain chip to one of the computers, I uploaded my information to their hard drive. After setting the designs and blueprints out, I realized I couldn't see them, and recommended a webcam be set up.

    Hiro, the youngster, aligned the camera so it was pointing where I lay, but also captured them. "I'm uploading a spray that will fix the injuries I have sustained. The ingredients are simple to find and aren't poisonous to humans, though it is quite bitter," I said. "And I hope the hospitality you have shown me before was only a once in a lifetime thing."

    "Ah, sorry about that. Aunt Cass is a bit skittish about some new things. She found a new ant in the garbage and burned our old trash bin. A new customer came in, and she was nervous because he had a turban, long scraggly beard, and was wearing an army uniform. He turned into one of her most trusted friends," Tadashi said. He clapped his hands and bent over me as Hiro brought over a tall lamp that gave them a better view. I chuckled robotically, my programming alternating between a wheezing and an exclamation. I noticed their expressions change from slightly confused to at ease and extraordinarily curious. They bent over me and poked and prodded.

    "Defelsh-385719," I said. My body beeped in response and split open like an overripe pumpkin, exposing my inner workings. Hiro squealed like a young girl getting a new pair of shoes. Again, my robotic laughter cut through the air. Tadashi looked at me curiously.

    "Can I reprogram or add to your programming? That laughter is creepy," he said.

    I narrowed my eyes suspiciously. "Let me access your programming portfolio," I said, an edge of suspicion in my voice. He brought up a couple documents and I ran them through my programming. I studied them for a few seconds then gave a virtual nod. "Alright, but be careful. I'll isolate the line of programming used for laughter." He smiled and sat down at the computer. I highlighted the programming and he typed several lines of code. He compiled them, then ran them. They worked smoothly.

    I showed my blueprints as well as my components so they could understand me more. Hiro was enraptured by it all.

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    Chapter 4

    The next day, after they managed to clean me without getting me wet, the boys went off to school while I stayed at the house above the cafe, laying in the sunlight. My battery blipped to let me know I needed to charge. I went over to a nearby socket, flicked my tail, extended my cord, and plugged it in. I lay down in the shade, laying my head down and allowing myself to revert to sleep mode, turning my ears to follow any noise. The fridge clicked and whirred into life spooking me. I jumped and crouched low, almost crawling on my belly.

    Mochi looked over and me and snorted. He thumped to the ground and wobbled over to me. "Never been in a house before?" he asked sitting down beside me.

    "Eh, you could say that," I replied. "Never stayed in an inhabited building for very long either, at least not by choice.

    He Hmf!d and flounced off to jump up to the sunny window seat I had been stationed on briefly. A sunbaked pillow fell from above and landed on me. I flinched back and then sniffed it. 

    A thousand bits of information raced through my mind when I identified it as a throw pillow. I used a paw to drag it closer so I could still lay on a warm spot. 
    Tadashi came home about an hour after lunch. He set his bag down, ruffled Mochi's head then knelt down to pet me. I was still getting accustomed to human touch so I stiffened. He froze then held out a hand for me to smell.

    "It's okay, Boom," he said placatingly. "It's just me."

    "My apologies," I said calming down. "I'm getting used to everything, I guess."

    "Here, why don't you charge upstairs. Aunt Cass will be upset when she sees you laying on a pillow," he said. He scooped me up before I could reply, and set the cushion on the window seat before whisking me upstairs. He plunked me down on a rather spacious bed. He bent down and rummaged a bit before coming up with a green extention cord. He held it out to me and I plugged myself back in. He then flopped onto the bed and stared at me. "So what's your story?"


    "What's your story? Where were you born? Y'know, tell me what got you here to this point in your life." He shifted and then turned over so he was laying on his side, legs splayed apart and bent at the knees.

    I folded my paws very carefully. "Well I was born on the streets, the only one to survive a harsh winter," I began. "My mother was very kind and caring, always looking out for those around her, which was very strange for an alley cat. She taught me everything I needed to know about surviving on the streets: how to hunt, what to avoid, how to fight, and how to claim territory. She also showed me that it is better to be kind and perish than to be cruel and have no soul. I have lived by that to this day. Anyways, when I was a few years old, I was captured by some mad scientists..." My voice faded out as I remembered that day. I had just finished having lunch, rat, a bit on the skinny side. Suddenly out of nowhere, a puff of tear gas chased me down the alleyway, coughing and gagging, unable to breathe. My eyes streamed and I puffed myself up in my pure, unadulterated terror. Through the gas, masked men came and snatched me up as I was too weak to do much more than cough.

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    Chapter 5

    After Tadashi heard my story, an expression I recognized as sympathy splashed across his face. I couldn't help but yawn, no matter how much I tried to stifle it.

    "Did you have a good time today?" he asked me, concern identified in his voice.

    "I was a bit bored," I admitted. "I'm not used to being in a building or around people."

    "Why don't you come to college with me tomorrow?" he asked after a few moments. "I could introduce you to my classmates, friends, and teachers."

    "What establishment is it?" I asked.

    "Iso Ishioto," he replied. "I'm in the robotics program."

    "Ah..." I said, information racing through my mind as he spoke. A couple red flags came up but nothing too alarming. "If the offer still stands, I'd like to join you. What time is your first class?"

    "Ten thirty," he answered. "I usually go in and work on projects and stuff. Y'know, just catching up and perfecting my end of term project."

    "Ah," I said again. "I might be able to assist you with that."