Cures for the stormcutter egg sickness.

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I have been thinking of different types of cures for the stormcutter curse and here are my results:
1.if you notice in your journal when you open the viking and dragon customization page at the last tab there is a picture of a shoulder pad when you open it it will show a list of 'thingamajigs' at the last of the list it shows a stormcutter egg when you mouse over it it says freshman stormcutter wrangler! But if you check your title list the freshman stormcutter wrangler title is not there atleast for me. So here are my solutions:
1.go the the second shoulder pad tab and click on disable this. Might or might not work.
2.if you somehow saw the freshman stormcutter wrangler title on your viking title list and chose it to be your active title that might be the cause too. So you should try choosing any other title.
3.the most common clear your unity and cache.
i have never experience this myselfs so I don't know if these would work :I but good luck on curing your curse though take care :3


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